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Quickest way to mans heart is through his 3rd and 4th rib.
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Mortal ThoughtsPlayer Birthdays!
Created by Zeddicus Zorander
Franklin Jackson 06/14/17 He grinned. +Well thank you for stroking my ego and not laughing at my attempt at poetry lol. So pick you up in a few?+
Franklin Jackson 06/13/17 He leaned back in his chair and sighed before taking up his phone. +Roses are red, The sky is sometimes blue. If you gaze at it in the evenings, You'll see it gets an orangish hue. Now I know this sounds corny, But whats a guy to do? Especially when it's been a day, Since I've seen you. So how about later we, We decide on where to meet. We can have dinner anywhere you like, And of course it'll be my treat.+
The_Demon_Lord 06/08/17 "I miss you." He said laying a red rose on her page and left.
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/07/17 +Can't you just take my biased opinion *bats eyes*. Or better yet let Rae tell you. We on our way by the way.+
Franklin Jackson 06/07/17 "I don't think I'll ever get tired of you being this happy." He said as they walked. Swinging her hand in a childish manner
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/07/17 Crazy Chaos Lady +He's not my dad. He's like a brother to me. Stop making it weird. Well I don't know luci so I can't vouch for him. I can vouch for Frank though because I know what you can expect."
Franklin Jackson 06/07/17 "I've never had an issue with one before." He said grinning as he allowed himself to be hauled away
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/07/17 +Go with who makes you feel... Great, better, happy. The one you know will always make you feel special. The one you can trust without question and be completely honest with you. I hope I'm not coming off as being biased but who do you feel happier with?+
Franklin Jackson 06/07/17 He placed a hand on her cheek as he stepped closer. "Just this." He said as he leaned forward and kissed her softly before pulling away smiling. "Shall we go now?"
Franklin Jackson 06/07/17 He paused as he spun her around. "Forgive me again but I forgot to give you something."
Franklin Jackson 06/07/17 He smiled apologetically down at her. "I am sorry but I had nothing planned. I was just focused on spending the day with you."
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/07/17 +Frank is a weirdo but don't tell him I said that. But he's not one to tell you a lie. He's pretty blunt and tells it like it is so no problem there.+
Franklin Jackson 06/07/17 "I should go away more often then just to see you this happy on my return." He said smiling. "I thought I'd take you away from work for the day if you are free."
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/07/17 +Oh stop being so overdramatic mommy dearest. You were the one causing accidents while I was driving. Plus he didn't raise me like a father son thing. He was just there to make sure I was alright. Kinda like a big brother or a best friend... PS she likes horses, stars and anything that resembles me :-D+
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/07/17 +How about this give it time. See how you guys do moving forward. He's an understandable guy. He kinda raised me so yea thank him for this sexy bestir *yea that rhymed*. Give it a chance he's not like regular guys :-D. Ha do it am bringing her over now.+
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/07/17 +Damn right she's cute woman ^.^... Yea I do but I've never heard of him liking anyone. So that's awesome... But Sky what do you feel? He is sweet, caring and more protective than me. Won't do you wrong but the way he is may cause a problem and I undestand. But its your call.+
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/07/17 +Stop being mean to me *pouts*... Well whats not to like about you ^.^? Wait you guys met? How am I just hearing this :-(+
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/07/17 +Tall, dark skinned dude who makes me look skinny? Yea I know the big guy+
Franklin Jackson 06/06/17 Grinning he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. "Biting your lip cause you're happy to see me?"
Franklin Jackson 06/06/17 He walked up towards her and stopped directly behind her. His stomach now flush against her lower back. Leaning down slightly and resting his chin on her head. "Lady Sky how are you this evening?"
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/05/17 Laughing I replied. +*Strokes imaginary beard* You drive a hard bargain.+
Ryuugo Mikoto 06/04/17 I shook my head as I replied +Anything for a visit huh? Well I'll stop by whenever I'm in town. Don't cry if I steal him.+
Franklin Jackson 06/02/17 "Looking for someone little one?" He asked with a raised brow.
Declan Black 06/02/17 Sky
Thanks.. I'll let you know. I appreciate it. I love you too, sister.
Franklin Jackson 06/02/17 "Well you have peaked my interest. I hope that I can see this trick of yours."
Franklin Jackson 06/02/17 "And what kind of accidents are we talking about here?" He asked with a smirk
