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Skadedyr von Ende
Killed: May 05, 2020 at 09:06 am EDT
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Bring me... the shiny.
Born: April 05, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Jewel 04/05/20 With things always changing, she was shocked to see that there was no explanation needed. He had improved in his absense. Though was unsure if she were needed for some sort of comfort, unknowing how much she could afford the man. Was well spent when it came to emotion lately and was hoping for a less dramatic result from mentioning everything he knew here, aside from her, was gone.

Tilted her head, mocking his movement with no intention of insult. "I'm fine. Better now. Another from my past, another from Sine has returned as well as you. I find comfort in that. The connection. Not being the only one." Offered up half a smile. "Many have perished while you were away." Was hoping to find out that Mack hadn't suffered the same fate.

Jewel 04/05/20 Stares; look of confusion plastered across her features. "Skad? Uh.. yes. The compound is still there, your room and all." Sighs softly. "Sine Metu has been dissolved by Mackenzie and Jasper. Your room is still there, undisturbed but the entire place is deserted. I go by, every now and then.. in hopes of finding Mackenzie.. but.." Again, a defeated sigh escaped her lips. "No luck."
Jewel 04/05/20 -snugs again-
I'll accept that.
Stay awhile at least?
Jewel 04/05/20 Never go away, again.
Jewel 04/05/20 -leaps atop of-
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