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Airmid Boru


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Born: October 03, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 10 (House only: 10)
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 72 (House only: 36)
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 39
Home City: London Mail Sent: 19
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11/28/20 at 11:38 am
Current Mood: Relieved 
Bí cúramach an rud nach mian leat, b’fhéidir nach dtaitneodh an toradh leat.
Special Items:
 Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary
I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020
Airmid Boru 's Biography
((Do not attack me on line but feel free to steal or try to all your black hearts wish. Moods are IC only. All Info here is OOC information ))
NAME: Airmid Orla Boru
DOB:21 May 1988
AGE: 28
PLACE OF BIRTH: Crossmaglen Co Armagh N.Ireland
RACE: Witch
LANAUGES SPOKEN: Irish Gaelic, English, French, Italian, Elven, and Norwegian .
Duchess of Derry (Bandiúc Dhoire)
Princess Royal of Ireland (Banphrionsa Ríoga na hÉireann)
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: taken by Adrian Michaels
POWERS (IF ANY): Fire elemental, Healing, Atomkenisis, Time manipulation, telepathy Psychokenisis
TATTOOS/BIRTHMARKS: Triquetra on left inside wrist.

PARENT'S NAMES: Ronan Boru and Marie Reilly (dec.) Lilly Emperium
SIBLINGS: Marah, Ciaran, Matt, Alexander, Tabitha, Arwen, Cira, Elessar, Grania and Orchid


I am the daughter of Ronan Boru and Marie Reilly. I was born in Crossmaglen in county Armagh in Northern Ireland but I live in County Derry Northern Ireland now in my Uncle Rian Reilly's house that he willed to me along with everything in it to do what I please and what I wish with. Uncle Rian left me a letter as well explaining everything I needed to know along with a list of names of people I should avoid at all costs. None of which are family members or trusted friends of the family. Only I know the names on this list and it will remain that way . I have no desire or intention of seeking these people out and if they should try to talk t o me I will simple say not interested and to have a good day.Uncle Rian house in Co Tyrone was left to my uncle Eoghan since he is the last of the Reilly siblings.

I like my father and uncle am a fire witch . My mother, Marie was a water witch. From her I get the atomkenisis AKA weather manipulation and the psychokenisis. I get my Fire elemental powers, Time manipulation, and telepathy from my father. Though atomkenisis and some form of telekenisis is on my father's side. The healing I get from both my parents. I have both my uncle Rian's Phoenix birds, Emrys and Aurelius now.

I am here for my family, possible few friends and my people only. The rest of you can do what you will.
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Ronan -R Boru


Blood Demon


Matt Boru

Marah Whitmoore


Killian _Doyle

Siobhan Boru

Headless Horsewoman

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Adrian 11/25/20 "My bags are packed!"
Headless Horsewoman 11/23/20 of course
Headless Horsewoman 11/22/20 thankies am open for RP in forums and mail
Headless Horsewoman 11/22/20 thanks hun i didnt get the friend request but sent one ur way hun
Headless Horsewoman 11/21/20 The Following if you can spare it *Friends *Money *BM *Weapons/Armor *RP Thanks in advance
Headless Horsewoman 11/21/20 thank you and yes i need all the help and assistance i can get every bit is appreciated and helps yes please?
Adrian 11/21/20 "Thank you for the charm. Seriously wow! I put it on and felt such a rush of energy, got high for a few minutes. This feels wonderful, not taking it off anytime soon."
Adrian 11/18/20 Hey Beautiful, give me a couple days and I'll be back in Ireland. I'm back home, gotta redo all my ID and crap....freakin Crack using ....nevermind. I'll see you soon. I'm thinking of retiring from modeling now, especially after this....
Adrian 11/18/20 That's the last time I go to that bar ever again, d*mned vampire got wasted on someone else's Crack! It took me all the energy I could muster from the ground to dig out!!!!
Marah Whitmoore 11/16/20 +Marah sends flowers to her sister after hearing the news with a note attached+

" Dear Sis, I just heard the news I'm so sorry if you need anything let me know. Love Marah."
Ronan -R Boru 10/31/20 No darling one . Tara and the staff have everything under control just bring yourself.
Ronan -R Boru 10/31/20 Oíche Shamhna Shona duit
Killian _Doyle 10/04/20 Lets see she is just as hard headed as your father so yeah always fun times. ^ He smiles a bit^
Killian _Doyle 10/04/20 "I a m guessing you have seen your father then? It is good to see you. Hopefully you can bring some balance a nd peace for every one."
Ori Yorogumo 10/04/20 “Welcome to the Realm, Traveler.” A brief smile crept up the corner of her mouth from behind her fan. “I am Ori. If you should need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.” She fluttered the sensu against her chest as she turned to glide away and paused, “Oh yes. This is a very strange place. Filled with many dangers and delights. I do hope to see you again, in good health.”
Briahne Christiann 10/03/20 Welcome to the Realm, it's great to have family around you, I am sure you've received a warm and lovely welcome from them as well. If you need any help, please reach out. There are many around who will be happy to assist as best they can.
LillyEmperium 10/03/20 Welcome home darling
__Nyx__ 10/03/20

*My telepathic voices softly.*

Along with Cu Chulainn and causing trouble for Balor and the fomorians.

Marah Whitmoore 10/03/20 " I bet he was ....Well I am sure at least Cici will find you. Matt and his wife are off some where which means no bad news there"

__Nyx__ 10/03/20 *I rub myself against your leg and mewed a welcome.*
Marah Whitmoore 10/03/20 +Marah knew the scent of family blood so she followed the scent till she came upon the person.She recognized her from the mirror on her wedding day.+

" Welcome big sister Im sure our father and brothers will be glad your here"
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