Franklin Jackson 06/02/17 Getting back to his full height he smiled. "Friends, family and work." He said in a deep voice
Franklin Jackson 06/02/17 He looked down at the petite figure in front of him and smiled. His eyes taking in her lovely figure. He took her small hand into his larger one and bent down. Tipping his hat in the process as he pressed a kiss to the back of her hand. "A pleasure to meet you Lady Frost. Franklin Jackson at your service."
Ryuugo Mikoto 05/29/17 I raised an eyebrow. +That's a cute mutt. Did you steal the frightened little thing?+
Andrei Codin 05/28/17 It's a very nice dog
Leugim 05/25/17 He shook his head. "Good luck." He said. "It'll keep him on his toes." He leaned back stroking his chin. "He didn't tell me."
Leugim 05/25/17 He smirked at her. "Well that's some goal you have there." He said laughing. He narrowed his eyes at her. "Happy?" He asked confused. "With?"
Jason Kincaid 05/24/17 Her giggle brought a handsome smile to his face as he took the card from her. He took a moment, flipping it between his fingers and studying it. "I'm sure you'll be hearing from me sooner rather than later. I'm not the kind to pass up a night out, even if I've never bowled. There's a first time for everything." He winked at her and pushed the card into his pocket as she started to depart.
Jason Kincaid 05/24/17 "Lord knows I'll need it so I'll keep that in mind. I'm sure it won't take me long to get completely lost in the fray but that's not surprising. Right now I'm just trying to take it all in. The show of friendship does help put my mind at ease."
Jason Kincaid 05/24/17 The sudden and cheery exclamation made him jump out of his skin, but he quickly calmed down after noticing her. "Thank you kindly. I appreciate the greeting. The name's Jason." He nodded toward her and smiled before sticking out his hand for a shake.
Declan Black 05/24/17 AssClown
Congrats on POD.. I guess.
Iris Smithson 05/24/17 Congradulations on making the big time girl!
Leugim 05/24/17 He shook his head as he looked down at her. "I'm not going to fire the idiot." He said rolling his eyes. "Punch maybe but not fire." He shook his head at her comments before laughing. "Can see that you like Blaze."
Leugim 05/24/17 "Best boss ever huh?" He asked scratching his chin. "He tend to not behave like a worker."
Ryuugo Mikoto 05/24/17 "Well let's be thankful you weren't braless that day." I said shaking my head at the memory
Leugim 05/24/17 "Oh?" He asked with an amused look on his face. "And what have you heard?"
Taylor Ainsworth 05/24/17 Well isn't someone just a little sour today huh? Well congrats on POD bestie!
Pagan 05/24/17 Congrats on pod :)
Ryuugo Mikoto 05/24/17 "Profile of the day huh? Can't say im surprised." I said grinning
Leugim 05/24/17 "Well congratulations on P.O.D" He said with a bow and a smile.
Katarina Valentine 05/24/17 Congrats on POD
Declan Black 05/22/17 SkyBear
You are a motherf*cking 14.5 girl. Don't fight with me. Don't play games with your lame ass 10 scale. I'm a man. I made that scale and you're a 14.5 That girl is less than a zero. Go flaunt your sh*t you'll get a man even if you have to shoot him. But if I see nudes I will kill you.
Declan Black 05/22/17 SkyBear
I swear to god if you blame yourself I will lock you up. Don't even be sad over it. plenty of dudes want you.. that's so gross to say. I hate that. I hate that so much. But just because one guy is not smart enough to see it.. or you know that girl that he's "dating" isn't even hot. Trust me. She's like a 2.5 with make up and you're like a 14.5 without make up.
Declan Black 05/22/17 SkyBear
Well fck him. He doesn't deserve you.
Declan Black 05/22/17 Brat
I don't want to talk about Serena and I. I love you like a sister Sky.. I'll text you later..
Declan Black 05/22/17 Brat.
Sky I swear to god if I see a naked picture of you on anyone's phone I will kill you. You aren't my sister but I'll still kill you. It doesn't matter what Ryu thinks of you. Just care about what you think of yourself. Be happy.. find someone who makes you happy.
Declan Black 05/22/17 Sky
Do not like him.. fck.. okay I can't tell you not to like him but if you think he likes someone else. Abort mission. Or tell him. Ask your sister. I'm so bad at this sh*t with you girls.
Declan Black 05/22/17 Super Cute Princess(Name placed by Sky.)
Don't tell me that you like him. I'm begging you not to like him Sky. I work with him. Don't do it.
Declan Black 05/22/17 I'm over you.
Declan Black 05/22/17 I am damn close to throwing your ass back in hell, every time you make a profile for me. How come I never notice that damn flower sh*t?
Declan Black 05/22/17 You definitely have to be the most adorable evil human being I have ever met in my life. What the hell am I doing to do with you?
-Samael- 05/21/17 A finely groomed brow arched at the woman's explanation of her experiences. He had no clue he asked for a story of her life. He really should keep his sarcasm to a minimum as to not confuse the denizens of this Realm but, alas, that would be against his nature.

