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Ronan R Boru


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Born: March 18, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 313
Affiliation: Carpe Noctem Mail Replies Sent: 1365
Home City: London Mail Sent: 266
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07/05/20 at 4:22 pm
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"Tiocfaidh ár lá."

Ronan R Boru 's Biography
Char. Original start date: July 12, 2008 (Ronan Donnallan)

((Do not attack me on line but feel free to steal or try to all your black hearts wish. Moods are IC only. My previous special Items are listed in my blog.))

First Steal- 4/24/20: You were successful in stealing $7.00 from Virelai Tylwyth.
First Kill of Little Girl- 5/1/20: You killed the Little Girl!
First IA Kill- 6/20/20: You killed Ares God Of War-!

NAME: Ronan Robert Boru (Rónán Robert Bóruma)
DOB: 21 March
AGE: unknown
PLACE OF BIRTH: Crossmaglen, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland
RACE: Witch
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married Lilly Emperium (2/4/16)
POWERS (IF ANY): Time manipulation (rarely used), Pyrokenisis(fire control and manifestation), telekinisis, Shape shifting and telepathy.
ALSO KNOWN AS: "Armagh Sniper","Wolf of Ireland"
TATTOOS/BIRTHMARKS: Triquetra on left wrist, Tribal markings on upper arms and shoulders
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English,Irish Gaelic,Scottish Gaelic(thanks to Jamie Fraser), Elven,Latin,French, and Romanian


I have 3 younger sisters, Deirdre , Cadhla, Siobhan and 2 younger brothers, Liam and Brendan. . My mother is Brigit, a fire goddess and a Tuatha De Dannan. My mother is Goddess of the forge, hearth and sacred flame. She is also represents the fire of inspiration in creative pursuits. So I am a fire witch thanks to who my mother is. My father Murchad was seldom around when I was younger. He was too busy with doing Gods knows what and with who to care he had a family to start with. I have 2 tattoos on me a double triquetra in black on my left wrist .

I was born in to a war zone so it wasn't like playing solider like other little lads did else where in the world with fake guns. I was trained to kill and to shoot since i was old enough to talk and walk. I got bloody damn good with a gun and in making things as I would later be told go KA-BOOM. So yeah when other lads were playing solider, my mates and I were doing it day in and day out.I am one of the higher ranking members of the I.R.A. I would never trade my time with the I.R.A ( Irish Republican Army) for anything in the world. They are what made me who I am now and if called again by them would gladly answer Ireland's call.

Through the occupation of Northern Ireland I fought with the I.R.A . I spent 7 years in jail as a political prisoner between the ages of 19- 25. One of many times over the years I have been alive I spent in jail for just being Irish. I lost a daughter, Airmid who was 2 at the time, along with her mother, Marie . The image of my daughter Airmid dead in my arms and her mother lying life less in the car was enough for me to go seek revenge on the ones responsible for their death. We were betrayed by one of our own a traitor named Peter O'Rourke. The image of that day is forever burned in my mind. O'Rourke was killed by me and Marie's older brother, Rian once I was out of jail.

So me joining the IRA at 16 as one of their boys was nothing new to my family . The Borus have always had a hand in some form or another in the history of Ireland through out the centuries. yes I am from the blood line of the High king of Ireland Brian Boru. I am VERY PROUD of being Irish born and bred and of my duty to the IRA.. My blood contains the blood of the Druids and the Celtic gods.One of the only companions I have had is my black Dire wolf familar , Stargazer.

I and my family are now back in Ireland and back in power. I don't much like the diplomatic role we have taken on but if I can help the lads and lasses of the IRA better as their King then so be it for now.The Irish fire witch and high king many knew is gone. My main concern now is my family, My island, My people and my LOYAL friends.I have no desire to care about anything or one else now.
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Midori-Aikyo 07/04/20 "It will be good to see her! I have seen your family members about the Realm. It is good to know there are ones that are still here!" Middy smiled and nodded at Ronan . "He must be asleep or in another drunken stupor. He is a drunken master. I have a story of how he fought a troublemaker he was drunk on saki. He won the fight but didn't remember it when sober."
Midori-Aikyo 07/04/20 Middy bowed to Ronan Boru. Her father's hyenas were at her side. They guarded their new mistress but they looked at Ronan and they laid down by Middy. "It is good to be back yet again. My father is in hiding yet again. He must be sleeping. I find his house in disarray. His hyenas in the Realm dog pound." She smiled at Ronan and have him a gentle hug. "It is good to see you! How are you and your family?"
Midori-Aikyo 07/04/20 Middy bowed to Ronan Boru. Her father's hyenas were at her side. They guarded their new mistress but they looked at Ronan and they laid down by Middy. "It is good to be back yet again. My father is in hiding yet again. He must be sleeping. I find his house in disarray. His hyenas in the Realm dog pound." She smiled at Ronan and have him a gentle hug. "It is good to see you! How are you and your family?"
Marina Pershing 07/02/20 *waves a pot of glue* "I will glue your arse to the coven doors if you leave again!"
Marina Pershing 07/02/20 Welcome to the coven!
EtaineNightBreed 06/29/20 Welcome!
Eleri Terfil-Jones 06/29/20 Fáilte go Carpe Noctem!
Eleri Terfil-Jones 06/25/20 Glac leis an rós tine seo, le do thoil. Chuir do chineáltas go mór le mo chroí was written on a piece of white paper. She laid the small basket containing glowing fire roses on the steps of the Boru residence. She smiles thoughtfully as she vanished into the night.
Eleri Terfil-Jones 06/23/20 Thank you.
Luna Ravenwood 06/19/20 Thank you for the lovely welcome, Sir. You are quite kind.
Jessayla_ 06/14/20 "Er uh thank you, sir."
Ares God Of War- 06/13/20 No babies here haha* "But dam That was some strong magik your good for an old man haha Are's smirked to his Pal*
Ares God Of War- 06/13/20 being hit with the red fire ball Are's turns a bright red color and passe's out awakes a new young looking stud" Thank's Ronan I needed that 54 yrs younger he laughed"
Ares God Of War- 06/13/20 Walking up to Ronan ARE'S THROWS A KNIFE at Ronan Stepping aside and trip's Ohh Shit!
Julia Silverblade 06/12/20 She smiled "Thank you Ronan"
Luci Dragomir 06/08/20 "Thank you Sir"
Geoffrey Drake 06/06/20 Thank you!
Killian _Doyle 06/03/20 +Killian looks at his best friend and grins+ " Hey Ron. How have things been?"
Ares God Of War- 05/28/20 Not angry at all More mellow then before this comes with old age Youlle know this when older he smiled.
Ares God Of War- 05/28/20 I'll be right there" I hide from No one!
Ares God Of War- 05/28/20 No special brownies Ronan?."You loved them before Are's Laughed" As Are's raised his sword into the sky's and was gone"
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