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Satan Has One Son.. but My Family Are Legion, Motherf-ckers.
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Fiona MacKay's Biography
Long ago in the Highlands of Scotland, near the North Sea, lived a girl named Fiona MacKay of Clan MacKay. It is said she was blessed with the magic of the Elders having been born on Bealtuinn, or Beltaine, the light half of the year when the veil between worlds is thin. Even as a small child the Clan knew there was something special about her. Her curiosity and insistance to know of the old ways. Her ability to heal the wounded on the battlefields by a simple touch. Yes, Fiona was special to the Clan. With her they won many wars and grew quite powerful. Then one evening, Samhain to be exact, when the veil between worlds was thin once more, she disappeared. Never to be seen again.

That was eight years ago.

Not of this time, with no home, no friends and unable to see, I'll let you imagine what my life's been like.

"She's mad, but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire.” ― Charles Bukowski
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New YorkSpeak no evil
Created by Fiona MacKay
Theodora Hawthorne 12/11/18 Theo was finding her way around Sine Metu's maze of tunnels with only a small measure of success. She wondered mournfully if there had been a map made to help navigate the winding expanse, although she figured such a thing would likely be catastrophic if it fell into the wrong hands. Sink or swim, right?

Just as she was debating on whether or not to head back the way she came, a blonde woman walked into her periphery, drawing her attention. At the mention of her name, Theo's mouth pulled into an ornery pout. This place. Of course, Fiona's addition of her given name placated her somewhat. Was everybody someone's b-tch?

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." A southern turn to her words was quickly apparent. "Otherwise known as Theo." She paused, momentarily in thought. "Do you have any idea who the hell Yum Yum is?"

Theo had entirely missed the fact that Fiona was blind.
Aleister Carlisle 12/11/18 A humorless laugh fluttered from the man's lips. As if Mackenzie would allow him to blow up one of the members for the sake of his own research. Except Jasper. He seemed more than willing to partake in Aleister's more chaotic experiments. Alas, he had more tame plans for the woman before him. "Do not fret, the experiments in mind are not the explosive kind. I simply wish to see how we can efficiently utilize your gift while growing. Who knows, maybe you are a Seer. I'd be glad to help you find out."

Her next question has the man contemplating his answer. Technically, yes. Technically, no. After a few moments, he replied. "My mother was a witch. I inherited her connections to the energies that surround us all. My father, a Warlock. In a way, I inherited his skills as well." His head canted to the side, nibbling at the inside of his cheek. "Now, I only ask you keep the color of my aura a secret between the two of us."
Nicolas Laurent 12/07/18 "Well, Fi..." He puts sarcastic emphasis on her name out of just being rude. "See you around." The man is short with his words. He offers one last sly smile, and then, he walks off. Nicolas was not much about small talk.
Nicolas Laurent 12/07/18 Eyes linger over her frame before he looks off in a shrug. His lean body straightens attentively while a hand rubs the back of his neck idly out of habit. "Seeing eye dog? Well, let's not get all mushy." A playful grin creeps onto his face. "Nicolas. Nico for short." Pause. "Just saying welcome, for the most part. Figured I shouldn't be too rude. I'm sure you'll get around just fine."
Raze Wraith 12/07/18 “Oh please, you remind me of someone. My little sister, though you are far less annoying that she is.” He guides her gently to a room that held her scent the most, “Here we are. Now, are you looking for anywhere in particular to go, or just getting used to the maze they made out of the tunnels?”
Raze Wraith 12/07/18 He grins and throws and arm around her shoulders and begins guiding her around, “Please Miss, you and I both know your awareness is too good for me to beat! Besides I was just thinking of a way to walk you safely home so you aren’t assisted by some stranger, us coven members have to stick together!”
Shara Faire 12/06/18 Shara tried to make out the accent but she wasn't sure. Scottish maybe Irish? She had to listen carefully to what Fiona was saying to make sure she didn't miss anything. "Oh, yeah. I'm Shara. Thanks. I think.. I'm okay for now. If I need anything though I will be sure to ask." She paused a moment. "Nice to meet you Fiona."
Aleister Carlisle 12/05/18 "Jamison will be the one you need to be careful of. She's a menace." Of course he had no problem with her antics. Not much bothered Aleister anymore, though sometimes he would make it seem as such for the sake of his image. Once the woman spoke of her unique sight, she gained the witch's full attention.

