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You were successful in stealing $14,281.00 from Spring Taylor.
You were successful in stealing $13,630.00 from Spring Taylor.
You were successful in stealing $11,023.00 from Athena Maximus.
You were successful in stealing $10,075.00 from Spring Taylor.
You were successful in stealing $5,174.00 from Maya J Lawson.

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Realm2017 Summer Bloodies
Created by Cersei Lannister
Elouise Orlav 09/16/17 Lucius
Don't worry.
I'll save that blackmail for later!
Elouise Orlav 09/16/17 Lucius
Of course. Be prepared for the grumpiest baby ever, though.
Logan is not a fan of flying.
Elouise Orlav 09/16/17 Lucius
Elouise Orlav 09/16/17 Lucius
Okay, baby fever. We can plan something for October.
Elouise Orlav 09/16/17 Lucius
He's sleeping. Y'know. Baby stuff.
We're just hanging out for now. But London, soon!
Elouise Orlav 09/16/17 Lucius
You asked about the candy, not the chocolate. Of course I got some Rocher up in that b*tch.
And that's why I also stuffed some baby pictures in the box too.
Elouise Orlav 09/16/17 Lucius
Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids... Twizzlers AND Red Vines, cuz I don't know what kinda weirdos you are. Maybe some milk duds...
Elouise Orlav 09/16/17 Lucius
There may or may not be a box of candy and chocolate en route to your house, bish.
Autumn Dalca 09/16/17 *returns the kiss affectionately*
If only you could survive on me... later. Promise.
*nuzzles again*
I'll be back. I love you.
*gives another kiss and bounces away*
Autumn Dalca 09/16/17 I couldn't do the hairy armpit thing.
*shudders then grins*
I'll think of something, you beast. I know how you can be if you don't eat.
Autumn Dalca 09/16/17 *shivers*
Brave? Hardly. You're my husband, my mate, my match.
*turns her head and nuzzles him*
Unfortunately, I'm British, not French, so stop trying to eat me.
Autumn Dalca 09/16/17 Think? No, I know I am.
*slides onto his lap*
What would you like for dinner? Since I'm going out, anyway.
Autumn Dalca 09/16/17 *slips a hand into back pocket*
*pulls cash out*
Why, thank you, love! Now I'm off to go shopping...
*kisses his cheek*
Raven Dragoon 09/14/17 Raven Thanks for the warm welcome! I will be sure to just that.
Autumn Dalca 09/12/17 My Lucy
Autumn Dalca 09/11/17 My Lucy
Mmm... I think Blaize went underground again. Can't really blame him for that.
Brother bonding is good, but you want to go back to Romania already? We only just got home.
Autumn Dalca 09/11/17 My Lucy
Which one?
If you're talking about Winter, be prepared for him to end up on your lap.
Autumn Dalca 09/11/17 My Lucy
So? Doesn't mean I want to watch it. Besides, that thing it f*cking creepy.
Autumn Dalca 09/11/17 My Lucy
Of course, my sweet love.
However, if you try to make me watch the new IT, I will hand you divorce papers.
Autumn Dalca 09/11/17 My Lucy
Of course I know who the Vikings were, but I'm assuming you meant some sort of movie or TV show. Smart arse...
Autumn Dalca 09/11/17 My Lucy
Whatever you want, love, even though I have no idea what that is...
Surprise me with the munchies.
Autumn Dalca 09/08/17 My Lucy
What are you going to do about it if I do, hmm?
Autumn Dalca 09/08/17 My Lucy
Want me to break this one, too?
At least my toenails are painted.
Autumn Dalca 09/08/17 My Lucy
What flash? I do know how to turn it off, you know...
Autumn Dalca 09/07/17 My Lucy
You are goddamn adorable... I think I may keep you.
Autumn Dalca 09/04/17 Always & Forever
I forgive you.
Here. You can see the rest when I get home.
[image sent]
Autumn Dalca 09/04/17 Creeper
I know you better than that.
Why are you watching? I already have what I want. They're packaging it now.

PS - I did.
Autumn Dalca 09/04/17 Pfft
Not all of it. I'm not going to get a bloody wreath. That's something a husband buys his wife.
They did let me put it on though...
Autumn Dalca 09/04/17 Rude
Lucius Dalca, the cost of jewelry versus a jet isn't even comparable! I have all those smashing dresses now, what's wrong with finding a few lovey pieces to go with them?
Autumn Dalca 09/04/17 Perfect Husband
But why? So many sparkles...
Autumn Dalca 09/04/17 My Lucy
Well... you see... the thing is... I already did...
Autumn Dalca 09/04/17 Aye, Really
I love you...
Autumn Dalca 09/04/17 Very Understanding Husband
I, um... went in somewhere today I probably shouldn't have.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/04/17 Lucius
The boys are doing very well! How are you?
Caitlyn Darrow 09/03/17 Lucius
Thank you. I've resided in London before, and I'm happy to be back. :)
Autumn Dalca 09/03/17 Best Husband
Only you... I'll be home soon.
Autumn Dalca 09/03/17 Always
Mhmm... but you do get extreme about it from time to time, love.
A tower is fine, but only if you're with me.
Autumn Dalca 09/03/17 Sometimes
Only because you're so greedy...
You like the idea of a tower? As long as you don't lock me up in it.
Autumn Dalca 09/03/17 Unreasonable
Would you stop that? Honestly... I show more skin in a bikini. You can't lock me away in a tower because you don't want anyone to look at me.
Autumn Dalca 09/03/17 Over Reacting
Why would anyone get killed? All the important parts are covered.
Autumn Dalca 09/02/17 Definitely
I thought about modeling it for opinions from the sales people. If they like it, I'm sure you will.
Autumn Dalca 09/02/17 Wishful Thinking
I'm already out at the lingerie store, slowpoke.
Autumn Dalca 09/01/17 Not Robin Hood
Is that so?
Fine. I'll go buy all new ones.
Autumn Dalca 09/01/17 Undie Thief
I don't believe that for a second
What did you do with them, Lucius Dalca?
Autumn Dalca 09/01/17 Husband
I can't seen to find any of my underwear.
You don't happen to know anything about that, do you?
Maya J Lawson 08/30/17 Maya couldn’t be sure how long it had been since she had last seen Lucius, but she recalled it wasn’t a pleasant affair. She was so doped out that she could barely tell her front from her back. Unfortunately she was still in pretty bad shape, going through a series of withdrawals after struggling to find the remedies to solve the problem of feeling. She craved the numbness and inability to care about the world around her. Currently she was wasting away, as complete and total mess of an angelic being.

Her hair was slicked back and greasy, as if someone had just run their fingers through it for the billionth time. Her wide eyes were rimmed with red, and her lips had a permanent campion with a cancer stick tucked between the cracked maws. She had taken up cigarettes in the hopes of calming her anxiety till she could find her next fix, it didn’t work much but it was a habit that reminded her to much of Malek to give up. Blowing smoke from between her lips she looked up as she heard the approaching footsteps. Her diluted blue hues searched through the darkness as she pulled her coat tighter around her waist. The chill of the night air reminder her that summer was ending and cooler weather was starting to blanket the city.

“Luc.” Her voice rang out into the dead night as she pushed away from the wall and waltzed towards the man on slightly steadier legs then before. “I need your help.”

Autumn Dalca 08/27/17 "LUCIUS!"

Autumn's cheerful voice echoed through the guest house. They called it a house but it was really a smallish castle. She didn't mind staying there, truth be told. It held precious memories for them. He'd asked her to be his Valentine and then his shortly thereafter.

"Lucy!" She skipped into the room her beloved currently occupied, brandishing the new, live action Disney movies, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Hopping onto his lap, she gave him a kiss and then grinned broadly. "Movie night? Dinner is almost ready. If you set one of these up, I'll go fix our plates. Oh, and drinks."

Without waiting for an answer, Autumn trust the movies into his hand, smacked another kiss onto his lips, bounced to her feet and pranced away.
Autumn Dalca 08/27/17 Sweet Husband
You shouldn't be texting and driving.
Autumn Dalca 08/27/17 Take Your Time
All's fair in love.
It's fine... I'll just make a quick call.
Autumn Dalca 08/27/17 Lonely Lucy
Shame... I'll have to find someone else to swim with me.
Autumn Dalca 08/27/17 Poor Baby
You'll be fine.
Where are you?
Autumn Dalca 08/26/17 Still No
The maintenance would be ridiculous. We need a pilot as well. The range on those is less than commercial jets.
Autumn Dalca 08/26/17 No
We don't need a bloody jet.
Autumn Dalca 08/26/17 Definitely In Trouble
You know, this is one of those things you should talk to your wife about before doing.
Autumn Dalca 08/25/17 My Lucy
I think I have a husband who's about to be in a lot of trouble.
Autumn Dalca 08/25/17 My Lucy You missed April Fools. Good one though.
Winter Summers 08/22/17 Lulu
It's not messed up you just see it as messed up! It's perfectly normal!
I'm sure she is now I'm gonna stop you before it gets weird.
Ya know I just had a lot of sh#t happen to me and I don't wanna trouble someone with my sh#t.
Winter Summers 08/20/17 Lulu
Ah ha! The truth comes out! Don't worry Lulu I wont judge you!
I have a bad habit of still stealing from men I sleep with, I don't have to I just do!
And it's best if you don't think too hard on it!
Really that didn't work on Autumn I am shocked! Note that's sarcasm! It's hard to tell through text.
Autumn always wanted the romantic stuff even if she tries to deny it!
I just don't, I have entirely too much baggage to put on another person ya know?
Winter Summers 08/20/17 Lulu
Might have? Sure we can go with that!
Alright let's think about it this way!
Lesbians can use toys and such yeah? Think of me like that minus the fact I'm not a sex object.
We really barely have sex they are just friends who care for me.
Nothing really romantic. I don't do the whole romance thing Lulu.
It's overrated!
Elouise Orlav 08/19/17 "Logan has a sophisticated taste in movies, alright? We were going to watch Silence of the Lambs tonight, but I suppose we can go Pixar instead." She took in a deep breath, relishing in the warm-ish summer evening air. "Only the best kinds of snacks. Cheetos, and tequila, and swedish fish...the staples!" She glanced over at him with warm cerulean eyes, sending a gentle elbow in his direction. "You know I'll take you up on that. I've never been to Romania, and I'm a sucker for traveling."
Winter Summers 08/18/17 Lulu
I did not know that! I don't see why she would be reading your text though...
That's good that's good! I am sure there are moments knowing my sister!
Where did you hear this? I'm not in a relationship with them.
They are my very close friends who I happen to occasionally have sex with.
Nothing more, while I care deeply for them they are lesbians so.
This is the part where you point out that they boink me well we just happen to all be straight for each other.
Totally normal!
Winter Summers 08/18/17 Lulu
Perhaps that's a question you should be asking yourself no?
I'm kidding! You aren't a hoe!
How ya been?
Elouise Orlav 08/18/17 "Of course I have a room for you to stay in. There's always space. I think you left Moana in the DVD player. It's Logan's new favorite besides The Shining." She grinned, not a hint of sarcasm in her tone. "So! House shopping in Romania? Are you two moving out of London? That's exciting. It's been a long eightish months in Moscow. Especially in the winter. I'm definitely meant for the Mediterranean." El offered over Logan, happy, for once, to not have to have him on her hip. "I wish you'd given me a heads up. I would have gotten your favorite snacks!"
Winter Summers 08/18/17 Lulu
You a hoe!
Autumn Dalca 08/17/17 My Lucy
So... live one step at a time, dragostea mea. Have some fun.
Elouise Orlav 08/17/17 It only took a few minutes for Elouise to come sprinting out, actually dressed, with Logan in arm. "Where's Autumn?!" Too late. Lucius is already grabbed in a tight one-armed hug, careful not to squish the baby. "So? How are you? How are you liking Moscow? Are you going to stay on compound?"
Elouise Orlav 08/17/17 Lucius
You're here?! Omfg. I'm coming out, with the baby.
I want a beer, a burger, and to talk to an adult.
Autumn Dalca 08/17/17 My Lucy
The whole point is for you to have some fun without me. What did you do before we moved in together?
Give Elouise a hug and Logan a kiss for me.
Autumn Dalca 08/17/17 My Lucy
Go out and enjoy yourself. You'll be back soon enough.
Autumn Dalca 08/16/17 My Lucy
Miss you already.
Autumn Dalca 08/13/17 My Perfect Lucy
To change things up a bit.
Autumn Dalca 08/11/17 Bestest Husband
...I don't think they can glue it back on.
Autumn Dalca 08/11/17 Forgiving Husband
Um... well... you see... the thing is...
What if I already did?
Autumn Dalca 08/10/17 Loving, Understanding Husband
Even if I cut all of my hair off?
Autumn Dalca 08/10/17 My Lucy
I love you... 😇
Autumn Dalca 07/31/17 My Lucy
Uh huh... I almost believe that. Almost. At least I'm short.
Found a hotel!
Autumn Dalca 07/30/17 Troublemaker
Lucius... what did you do?
Autumn Dalca 07/30/17 My Lucy
You don't have to like the government to enjoy the county. Culture is culture.
I'm sure we would have an amazing time. Besides... new food.
Autumn Dalca 07/30/17 My Lucy
Can we go to Zhangjiajie, China, one day? Please?
Autumn Dalca 07/29/17 My Lucy
I see trees.
Autumn Dalca 07/29/17 My Lucy
I'd forgotten you upgraded. Still, you are wasting time.
Autumn Dalca 07/29/17 My Lucy
My car is faster than yours. Catch me if you can.
Autumn Dalca 07/29/17 My Lucy
I found a box. There are more...





Autumn Dalca 07/28/17 My Lucy
You mean like.... this one?
Autumn Dalca 07/28/17 My Lucy
Lookie what I found...
Autumn Dalca 07/28/17 My Lucy
It's a date.
Autumn Dalca 07/26/17 My Lucy
Little ride. I don't want to break you.
We'll do a picnic after to stretch your muscles out a bit. Picnic while on a ride will happen another day.
Autumn Dalca 07/26/17 My Lucy
It didn't last long... you probably won't be so lucky.
Picnic tomorrow? I'll plan it and surprise you with the location.
Autumn Dalca 07/26/17 My Lucy
Fantastic! Oo, I can't wait. Be prepared to be extremely sore, though.
Maybe one day we can do a picnic.
Autumn Dalca 07/25/17 My Lucy
Really? For some reason I thought you had.
Would you be open to going together in the future?
Autumn Dalca 07/25/17 My Lucy
Well, I'm enjoying this more than I anticipated.
I may have to come back and do it again...
Autumn Dalca 07/23/17 A quiet chuckle escaped her lips. Autumn glanced sideways at the comment and peered at her beloved. "It was nice to see Logan. I never thought I would hold a little one." Her smile softened when she spoke of Elouise's son.

"We can always go see him if we need a baby fix. I'm still too greedy of your time to share that much of it with even a tiny you." Another smile and then a shapely brow arched. "You already downloaded the entirely Disney library for me. Are you talking about getting them all on bluray?"
Ophelia Fraye 07/23/17 Their eyes met, and an unspoken, shared understanding passed between them. A tingle of the ethereal. A kindred spirit. Ophelia blinked, the heated spike of hostility subsiding slightly beneath her curious mind.

Was he really inviting her to lunch? A lunch that apparently she was funding? A quiet scoff of disbelief left her lips. A bit brash, this one.

More than anything, it was her curious nature that led her decision. He wasn’t just your average bear, and Ophelia always had a dangerous interest in the unusual. “You’re a presumptuous thing, aren’t you?” She finally released the grip on the arm holding her money. “Alright. But you can at least chip in for the tip.”
Ophelia Fraye 07/23/17 Ophelia felt the hand as it slipped into her purse. Reflexively, she caught the arm of the perpetrator as he attempted to slip away. Bright, irritated eyes met those of the man who'd lightened her wallet.

"Looking for something, friend?"

Lucius Dalca just stole $187.00 from you!
Autumn Dalca 07/21/17 Pinching the bridge of her nose between thumb and middle finger, Autumn rejoined Lucius where he still sat, watching Moana. She did not wear her typical smile.

"Come on, love," she said in a low tone, "we're going home. Elouise will call us if she needs us." Visibly unhappy about the whole situation, she flattened her lips together and headed toward the room they shared, intent on gathering their things.
Elouise Orlav 07/20/17 Lucius
In my room.
Elouise Orlav 07/20/17 Lucius
I can't talk right now. I can hardly breath.
Something's wrong, Lucius. I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach...
Elouise Orlav 07/20/17 Lucius
I don't know, anymore.
Elouise Orlav 07/20/17 Lucius
I'm just tryna get crunk!
Elouise Orlav 07/20/17 Lucius
She's gonna babysit!
Elouise Orlav 07/20/17 Lucius
Yasssss. We are.
And me. Duh. I'm a woman of means.
Elouise Orlav 07/20/17 Lucius
We are getting WASTED tonight.
Elouise Orlav 07/16/17 Lucius
Baby is good. I'm good.
How's Autumn?
Still a ginger?
Elouise Orlav 07/15/17 Lucius
Maybe she likes getting singles tossed at her half-naked body?
I don't know. The last time Jameson danced for me I insisted on shoving cash down his shorts.
It's fun!
...but no. I don't think as a standard you should have to pay.
Autumn Dalca 07/15/17 My Lucy
You get to enjoy a new dress each time...
Autumn Dalca 07/15/17 My Lucy
That is another matter entirely...
Autumn Dalca 07/14/17 My Lucy
Are you planning to pay me?
My sitting services are premium.
Autumn Dalca 07/14/17 My Lucy
This f*cking camel. I don't want to leave it-
Okay, scratch that. The man came back and... paid me?
Autumn Dalca: Camel Sitter.
That's going on the resumé.
I'll be there soon!
Autumn Dalca 07/14/17 My Lucy
If I ever make it back... you can wash it.
Autumn Dalca 07/14/17 My Lucy
Aye, on both counts.
But... He/she is kinda sweet. Keeps nuzzling my hair.
Autumn Dalca 07/14/17 My Lucy
Sh*t, I think I just text someone else on accident...
Anyway, I've been holding this camel for like fifteen minutes and the guy was speaking too fast for me to understand. He hasn't come back.
Maya J Lawson 07/14/17 I beg to differ. Drugs do amazing things. Just look at all the pretty colors.