"Well, thank you for the not poisoned food." The basket hung at his side still holding on to his two fingers while his free hand slid into the pocket of his faded jeans. "I wish I could say the same. I tend to end up hurting others without meaning to. A curse, really."
-Samael- 05/21/17 Suspicious blue eyes gazed down at the gift basket presented to him. Sam was never one to take gifts from strangers, but the items looked harmless enough. If anything, he would give it to the nearest homeless person. Or burn it. He retrieved the gift carefully with his index and middle finger, holding the basket easily.

"I appreciate the gesture, but you should be careful approaching strangers. What if I had been an unsavory type with knack for violence?" His cold, blue eyes gazed at the woman with indifference clear in his features.
Cole Ward 05/20/17 Cole Ward couldn't be more careful around this realm. He was trigger happy and suffering from PTSD from the mission that went wrong in Poland. So when he heard the call out exclamation, he turned to it alright. His pistol whipped out and turned with him. With two swift movements he had it risen and ready to aim fire. Then he realized Sky was a woman he hadn't met before. Sucking in a breath, he lowered the barrel of the gun and gave her a skeptic once over.

"Sky Frost. Why you want to gift me?" He asked with the thick Czech accent attached to each word. His own bright hues comb over the muffins with a brief amount of curiosity. "Biscuit? you make biscuit for strangers?"

Aislinn 05/20/17 The small female eyed the girl before her with caution, her smell not that of her kind. Her blue eyes sat shadowed by the veil of long lashes as she unsteadily took the offering. "Thank you." Her words were mumbled softly, her voice thick with a Russian accent. Tendrils of fiery strands fell into her face as she looked down at the gift before she looked back at the stranger. "I am Aislinn." The female shifted slightly, her eyes darting about as she stood quietly. She offered a gentle smile, her lips turning up ever so slightly as she regarded her new company. Cerulean pools caught the light and glittered like ocean waves as she spoke once more, "Thank you again for this gift."
Pagan 05/20/17 I hope so!
Declan Black 05/19/17 Declan was a little taken back by how friendly she was, nodding a little as his large arm was shaken by her small hands. "Nice to meet you as well Sky. I cannot wait for the wedding either. I think that you and Serena will pick out the best of the best. I of course will have nothing to do with the planning. I will just pay for it all."
Marah Kravenoff 05/18/17 "Trust me im always getting into trouble with my husbands family. Guess that is because I am head strong like my dad and the temper of my mom cause I tend to blow things up with My hands when I get mad. Go figure guess its the Irish in me that I never knew I had till last year."
Marah Kravenoff 05/18/17 +smiles shaking her head+

"That is so true. If only my family could see that. Guess we have something in common huh? Im Marah by the way."
Pagan 05/18/17 "that's me" he smiled to the woman "and you are?" He held his hand out to her
The_Demon_Lord 05/17/17 "I've never done it in a forum."
The_Demon_Lord 05/17/17 "Chatzy room?"
The_Demon_Lord 05/17/17 He shook his head but smiled at her kissing his cheek. "Not by profile I mean for our character's so that when we die we can alway's come back to our marriage wherever we left off."
The_Demon_Lord 05/17/17 He smiled and bit his bottom lip. "Let's have a special wedding."
The_Demon_Lord 05/17/17 He looked down and blinked biting his bottom lip. "You have?"
The_Demon_Lord 05/17/17 "I'm almost dead as it is and because I've been back a second time..." He said as he sniffled.
The_Demon_Lord 05/17/17 He looked down scratching his head. "If I get killed, I don't know if I'll come back..."
Marah Kravenoff 05/16/17 +Marah smiles with a nod of her head while she speaks+

"Thank you kindly. At least it's nice for someone not to accuse me of being bad."
Declan Black 05/16/17 Declan had heard a little bit about the new comer, Sky, his fiance's sister and he did promise his beloved that he would introduce himself. Making his way to the female with a smile. "Hello there, Sky. Right? Welcome to the realm." Holding out his large hand. "Declan, Declan Black, Serena's fiance."
Taylor Ainsworth 05/15/17 Welcome to the realm!!!
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