"In the stead of sight you are given the ability to see the unseen forces that surround beings. Very interesting." His interest was genuine. Those who experience magical phenomenon he couldn't simply intrigued him. This woman, specifically, held an ability he believed to be of a rare variety. "You made perfect sense, Fiona, and if you don't mind I'd like to learn more of your gift. Maybe some experiments and exchanging of experiences. I would like to understand it more."
Nicolas Laurent 12/04/18 The halls are quiet, and this gives the perfect opportunity to wander around the building. Mackenzie said there was new members which was fast. The man is gruff looking with his unshaven shin and his curly hair. Nico lingers in the door frame staring at the woman. He waits quietly for a few moments before finally filling the empty room with chilled English air. "Well, welcome, love. Little birdy told me you're under my wing." His arms fold over his chest.
Aleister Carlisle 12/04/18 -snorts-
"Do not fret. I hardly indulge in such childish pranks. I prefer more mature ones."
-tilts head-
"Tell me, with your lack of sight, are you capable of seeing through other senses? I once knew of a witch who had lost her sight but as she did, she began to communicate with nature on an intimate level allowing her to navigate the world better than with her own eyes."
-clears throat-
"I apologize. My curiosity overcomes me sometimes."
Jewel Saxton 12/04/18 She'd do just fine. In truth, Mackenzie was far from horrible. She simply expected things and didn't take well to being ignored -- as any leader should be. Things were typically calm about the coven. There was little uproar within if any at all. Lips curled into a devious grin as she looked onto Fiona. "You know.. Come to think of it, I think Elisa and yourself could be great friends." That is if Elisa allowed it.

"You'll do great. Nice meeting you, Fi."

Jewel Saxton 12/04/18 "Fiona? Fi. Well, welcome Fi." Glanced around. "Sort of? When the tiny terror tells you to do something, you'd be silly not to listen." An understatement. Had obviously been speaking of Mackenzie. Tiny but brutal. It was easier just to listen. "She appreciates when we are at least kind to our own. Everyone else is just lunch." Small shrug of her shoulders. It was something they all learned if they hadn't come in with prior knowledge.

"Do enjoy your stay. By the way? Elisa bites." She was warned.

Luciana Morning Star 12/04/18 Welcome!
Jewel Saxton 12/04/18 Had been strolling, wandering.. Something or someone new everyday. They all had been given notice on the new member which meant yet another new face. It would be difficult to remember everyone yet it seemed it was hard to forget any of them. They all stood out. Perhaps their appeal? She'd approach, yet keep her distance all the same. "Hello.. Welcome to Sine Metu. I'm Jewel."
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 “Just yourself,” is the cheery response as he dusts himself off needlessly and looks over his handiwork. Then, he turns his happy grin to the woman, a nonchalant shrug preceding the extra thought. “Or if you have an alcohol you prefer, but we usually do a good job of catering to anyone and everyone.”

Inching toward the door, he prepares to give her the space needed to get accustomed to a new place, eyes roving over the place to make sure he didn’t miss anything. He won’t warn of the festivities, preferring for the newcomers to get the full effect. “Bring your A-game. They’ll surely give you a run for your money.” He winks, forgetting who he’s talking to momentarily before awkwardly pausing, shaking his head, and leaving, calling over his shoulder to reach out if she needs anything.
Aleister Carlisle 12/04/18 "To you, as well, Fiona."
-notices the stare-
"Forgive me if I am out of line, but are you blind?"
-not trying to be rude, just curious as always'
Camille 12/04/18 She crossed her arms. The gesture was more for herself and her irritation than the person before her, obviously... Considering that she couldn't see her. Allegedly.
"One wild guess where you heard that from."
A roll of beryl colored eyes followed suit.
"A ridiculous rumor started by a bush-league Irish girl. Never you mind her allegations. I function just fine."
She thought about offering her hand, but decided that she'd only end up looking silly.
"I'm Camille. And I reckon you're the newest part of our little subway club. I'm no tour guide, but I suppose if you need any help, I'll do my best to oblige."
Her saccharine grin returned. "Us girls got to stick together."
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 Jasper mindfully watches her for a moment, settling in on how she keeps a hand in front of her to feel her way around. It’d be cake, once it became normal, he has no doubt of that. But until then...