Autumn Dalca 07/12/17 My Lucy
...I think I bought a camel.
Maya J Lawson 07/12/17 Did you get into my drugs?

Maya J Lawson 07/09/17 Maya was not okay, in any sense of the word, but she wasn’t willing to say it out loud. People always wanted to help people that were not okay. Maya didn’t want any help, at least not now. She was more than happy to allow herself to suffer, it at least was real. The world had spun like a mighty vortex around her and she wasn’t ready to jump into oz and face the colors of her actions. She would happily live in a black and white misery.

So, instead of admitting to being any kind of not okay, Maya attempted to steady herself away from the wall. She held her head high and tried to flatten the mess of tangles upon her head. She was sure that the actions made her look even more unwell, but it was the only moving her body would allow her at the present moment.

” I’m fine. Maybe I just want you to keep your hands out of my pants.” The quip wasn’t matched the normal Maya teasing. It fell flat, just like her body was about to if she didn’t get back to the comfort of the steady wall besides her.
Maya J Lawson 07/09/17 The usually quick witted and overly prepared Maya was nowhere in sight since her world had shattered all around her. She was utterly alone, no longer with a purpose of vengeance laying before her. She had completed the conquest she had set out to do, but in the process she lost Malek, the only person she deeply cared about in this world. Her life had been a whirlwind since she discovered the true nature of her being as something angelic. Though, she wouldn’t call herself angelic in the slightest. She was a ruthless killer who was unwilling to spare any life that got in her way.

However, Maya wasn’t in the state of mind to fight, let alone walk in her present state of mind. She had allowed herself to slip back into the suppressants, using the numbing power of drugs to help her pass the days, she liked the voided feeling, but sometimes she allowed herself a happy pill to push her on through the day. Maya Jane Lawson was utterly a mess.

It was because of this mess she had made of herself that she barely noticed the person sneaking up behind her and slipping their greedy little fingers into her back pocket. It wasn’t till she saw the retreating figure of Lucius that she recognized what had happened.

“Hey! Lucius! Come back here!” Maya stumbled forward but needed to use the wall as support in her hazy state. Lucius Dalca just stole $548.00 from you!
Elouise Orlav 07/09/17 Lucius
B*tch please.
I got this mom sh*t in the BAG.
Elouise Orlav 07/09/17 Lucius
He can do whatever he wants.
He's cute.
Elouise Orlav 07/08/17 Lucius
Omg no. He's my snuggly pug.
Elouise Orlav 07/08/17 Lucius
You're welcome to come meet him any time.
Elouise Orlav 07/08/17 Lucius
Omg. Even his rolls have rolls. He's so chunky. UGH.
Logan Jameson Orlav! :)
Elouise Orlav 07/08/17 Lucius
Wh*re McWh*re calls Jameson that. Hell no.
Autumn thinks Logan.
Elouise Orlav 07/08/17 Lucius
Flamethrower is strong! I wouldn't f*ck with a Flamethrower!
I'm American and British. I can either name him Big Mac or Big Ben.
Elouise Orlav 07/08/17 Lucius
Hard pass on those two.
What about Flamethrower?
Elouise Orlav 07/08/17 Lucius
Lucius Jr.?
Elouise Orlav 07/08/17 Lucius
Rambo is a good name.
Elouise Orlav 07/07/17 Autumn; Lucius
Maya J Lawson 07/07/17
Winter Summers 07/07/17 Lulu
My my didn't know you were such a rebel!
That's a solid point! And I am sure my sister is fine with it!
Truly my bad! I have no filter! I blame my upbringing!
Come now Lulu 15 is a bit much you are a handsome man but the scale goes to 10! I'll give you a 9.5 mostly because you really aren't my type!
You aren't hard to look at! And your personality is wonderful but ya know a 10 would be someone I'd f#ck more than once!
Give her a hug and a kiss from me!
Kiss on the cheek a kiss on the lips would be weird!
I don't think I had to actually type that.
Maya J Lawson 07/07/17

Winter Summers 07/06/17 Lulu
Really!? I don't care as long as it's actually from there an not like an import! Know what I am saying?
Working while on a honeymoon! Tsk tsk!
Wait I did? I really asked you about your Little Lulu?
My goodness I have NO shame I am terribly sorry!
And 7 out of 10 isn't bad! You act like that is the worst thing in the whole wide world!
That's a rather high rating!
Winter Summers 07/06/17 Lulu
Bring me home something!
And I am glad because I mean it!
You could be waiting awhile I don't even know what is going on!
It's SO stressful!
Ha! Lulu you are funny!
Men hate me! All men! If you recall you hated me when we first met!
Winter Summers 07/06/17 Lulu
That sounds amazing!
You are very good to my sister she is lucky to have you!
I feel like I say that a LOT!
But I'm doing okay, things are a bit hectic now a days!
Protocol is terrible and I have no idea how to hack the new security system though I feel Elouise would skin me if I did learn how.
Winter Summers 07/06/17 Lulu
How you been living?
Elouise Orlav 07/04/17 Lucius
Thinking of you both as well.
I'll let you know if anything changes.
Elouise Orlav 07/04/17 Lucius
Jameson isn't here.
Nothing is good until he comes home.
Ophelia Fraye 07/04/17 Lucius Dalca just stole $3,405.00 from you!
Autumn Dalca 06/29/17 My Lucy
I'm waiting...
Autumn Dalca 06/28/17 My Lucy
The toe ring still doesn't count.
Autumn Dalca 06/27/17 My Lucy
I don't know what I ever did to be so lucky.
Promise you'll never leave me?
Autumn Dalca 06/27/17 My Lucy
In case I don't tell you enough... I love you.
Elouise Orlav 06/26/17 Lucius
Thank you. For everything.
Autumn Dalca 06/25/17 My Lucy
That's the point. I believe I shall take my time...
Autumn Dalca 06/25/17 My Lucy
Perhaps I should keep you waiting.
Autumn Dalca 06/25/17 My Lucy
You got it. I will be back soon. Impatient?
Autumn Dalca 06/24/17 My Lucy
Would you like anything in particular while I'm out?
Autumn Dalca 06/21/17 My Husband
That puts butterflies in my belly everytime...
I'd love to have somewhere of our own in both places. Could you set a portal of sorts up (I just wiggled my fingers even though you can't see it...) so we can easily go back and forth instead of flying?
Autumn Dalca 06/21/17 Pumpkin
Spring can take over. I have my own investments and ventures to look after.
You and her are the only reason I stayed in London. Most of the good memories I have there involve you. The rest... well, you know. I have no lost love for London.
Autumn Dalca 06/20/17 Smoosh Face
I am in love with your country. Can we stay here forever?
Elouise Orlav 06/19/17 Lucius
What? He is. He's just the best.
Autumn gushes about you, too.
I just saved Winter from nearly burning down the entire compound. Think your wife could rub off her baking skills on him??
Athena Maximus 06/19/17 She grinned as he mentioned the vodka. "I had some business here and decided to stick around. I'm looking to try some place and something new." She couldn't help but laugh. "Well apparently I was supposed to just give it to you and your wife. Between the both of you I've learned my lesson. Consider it a late wedding present." She thought for a moment before looking over at him. "I am looking to try someplace new. Any suggestions?"
Elouise Orlav 06/19/17 Lucius
Rambo Lucius Orlav? I like it. It's happening.
WHAT? No! Jameson is good. He's sexy as hell.
Elouise Orlav 06/19/17 Lucius
Rambo is active. Jameson.
Elouise Orlav 06/19/17 Lucius
How are you? Has the weight of her love crushed you yet?!
Hope you're enjoying married life.
Just wanted to check in so you know I'm not dead.
Athena Maximus 06/18/17 She had just left a Moscow bar when she recognized a familiar face. "No way!" She smiled brightly at her old coven mate. "When did you come her to Moscow?" She laughed as she reached her bag. "You have to try the vodka here. It's amazing..." As she pulled out the bottle of vodka she noticed her wallet was gone. Then she heard him mutter 'jackpot' and she couldn't help but laugh. She handed him the bottle as she spoke. "You took all of my money, didn't you?"
Autumn Dalca 06/17/17 My Lucy
Next weekend? Alright.
I was thinking Udaipur, Rajasthan. It's supposed to be very romantic.
Autumn Dalca 06/17/17 My Lucy
We're both lucky.
When are we doing the ceremony with your family?
How do you feel about India for a honeymoon?
Autumn Dalca 06/17/17 My Lucy
You sound positively smitten. Your wife is a lucky woman.
Autumn Dalca 06/17/17 My Lucy
Have I mentioned today how much I love you?
Autumn Dalca 06/17/17 My Lucy
You are so odd sometimes...
Autumn Dalca 06/15/17 My Husband
I'm allowed to have some secrets...
Autumn Dalca 06/15/17 My Husband
What's stopping you?
I'm working on making it more difficult for you...
Autumn Dalca 06/15/17 My Husband
Nyx Photine 06/13/17 Nyx flashed a toothy grin. "Atom has a wild imagination. Born this way is an even better superhero plot line. The cape suits you then." Furrowing her brow, she thought back. "You know, I'm not entirely sure how long I've been with Requiem. A year, maybe? I seem to act as a recluse at times, keeping to myself or holed up with my husband. Then I'll pop my head out and realize months have passed. I was not here for the founding of the coven, but I believe I joined shortly after. Whenever that happened. I met your wife. She's lovely. Warning- we're likely to go shopping. Light a candle for your credit card!" She laughed.
Jace Remington 06/13/17 Jace spun back around at the mention of his name a split second before the wall beside him exploded. He jerked his hands up to protect his ears from the noise, not out of fear. After most of the smoke cleared, he took a gander at the large crater before the wall began to repair itself.

Bright blue eyes traveled back to Sparky.

An enormous grin broke out across his face. He clapped his hands together. "Let me revise my previous statement... Welcome to Requiem! The first one was obligatory but I mean it now. A man of your talents will prove useful. Hey, my eyes do the thing, too." He pointed to his eyes as they went black and back. "Twinsies! About your-"

Jace held up a finger and squeezed his eyes shut as he produced a tremendous sneeze. "Sorry, dust... As I was saying, don't worry about your wifey. She's safe from me. Mine will slice and dice me AND her if I went there. Sorry, but you're not scary. She is. Either way, in Requiem, you're family. End of story. I wasn't kidding about the flying body parts though..."
Jace Remington 06/13/17 Jace spotted one half of the coven's newest couple. They'd both been to Requiem's castle before, so he recognized Lucius. Atom made it clear in a previous conversation to stay away from the redhead and he had. Mostly. He never followed rules completely.

Thumbs hooked into his pockets and whistling tunelessly, Jace approached the taller man. "Lucius, right? I'm supposed to welcome you to Requiem, tell you to make yourself at home and if you need any help, come find me. Watch out for body parts flying through the air. My wifey likes to throw them." He scratched his clean shaven cheek.

"Think that's about it." He snapped his fingers. "Oh! Congrats on the wedding." A smirk appeared on his face. "Your new wifey smells delicious." The comment was meant how it sounded. As a jab.

Satisfied he'd done his job, Jace spun on his heel and went off on his way.
Nyx Photine 06/13/17 Her polite smile turned a bit more plotting and coy. Her hands remained hidden behind her. Clearing her throat, Nyx said "I actually have a little housewarming gift for you. After seeing Atom's announcement of your joining, I was impressed with the story of how you gained your powers! A fork in a socket! That's kind of like a second-rate super hero! So. I got you a cape!" She reveals the red and yellow cape behind her back, complete with emblazoned lightening bolt in the center. Thrusting her arms toward him, she gives the cape. Her face is a bit chagrined. "I...I am pretty sure it is actually a cape for The Flash. Sure, the way Barry Allen got his super powers is slightly more impressive than 'fork-in-socket' but like, it's still cool." Nyx beamed a wide grin to him. "Oh! My name is Nyx, by the way. I always forget that part."
Autumn Dalca 06/12/17 Forever
That could be considered cheating...
Autumn Dalca 06/12/17 Mine
The castle is rather large.
Do you think you can?
Autumn Dalca 06/12/17 My Husband
Come find me.
Blaize E Summers 06/12/17 Lucy
Technically, I was dead for a bit. Blood magic is useful for when one succumbs to death.
Luckily, my assailant did not burn my body, only separated the pieces. So I simply...put myself back together. With some help.
And destroy you? No, that's to easy. To quick. You must prolong the torment and make sure you achieve optimum misery.
It's a science, torturing your enemies.
Blaize E Summers 06/12/17 Lucy
So you went and married my sister.
I suppose I will stop threatening much.
Maya J Lawson 06/12/17 It's a little late, but congrats on the marriage thing.

Autumn Dalca 06/12/17 My Husband
It is yours and only yours. I quite like it myself... and when you call me your wife.
Why wouldn't you expect that from Kai? He is a sweetheart. In fact, I probably owe him a drinking/baking party.
He left a note threatening anyone else not to touch it, but I offered Atom to have some. The cake is enormous!
Autumn Dalca 06/12/17 My Husband
I can't decide what to call you. It's so funny...
Anyway, look what Kai made for us! It is in Requiem's kitchen. Isn't it stunning?
Kai Noire 06/12/17 Kai approached the man, be it slowly. He loathed people with a passion but Autumn had married this man so he couldn't be that bad. And Atom let him in the coven so Kai thought he'd attempt to welcome him.

"You are Lucius correct? Welcome to the coven and congratulations on marrying Pancake." Awkwardly goes silent. "Sorry this is usually the part where I threaten people to not even look at my husband or I'll kill them but you are married so there is no need for that."

He snapped his finger a sinister smirk on his face. "Hurt Pancake and I'll break every bone in your body. Not an idle threat I would enjoy doing it. Anyway need anything see my husband. If he's not around I guess you can ask me, usually at my bakery though. That being said need baked goods do come find me. And again Welcome to Requiem."
Winter Summers 06/12/17 Lulu
Indeed she is!
The rock was also impressive!
I don't have to tell you this but I'm going to anyway it's my job as the brother!
Take care of my sister!
Nyx Photine 06/12/17 Stopping next at the new witch, Nyx offered a hello. She was no taller than his new wife, but it was hard to tell given both women's penchant for wearing sky-high heels. "Welcome to Requiem! And I also understand congrats are in order on recent nuptials! If you hear barking, pay it no mind. It's just my cat likely begging for food. Lastly- it's nice to see another join the coven. Our kind...we are in smaller numbers in this coven. And the realm as a whole, unfortunately. Anyway. Welcome!"
Autumn Dalca 06/11/17 My Lucy
What ceremony and ritual?!

Aceasta este mama ta. Știu că ești fericit și îndrăgostit, dar după ce ne întoarcem acasă, poți avea noua soție frumoasă. E timpul cu ea acum. Du-te să vizitezi cu tatăl și fratele tău și să nu mai dai secrete.
Winter Summers 06/11/17 Lulu
Autumn Dalca 06/11/17 My Lucy
You say that about every color.
Next question - why am I being fitted for a dress?
Who does that anymore?! But seriously, why?
Autumn Dalca 06/11/17 My Lucy
You can tell them I promise not to bite them. But they may not see the intended humor. So, nevermind.
Alright, dark blue. Just for you.
Why does your mother keep eyeing my hair?
Autumn Dalca 06/11/17 Lucy/Husband
Sorry, this name thing is entertaining me. Hehehe.
"Get used to me". Really? I don't know whether that's a compliment or an insult...
Blue it is. Fingers, too.
Autumn Dalca 06/11/17 Still Lucy
They have both been very kind and welcoming.
I think I have a whole new wardrobe, honestly... we're getting pedicures now. Pick a color?
Autumn Dalca 06/11/17 My Husband
Still so weird to think of you that way... every time you called me your wife while we were talking to Atom put butterflies in my belly.
Anyway! How are things going with your father and brother?
Elouise Orlav 06/10/17 Lucius
That's mostly true...
Just take good care of my best friend, just as you always have? Except now you're obligated to tolerate even more nonsense.
Elouise Orlav 06/10/17 Mr. Summers
Atom Noire 06/10/17 Lucius
If you wish to come by the coven, we can discuss things there.
Plus, I have red velvet cake that's calling my name and I can't just leave it here alone.
We have a living teddy bear infestation.
They always take my cake.
[Location sent]
Atom Noire 06/10/17 Mr. Dalca
This is Atom Noire, leader of Requiem.
I was approached by Autumn about your interest in joining my coven.
Do you mind a meeting so we may discuss some subjects?
Gray Taylor 06/08/17 Lucius
And if I were to inquire about your interest in upgrading the security on the first floor bank?
Autumn Dalca 06/07/17 My Lucy
I went over to my house to get a few more things today.
It doesn't much feel like home here anymore... but that's beside the point. Anyway, I was going through old boxes and guess what I found?
The sweater you gave me years ago.
Gray Taylor 06/06/17 Lucius
I don't like to pry.
Have you ever worked with banks?
Gray Taylor 06/06/17 Lucius
What is your specialty in your field?
Gray Taylor 06/06/17 Lucius
Do you own, or is this a company you work for?
Gray Taylor 06/06/17 Lucius
Your work never lets you sit still. I don't know how you stand it.
Gray Taylor 06/06/17 Lucius
And just what are you finishing?
Gray Taylor 06/06/17 Lucius
You came all the way to the Deep South to touch my butt and run?
Autumn Dalca 06/05/17 My Lucy
Your sister. She's a little bit starry eyed. You've always been sweet. Even when we were younger.
Autumn Dalca 06/05/17 My Lucy
You are such a hopeless romantic, did you know that?
Don't ever change.
Autumn Dalca 06/02/17 Holding the notes she'd pinched from Lucius' pocket, Autumn gazed at him and canted her head to one side, looking very much like a mischievous kitten.

"You know, I'm beginning to think you carry money around in your pocket specifically for me to nip, because you enjoy it," she grinned.

Without warning, she stepped around behind Lucius and pounced. Autumn wrapped her arms and legs around his neck and waist, respectively. After nuzzling her nose against the shell of his ear, she kissed the same spot and murmured, "I love you..."
Winter Summers 05/31/17 Lulu
Ya know I'm flattered Lulu but I don't think I'm your Tum.
Unless you are telling me to bring tums?
I can totally do that! Berry flavor tickle your fancy?
Eh maybe depending on how it goes. If I decide to go with the cure I wont need blood banks.
Am I to bring Elouise with me? We were only suppose to visit her mother and head to NY to visit Rhiannon and Soleil.
I was not informed about a London visit.
Autumn Dalca 05/30/17 My Lucy
You should come home soon.
Spring Taylor 05/30/17 Twitchy
I still have my f-cking balls. What struggle?
Spring Taylor 05/29/17 Twitchy
Give it to me now.
Autumn Dalca 05/29/17 Dragostea Mea
Spring Taylor 05/29/17 Twitchy
It can watch my f-cking sapling and gas anyone that gets near it. Give me my blimey Mini-Hitler
Winter Summers 05/29/17 Lulu
Autumn would make a lovely bride, not to mention I'd throw the BEST bachelorette party!
Blood Bank? I have never heard of such a thing! Are you sure you are just not imagining such things?
I don't know if I am fully committed to the idea but talking about it and what the price could be would be greatly appreciated.
Sadly I am on a trip with Elouise right now will you be in London long?
P.S. Don't tell my lovely sister of this just yet, I mean something might not even come out of it.
Spring Taylor 05/28/17 Twitchy
I'll have it shove a f-cking pineapple up your @rse.
Winter Summers 05/28/17 Lulu
So I heard how is the family trip going?
Not to get off topic but if you took her to see your family does that mean you are gonna put a ring on it soon?
Who I am? This is not who I was meant to be, every day I wake up look in the mirror and I'm reminded of what those f#cks did to me. What they did to my sister, I have to kill people to survive. I am a monster and I never wanted to be one.
When you say price how does one determine what that price is gonna be before doing it?
Autumn Dalca 05/28/17 My Lucy
Not all, and I don't want to know.
Try to remember that I am yours as well, love, no matter what.
Oh, and your sister said you've always been fascinated by butts.
Autumn Dalca 05/28/17 My Lucy
You're also lucky I don't give a damn what, or who, you've done before getting involved with me.
Autumn Dalca 05/28/17 Lucky
You are very lucky I love you so much.
Autumn Dalca 05/28/17 Careful
Oh? Is that so? How would they know that?
Autumn Dalca 05/28/17 My Lucy
...I could just show her what you sent me.
Autumn Dalca 05/28/17 My Lucy
Now I have to awkwardly avoid explaining to your sister why I almost snorted wine out my nose.
Maya J Lawson 05/23/17 Maya stumbled out of her own cell only moments after been thrown into it. The guard was oblivious to her sneaky fingers that took hold of the pass key before he left. He’d be missing it in the morning, and possibly even get written up for it. Nevertheless, Maya was free and merrily on her way. Lingering eyes watched her as she escaped from the confines of her prison, but she ignored them. That is until her blue eyes caught sight of someone familiar.

Slipping the key out of her waist band she slide the magnetic strip over the keypad and listed as the gate quietly slide open. The occupant of the cell received a c0cky smile from Maya, her eyes alight with excitement. “Well, well, well. Look who we have here.”

You managed to break out Lucius Dalca.

Autumn Dalca 05/22/17 My Lucy
Winter Summers 05/21/17 Lucius
Hate to keep bothering you like this but I have a super serious question.
Do you think magic can cure what I am?
Get rid of it?
Maybe just make me more human?
Winter Summers 05/20/17 Lucius
I knew I could count on you Lulu
You are truly a good man
And how am I holding up?
Not at all honestly.
But I should be alright somehow we Summers always are
Winter Summers 05/20/17 Lucius
I fear I must ask you to make sure my sister is alright again.
I know you would do it without me asking but I feel better hearing that you will.
She wasn't as close with Sky as she was Blaize but still it was our sister.
Autumn Dalca 05/20/17 My Lucy
Stay there. I'm on the way.
Autumn Dalca 05/20/17 My Lucy
Are you home?
Autumn Dalca 05/19/17 My Lucy
Such a smartarsed answer, but also very clever. Well played. What if my hair wasn't red?
Autumn Dalca 05/19/17 My Lucy
I don't know what I ever did to deserve such a wonderful man...
Autumn Dalca 05/19/17 My Lucy
Gray Taylor 05/18/17 Lucius
You're giving me way too much credit, there. I don't know where Spring got that. She's running around this place wearing a pantsuit and my name. I don't know what is going on.
Autumn Dalca 05/18/17 My Lucy
Lucky for us, we don't have a boss to answer to.
Autumn Dalca 05/18/17 My Lucy
Um... eleven? We may be at it for a day or two.
Autumn Dalca 05/18/17 My Lucy
I loooove you.
Autumn Dalca 05/18/17 My Lucy
Not a chance.
Oh, you're going to find out...
Autumn Dalca 05/18/17 My Lucy
I have known you far long enough to call bullsh*t on your innocence.
You haven't?! Nicholas Sparks movie marathon!
Autumn Dalca 05/18/17 My Lucy
We are watching The Notebook tonight.
Autumn Dalca 05/18/17 My Lucy
Not that I mind admiring you... but why is your picture on the front page?
What did you do?
W_Kat 05/18/17 Congrats on PotD!!
Caitlyn Darrow 05/17/17 Caitlyn blinks and gives him a blank stare for the entirety of a minute. Then she beams with a gleeful giggle.
"I have two sons and two dogs. But the dogs have to eat too! They're all family."
Maya J Lawson 05/16/17 Mayas shoulders lightly shook as a flutter of laughter escaped her pouty lips. Lucius was getting stronger and stronger, but so was Maya even if the results were slowly twiddling their thumbs in circles. Maya had been preoccupied by many other things that training had not been a top priority for some time. Slowly Maya pulled the wavy locks of hair into a twisted bun on the top of her head before she flickered her fingers close to Lucius’ face. “You’re right, my pretty little fingers would love to be wrapped around your throat.” The threat could have been terrifying for someone that didn’t know Maya, or didn’t pick up on the glint of humor in her cerulean eyes.
Autumn Dalca 05/16/17 My Lucy
You shouldn't be carrying that kind of money around in your pocket. But if you insist... what are you waiting for?
Autumn Dalca 05/16/17 My Lucy
You're going to dislodge our fur babies? They're so happy!
Autumn Dalca 05/16/17 My Lucy
You are.
Aye, they're both with me. Evidently my lap and legs are comfortable for kitties.
Autumn Dalca 05/16/17 My Lucy
You are extremely bias.
Spring Taylor 05/16/17 Twitchy
You are
Spring Taylor 05/16/17 Twitchy
F-ck off. The answer is bloody no, you daft trollop.
Spring Taylor 05/16/17 Twitchy
Where you light yourself on f-cking fire. Because I'm not going back you sodding @rselamp.
Autumn Dalca 05/16/17 My Lucy
Maya J Lawson 05/16/17 So are we gonna fight ever or just stand around looking pretty?

Spring Taylor 05/15/17 Twitchy
F-ck no. Hell to the f-cking no I do not. I need to go to f-cking etiquette school like you need to go to a f-cking Light festival. F-ck you.
Spring Taylor 05/15/17 Twitchy
Where the f-ck is this park? Can I ride a sodding T-Rex? CHOMP CHOMP MOTHER F-CKERS.
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
Home in five minutes.
I need to kiss you.
Spring Taylor 05/15/17 Twitchy
How the f-ck would you know? Did your f-cking spirit fingers let you go back in time to shove your big bloody egg head up the @rse of one? Bullsh-te. Oi. I will give you f-cking notes for that. We will buy an army and put them out in the sodding hallway. Maybe Casey will f-cking off himself to Jigsaw Hitlers daft cross-eyed wanker.
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 Reading the latest text message from Lucius, Autumn felt her throat tighten and heart squeeze. Should anyone ever question why she fell for the man, things like this were perfect examples.

The little things. Earnest comments made with complete sincerity. They weren't long and thought out, but natural and from the heart, and because of that, those meant the most.

My Lucy
I love you, Lucius Dalca.
Spring Taylor 05/15/17 Twitchy
I didn't f-cking make it wanker. Gray's jewish @rse would have had a Hitler stache and your punk @rse would have had a f-cking @rsecrack for your face.
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
Three years is nothing to turn your nose up at. Especially at that age.
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
Perhaps... except I didn't have any when we were in school.
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
Funny, isn't it? Considering I have so many.
I can't explain it. Only that I truly prefer you this way.
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
I'll be happy to get a lightning bolt but not the first part.
Want to know a secret? I like you without tattoos.
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
My virgin skin?!
What did you have in mind, my love?
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
...don't tempt me.
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
I'm going to use you as a pillow.
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
Which one is it, love?
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
Lucius! Behave.
Shall I order one, or make it?
Autumn Dalca 05/15/17 My Lucy
Are you hungry? What would you like for dinner?
Caitlyn Darrow 05/12/17
...Are you inviting me to dinner with my own money?
Can we get pizza? Noah likes Pizza. It's almost gooey enough for Rigsby to chew. Ohohohohoh and it's not hazardous to Clark Kent or Rigsby Puppy!
Caitlyn Darrow 05/11/17 *shifty eyes*
You were successful in stealing $3,937.00 from Lucius Dalca.
Elouise Orlav 05/05/17 Lucius
You're a true friend.
I might even let you keep a finger or something.
Elouise Orlav 05/05/17 Lucius
Yes. I'd love to mount her head on a spike.
Elouise Orlav 05/05/17 Lucius
She's the joke, and a b*tch.
What this realm be without a few trollops wreaking of desperation?
Autumn Dalca 05/04/17 My Lucy
Absolutely. I know just the thing.
Maya J Lawson 05/04/17 “I’m always willing to indulge in a good fight, whether I win or lose my muscles could use the exercise.” The nonchalance in her voice was matched with a simple shrug of her shoulders. Maya was strong, but she wasn’t the strongest person in this path. She wouldn’t be able to defy the laws of physics and change the fact that her body simply had limits to her strength. However, she had much more cunning and agility to help her defeat most opponents.
Autumn Dalca 05/04/17 My Lucy
I would like to have you all to myself for a few hours. Let's make it a date? You can romance me...
Autumn Dalca 05/04/17 My Lucy
YES! When are we going?
Maya J Lawson 05/04/17 Well...I'm not getting weaker.

Maya J Lawson 05/04/17 Maya’s thoughts rushed to Malek when Lucius mentioned her own mate and she couldn’t help the smile from sprawling across her lips. It was an interesting situation between her and Malek, but she supposed that from the outside perspective they were a couple. Passionate and dysfunctional but none the less a couple. “I do and he’s very volatile so don’t try to get in his pants he might bite your head off.” In a normal world it would be an idle threat that simply meant the person would be angry, but in this world Maya wasn’t joking in the slightest. Malek was cruel and driven by the killer animal inside, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill if need be.

Maya smiled wildly from the joke for a moment before finally letting her features fall in neutrality. All joking aside, she hadn’t seen Malek in days and was grateful for the distraction Lucius provided.
Maya J Lawson 05/03/17 “Call it whatever you want, sex is sex just a primal action that has no boundaries.” Maya shrugged as if this were the most lax conversation in existence. Lucius and Maya were barely friends, they were simply two people that appreciated the thrill of a good fight, yet they always found themselves having bizarre encounters frequently. A soft smile laid across her lips as she leaned back against the wall, her arms crossing over her chest.
Maya J Lawson 05/03/17 Maya couldn’t help the laughter that slipped between her lips, as she listened to Lucius’ retort. “Doesn’t look like I’m the only curious person around here. You seem to be overcompensating with that declaration of heterosexuality, though.” Another laugh filled the space between them as she poked a finger at his chest. “And I don’t like to discriminate. I’m taken by a man but I can appreciate the beauty in all the sexes.”
Elouise Orlav 05/03/17
Maya J Lawson 05/03/17

Jameson Orlav 05/03/17
Maya J Lawson 05/03/17 “Best pronstache? Magic fingers?” Is there something you need to tell me that I don’t know yet? Is Autumn your beard and you are really batting for the other team? I mean it would make sense and would be utterly unsurprising.”
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17 *pauses to kiss his cheek*
*staples another poster up*
*flounces away*

Vesper Vaughn 05/02/17
Summer S Summers 05/01/17 Lucius
You bring her back. I don't care if she can't find Blaize or if he doesn't want to return home. Don't let her get stuck there.
I don't know if you know much about our past. There are two people down there that...just keep her by your side, alright? Like, superglued.
Winter Summers 04/29/17 Lulu
I have no doubt you and Summer will be able to handle everything.
There are a great deal of attractive men in that series so of course I watch it.
Sadly they all die but still.
Good luck Lucius if things get to out of hand tell me I'll return to do what I can though it may not be much.
Elouise Orlav 04/29/17 Lucius
...I will now.
Winter Summers 04/29/17 Lulu
She sneaked out? I was suppose to be there, attached to her hip and I let her sneak out? I don't think I am the right man for the job. Autumn I tend to piss her off a lot. And honestly Lucius I'm not exactly in a good place right now. Super close to snapping and not in the fun I'll kill everyone sort of way more like the I'll kill myself kinda way. Tell either of my sisters that and I will never forgive you.
I gotta deal with my own sh*t.
Also I thought it was Winter is coming not Winter has come.
Winter Summers 04/29/17 Lulu
I would be in my old room currently I am packing to head back home. What do you mean sh*t hit the fan?
And why am I house Stark? Is it because my family members keep dying?
Jameson Orlav 04/29/17 The Security
So, I hear you've got ways. Security expert? Cameras? Surveillance detail? I know you're around with Autumn. I'm hoping we can work out a monetary agreement for an.. extra level of support.

The Security
This is going to involve personal detail. And the guarantee that a pretty redhead won't be able to sway you to look the other way when I'm gone.
Autumn Dalca 04/29/17 If Autumn were a tea kettle, her ears would be whistling with steam coming out of them. The woman was hot. She all but vibrated, tension thrumming through her muscles. A crack of protest sounded from the phone in her hand.

"Take this... or I am going to destroy it." She held the phone out to Lucius. If he didn't take it, she would drop it. "Answer her if you wish. Or don't. I do not give a f*ck right now. I am taking the keys and going for a drive. Wait for her. If I see her right now, I will slap her goddamn face off."

With one final glance, Autumn turned on her heel and left.
Elouise Orlav 04/29/17 Lucius
Sorry I ruined your evening, Lucius.
Best of luck with her.
Elouise Orlav 04/29/17 Lucius
I love Autumn.
But everyone needs to understand I do not require a constant hand-hold.
I've dealt with worse things than a gunshot, Lucius. And I'm pregnant, not dying.
Don't let her leave. I'll talk to her tomorrow when she's calmed down.
Elouise Orlav 04/28/17 Lucius
Before your woman spontaneously combusts, I'm on my way home.
I needed some fresh air.
I didn't venture out unequipped, for Christ's sake.
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 "How do you save someone from themselves?" Autumn shook her head and resisted the urge to throw her phone. She still needed that... her free hand balled into a fist tight enough to make her knuckles crack. "I don't know where she is, Lucius."
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 Arching a brow, Autumn looked up at Lucius' shout. Curious, she pushed off the chair she'd perched her rear on and padded back toward the bedroom. Only to find it empty...

"What the hell?" She paused. Listened intently. Nothing. She trotted to the bathroom. Poked her head in. "...okay. Don't panic." But then, Autumn noticed the made bed, and the realisation struck her.

"Oh, f*ck me. Please be wrong, please be wrong."

Where are you?
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 Autumn wandered over to Lucius and gave him a light kiss, then two. "Aye, I know where we're staying. This is not the first time I've been here... But why don't you go at least tell Elouise goodnight? She hasn't even seen you since we got here. I'll wait for you." She offered a small smile.
Elouise Orlav 04/28/17 Lucius
Should be a sleepy Autumn headed your way.
Thanks for sharing, Lucy. And for your help.
...I'm your best wingman, damn it.
Summer S Summers 04/28/17 A's L
Thirty? Perfecto. That'll do me for a while I think. Right? Eh, you can give me instructions when I get there.
Oh, I am keenly aware how quality is worth every penny. It's how I do so well in my profession. :D
Summer S Summers 04/28/17 A's L
Cancel that overnight delivery. I found the pause button on the remote. Plus I need to snuggle a certain recently-shot-pregnant-woman (wtf?!?!). So if you have the vials in...T minus 18 hours, I'll give you cash. Do you take Australian dollars?
Ophelia Fraye 04/28/17 Ophelia had continued to walk for at least another five minutes before she even noticed that her purse felt somehow.. lighter. Pausing on the narrow sidewalk, she slid her purse off her shoulder and rummaged around for a few moments before giving up with a huff and looking around with a searching, accusing glare.
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 My Lucy
You are my light, Lucius.
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 My Lucy
I'm sorry...
There's so much on my mind, I don't mean to be this way.
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 My Lucy
I am perfectly aware of that expense... this does not qualify.
If I'd left Elouise out, you'd have done it for me without complaint.
Mulţumesc, dragostea mea.
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 My Lucy
I'll have to use it more, since you seem to like it so much.
Elouise has me, and by extension, you. Better not charge him for it... I'd take care of it myself but Elouise has latched on.
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 My Lucy
Of course not!

My Lucy
Iubițel, will you do me a favor?
Elouise is hungry. So am I, and am rather stuck at the moment...
Bring us pizza? And a few other things.
Two pizzas, extra cheese, extra meat. All the meat. Um... mozzarella sticks, French fries, and an order of pierogies. Thank you!
Te iubesc din toată inima.
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 My Lucy
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 My Lucy
You do?!
I had no idea...
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 My Lucy
Wrong answer.
Try, 'Yes, love, I promise to be careful'.
Autumn Dalca 04/28/17 My Lucy
I just realized you aren't familiar to the people here. Please be careful. One person getting shot is enough.
Winter Summers 04/27/17 Lulu
I don't think you have! All I know is you are swimming in the money!
So what gonna update their security system?
Nothing over complicated right? I do need to sneak in every now and then.
Autumn Dalca 04/27/17 Lucius looked away, and Autumn's stomach dropped to her toes. She expected him to deny her request. It was a tremendous feat, this plan, and not to be taken lightly.

Dread formed a cold ball in her guts. F*ck...

She opened her mouth to object. Then froze, mouth hanging open, the words processing in her brain. Beyond all expectations, he agreed. "You..." There's a word for it... Speechless. Autumn was speechless.