“Nothing to worry about, I’m just not good with accents, especially not one as thick as the Scot’s.” An easy laugh follows the statement, Jasper not being one to sugarcoat. And let’s be honest; it’s like they speak a damn different language. “I’ll be right back...”

Moments later, he returns with a container of nails and some ratty blankets. Having forgotten a hammer, he growls, overcoming and adapting on the spot. The brute strength of his thumb pushes the nails into their places, and before long, he’s temporarily cushioned every soft edge in the place. It’s not out of pity; it’s just so she can adapt, and sharp corners and splintered edges are unforgiving. “I do hope you’ll come to the Christmas party,” he hums right along, as he finishes his work, “it’ll be a good way to get to know everyone.”
Camille 12/04/18 Camille nodded, and then allowed her eyes to wander more freely over the strangers face.
"Blind, you say? Hmm."
Her head canted slightly to the side.
"What a strange concept, to never have seen your own face. But I guess that means you've never had to experience ugly people. Lucky you."
Sarcasm. So much sarcasm. But Camille isn't exactly proficient in empathy in this form. Once upon a time, perhaps.
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 “Well, I didn’t think you were dumb...” His feelings a bit chafed, he rises from whatever-the-hell he is sitting on and fixes her with a stony glare that she can’t even see, so what’s the point. He sighs. A glance around would assess they are indeed in what appears to be an old janitor’s closet. Jasper has merely assumed this was her chosen abode; far be it from him to judge.

“Well, certainly. I didn’t know you didn’t have one. Here, I’ll—“ Like a true gent, he reclaims the fish bowl and begins the process of leading them to her new room. It’s a process because he keeps glancing back to ensure she’s following, unsure of whether or not he should have offered an arm or if that’s rude. To be safe, he stays within arm’s reach of her.

Jasper halts in front of a door, swinging it open and stepping aside to allow her access before following her in and setting Ron on the nightstand satisfactorily. “Need anything else, then?”
Aleister Carlisle 12/04/18 "As it does most witches."
-notices her full arms-
-skips the handshake-
"I am Aleister, or Blue as most call me. If you need assistance with anything I will try to help but, please, ask others before me."
Aleister Carlisle 12/04/18 -looks over-
-rubs chin inquisitively-
"Welcome to Sine Metu. Do explosions make you nervous?"
-has RBF-
Raze Wraith 12/04/18 He smiles gently, “Very well, but if you ever need help just call out, I’m very good at hearing my name.” He waves gently before beginning to wander off, “Just remember Phantom, that is my name!”
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 It’s important to note that Jasper rarely adheres to boundaries, so the fact that she could be sleeping in her bed does him no nevermind. In fact, he takes it upon himself to sit on her bed as he’s fully unprepared for the response that he’s met with. A hand rubs at the back of his neck. Is she... speaking English?

Sharing his head, he puffs out his cheeks exasperatedly. “Jaaaaaspeeeeerrrr.” He draws it out slowly, hands on his chest, certain that she just doesn’t speak the same language and therefore, doesn’t understand. “This,” he taps the bowl lightly, “is for you.” He then proceeds to make an odd, giving(?) gesture with his hands, eyebrows raising as a question of understanding.
Raze Wraith 12/04/18 “Obviously you’ve never had your ribs shattered by a blind fighter. However the reason I ask is because if it is natural I can give you sight, but if it’s a curse I may be able to lessen it a bit. In either case I ask only with the intent to see if I could help.” He raises as eyebrow at the dirk she had her hand on, “If you want to stab me go ahead, it won’t do much...well, it’ll make me have a new hole for a few seconds, but still.”
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 The tunnels were quiet this morning as he lowers himself down from his night out. In his arms, he carries a bowl filled with water, colorful rocks, and a little castle with a leafy... tree thing, that seems to be made of plastic? Whatever. It’s cute. A little rainbow beta fish swims around in his new home, probably much happier now that he’s out of the small, two inch container with one inch of water. Jasper isn’t sentimental, but who likes living in such rancid conditions, right?