The petite redhead sprang into action. Literally. She hopped, wrapping arms and legs around his neck and waist, respectively. Her lips fastened onto his. As 'thank you' kisses go, this was one for the record books.
Winter Summers 04/27/17 Lulu
That you guys are coming to Moscow!
Right!? Who just shoots a pregnant woman!?
I mean I am technically labeled a monster and I know better than to do that!
Especially someone as sweet as Elouise!
Business!? What kind? What is it you do for a living?
Autumn Dalca 04/27/17 To her credit, Autumn did not plant an elbow into Lucius' ribs for the hell spawn comment. That's simply how he was, and she didn't have the energy or desire to make an issue of it. His arms felt so good wrapped around her, and she sank further into the shield his large body offered.

"Aye, I trust him to do it," she replied quietly, after taking a moment to collect herself. "If he can't, no one can. No one I know, at any rate."

Her phone binged again. She pulled it out and read the message. Stared. Started piecing things together. "He's not asked for anything. Let me ask you... If you can help, would you? He just now mentioned the need for, quote, LOT of power, end quote. I so rarely ask anything of you..."

Turning around in his arms, she gazed up at Lucius.
Elouise Orlav 04/27/17 Lucius
With security?
It's one of the most important things to him.
Cost doesn't matter.
Winter Summers 04/27/17 Lulu
Is that so!?
I am currently in Moscow!
I'm with Elouise! I am currently being a body guard and all around friend.
Perhaps you could pop in for a visit!
Autumn Dalca 04/27/17 Autumn fell silent and listened, further relaxing into Lucius' affections. Funny, once she surrendered control and stopped fighting it, the weight of the world didn't press so heavily when she allowed him to help hold her up. She'd always considered such things to be weakness, but Lucius was proving it otherwise.

"I know. Though Atom's talents are not the same as yours. We all have our strengths... this is one of his." Autumn closed her eyes and hugged his arms across her torso. "I have to try. If it fails, it fails, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't at least try. Blaize would do the same for me, and I would move Heaven, Hell and earth if it were you."

The tip of her index finger began to work circles on his arm. "He raised me, us, more than our parents did. He did his best to put food into our bellies. He kissed skinned knees. He bloody sacrificed himself to try and save me from my fate with those f*cking b*stards," she hiccuped, bombarded with memories. "Please, Lucius, I need to try..."
Summer S Summers 04/27/17 Autumn's Lucy
Depends- how much do I need to use for the desired effect?
How much do I want to pay? Nothing, that's how much I want to pay. Little vials of sh!t that make me sober aren't exactly what I'm used to buying. I have no idea about market value. You tell me how much I need for the desired effect and the cost. I'll say how much I want and send payment.
At least that is how it's done when I buy other home concoctions off the street.
I do appreciate it.
Oh- I'll pay for overnight delivery to Sydney. I'm in the middle of a Magnum P. I. marathon that cannot be interrupted.
Autumn Dalca 04/27/17 "Oh, Summer. What did she say?"

One shapely brow arched and she glanced over her shoulder at Lucius. "You have met Jameson. You were there for their second marriage. Must've been more drunk than you thought," she chuckled, once, and then sobered.

Several moments passed before Autumn spoke again. "I'm sorry for losing my head last night. Everything just... thank you for being there." Her brows knit together then. "I've been talking to Atom. He can find Blaize, but bringing him back? I don't know if it will work."

So much for distracting her.
Winter Summers 04/27/17 Lulu
Perhaps it was him blocking it? Is that thing? Maybe he doesn't want us to contact him?
I don't see why that would be the case but I am just asking of course!
Me? Do something crazy? Never! Perish the thought Lulu!
But you don't do anything crazy either, you are her rock.
Elouise Orlav 04/27/17 Lucius
I'd bring that up with Jameson once you're here.
I'm sure he'd be happy for the help. Thank you, Lucius.
Autumn Dalca 04/27/17 Autumn knew he was there before he touched her. Being supernatural had its advantages. Looking away from her phone, she closed her eyes and leaned back into Lucius' body.

"I have more than one sister. You'll need to be more specific. By the way, Jameson invited us to Moscow to visit. Two additional pairs of eyes he trusts, you know."
Winter Summers 04/27/17 Lulu
I have no doubt in my mind that you are the perfect one for the job however Lucius.
I am doing alright or at least as alright as one can be after losing a family member.
Before you ask no I don't wish to speak of it, I keep the sh#t bottled up.
Just keep taking care of my sister please. You are the only one who can.
Winter Summers 04/27/17 Lulu
I am going to assume that since Autumn hasn't done anything stupid that you have been keeping her sane.
Thank you Lucius.
Elouise Orlav 04/26/17 Lucius
I didn't need to burden either of you!
...hopefully you didn't get a phone to the head, this time.
I'm fine. Rambo is fine. WE'RE FINE.
Summer S Summers 04/26/17 Thumbing through her phone, she searched through lines of contacts- most of whom were randoms she had no intention of ever calling. In this instance, she actually was looking for a number she’d drunkenly added to her phone one night in Paris. Or was it Autumn? Had she added this number into her phone? Sh!t. Who knew. Summer frowned, brows knitted tightly together. Christ on rye, what the f-ck was his name? It was a girls name. Libby. Hmm. No. That wasn’t right.

Sitting upright with a start, Flamin-hot Cheetoh’s tumbled off her chest onto the small loveseat in her room. Actually lifting her free hand up, she snapped her fingers as she remembered. It wasn’t under the ‘L’s in her contact list at all. Duh.

Autumn’s Lucy
Hey dude, this is Summer. Autumn’s older sister? We met in Paris or so I’m told? I was pretty wasted. Anyhow. That actually is why I’m texting. I’m in need of a tincture. A potion or something. Something that will sober me instantly. I have a way to do it naturally, but sometimes I like to be a bit more discreet. A consumable that can be tucked in a little vial or something. Is that within your realm of talents? If nah, that’s cool. I can roll with what I’ve got and just scare the sh!t out of everyone around me. F-ck ‘em, right?
Give that lil minx a bear hug for me, k?
Elouise Orlav 04/26/17 Lucius
Like I said, just let me know.
I'm here for her, and you.
Elouise Orlav 04/26/17 Lucius
Is Autumn okay?
I can be in London if she needs a friend.
Just let me know.
Spring Taylor 04/24/17 Lucius
I already f-cking told you. Clean out your eyes wanker. All of them. I don't want to feel. anything.
Autumn Dalca 04/24/17 Lucius
Yes, I feel that strongly about it. He's my goddamn brother.
Autumn Dalca 04/24/17 Lucius
I don't know, and I'm not going to sit here and wait around to find out.
You don't have to come. I'll be fine. Visit your family.
Autumn Dalca 04/24/17 Lucius
I don't know what happened.
Autumn Dalca 04/24/17 Lucius
Where are you?
I think I need to get back to London.
Autumn Dalca 04/24/17 My Lucy
You need your rest. I wasn't planning on getting lost anyway...
Aye, I've stayed before but was with Kai most of the time and didn't go exploring.
Autumn Dalca 04/24/17 My Lucy
You were sleeping and I'm bloody curious.
There are stone walls and corridors. It's like a goddamn maze.
Spring Taylor 04/24/17 Lucius
F-cking Bullsh-te. I'm bloody dead. Feelings should be f-cking dead too. Don't even bring up that chav nugget tw@t funk. Can feelings get f-cking electrocuted?
Autumn Dalca 04/24/17 My Lucy
So... I decided to go exploring...
This castle is really f*cking big.
...I think I'm lost.
Spring Taylor 04/24/17 Lucius
F-cking all of them. All. Of. these. micro. feeling. f-cking @rsehole wankers.
Spring Taylor 04/24/17 Lucius
How do you make feelings go away?
Gray Taylor 04/23/17 Lucius
Jew. I'm a Jew, Lucius.
Athena Maximus 04/18/17 Text:
To: L
From: A
Never mind. We just ran out of tacos here. I'll just have to go out and get more. Have fun on your trip!
Athena Maximus 04/18/17 Text:
To: The Traveler
From: Moi
I need you to call me when you get a chance. It's super important. Wait, why are you in Spain?
Athena Maximus 04/18/17 Text:
To: Mr. Lucy
From: Not the New B!tch
Autumn Dalca 04/17/17 My Lucy
You're bias.
Autumn Dalca 04/17/17 My Lucy
Fine by me. We can take all the time you want.
I'm headed back up. Keep that perfect arse of yours in bed.
Autumn Dalca 04/17/17 My Lucy
Two hours? I take it we're postponing our plans... That isn't a complaint, either.
I'm waiting for everything to be done. It shouldn't be much longer.
Autumn Dalca 04/17/17 Upon waking, Lucius will find himself alone, but there is a brief note waiting for him on Autumn's pillow in her handwriting:

Good morning, dragostea mea,

Just so you know...

The day would not be complete without you.
You are my smile, my tears, my laughter, my heart, my soul, my love, my life.
You are my everything.

That doesn't even begin to cover it, but I needed to tell you. Also, don't you dare more. I've gone to get us breakfast, coffee and tea. You were sleeping so peacefully, I couldn't stand to wake you.

Be back soon.

I love you.

~Your Tum
Spring Taylor 04/17/17 Lucius
Been trying to find my f-cktard waffle of a husband. If he's still f-cking alive.
Winter Summers 04/17/17 Lulu
How dare you steal my money!
I work hard for that!
Most the men I have to have sex with aren't attractive!
I will remember this!
Better hide your wallet good!
Atom Noire 04/16/17 -Comes hopping by in a bunny suit with an orange tabby cat sidekick in his basket-
-hands the man a basket full of Cadbury eggs, chocolates, plastic eggs full of goodies and a stuffed rabbit-
"Happy Easter!"
-Hops away to his next victim-
Autumn Dalca 04/14/17 My Lucy
If you want to see creative, wait until Christmas rolls around.
We're having something pasta for dinner. I feel like a carb binge.
Autumn Dalca 04/14/17 My Lucy
Look what I did!
Yep. So did.
You are so goddamn adorable I just want to die.
Vesper Vaughn 04/13/17 That was slightly cryptic.

"I'm sure we'll see one another again." She'd say to him as he went on his way.

"Nice meeting you, Lucius." Vesp muttered under her breath as he was now out of sight.

Vesper Vaughn 04/13/17 Again. That same warning. Always different details but all with the same sentiment. Stay the f-ck away if you want to keep your head.. or balls. This Spring must be something to see, from afar of course. All they were doing were seeping the curiosity from her pores.

Odd? She didn't think so. It was always good to know and hadn't seen it listed within the rules. Over the years she's learned it is always best to be prepared and that information took one far.

"Thank you but please don't take me as rude. What is your name again?" Vesper never heard him mention his name but at times had a tendency to not hear all that is spoken to her. She is after all quite excited to be where she was. Not that it shown on her face.

Vesper Vaughn 04/13/17 Her aura was strong and in some instances, captivating. It would trap those with little strength as if they were captured by a siren's song. There was something about Vesper.. but there seemed to be something about this man before her.

He had caught her just as she had found a living space to call her own. The only person Gray had even spoke to her about was this Spring woman.. and some sapling. Be warned. Be WARNED. It was sort of creepy in a sense of the unknown. Chestnut orbs focused on him as he went through what seemed like some spiel that he went on with every new face. Again, she was offered help if ever needed and before he would dart off.. she'd ask.

"Gray.. is he the only one in charge?"

Just in case, you never know what might come about. She'd have to know who all had some control if there was a need.

Autumn Dalca 04/12/17 My Lucy
Elouise Orlav 04/12/17 Best Future Uncle
Sorry I had to leave so suddenly. I was duped into coming home to my husband via a third party. :)
You are a phenomenal friend to have, Lucius. My kid is lucky to have people like you and Autumn to fall back on.
Winter Summers 04/12/17 Lulu
Every REAL man screams like a little girl!
No we are not!
We just have excellent taste!
And that is the only thing that is important!
And you got extra points for being nice to Autumn so there is that!
Autumn Dalca 04/12/17 My Lucy
No, like a flat in London.
Winter Summers 04/12/17 Lulu
I had fun the other night!
Even if you wouldn't sit right next to me, and I screamed like a banshee!
Also while I have you! Summer rated you an 8
Autumn Dalca 04/11/17 My Lucy
He is. He likes drugs and drinking, and has a fit any time I mention him living with one of us.
So! I'm buying a goddamn place and he can pay me rent because this has gotten ridiculous.
Autumn Dalca 04/11/17 My Lucy
You're amazing, did you know that?
No one ever said we were broke. We grew up that way. Our parents are, and likely to stay that way. Worthless f*cks.
My siblings all have varying degrees of wealth.
Autumn Dalca 04/11/17 My Lucy
Be tourists. See the sights.
Drink wine.
The most important thing is being there with you.
We can take Blaize's jet, by the way, and he can arrange somewhere for us to stay, if you haven't already taken care of that.
Autumn Dalca 04/11/17 My Lucy
And it will be there if we ever decide to go again.
I am not even a little bit interested in watching a football game.
Autumn Dalca 04/11/17 My Lucy
Because we're going to Barcelona and I know nothing.
Autumn Dalca 04/11/17 My Lucy
How good is your Spanish?
Winter Summers 04/10/17 Lulu
Sitting right next to me!
Being a supportive friend!
Also sane and normal is SO boring, but if it's what you wanna do I'm down!
Autumn Dalca 04/10/17 My Lucy
No drugs, hmm? Winter's a fun one to do them with.
You'd enjoy yourself. I promise I won't get angry.
Elouise Orlav 04/10/17 Pervy Future Uncle
Omfg. The way you feel about Autumn's butt is the way I feel about tacos.
And my husband, I guess? Eh. Mostly tacos.
Elouise Orlav 04/10/17 Gullible Future Uncle
Ohhhh. Okay. I see.
And, I was teasing. She's never seen me naked. And I barely saw anything. Like. Only one cheek. Totally fine.
The only people who have seen me naked are Jameson and my lady doctor.
Winter Summers 04/10/17 Lulu
No one wants to scream like a little girl!
And I will only play said games if you are sitting close to me, and I am cocooned in a blanket!
Lights may be off, but you have to be close and no yelling or touching to make me scream like a little girl!
I will supply drugs! I have so many.
Unless you don't wanna do drugs then we don't gotta.
Elouise Orlav 04/10/17 Rude Future Uncle
Did you just call me easy?!
I've only been with Jameson. andoneotherpersonnotrelevant.
Uh, I don't know...a minute? Maybe less?
It's totally fine. Autumn has seen me naked plenty.
Winter Summers 04/10/17 Lulu
I mostly just do Overwatch!
Played some Resident Evil screamed like a little girl!
And when I drink I play the cleanest Widowmaker ever!
Or so I like to think!
We shall drink and video game then
I am looking forward to this!
And don't worry We talked it out we are going house shopping together!
Should be interesting and I only have tequila...
Autumn Dalca 04/10/17 My Lucy
Elouise made me drink it because you wouldn't let her.
Love & miss you!
Elouise Orlav 04/10/17 Lucius
Autumn has a great ass.
World class. Top shelf.
I mean, the rest of her is great, too. Probably should close doors if you don't want people gawking.
Elouise Orlav 04/10/17 Worst Future Uncle
One glass of red wine. ONE.
Autumn Dalca 04/10/17 My Lucy
Do me a favor? Convince Winter to stay with our brother, or I threatened to have you drag him home with you.
Thanks. Love you!
Winter Summers 04/10/17 Lulu
Are you a fan of day drinking?
Perhaps shopping?
Besides sex those are really the only two things I do.
I lied!
I also do some serious Overwatch gaming!
You a fan of the video games?
We could also do something you like!
I'm down for anything really!
Autumn Dalca 04/10/17 My Lucy
Autumn Dalca 04/10/17 My Lucy
Where else would I be?
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
I don't know what I did to deserve you, because I truthfully don't. Which makes me even more grateful to have you.
Your smile is my reason for waking.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
I wish I could adequately explain how those words make me feel.
I know I am... even if I don't understand why.
You are my world.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
That is all I ask.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
Your prejudice is showing. Lucius, my sweet... you're aware I am capable of protecting myself, and things are not always what they seem.
You know that.
At least think about it. Talk to Atom.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
It means stop being so uptight. Live a little.
Also, Atom is the Prince of Hell, so we'll be fine.
You can talk to him if you want reassurances.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
Jfc. Don't get your knickers in a twist.
Atom is Kai's husband and the leader of Requiem. Nice guy. Want to meet him?
He invited me back to have a night out with them. I can ask if he minds you coming, too.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
What?! Why not? It isn't like I'm going to be stripping.
Atom said they have a spa and a beach. I have to see it.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
By the way, do you mind if I take a couple days trip to Hell?
I'll come back in one piece. Promise.
Elouise Orlav 04/09/17 Best Future Uncle
Really? Fantastic!
Be a bro and slip me a glass of red wine, too.
Mama's earned it.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 Mine
It's a goddamn miracle we ever get anything done...
Elouise Orlav 04/09/17 Future Uncle Lucy
Will Winter be joining us?
You'd really be fulfilling a pregnant woman's final wishes.
Hold on. Only half of that statement worked. I'm not dying, but my social life will be. Anyways. Winter please! :)
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
You are not distracting me that easily. No. F*cking. Tofu. I will seriously turn Elouise's crazy pregnant hormones on you.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
My sense of taste is amazing. It will still taste like cardboard. I'm about to turn Elouise loose on you.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
We are a team, but I am vetoing the tofu. That stuff is revolting.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
This isn't America. Nor is it history, and that isn't sexy. At all. Keep it up and I'll sleep with Elouise tonight.
I will absolutely tattle on you. I'll do it so fast your head will spin. NO TOFU.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
Please unstick it. Imagining that word come out of hour mouth makes me want to laugh or cry. It isn't pleasant.
Tofu?! Are you trying to kill her?!
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
'Ya'll'? You're not a goddamn Yankee.
Elouise is a taco fiend... but I told her to expand her horizons, so surprise us.
Autumn Dalca 04/09/17 My Lucy
Is there something you would like me to bring back while I'm out? Did I forget anything yesterday?
Winter Summers 04/08/17 Lulu
Summer it is!
I will ask as soon as possible!
Speaking of Elouise when she is visiting Autumn tomorrow you and me are gonna bro down in bro town!
Not entirely sure what we shall do but it will be epic.
Prepare and stuff I guess
Penny Blackwell 04/08/17 Penny had been out and about on the streets of London; home. Not in any real hurry or having anywhere to go in particular, just couldn't stay in the hotel another minute alone. The soft grunts of an attack could be heard down the hollow windings she had found herself in. The closer she got, the louder eruptions of flesh smacking against one another became. Peeking about the corner she had witnessed just the very end.

You witnessed Lucius Dalca attack Maya J Lawson!

Wow.. He really is a beast..

Winter Summers 04/08/17 Lulu
I would but he always ignores me!
Which is surprising because I am hard to ignore!
You know what I am saying?
Of course you do!
Let's ask Sky instead!
Winter Summers 04/08/17 Lulu
Because he's not f#cking you!
Winter Summers 04/06/17 Lulu
She doesn't count she is bias as hell! Let's get Blaize's opinion instead! That sounds like a lot more fun!
Winter Summers 04/06/17 Lulu
Hardly you are a six, and with long hair I give you a seven point five good sir!
Winter Summers 04/05/17 Lulu
You lie! Like a rug!
A cheap ugly rug!!
Winter Summers 04/05/17 Lulu
Nothing! Or at least nothing that I know of!
Did you do something?
Winter Summers 04/05/17 Lulu
You suck!💜
Elouise Orlav 04/03/17 Lucius
Only the one! It looked like he was waving. Sorry...
I'll bring you some S.W.A.T. gear when I come to visit. Juuuuust in case!
Elouise Orlav 04/03/17 Lucius
That's important!
Don't worry, you'll probably survive this pregnancy.
I won't, though.
Elouise Orlav 04/03/17 Lucius Omg. I'm tearing up. Yay!
Baby Rambo is so lucky.
I'm visiting next week. I hope you have your helmet ready, because I have a feeling Autumn is going to be squealing a lot.
I'm showing, she's definitely going to try to talk to my stomach.
PS, I'm about to send her an ultrasound picture, so I would duck and cover.
Elouise Orlav 04/03/17 Lucius
More like plastic spool.
And some beads.
Also, how does Uncle Lucius sound? Since Autumn gets 'aunt' status.
Elouise Orlav 04/03/17 Lucius
Not even for our FRIENDSHIP?!
Elouise Orlav 04/03/17 Lucius
This friendship bracelet is a masterpiece.
Will you wear it even if it has rainbows and unicorns on it?
W_Kat 04/02/17 You managed to break out Lucius Dalca. "You're free again.
W_Kat 04/01/17 Thank You Very Much :)
Autumn Dalca 04/01/17 My Lucy
You're a goddamn bottomless pit. I'm shocked you didn't starve in Romania. Be home shortly.
Autumn Dalca 04/01/17 My Lucy
Another one of the reasons I love you. Such good taste.
W_Kat 04/01/17 You managed to break out Lucius Dalca.
Autumn Dalca 04/01/17 My Lucy
This is not Fast & Furious.
Although I do like Vin Diesel...
Autumn Dalca 04/01/17 My Lucy
Why would I care? Drive any of them. Just don't end up as a smear on the asphalt. I kinda like having you around.
Autumn Dalca 04/01/17 My Lucy
I'll remember that next time.
Okay, finishing up and will be home soon.
Autumn Dalca 04/01/17 My Lucy
You don't know what she likes?
If I took yours, how angry would you be?
Autumn Dalca 04/01/17 My Lucy
Is there anything else you would like while I'm out?
What about your cousin?
Maya J Lawson 03/31/17 Lucius was looking down his nose at her, belittling her like she was a mere child. The lighting was impressive, captivating really, but it was something that she herself harnessed. The only difference between the pair was that Maya was unable to control the intense flames that made up the shape of her wings. The lightening like flames looked like delicate feathers but would leave everything in its path an unrelenting inferno. The real wings that she had ripped from her back were replaced by something just as deadly. Especially since Maya lacked the control over it.

However, the fiery wings still remained inside her, even though she felt the heat beginning to trickle up her back. She would hold out on any supernatural power, this wasn’t a game of life and death and Maya wouldn’t risk losing control to take a soul. Anyone in this fights path could be destroyed if it came to that.

“It’s cute that you have to resort to using your little flames to beat a girl.” The jest was met with a smile as she danced around him. He would definitely hurt her, she planned on it, but she’d hurt him too. “We gonna fight or stand her looking pretty?” She fluttered her lashes for emphasis before darting towards him.

Penny Blackwell 03/30/17 Lucius Dalca just failed at stealing money from you!

I don't have anymore money.. but I have all of these chocolates!

Want one?

Penny Blackwell 03/30/17 Lucius Dalca just failed at stealing money from you!
Lucius Dalca just stole $22.00 from you!

Elouise Orlav 03/28/17 Bae's Bae
Two favorite colors?
I'm making friendship bracelets!
Autumn Dalca 03/27/17 Lucius
Over my dead body.
Autumn Dalca 03/27/17 My Lord
JFC. I wouldn't have bloody asked if I didn't want to. I asked if you wanted me to.
Autumn Dalca 03/27/17 Lucius
Then I hope you're happy with whomever they choose for you.
I'm trying to help, but forget I asked.
Goodnight, Lucius.
Autumn Dalca 03/27/17 Lucius
Arranged? That's blood archaic.
Would you like me to go keep her company?
Autumn Dalca 03/27/17 Rereading the text message, Autumn fights not to feel a flash of hurt/irritation but fails. Granted, the woman is family, but he neglected to mention it until after he'd already offered instead of paying Autumn the courtesy of checking with her first.

He might call it theirs, but obviously still saw it as his. It rubs her the wrong way. It shouldn't, but it does.

Sure. Everything alright? She's okay?
Autumn Dalca 03/26/17 Lucius
Oh. I hope you have fun. Tell him hi for me.
See you then... I love you.
Autumn Dalca 03/26/17 A small frown creases her brow upon reading the next message. She sits straighter.

Back? Where have you gone?
Autumn Dalca 03/26/17 The formality makes her flinch. Definitely pissed off...

I'm sorry for upsetting you. That was never my intent.
Autumn Dalca 03/26/17 Lucius
I miss you...
Maya J Lawson 03/25/17 ‘You are going to get hurt?’ Was that meant to scare her? She had shared a bed with someone that wanted to rip out her throat nearly as much as he wanted to kiss her. Had she been smart, she would be scared or even intimidated but in the heat of her anger there was no time for that. She was familiar with danger, she was familiar to pain but it didn’t hold her back. In her human life she had faced immense torture that would even make the most deranged serial killers gag. She had died from that pain and torture, but she was still her flesh and bone.

“Pain is inevitable.” Simply she shrugged before following him into the alley. The small space would work to her advantage with all the surrounded walls. He was so certain that he would bring her pain and hurt her, but she knew that she too would cause him damage that would need healing. It was part of the game. They weren’t here to kill each other, but blood and breaking bones wouldn’t be avoided.

Quietly she brought her locks of dirty blonde hair into a ponytail to pull her hair away from her eyes. Her body was still relaxed as she awaited his attack. She had struck first and he decided to make the playing field uneven with his sorcery. If he wanted to play that way, so be it, but she wanted to see what he was made of before she fought back.
Maya J Lawson 03/25/17 Whatever voodoo Lucius was using caused her attack to fail and made her stumble closer to him. Looks like she wasn't the only one reveling in wrath this evening. His eyes swirled with blackness that demanded she backed away. Maya was not that easy though, so she stayed locked in his bubble. staring back just as fiercely as he. However unfair his magic was in this fight Maya didn't care.

"What good is a sparring partner that refuses to spar?"

Mayas earlier frustration had erupted into something more diabolical. She needed this fight and the look in Lucius eyes deemed he needed it too. Again she demanded he fight her. Maya was small, only standing 5'3 with limited muscle mass but she carried a strength in her that demanded attention and practice.
Maya J Lawson 03/24/17 Maya said nothing as she approached the quasi stranger, perhaps she should stop referring to him as a stranger. They had encountered each other enough times to exclude the title of strangers from their kinship. The title didn’t matter though as she approached him, there was fierce anger inside of her that was bubbling over and she needed to release her wrath on someone she wouldn’t actually kill. Over the weeks of Malek’s absence she had gotten anywhere, she was stagnant in her search and irrefutably frustrated. Something seemed to tip her over the edge as she sought out Lucius. He and his girlfriend and managed to get their grimy fingers over some her cash, but this wasn’t about petty theft. This was simply about her harvested frustration.

“DALCA!” The typical teasing sing song tone of her voice was gone as she approached. It was harsh and juxtaposed to her normal demeanor, she didn’t sound like herself in the guise of her anger.

“Fight me.” Maya didn’t wait for a response before she closed the gap between them. Swiftly her hands were pushing back his shoulders as one leg swept at his feet with the intent on knocking him on his rear.
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Lucius
Wrapping things up early may be happening today. That's one of the perks of being the boss, aye?
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Lucius
I can't wait! I love to watch you work.
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Lucius
Ooo... what kind? Pretty kind? Have you been practicing?
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Lucius
And you wonder how your magic can be so fascinating to me.
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Lucius
I have a sneaking suspicion you're working toward that.
What else is in the book?
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Autumn stares hard at the most recent text message from Lucius. That one word stands out glaringly. Wifey. Instead of acknowledging or making a fuss over it, she instead chooses to flat out ignore it.

Witchy One
You're the warlock here. If anyone would know, it'd be you.
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Maybe...
Considering I'll likely outlive you.
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Charmer
You know, I think I may keep you for a while.
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Lucius
Do you want me to hurt myself so you have something to kiss?
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Lucius
Of course not...
Everything will be healed by then.
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Lucius
Good grief... can you please be more blunt next time? That was sarcasm if you didn't catch it.
Couple scrapes. Nothing that won't heal.
Autumn Dalca 03/22/17 Lucius
Did you bloody drug me? I keep tripping. It's been longer than I can remember since the last time I've been this clumsy.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Noooope
Last year, love. She is maybe six months old.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Mine
Winter got her for me late last year. In November or December. She was just a wee thing.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 So Cute
Funny as that would be... no, I think they just like being around us. Maddie follows me around when I'm home.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 My Lips
It's so damn adorable when he curls up against you.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 SHHH
Er... they eat hay? To be fair, I won't be keeping it. I don't have the bloody time for a horse. Our cats are enough.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Surprising
You're serious?
I don't know the first thing about wine making.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 In Denial
Curious. I haven't purchased one, I promise. That one really is honest curiosity.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Nosy
Probably something you shouldn't think about.
Ever considered investing in a vineyard?
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Captain Obvious
I am well aware. However, London has several.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Stubborn
Damnit. You were supposed to drop it.
I may or may not be a new owner of a horse.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Kissable Lips
Have I told you lately how much I love you?
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Smoosh Face
So, what do you want for dinner?
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Extremely Understanding Wonderfully Awesome Love
Eh... about that... I'm going to have plenty opportunity to.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Love Of My Life
Huh... alrighty.
Autumn Dalca 03/21/17 Best Man Ever
What do you know about horses?
Autumn Dalca 03/19/17 My Lucy
Aye, I'm sorry for that, and will make up for it.
Thank you for being so thoughtful. You're due many kisses.
Autumn Dalca 03/19/17 My Lucy
You're better than I deserve. I'm headed home now and can't wait to see you.
Maya J Lawson 03/18/17 “A fallen angel? I haven’t fallen from anything, nor am I affiliated with light or darkness, I am simply me.” The nonchalance was met with a shrug of her shoulders. He was trying to figure her out and she wished him the best of luck on that endeavor. Let him pry, and dig, and determined what he wanted about her existence, she would figure her own self out without the prejudice of those around her. “I want to be me.” Perhaps it was cheesy, or even a cop out answer, but she didn’t care it was the best she could come up with.

“Why are you so interested? Does it matter?” He was calling himself friendly and setting himself up to be unthreatening as possible but his curiosity was intense. Some people sought out to understand the world and all of those in it but there needed to be a line drawn in the sand. “Anything else you’re desperate to know about me or can we get back to fighting.” One more distraction would do good for Maya. The less she thought about his probing questions and the less she thought about Malek the better it was.
Maya J Lawson 03/17/17 She lifted her eyebrows as if to say “really” at the request to remove her hand. More of a command than a request, which on seemed to irk Maya but after one tense second she let her hand fall to her side as she tried to determine how she was going to answer him. He wanted to know what she was and surely he would like to know all the details of her condition but she didn’t want to answer his inquiries, because she was still a massive mystery to herself. From what she gathered she was some type of angel, and had died in her previous life at the hand of a homicidal psychopath.

Maya paced away a few steps from him before turning her back to him and grasping the edges of her shirt. Carefully she wiggled her shirt up her back while still keeping her front side covered. Long scars ran from the top of her shoulders to midway down her back. The scars were outlined with precarious burn marks from the sauntering Malek had down to mesh her flesh back together. After giving Lucius a moment to look she pulled her shirt back over her body and turned to face him.

“I was something, but I’m not anymore.” This wasn’t the full truth. She had removed the feathery atrocities but in their place, fiery wisps of lightning acted as pseudo wings in place of the ones she removed. She was still something but she couldn’t attempt to explain it seeing as she didn’t understand it.
Maya J Lawson 03/17/17 His curiosity in her life should be flattering, but Maya couldn’t help but wonder what is ulterior motives were. Perhaps he didn’t have any, but it seemed that everyone in this place was looking for something to hold against everyone else. Maya didn’t think that she was always this guarded but with the current events happening in her life she wasn’t sure who could be trusted, if anyone at all. Then he dropped the concept of being a “creature” and Maya felt herself mildly repulsed by the accusation. Maya wasn’t the naïve girl she had once been, she had encountered men that morphed into monstrous bestial beings. She had walked the streets with demons that preyed on the souls of innocence. She however, wasn’t confident in what she was and the current adventure had preoccupied her from thinking about it.

“I’m not a creature, I’m a female. One who quit enjoys beating your sorry as.s in combat. What else do you want to know?” Her azure blue eyes bore into his as she stepped forward, wrapping her fingers tightly around his throat. The move would be threatening if he was a stranger, but the pressures of her fingers were more to make a point then to actually damage.

“Why do you assume I’m some type of creature? Spidey senses?”
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 My Lucy
Sunday, so we can begin the week with it.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 My Lucy
Is once a week too much? I mean while we're home, anyway. Both of us work enough during the week to justify one day just for us, I think.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 My Lucy
Aye... and naps. Oh, those were lovely. We should have another day like that. Soon.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 My Lucy
I'm not surprised. Imagine how it felt for me. We spent the whole next day doing a lot of nothing.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 My Lucy
Why would I lose my touch? You are dear to me. You're also not the only one who can feel a jump in power. I mean it in a very literal sense... that isn't a complaint, by the way. Quite the opposite.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 My Lucy
That makes you one of an even fewer number, love of mine.
Me becoming one of them wasn't exactly planned... but I never knew you found it alluring. Why?
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 My Lucy
Because to most of the world's population, magic doesn't exist. Nor do I. We are things straight out of legend, Lucius, and people are none the wiser. You can do incredible things. Don't ever discount yourself.
Movies are exactly that. Movies. Entertainment. But I have the real f*cking thing with you. I think that is pretty goddamn neat.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 Lucy Lu
It's a surprise.
Ooo, that's great! Do you have any idea how much I love that you have magic? I always have. It's so amazing to me.
Maya J Lawson 03/17/17 Mayas tilted her head to the side as she processed the question. Was she going to tell him about herself? Was that something she was supposed to do? Plus he didn't seem to keen on opening about himself, so why should she be obligated to reveal things about herself.

"What exactly do you want to know?" Maya wasn't defensive but her eyes did bore into the man with inquiry. Why the sudden urge to get to know her?
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 Lucy Lu
I try.
Oh, I know what to make. You'll like it. I think...
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 Lucy Lu
And I told you, silly goose.
Outside of home is still me & you time. What am I cooking tonight?
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 Lucy Lu
Love, I sincerely dislike talking about work if I don't have to. I work all bloody day and would rather leave it at the door. Home/me & you time is just that. Let's keep it that way.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 Lucy Lu
A bit of all the above. Me and Spring have a joint venture.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 Lucy Lu
Entrepreneur is a good way of putting it.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 Lucy Lu
I know. You eat like I never feed you.
We should be done here soon. Thankfully. My eyes are beginning to cross.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 Lucy Lu
Still attending to a few things. Getting impatient?
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 Lucy Lu
Maya J Lawson 03/17/17 Maya lay flat on her back staring up at the man for a moment before pushing herself to her feet. She had drained her energy in an earlier fight and her mind was distracted by the absence of Malek. A distraction that stilted her concentration. Her heart wasn't in the fight today but she wasn't going to let Lucius know that. Instead she brushed her hands against her legs and shook her knotted locks of hair off her shoulders. "I have to lose sometimes. Gotta give you a confidence boost." The jab was met with full eyes and a quasi smile.
Elouise Orlav 03/17/17 Lucius
Precisely. Twice, in fact.
Once for me! 😜
Elouise Orlav 03/17/17 Lucius
Spousal abuse is serious.
Slap a b*tch back. 👍🏼
Elouise Orlav 03/17/17 Lucius
Do you feel safe?
Blink once for no, twice for yes.
Autumn Dalca 03/17/17 Obediently, Autumn places apologetic kisses onto the spot (presumably) her phone made friends with Lucius' head. She gives more than one, if for no other reason than to cover her bases the next time she manages to clobber him with something. It's going to happen, folks. It's only a matter of time.

One last kiss and nuzzle because the man's hair smells damn good and she can't help herself.

"It was an accident... I was texting Elouise and she told me the baby was a boy." Just like that, Autumn's face lights up and she squees! Then she clears her throat sheepishly. "Anyway, I got all excited and you know the rest."

At this point Autumn flashes Lucius a winning smile. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"
Elouise Orlav 03/16/17 Lucius
I have nothing to offer a daughter! Neither does Jameson! She'd just have massive mommy and daddy issues like me. Omfg.
Elouise Orlav 03/16/17 Lucius
Yeah! It even tracks my sleep, which is...sort of creepy.
I didn't have a preference. However the prospect of a girl terrifies both Jameson and I, so we're happy with what we got.
Elouise Orlav 03/16/17 Lucius
I love my smart watch! Keeps track of all of my steps.
Thank you! Yes, it's a boy. 🎊🎉
Elouise Orlav 03/16/17 Lucius
For the record, I did not suggest you be bludgeoned by her phone.
Autumn Dalca 03/16/17 Biting her lips together, Autumn struggles not to burst out into laughter. His expression is priceless. Her lips quiver with the effort not to start snickering.