Spotting the newcomer, he deposits the fish into her surely waiting arms, a smile stretching his lopsided mouth. “Good, you’re here. I’m Jasper, and this is your welcome/Christmas gift.” Hands propped on his knees, he leans down to gaze adoringly into the fish bowl before his gaze rises to hers. “I named him Ron, but he’s yours now, so... you can change it, I guess.”
Raze Wraith 12/04/18 His eyes narrow slightly as he leans closer to examine her eyes, “Hmm...just asking for the sake of knowing, but is your blindness a curse, or is it naturally occurring?” He didn’t mean to be insensitive but nobody would ever claim he was the nicest or most subtle of beings in the cosmos. However, he was a natural born protector and his nature demanded he helped everyone who didn’t point a blade at him.
W_Kat 12/03/18 "Welcome to the Realm."
Raze Wraith 12/03/18 “Welcome to the insanity that is the coven. Few quick points, watch out for Mack when she is drinking, which is every night, and don’t let Jasper out of his crate...takes long enough to get him in there the first time.” He grins and offers his hand, “I’m Phantom, the cook/handyman/cleaner/attack dog of Sine Metu, and its a pleasure to have you on board!” His ten foot height hopefully wouldn’t unnerve the new comer too much, that or his naturally dark aura.
Mackenzie 12/03/18 “You cut Cam down so precisely, I’m convinced your tongue is made of gold.” Mackenzie values cheeks. She lives for it. And don’t worry - she’s observant enough. Jokes are always enjoyed. “What a f-ckin’ craic. I’ll have you seeing evil before you know it.” See? Jokes.
Mackenzie 12/03/18 Quick as a goddamn whip, Mackenzie's little smile grows and grows until delighted laughter is bubbling to the surface. "F-ck me," she mutters.

"It's based in New York, though you are free to roam. Parking is ill-advised. My only catch is that I like to retain my people, until they so choose to move on to greater things." And, much more softly, she would admit:

"Collecting interesting people is, yes, my thing."
Mackenzie 12/03/18 "Children? Oh, no." Shaking her head, Kenz finds herself somewhat alarmed at how quickly the woman goes to arms.

"My name is Mackenzie. No children are getting hurt," her sights would flicker over the woman, sure that she might just get her ass handed to her. "It was an expression. I mean to say, I've a coven. Sine Metu. You've interested me. It's not an actual kidnapping."

Clearing her throat softly, she comes to terms with how crazy she actually must sound. "It's an invitation."
Mackenzie 12/03/18 Huh. This one is quite open in her communication. Mackenzie is without a doubt colored impressed. A slight grin tugs at the corner of her mouth. "I like your spunk. You can shank her, as it is. How do you feel about light kidnapping?"

It's a joke. Maybe not. It might not be a joke. Mackenzie is not above it. She must have this one. "What's your name?"
Mackenzie 12/03/18 "It's a 90s thing," Mackenzie doesn't miss a beat. "She smashed things with a pan and said that that was your brain on drugs." Lowering her voice, she makes clear again, "Her brain is on drugs."
Mackenzie 12/03/18 "Don't listen to that blond b-tch," Mackenzie steps up, eying Camille as she clearly sides with the stranger. "She fried her brain years ago. She should have been watching those Rachael Leigh Cook commercials."
Dessa Chambers 12/03/18 Welcome to the Realm!
Camille 12/03/18 Hmmm. You are pretty, but the Realm has met it’s quota of troublesome blondes.
-drinks some purple kool-aid-
Perhaps a trip to the salon is in order?
-smiles a little too sweetly-
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