"My phone took a flying lesson... evidently it likes your head." A small giggle escapes, which she attempts to cover by coughing. "Ah, I'm sorry, love. Want me to kiss it better? You'll have to bend over because I can't reach, even on my tippy toes." Autumn uses a hand to cover her mouth and hide her smile.

Such sympathy...
Autumn Dalca 03/16/17 Autumn looks down at the message on her phone and suddenly lets out an excited squeal, hands going up like a serious fan-girl. The phone flies, like a small, rectangular missile. Riiiight toward Lucius' head.

Before the redhead can shout a warning - CRACK!

Her eyes go round, mouth open. "Sh*t! Sh*tsh*sh*t. Lucius," she hurries over, looking contrite. "I'm so sorry... is your head alright?"
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 My Lucy
I love you.
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Magic Man
Is it wrong that the phrase, "revenge is a dish best served cold," popped into my head when I read your last message?
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Dragostea Mea
Surprise me. I like surprises.
The good kind, anyway.
I'll take care of dessert.
Elouise Orlav 03/15/17 Lucius
I'm an enigma, Lucius.
Aw, you're too sweet. But you've already shared Autumn enough at present. Enjoy each other, there's plenty of time for me to steal her later.
Elouise Orlav 03/15/17 Lucius
No, my girlfriend is here.
Well, in a manner of speaking. I'm in the suite, I'm pretty sure she's at the bar.
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Lucius muffin? No. Just, no.
But I suppose I will stay. On the condition you cook dinner tonight.
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Lucius
I'm going to Mexico with Elouise.
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Lucius
You are so bloody spoiled...
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Lucius
Weeell, then go to a bakery.
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Lucius
Bake cookies. Or a pie. Or cake. The options are endless.
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Lucius
Go fix yourself something to eat in that lovely kitchen.
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Lucius
I am. Through and through.
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Lucius
😮 You do?!
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Lucius
...I kinda like you.
Autumn Dalca 03/15/17 Lucius
Guess what?
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 Yummy
...I'm coming.
Don't. F*cking. Move.
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 Tease
We have nothing but time. Everyone else can piss off, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.
Oh no you don't. I'm cooking tonight. Headed back to the car with your coffee in hand as I type. Are you done playing with that program?
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 More Guilty
What are you talking about?
Don't play with me, Lucius Dalca.
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 Hunter
That toe ring hardly counts.
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 Happy Hunting
Fair enough.
That's putting the cart before the horse, no? I don't have mine yet.
Elouise Orlav 03/13/17 Lucius
I CAN. I just choose not too.
Well. Red wine, sometimes, just a smidgen.
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 Giggity
Mehehehe. ♥
We still have more than enough money.
Elouise is more or less demanding we get married. It's comical, really.
Elouise Orlav 03/13/17 Lucius
Because it's 2017, and I can do whatever I want!
Elouise Orlav 03/13/17 Lucius
I don't know if I'm supposed to answer that.
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 Perhaps
Google it.
I hope you're retaining the rights to your software.
Although money isn't really a problem, you know...
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 Just Wait
You're such a priss. It's adorable.
I'm going to be happy for you about the software despite the fact you know how utterly hopeless I am with technology. It's a damn good thing you're around.
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 Mine
Only coffee? You have one of those Keurig things, so something specific. Tell me and I'll bring it.
What are you working on?
Elouise Orlav 03/13/17 Lucius
Goddamn right I am.
Winter Summers 03/13/17 Lulu
You are a good man Lulu! Good man!
What!? We are Vampires!? I had no idea!
I so understand that! It's why I don't use them!
But for your sake I'm gonna pretend I didn't read that!
Autumn Dalca 03/13/17 Amidst the barrage of text messages back and forth between herself and Winter, when Autumn's phone goes off again, that's exactly who she expects it to be. Such is not the case this time. No, it's from Lucius, and she melts a little bit when she reads it.

Okay, not a little bit. A lot. As evident by the soft, involuntary smile which stretches across her lips and the way her heart skips.

Dragostea Mea
I love you, too.
I'm sorry for leaving so early this morning. I promise to try not to take too long. Is there anything you need while I'm out?
Winter Summers 03/13/17 Lulu
And I told Summer I don't use condoms and I always tell Autumn to use them because I'm NOT gonna tell her to not have sex but I feel like I should be a big brother some how ya know what I am saying?
Winter Summers 03/13/17 Lulu
Elouise Orlav 03/13/17 Lucius
I'm proposing to Autumn before you do.
Autumn Dalca 03/12/17 My Lucy
10 minutes?
Autumn Dalca 03/12/17 My Lucy
Little sneak...
Aye, tea would be lovely. Do you want me to come to you?
Autumn Dalca 03/12/17 My Lucy
Where did you run off to?
Gray Taylor 03/11/17 Lucius
Gray Taylor 03/11/17 Lucius
If this party were a magic 8 ball, it'd probably tell us that things are looking bleak. 😒
Winter Summers 03/09/17 Winter smiled at the man. "You are certainly not what I expected Lulu. Of course our first meeting left a rather bad impression but you are a decent man. Even if you are still just a six." Was never gonna stop reminding him of that fact.

"Ah Mercy it may surprise you that I was in fact part of Mercy. I'd even like to think that me and Gray were friends. Until he married a man behind my sisters back and broke her heart. I told him that day, that I would not work for a man who broke my sisters heart. And that was that." He shrugs a little.
Winter Summers 03/08/17 "I will buy you all the alcohol you need to tell me the story and when I say that I mean I am gonna attempt to steal your wallet to continue to make you drink." Gives Lucius a charming smile. "Hm I believed it would just be us, unless you wanted to invite someone else?"
Elouise Orlav 03/08/17 I very well may answer that one day, a few months from now, when I'm drunk enough.
-pats head-
Until then, however, the only person who really knows the total count is my therapist!
Winter Summers 03/08/17 Winter started to walk and shot him a curious look. "Oh I do fancy stories. You MUST tell me it! Every detail..." Stops talking thinks for just a brief moment. "Okay we can skip some parts! You will tell me yes? Should I get you drunk first? Loosens the tongue so to speak."
Elouise Orlav 03/08/17 What can I say? I'm a jailbird!
Winter Summers 03/08/17 "Do I know a good place!? Come Lulu do you know who you are talking to!? Of course we can't go to the Really nice place they will eat you alive! Nice quiet place! That will be best!" He scoffed at Lucius as he asked if he was an escort. "Heavens no! I simply sleep with men and rob them before they wake up! Being an escort would probably make me more money however."
Elouise Orlav 03/08/17 I'll actually pay you back, but for now, yes, gelato. And drinks for the two of you!
-shifty eyes-
And I promise not to grope the bouncer. Unless he's hot, then we're all s-o-l.
Elouise Orlav 03/08/17 -kicks shin-
You're buying me gelato later.
... Or I guess I should, since you and Autumn bailed me out. But only after we're done dancing!
Winter Summers 03/07/17 "I do hope that's enough to pay for plastic surgery b#tch gonna need it after what you did!" Winter wouldn't admit it but he was semi impressed with Lulu's fighting skills. "My whole family pretty much does drugs Lulu and I only do it when I need an escape."

He held up his finger. "Ah Spring doesn't, and I don't know if Autumn does I feel she did maybe." Shrugs. "Since we are together let's go have a few drinks Lulu! I have fifty bucks to my name! Last man I slept with was so cheap." Sighs dramatically.
Winter Summers 03/07/17 Winter was about to reply to the male when he looked up from his phone for a brief moment and his eyes went wide.

You witnessed Lucius Dalca attack Ella Donovan!

"You sir! Have a problem! Like beating red headed women!? Should I tell Autumn about this hm!?" He made a tsk tsk noise. "Also my secret stash is where I keep all my drugs I have so many! Oh! And Dino band-aids!"
Winter Summers 03/07/17 Lulu
Yes getting on ANY of my sisters bad sides is dangerous.
And I believe I dipped into the emergency stash a little too hard!
Winter Summers 03/07/17 Lulu
Right well just stay away from my pretty face yes?
Truly it's all I have!
And why does everyone keep asking me this!?
Winter Summers 03/07/17 Lulu
You will never guess what I saw today!
Spoiler alert!
You piss pounding some man!

You witnessed Lucius Dalca attack John Weston!
Elouise Orlav 03/06/17 Lucius
You have to admit, it's kind of hilarious.
Elouise Orlav 03/06/17 Lucius
Like jail bad.
Elouise Orlav 03/06/17 Lucius
...gross. TMI?
Actually, never mind. Yes. Something happened.
Elouise Orlav 03/06/17 Lucius
Yes, like physically present.
... is she busy? I need her help. Tell her to text me.
Elouise Orlav 03/06/17 Lucius
Are you with Autumn?
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Lucius
Point taken. I've pissed her off really well, today. Extra stink.
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Lucius
I have a feeling that Spring is going gas us soon.
Should I buy a case of sweet pear air freshener, or straight up odor diffusers?
Autumn Dalca 03/04/17 My Lucy
You're just a blood big kid. I'm almost there.
Athena Maximus 03/04/17 She nodded hearing his warning. "Thank you, I greatly appreciate it." She gently flexed her muscles. "I can be tough too. Check out these guns!" After not even a minute she gave up. "Yep. I'll stop now." Before laughing at herself.
Autumn Dalca 03/04/17 My Lucy
Not a chance. You don't know what else I'm planning to make. I should be there soon.
You can fix us a drink.
Autumn Dalca 03/04/17 My Lucy
Thoughtful, as always.
I know. It will be... give it time.
Autumn Dalca 03/04/17 My Lucy
So crass. Terrible.
Steak it is. But you don't have to move anything. There's no reason for it.
Autumn Dalca 03/04/17 My Lucy
Gathering a few more things. What are you moving? More importantly, what do you want for dinner?
Athena Maximus 03/04/17 She smiled softly at one of the coven members. "Yeah! I'm Athena!" She burst out laughing when she heard the motto. "Thanks for letting me know. I'll make sure to start using it more often." She smirked softly and tilted her head to the side looking at him curiously. "So which wanker are you?"
Autumn Dalca 03/04/17 My Lucy
What are you doing?
Gray Taylor 03/04/17 Lucius
I could order something for tomorrow afternoon and evening. Would you be present?
Elouise Orlav 03/01/17 Lucius
I'm ditching a baby on your doorstep for Easter.
Elouise Orlav 03/01/17 Lucius
Vlad is repulsive. Also, I would never cheat on Jim-Jam, he's my main b*tch.
B.A.E. means before anything else. So, Autumn would be your bae.
Elouise Orlav 03/01/17 Lucius
Eh, whatevs.
At any rate, this baby is definitely an Orlav. All I want to eat is steak and potatoes.
Also, my husband is B.A.E. Even ice cream!
Spring Taylor 03/01/17 Lucius
Chop chop motherf-cker.
Spring Taylor 03/01/17 Lucius
Ask Autumn. She's the one that wanted to f-ck us up because some Douchlav said he had a cure. Would you let a Douchlav cut you up too Sparky? f-cking bullsh!te
Elouise Orlav 03/01/17 Lucius
Omfg. I'll tell that to all the dirty orphans.
This kid isn't even Jameson's. It's Vlad, the bartender. I really wanted free drinks for life.
Spring Taylor 03/01/17 Lucius
I don't like fcking people that try to fcking operate on me through sodding Autumn and her stupid fcking ideas. Jack@arse.
Elouise Orlav 03/01/17 Lucius
A baby, duh.
I'll go snatch one for you!
Elouise Orlav 03/01/17 Lucius
So just go steal one.
I'll help!
Elouise Orlav 03/01/17 Lucius
Wait. It's about Autumn. AND me.
Babies please!
Elouise Orlav 03/01/17 Lucius
Ahem. Autumn is ready to be a mother.
Spring Taylor 03/01/17 Lucius
Moscow has Douchlavs and they F-CK with people. Have fcking fun, and nay I won't kill you. I'm not in the mood for Autumn to b-tch about it.
Spring Taylor 02/28/17 Lucius
Moscow is f-cking nonsense. It should burn to the sodding ground. I'm home you daft chav.
Spring Taylor 02/28/17 LUCIUS
WHAT FCKING WEDDING. About to find you and put my foot up your @rse.
Spring Taylor 02/28/17 Lucius
One of a kind? One of a kind f-cking @rsehole. F-cking bullsh-te. Joy? B-tch please. When are you coming back?
Spring Taylor 02/28/17 Lucius
Who the f-ck would miss your ugly mug? ..Besides my sister.
Autumn Dalca 02/27/17 Forever?
In the elevator...
Autumn Dalca 02/27/17 Mine
I've heard in some cultures they have dessert first.
We should try that.
I'm assuming you mean Winter.
Autumn Dalca 02/27/17 No Time Soon
You're a man after my own heart. Steam sounds perfect. I'm on the way.
Winter Summers 02/27/17 Lulu
An eight!? That is a fairly high number sir!
Maybe if you had longer hair, b#tches love longer hair grow it out!
Let's see where that takes us! Imaging great things buddy!
Also since we are friends now if you give yourself an eight what the hell do you rate me?
Looks only! I WILL NOT allow my personality to ruin this for me!
Also Also back to the magic thing you ever just zap anyone for fun?
I TOTALLY would!
Autumn Dalca 02/27/17 Never Stop
Either way, I'll be with you. So it's your choice.
Autumn Dalca 02/27/17 Sinful
Why bother cooking when we can go out to eat? Don't like Russian food?
Winter Summers 02/27/17 Lulu
Oh a brother you say! Is he better looking then you?
I kid I kid! Well I mean you are still a six at least you are better than average!
So the whole warlock thing can you do all sorts of magic or you limited to one thing?
I don't have a lot of knowledge on you wiggle fingers
Winter Summers 02/27/17 Lulu
I SO don't believe you good sir! I'm not that funny so ha!
You have a family? Like a normal one? Sh#t ton of siblings like mine or nah?
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 My Lucy
Aye, and I had to do a few things after.
I apologize for making you wait. I'll be there shortly.
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 My Lucy
Are you home, lover mine?
Winter Summers 02/26/17 Lulu
Did you just lol me? Really? You are SO not laughing out loud right now!
Don't lie to me Lulu!
And damn size was TOTALLY gonna be my first question! Gotta think of a whole new one now!
Really I have no idea what to ask! It's crazy!
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 Charmer
I love it. Don't ever stop.
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 My Lucy
You're rather chipper.
Winter Summers 02/26/17 Lulu
Oh come on man! You don't go through what I do and be okay!
And I don't know! I didn't have questions prepared!
Is there a line here? Certain things I can't ask?
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 My Lucy
One is enough. It still feels odd...
I owe Winter a shopping trip, so we may not see each other much during the day.
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 My Sweet
I don't need another! One is enough. I'll be with her most of the day of the ceremony.
Winter Summers 02/26/17 Lulu
You have no idea how spot on you are about that whole walking disaster sh#t!
Mostly to bother you but I would also like to know the man my sister is currently dating.
Gotta make sure you are good enough or whatever big brothers are suppose to say!
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 ♥♥♥♥♥
Besides, I already have a ring. It's been there since Valentine's Day.
Aye, same hotel.
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 Um...
You see...
About that...
Hey! Don't forget, we have to go to Moscow. I'm heading over a day early. Which would be tomorrow. Coming with me or later?
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 Mine
Isn't that something you're supposed to do?
Winter Summers 02/26/17 Lulu
Guess who b#tch!?
That's f#cking right Winter Summers, the man, the myth, the legend!
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 Rotten
She certainly thinks so. She called you "quite a hunk," and proceeded to tell me... "As you young folks say, put a ring on it, before someone else does."
I'm laughing so hard my eyes are watering.
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 OH MY GOD
LUCIUS! Holy f*ck.
There was an old lady standing next to me! probably made her entire year. She turned red as a tomato.
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 Still In Denial
I think you're trying to swing things in your favor.
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 Clingy
What? No. It hasn't been a week yet.
Autumn Dalca 02/26/17 Lucy Lu
Winter wants your number. I don't know why. Do you mind if I give it to him?
Maya J Lawson 02/24/17 Maya was barely panting as she looked down on her opponent who was currently lying flat on his back. Her knee was pressed firmly into his abdomen just slightly about his groin, and her seemingly delicate fingers were wrapped tightly around his neck. Both of her thumbs dug in just below his Adam’s apple, cutting off his supply of oxygen. Maya looked at him with a vicious smirk before she finally let up and disentangled her body from the fight.

“Better luck next time” Pushing off the floor she extended her hand out to her sparring partner.

You hit Lucius Dalca for 83 damage. You won the encounter!

Maya J Lawson 02/23/17 "Just wait till we fight when I'm at full capacity. This round was only a taste."

Autumn Dalca 02/23/17 Maybe...
You're making too much sense.
I still don't like it.
Autumn Dalca 02/23/17 Not Innocent
Do you really need to ask that question?
Autumn Dalca 02/23/17 No One Is Innocent
Tell me who they are.
On a side note, I'm going to Mexico.
Autumn Dalca 02/23/17 Still Dead
When? Where? It doesn't look old.
Autumn Dalca 02/23/17 Dead Man
What the f*ck, Lucius?
Autumn Dalca 02/22/17 Lucy
Really? You want to wait that long? Alright then, see you ASAP.
Autumn Dalca 02/22/17 Lucy
Out and about. How was your flight? Do you need me to pick you up?
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
I suppose we'll find out.
Come home soon. Maddie says hi.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
I didn't mean right this second.
She's having it on the 28th. A week from today.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
Only with you, dearest.
When I say I'm recruiting you, I mean we're going shopping together.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
I'm recruiting you to help me pick out my dress for Elouise and Jameson's second wedding. I am her maid of honor.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
If you really want them, that can be arranged.
I didn't figure that as one of your kinks.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
You aren't obligated to give me a key. You do know that, aye?
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 *groans and rolls her eyes*

Magic Man
I just rolled my eyes at you. That was horrible.
Well, I've no intention of going anywhere.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
I love dancing in the rain.
This year? I certainly hope so. It's only bloody February.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
What, exactly, am I preparing for?
I'd love to meet her. Just tell me when and where.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
I can't say I'm sorry for that... But I am sorry for causing any issues with him. I know how important your family is to you.
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
Aye, alive is good. The alternative, not so much...
Is everything alright? What did he say?
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
It is as expected.
Have I missed anything exciting there?
Autumn Dalca 02/21/17 Magic Man
Miss you already.
Gray Taylor 02/18/17 Lucius
Unofficially, yes. I dare say we are trying to appeal to people like yourself.
Autumn Dalca 02/18/17 Witchy One
Aye, sadly. Tell me where to go and I'll be there shortly.
Gray Taylor 02/18/17 Lucius
Unofficially, accurate. However, from a public relations standpoint, not very welcoming.
Autumn Dalca 02/18/17 Witchy One
That's cheating.
Would you like me to come to you?
Autumn Dalca 02/18/17 Witchy One
Tea. Tea is always the answer.
How did you manage to sneak away?
Maya J Lawson 02/18/17 Maya watched the man as a small amount of shock had hit him when she spoke his last name. Maya had let it slip out but truthfully she knew his last name by being observant. She walked these streets every night, listened to peoples conversations studied their faces and actions she knew these people because she didn’t trust them. She always needed to be on her toes, ready for anything and the more she knew about the people in this city then she would always have the upper hand.

Maya was ready to say her goodbyes for the night so she could finally get out of the cold, but then Lucius asked her about fighting. Her eyes lit up like a child on Christmas, her lips pulled back over her teeth as she gave him a chesire grin. Maya loved a good fight. “Of course, I’m always willing to bring someone to their knees.” The thrill was contained and she spoke with ease, but her nerves were on fire with excitement.
Maya J Lawson 02/17/17 Hard feelings? Had he actually done something that constituted hard feelings? Quickly Maya thought back to the brief encounter and came up empty on a reason to hold a grudge. Sure he had tried to pick her pockets but didn’t everyone do that in this place? It wasn’t just for fun it was a way of life, a way to make a quick buck and not have actually spend a day of work at some menial job. The most offensive thing that happened was getting caught, and even that was entertaining enough for Maya.

“Trust me Lucius Dalca…” Maya parted her plump lips and let his name slip slowly off her tongue as she took another bold step forward. “I hold nothing against, in fact I hope you keep trying, this is your second failed attempt, and I’m expecting to see some new tactics from you.” Maya relaxed her tone and trailed off into laughter before taking a step away from him once more. There were no hard feelings, if someone was smart enough to get their fingers in her pockets then they deserved to keep the sum of money.
Maya J Lawson 02/17/17 “No, I’m not from London.” Maya curtly answered back slashing through his presumption with sharpened claws. There was nothing wrong with London, in fact she enjoyed it most of the days, but the blood boiling beneath her skin reminded her that she was still missing important pieces of her history. She had woke up in this place with no recollection of who she was and although she had gathered back some information, the place of her birth had yet come to the fore front. The snapping tendency of her words startled her momentarily before once more she let a smile cross her lips.

She didn’t feel the need to explain anything else to this Lucius guy, it wasn’t any of his business and frankly she didn’t think he would care anyways if it was his business. People were private and the one time she had poked her nose in someone else’s business she had nearly wound up with her head on a platter. She was a different girl then, naïve and blind to the truth of this reality.

“It is nice though, cold.” Bringing truth to her comment she pulled her jacket tighter around her neck as she wind howled continuously around them.
Maya J Lawson 02/17/17 Maya stood in silence for a moment listening intently as he spoke his name and extended the offer for her to do the same. He didn’t seem like he’d be much of a threat to her existence, and the over exuberant charm clearly wasn’t done to drag her off into the pits of some hellish hole. So it seemed like she could produce her name for him, the leery sensation had faded away and she was becoming more relaxed. Something Malek would kill her for if he knew how easily she let her guard down. Maya needed the civilized normalcy, even if just for a second.

“I’m Maya.” Finally she broke the silence and stretched out a hand in friendly greeting.
Maya J Lawson 02/16/17 The ****iness slipped easily into the inflection of his voice, wrapping around the cold air like fire. His serpentine tongue was quick, but the jestful glint in his eyes didn’t back the vanity that was spoken. This was a cat and mouse game, cordial and lacking any real threat. So Maya gave into the whim of their conversation, letting the tension in her shoulders vanish and her clenched fingers to relax in the warmth of her pockets.

“Well, some beholds themselves highly, perhaps your mirror is tarnished pretty boy.” Maya began to circle the man like a hawk for a moment sizing him up in the game they were playing. People around her liked to seduce each other with words, battering them with insults then pulling them closer with their sweet whispers and promises. Maya had been her long enough to learn the game, and she was slowly getting better at it. “I wouldn’t say many people call you beautiful, and I doubt anyone would miss your soft face if someone did decide to maim you.” Her voice lifted into the air like a song as she stopped her pacing to face him again, now she was closer, but she wasn’t building sexual tension she was simply pushing his buttons. No one here liked their personal space to be occupied by an uninvited guest.
Maya J Lawson 02/16/17 Maya listened to the lie that dripped from this man’s lips with ease and wonder what he truly sought out in the cool night. No one in their right mind would actively approach a quasi-stranger on the street simply because the person looked “lonesome”. Maya was suspicious of the man’s actions and reasoning’s, but she decided to play his game.

“Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely.” Maya was never lonely while the voices in her mind echoed out all her fears and conspiracies. In the absence of her companion she was still graced with the presence of her own insanity.

Maya took a bold step closer to the man, her fierce blue eyes bore into his features as she tried to read all the secrets on his face. He was out on his own accord, she just happened to be on the street in the midst of whatever mission he was on. Perhaps he did only want to steal from her or some other unsuspecting victim, but there also could easily be a larger evil hiding beneath that front.

“It’s dangerous to sneak up on people, the wrong person could easily dismember you.”
Spring Taylor 02/15/17 Spring was speaking to some poor bloke. Animated hands swerved and flailed around in front of her. Middle finger ejected at him as she gave the stranger a tongue lashing like no other. Something whistled in the air, and she turned at the sound of Lucius's voice. "WHAT THE F--" Her words cut off with the impact of heart against her face. The imprint of the organ in her face, as her pale flesh squished a frame around the heart when it came in contact with her face. She teetered slightly and opened a hand to catch the muscle as it slowly slid off her chin.

"YOU'RE F-CKING LUCKY I'M PECKISH. TWITCHY MAGIC F-CKER." She shrieked after him, before her fangs elongated and took a chunk out of the heart. Her eyes still adjusting and blinking away some chunks of gore.
Maya J Lawson 02/15/17 The blustering wind painted the pale flesh of Maya’s cheek pink as she walked the streets of the city. Night had finally fallen and the darkness consumed the life out of the tenants. A hot summer night would have the streets filled with people, dancing and indulging in the multitude of sins readily offered, but the freezing air of this evening had people locked within the comfort of their homes.

Maya was wandering as she did best, lost in the labyrinth that was her subconscious, searching for answers to questions that have yet to be asked. She was absent from the world around her mentally, but she still felt the sting of the cold that cut through the jacket. Her hands were stuffed firmly in her pockets, which was the cause behind the sudden jump back to reality.

Somebody had just attempted to pick her pockets, with her hands still in them! They were bold.

Already irritated by the cold Maya readied for a fight as she turned to face the person attempting to rob her. Recognition dawned on her features as she gazed up at the man who tried to claim her as prey. She didn’t know his name, but the face was familiar. He’d tried to rob her before, and failed.

“Oh, it’s you.” The disappointment slipped between her lips as shaking fingers reached out into the cold to grasp the strands of hair that blew in front of her face.

Lucius Dalca just failed at stealing money from you!

Elouise Orlav 02/15/17 Lucius
Well, Jameson is smart.
I'd tell you all about it, but I remember nothing.
Well, I remember up to a certain point. He told me he loved me, I puked on him, and then at some point after that we hitched.
Elouise Orlav 02/15/17 Lucius
...sort of? It was in London. I was black-out drunk.
Jameson put a ring on it. Best day, ever.
Elouise Orlav 02/15/17 Lucius
Nope! Wedding first, decent pictures, then baby.
Because the only people who have seen my wedding pictures are me, my husband, and the photographer I scared into silence.
Elouise Orlav 02/15/17 Lucius
Thanks for the help!
Also, when are you going to make an honest woman out of my Autumn?
... Double wedding?!
Autumn Dalca 02/14/17 Lucius
...I'll see you soon.
Autumn Dalca 02/14/17 Lucius
Maybe. If you stop it with the Yankee slang.
Autumn Dalca 02/14/17 Lucius
Go to Hell.
Autumn Dalca 02/14/17 Lucius
I'm being pissy with you and you're bloody ruining it.
Autumn Dalca 02/14/17 Lucius
When did you become a Yankee?
I must say, you photograph quite well.
Autumn Dalca 02/14/17 Lucius
My, my... you're certainly popular.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Touché
Well played, sir.
See you tomorrow.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Suspicious
You're being far more mysterious than normal. I'm highly curious.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Careful...
That's a four letter word.
Jeans and t-shirt? Well, alright then.
The airport works.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Extremely
You may be waving a while.
Flying somewhere? You're not playing around...
Is there anything in particular I need to bring? Aside from the dress. I'll need your meet you somewhere.
Elouise Orlav 02/13/17 Lucius
Tofu? Wtf. Never.
Meat or death.
Elouise Orlav 02/13/17 Lucius
I f*cking knew you were her date. That's great! I have no idea what the hubster and I are doing. Probably tacos. But that's what I do every night anyway. Maybe I'll get a heart shaped box full of Hersey kisses. That's the goal!
Elouise Orlav 02/13/17 Lucius
Omfg, no. I'm not THAT MUCH of an amateur. I got them taken down. At least I know from the hundred or so unknown texts the outfit is a go! What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Tease
Guess we'll cross that bridge if we ever reach it.
Where am I going tomorrow and when?
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Since When?
Aye. Getting to tell you 'no' delights me.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Never
Where's the fun in that?
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Still Not
How do you live in such a constant state of denial?
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Not
I don't owe you a damn thing.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Likewise
Don't call me 'babe'. I'm not a f*cking pig. I hate those goddamn pet names, with a very few exceptions.
No, Elouise was posting her NSFW pictures there, thinking she was sending them to someone else. I don't know the details. You'd have to ask her.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 TMI
Sounds like that movie, Her, where that guy falls in love with his phone. Would you like alone time with it?
On another note, will you hack a website and remove some misplaced photos of a mutual friend?
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Lost A Customer
Wtf are you doing with your phone in the pool, you dolt?
I'm going to start shopping at other stores.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Bad Policies
You realize I do remember how to get to your place... I don't bloody need GPS.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 LIES
Shenanigans! I've been bamboozled! I demand to speak to a manager!
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 No
I still have the receipt. I'm returning it.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Eww
Gross. That isn't appealing at all.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Alotta Bit
Snares? Good thing I'm not a f*cking rabbit.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Contradictory
What? I thought you enjoyed chasing. Make up your bloody mind.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Cheater
You're goddamn adorable. That isn't fair.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Keep Dreaming
I do have certain advantages.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Overly Optimistic
Faster than you are flat footed.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Says Who?
I won't.
You'll have to catch me first.
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Lucy
So, sweatpants. Got it. Also...
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Lucy
How formal?
Autumn Dalca 02/13/17 Lucy
Surprise me.
Gray Taylor 02/12/17 Strange Magic
If you must, but do try to stay on time. I'm anxious to hear about the recipient's response.
Autumn Dalca 02/09/17 Nope. Mine. Get your own.
Spring Taylor 02/09/17 Spring had a special package for Lucius. Etiquette f-cking school. This forsaken mother f-cker. She tracked his @rse down, and would never admit to how she actually did it. The child-like plastic lunchbox in her right blood stained hand. It depicted pictures of Wonder Woman. Spring's gaze on Lucy was like death itself.

She didn't even call out to forewarn him. Oh no. She gave no f-cks either if someone saw the lunchbox sailing through the sky towards Lucius. "Here's the heart of what they taught me in that fcking etiquette school. Punk @rse f-cking chav, sodding prik." She rattled on, but sure as sh-te in the plastic box was nothing other than a heart on ice.

Cold AF. Just like her.
Autumn Dalca 02/09/17 Only if you ask nicely.
Autumn Dalca 02/09/17 *blinks*
You bought it? I'm commandeering the pool. The rest is yours.
Elouise Orlav 02/09/17 FINE.
We're friends. With benefits.
Candy benefits.
Elouise Orlav 02/09/17 ...fine.
Remi Rose 02/09/17 "Flatter myself? Please.. I didn't go through -your- pockets or claim money wasn't my only motive. So, don't go about flattering yourself, pale boy.

How did this guy even know she was a wolf?

Remi Rose 02/09/17
Remi Rose 02/09/17 "Future reference.. I don't keep money on me."

Autumn Dalca 02/09/17 *smiles innocently*
Where's the fun in that? You know I don't need the money.
Remi Rose 02/09/17 Lucius Dalca just failed at stealing money from you!
Lucius Dalca just failed at stealing money from you!
Lucius Dalca just failed at stealing money from you!

Camille Hammond 02/08/17 Lucius Dalca just failed at stealing money from you!
Elouise Orlav 02/07/17 Lucius
... I feel like I'm going to regret this.
Elouise Orlav 02/07/17 Lucius
I'm telling Autumn!
Elouise Orlav 02/07/17 Lucius
What do I get in return?
I like Swedish Fish.
Make it happen, magic fingers.
Elouise Orlav 02/07/17 Lucius
Omfg. Don't worry.
There's a jolly rancher somewhere in there too.
Elouise Orlav 02/07/17 Lucius
I'm still waiting for you to pick my pockets again.
I definitely didn't fill them with pins.
Elouise Orlav 02/04/17 So you're admitting you like to feel me up?
Winter Summers 02/03/17 Winter was in London for five f#cking seconds before his ass was in jail the f#ck was this? Regardless he had to get to Summer, he skillfully picked his lock and freed himself before his blue eyes locked onto Lucius' face. "Lulu what are the odds? Being a bad boy? tsk tsk!"

You managed to break out Lucius Dalca.

"Hurry hurry or the will catch us again."
Summer S Summers 02/03/17 She felt like she was in a fever dream, or maybe some bad trip on some f-cked up acid. As soon as she'd get bounced from the cell, she was shoved back in, then tugged out. It was like a game of tug-of-war, one in which a very stoned angel was the rope.
To be fair, she did her share of tugging. Mostly to no avail. Sometimes it was out of desperation, grabbing someone's shirt as a means to slip out the door as well. That usually backfired.
But not this time. A familiar-ish face, but given the nightmare quality of her current situation, that didn't mean anything. Maybe he frequented the club? Maybe he was a mutual acquaintance? Oh sh-t, maybe she bought some weed off him sometime. Hmm, that must be it.
Furrowing her brows as she tried to place his face, her hand gripped his arm. Someone tugged her out and as a result, out he came too!
You managed to break out Lucius Dalca.
Before she could ask how she knew him, she was shoved back into a cell.
Autumn Dalca 02/03/17 Lucy
You'll be fine.
Autumn Dalca 02/03/17 Lucy
There is no reason for me to be there. I'm not a member of a crew and will not help standings. You'll have more than enough help.
Besides, I'm in the middle of a cuddle session.
Spring Taylor 02/03/17 Lucius
Oi? You f-cking think so. Just fcking wait magic sodding tosser arse.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
I know nothing.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
I can hug and kiss anyone I choose.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Please
I'm allowed to give my affection to more than one person. I have a goddamn army of siblings. Can't be helped.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Wishful Thinker
I'm aware. I'm also tired of friend X taking shots at friend Y, and being caught in the middle of it.
Thank you.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Delusional
If you can't be nice, I won't visit at all. He offered his friendship when you weren't around.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 So Much Pride
Hardly. I would thank her. You wouldn't annoy me as much.
My friend is really, really, ridiculously good looking. He's also gay and married, so get your knickers out of a twist.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Pr*ck
Jfc. You seriously need a girlfriend.
But only if my friend can come, too.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 B*tch
I meant in a few months... you have plenty of time. Stop trying to be sneaky!
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Sorceress
That's a yes.
I would like to see them again, assuming they don't try to kill me. But not right this second.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Ugh
Have you been watching romcoms again? You'll survive not seeing me for awhile. You're supposed to be visiting your family, anyway.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Bolt Boy
Gross. Stay away from my toes. Seriously.
You see me often enough. Now it's someone else's turn.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
Suck my toes, Bolt.
Visiting you would sort of negate going to see him, would it not?
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
Not a bit. Home of Dracula and all that jazz.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
Transylvania, I think.
How cliché is that?
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
You have nothing to worry about. Have fun in Romania.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
You ought to be used to it by now. ♥
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
Aye, that's why other people were there... Smart arse.
The information you are requesting is classified. I'm afraid your security clearance isn't high enough.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
Lobby. We were in the lobby. Makes me wonder what would happen if you stuck your finger into an electrical socket. We should try that some time.
A friend. I don't live under a rock, you know.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
That's good, I suppose. What spell?
London is quiet. I may be making a trip to visit another friend. Waiting to hear back from him.
Autumn Dalca 02/02/17 Lucy
How are things in Romania?
Spring Taylor 02/01/17 Magic Wanker
Oi. I'm still f-cking...I think I hear that b-tch arse sodding mother f-cker I'm married to. I'm on my way out b-tch. Where the f-ck are you crooked blimey c-ck?
Gray Taylor 01/30/17 Malfoy
I highly support your endeavors.
Gray Taylor 01/30/17 Malfoy
Is that a promise, or a threat?
Gray Taylor 01/30/17 Malfoy
I didn't think you were partial to that nickname... I can't even remember how he got it. But yes. He is in Mercy.
Autumn Dalca 01/30/17 Lucius
Hard pass.
Autumn Dalca 01/30/17 Lucius
What the f*ck are you on about?
Autumn Dalca 01/30/17 Lucius
That's out of the blue, but alright.
Spring Taylor 01/30/17 Lucius
I f-cking hate you. I hope a memo cuts off your blimey face. My husband is going to come fcking rescue me from June Cleaver's f-cking school of god damn sodding Etiquette. I'll wait for your flat @rse to get back here.
Autumn Dalca 01/30/17 Lucius
I'm not American.
Autumn Dalca 01/30/17 Lucius
Did you enjoy groping my arse last night, f*cker?
Autumn Dalca 01/30/17 *flips the bird over her shoulder as she goes*
Autumn Dalca 01/29/17 Don't call her that, Lucius. It's f*cking rude.
And since you have such a problem with me, I'll make it easy for you. Good night.
Autumn Dalca 01/29/17 *slaps the hands away*
I don't need your bloody help. Coward.
*stands, muttering*
Autumn Dalca 01/29/17 *screeches*
Oi! Get off of me, you great f*cking oaf! I didn't tell her where we are!
Autumn Dalca 01/29/17 ...I have to go. Kthxbai.
*beats feet*
Elouise Orlav 01/29/17 Rude Ass Hoe
I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole.
But I will beat you with one!
Autumn Dalca 01/29/17 *pokes*
What are you saying to Elouise?
You pissed her off.
Elouise Orlav 01/29/17 Lucius
Elouise Orlav 01/29/17 Lucius
Elouise Orlav 01/29/17 Lucius
...what does being Romanian have to do with anything?
Elouise Orlav 01/29/17 Lucius
Is this cheating? I feel like if I have to ask that, it is.
Jameson would definitely kill me.
Elouise Orlav 01/29/17 Lucius
Like, how good?
Better than bacon grilled cheese??
Elouise Orlav 01/29/17 Lucius
Roasting? Excuse?
B*tch, I'll roast your ass into the next century.
And you can't make fun of a pregnant woman! I'm telling Autumn!
Winter Summers 01/29/17 Winter smiles at him. "It was a rather swell time wasn't!? Also just so we are clear here Lucius I also have sex with women. Not often but I do. Therefor technically not a homo, but if you still wanna call me my cute little nickname you do you boo."
Elouise Orlav 01/29/17 Lucius
I know you paid for the theater, but you still owe me a back massage.
Or I'll kick your Caucasian ass.
Spring Taylor 01/29/17 Lucius
Bullsh-te. I'm not fcking going twinkle d-ck.
Autumn Dalca 01/28/17 Lucy
Ooo cool. Glad you're enjoying yourself. Show me later?
Aye, the four of us.
Autumn Dalca 01/28/17 Lucy
And swift kick in the arse?
We're going dancing after.
Autumn Dalca 01/28/17 Lucy
My brother is beautiful and don't you forget it.
I'm almost positive you'll have no problem affording it.
Camille Hammond 01/28/17 The Angel shrugs softly, giving off the appearance of a coy and slightly flippant young lady. While the years have certainly worn hard on our girl, the soft glow of her smooth and youthful skin would allow those around her to consider her the age of barely twenty. Although politics would most likely render her attitude unmistakably older... Right now she behaved exactly as she appeared.

Young. Sweet.

"Because, my dear..." Cami's flaxen locks graze the pale lapels of her jacket, but she pulls back just a bit, unwilling to invade the strangers personal space much further, "I've just slipped you the key to euphoria."

Euphoria... Look closely. Bliss is in the gummy bear.

"You're welcome." A childlike giggle sneaks past her parted lips, dimples pressed into the sides of her cheeks.
Autumn Dalca 01/28/17 Lucy
Nope. Tennis shoes.
Winter is coming, too.
Autumn Dalca 01/28/17 Lucy
Gotcha. Sweatpants it is!
Autumn Dalca 01/28/17 Lucy
I must've missed that memo.
Sure, I could use a night out.
Autumn Dalca 01/28/17 Lucy
That money is mine now. Have fun trying to get it back.
Autumn Dalca 01/28/17 Lucy
It's not my fault you're carrying easily accessible notes in your pocket. You aren't the first, nor the last.
Maya J Lawson 01/27/17 Aren’t we all?

Maya J Lawson 01/27/17 Well aren’t you just a feisty gent.

Maya J Lawson 01/26/17 Tsk, Tsk, watch those sticky fingers Mr.

Lucius Dalca just failed at stealing money from you!

Camille Hammond 01/26/17 Camille tiptoes along, and even though the weather in London was not ideal, it afforded a a break from snowy weather. She found an allowance for footwear that wasn't heavy- and as such found that gliding along smooth cobbled streets was nothing less than spectacular.

It might have had something to do with those little blue gummies that she favored so well... But we digress. The Angels flowing visage was nothing short of wondrous, as on the rare occasion when the girl wore a smile, the entire world around her seemed to come alive in a burst of flame. Although behind her gracious expression was still the desire to burn the world itself... That's neither here nor there.

"You." She catches a glimpse at the man on the sidewalk, his bright eyes upsetting her motion. "You're that... Guy. Magic fingers..." Does she know his name? Eh. It doesn't matter. Not yet.

Soft pads of her feet patter as the breeze carries her forward, and before he's likely to realize what is happening, she's pressing a gummie into the palm of his hand. Her slim fingers move to press a short stemmed, white petaled flower into any opened pouch in his clothing [Pocket? Button hole?].

"Don't look so glum." The petite blonde leans in, whispering softly, "Il est sur le point d'être une belle journée."
[Its about to be a beautiful day.]
Gray Taylor 01/26/17 Malfoy
Autumn Dalca 01/26/17 Lucy
Do I need to put you two in time out? Honestly, it's like you're siblings. Arguing and haven't even met yet.
Autumn Dalca 01/26/17 Lucy
You'll be fiiiiine.
Was either that or let her beat you down. She's pregnant and possessive.
Autumn Dalca 01/26/17 Lucy
I may or may not have bribed Elouise with a massage from you. Here's hoping Jameson doesn't mind... be ready bright and early!
Autumn Dalca 01/26/17 Lucy
It's 'dibs,' by the way.
And you can work it out with pregosaurus. But if you roast her, you'll answer to me. Got it?
Autumn Dalca 01/26/17 Lucy
Tomorrow morning.
Good luck getting her to give me up.
Autumn Dalca 01/26/17 Lucy
Widdle ol' baby can't fend for himself for a few days?
You'll be fine. Unless you'd like to come along?
Autumn Dalca 01/26/17 Lucy
I'm headed to Moscow for a few days. There is a gassy, pregnant woman there demanding my presence. I'll be back soon. Try to stay out of trouble.
Spring Taylor 01/26/17 Lucius
Gray Taylor 01/25/17 Malfoy
Goddamn ginger turd...
Mackenzie 01/25/17 Mackenzie is shameless, but that is allowed when you're married to Indiana Jones without actually knowing the guy. Seriously. She doesn't know sh-t about him. It's great. So, after making an agreement with the fresher blood of the Realm, she stuffs a hundred quid into the man's back pocket before looking him in the eye.

"This might hurt a little," she winces through her words, on his behalf.

Without any sort of hesitation, Mackenzie pulls back her small fist and lets it fly, hitting the man square in the jaw. One hit, and he's down. A small frown finds it's place upon the traitorous vampire's lips as she moves, despite having just become an aggressor, to place a kiss upon the man's cheek.

"All better."
Caitlyn Darrow 01/22/17 Text to:Stranger Danger
Escort? Does that mean a bodyguard or a valet?
Autumn Dalca 01/22/17 Lucius
If you're that lonely, go visit Gray.
I'm sure he'd be thrilled to keep you company.
Autumn Dalca 01/22/17 Lucius
Nu mă amenința. Ea nu se va termina bine pentru tine.
Aye, I remember what you taught me. Stay away.
Autumn Dalca 01/22/17 Lucius
Have fun.
Spring Taylor 01/21/17 Luciu
Have you said hello to your neighbours?
Autumn Dalca 01/21/17 Lucy
Aye. Quite enjoy cooking as well. I'll be there shortly.
Autumn Dalca 01/21/17 Lucy
...I am open to bribes.
Autumn Dalca 01/21/17 Lucy
Are you high? Or drunk? Or both?
Autumn Dalca 01/21/17 Lucy
I have no idea what the f*ck you're talking about.
Autumn Dalca 01/21/17 Lucy
A rod? What?
Autumn Dalca 01/21/17 Lucy
Spring Taylor 01/21/17 Luciu
Aye. I'm ready!
Spring Taylor 01/21/17 Luciu
You want to film my sapling?
Spring Taylor 01/20/17 Luciu
I grew a sapling in my flat. I'll show it to you, it's stuck and Gray is too cheap to afford a flexible ceiling.
Autumn Dalca 01/20/17 Lucy
Then you have nothing to worry about.
Spring Taylor 01/20/17 Luciu
Do you mean do it for the sapling?
Autumn Dalca 01/20/17 Lucy
No. I am not a fan of BDSM. Or whiny little girls.
Gray Taylor 01/20/17 Malfoy
You know what, have the sapling. Enjoy it. Just don't compare me to Jamie Dornan again, and we will be great. ...make sure the Mandrake is young. I like to annoy Spring.
Gray Taylor 01/20/17 Malfoy
No, but I'll give you 50 Shades of my foot up your @ss if you touch the sapling.
Autumn Dalca 01/20/17 Lucy
...interesting. Very interesting.
Autumn Dalca 01/20/17 Lucy
Erm... Wrong person. Do I want to know why you're asking Gray about that movie?
Camille Hammond 01/19/17 -squints-
'magic fingers', eh? A play on words or are you one of those... fairy types?
-mischievous grin-
Camille Hammond 01/19/17 -stares-
Spring Taylor 01/19/17 A new day. Spring's unrelenting rage seemed to go to sleep and not wake up with her. Then again she didn't realize she was such an angry person to deal with. Her steps now delicate instead of their stomp across her loft. An eyebrow slowly arched as she noticed she had more keys, than she should have. Her right pointer finger tapped against her chin thoughtfully.

She thought of Lucius, and assumed he had just left the key while he went to catch up with Autumn. She would never keep it vindictively. Spring was perfect. With a hum crossing her lips, she dressed to the nine and left er flat in search of Lucius. Her voice carried in a sing-song tone down the hallway.

"Lucius! Oh Lucius~~ I got your room key!"
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 During this time, Autumn has been furiously sending and receiving text messages to and from three different people. Two of which are being conveniently f*cking difficult. Her temper has begun to simmer. They both seem to be forgetting she does not have to stay at Mercy. She has her own goddamn house, and is moments away from going there.

"You lost it. That means you get to find it. Lucky you!" Her smile is obscenely exaggerated. Then she grimaces. "Search you? No. Go hit up one of your skeezy strip clubs if you want to be felt up. You're barking up the wrong tree."

Not the one Summer works at, to be clear.

Finally, Autumn relents and ambles to the leather couch, flopping without grace onto it, drink in hand. "Where would you like to begin, Doctor Freud?"
Spring Taylor 01/18/17 Spring paused her stomps towards their destination, and cast a gaze behind her. What the actual f-ck. Was this motherf-cker conducting a symphony behind her? F-cking nutter b@stard. She didn't think much of it, which she would likely regret later. "So you admit that you did have f-cking wands shoved up your @rse? Jesus F-cking Christ jizz. Oi. Maybe you would prefer my flaming jerk of a brother Winter? Or Blaize?" Spring eyed him and huffed. He would just have to do with his invisible f-cking orchestra.

Casey. Why the f-ck did he have to go there. "F-cking Russians. F-ck goddamn Moscow. That's why the f-ck I'm married to that witless, gormless, shrimpd-ck f-cking punk. Since for whatever f-cking reason it's your goddamn business. We aren't banging no matter how big your f-cking arse wand is. F-cking bullsh-te. Why the f-ck did I have to run into you? Oi. I'm fcking charming. Arsehole."
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Absently Autumn moves her foot this way and that, keeping Maddie the kitten entertained. The corners of her eyes switch. It's barely noticeable. "It is. And if you've lost the key, that means you won't be able to get back in. Perfect. It also means someone else might find it, and I will bloody strangle you if that happens. It would be in your best interest to locate the f*cking key."

After taking a sip, the redhead gives Lucius the sort of smile that, if he's a smart man, will set warning bells off in his head.
Spring Taylor 01/18/17 This lightning bolt motherf-cker. Hell to the no, he didn't just tell her to shut her mouth. "Oi. Come the fck on then with your f-cked up face. Stupid git. Bloody plonker." Spring hissed and tilted her chin to where she almost had enough room to headbutt him in the face. "Personal space? That's a fcking oxymoron coming from you sh!tlips." Her arms folded across her chest, as her eyes remained ablaze with genuine hatred.

"Oi. Follow me, if you think you can fcking manage it." She spun around so her back faced him, but not before trying to kick his shin.

Then she started on her way to lead him to Mercy. God better have Mercy on this arsehole. He better not turn her into a Betty Crocker slag like last time either. She'd castrate him when she came to, with her goddamn sapling branch. "Tell me Magic f-cking man. Have you managed to get a fcking wand shoved up your f-cking arse?"
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 "I would assume so. Gray isn't one to spare expense. But I haven't been into everyone's room." Another shrug as Autumn wanders from the bedroom into the living room, following her friend's footsteps and the promise of liquor.

She sets Maddie onto the floor, who promptly attempts to pounce her foot after each step. Silly thing. It draws an indulgent chuckle from her.

"Fork over my key. You don't need it. You can visit the same way everyone else does. By knocking. Or a text message." Or, in Ra's case, VIA the closet. But that's another matter entirely. Plucking the tumbler meant for her up, Autumn holds the other hand out expectantly.
Gray Taylor 01/18/17 New Guy
Hello. Save this number, because this is Gray. Welcome to Mercy. Don't touch the sapling. If you hurt the sapling, I will personally see to it that you are hurt in equal measure. That sapling is not to be touched. In fact, don't look at it. Again, welcome to Mercy. Happy to have you.
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Fact: being nice to Maddie will always win points with Autumn. No two ways around it.

She flashes a grin at Lucius. "The Russian vodka is out in the living room where I left it. I didn't want to throw it if worst came to worst," she shrugs and continues to scratch the loudly purring kitten.

"This is my suite, Lucyboy. There are plenty other, empty rooms available for you. Emphasis on empty. I don't share my bed. Or the rest of my space. That being said, you're always welcome to visit."
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 "Spring... Of course. I'm not surprised. It's a very Spring thing to do." Autumn's slender shoulders lift in a shrug as she saunters the rest of the way to her bed. "Bang and then die. She's f*cked up but necrophelia is a bit out there even for her."

Her face softens into something else entirely when her gaze settles onto Maddie. "Hello, my sweet girl..." picking the kitten up, Autumn cuddles the small body to her chest. Maddie returns the affection in loud purrs and a head bump to her owner's chin. The kitten is Autumn's single source of joy at the moment.

"Winter is an experience. If you want a drink, the liquor cabinet is open." She points with one hand whilst scratching Maddie's ear with the other. "We'll get the right key from Spring later. For now... it's good to see you."
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Okaaaaay...

Curious, Autumn peers at her phone. Where can he possibly be? He has to at least know where Mercy is. Lucius isn't the type to stand her up. He's rough around the edges, sure, but not a total @sshole.

Then it dawns on her. Cat. Kitten? Maddie?

She slips the phone back into her pocket and makes her way to the elevator, which takes her to the top floor. Not long after that, Autumn uses the key to enter the flat given to her by Gray, and knows as soon as she steps through the door that's where Lucius is. How? His scent, of course.

Autumn slowly pads through the living room, hallway, and into the bedroom, where she finds her friend sprawled on her bed, thank you very much. Maddie, the little hussy, is curled up and sleeping soundly with him. She can't help but chuckle.

"Please, make yourself at home. Not that I mind all that much, but why do you have a key to my room?"
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Autumn fully expected for Lucius to meet her in the common room, although he may not be aware of its existence, given the chance of Spring showing him around was negligible. Still... she waits, but hasn't even heard the whisper of the well maintained elevator indicating an arrival on the upper floors.

What the hell?

Curious, Autumn pulls out her phone and thumbs a quick message.

Where are you? Is Winter holding you hostage?
Winter Summers 01/18/17 That man wouldn't last not at all, bad attitude on him. Winter personally feared for him. If his family didn't tear the man about how would he survive Gray. Winter waved after the man. "Okay! Good bye honey! Call me sometime we can do lunch!"
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Lucy
More details of your sex life? I didn't know you had voyeuristic tendencies.
JFC, I need a vacation... I don't have the patience to deal with this. Just make an excuse and escape. I'm at Mercy. Come meet me.
Winter Summers 01/18/17 Winter smiled and took a step back. "Whoa I was not prepared for this who knew you were SUCH a bad ass! Gonna have to give me a minute here!" Winter than made a tsk tsk noise. "I am an AWFUL judge of character here Lulu but I don't think you are a stupid man. I get I'm a lot to handle but threatening my life? Not a good idea. One I might win and two if I lose do you really think my family wont come after you? Do you really think Autumn will not kill you if you end my life? Come on really you HAVE to be smarter than that."
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Lucy
Please, spare me the details of your sex life. I sincerely don't want to know. I hear enough about Winter's conquests and he's my f*cking brother. Keep that sh*t to yourself.
Winter Summers 01/18/17 Winter let out a soft sigh. "Oh Lulu you simple simple man. One Autumn can't touch your bits she's your friend. As odd as that sounds she can't even rate your hotness so I was being SUCH a good brother and doing it for her! Which bring me to two! You at least have to be a seven for me to hit on you. You fall sort by two points! Such a shame I know it really is an honor to be hit on by me."

"Third it's Winter not guy come on act like you didn't know that! I mean I know there are four of us but you always can tell who I am. Four I'm not a violent man not really blood makes me queasy makes being a vampire SO difficult but say homo again I'll knock your teeth down your throat. Or send Blaize to do it. It's such an offensive word! You can do better Lulu."
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Lucy
Oi! I love the Harry Potter movies.
Hold up, did you just make a terrible attempt to flirt with me? Ugh... No. Just, no. And Mrs. November? Is there something you're not telling me? Maybe Winter waws right.
Speaking of which, good luck!
Winter Summers 01/18/17 Winter had spent most of his day eating ice cream and watching sh#tty romantic movies. The rest of the day he was searching for this Lucas, no that wasn't right, Lucia? Still not it, why was this man's name so hard to remember!? He just couldn't have a simple name could he!? Grumbles and mumbles until his blue eyes locked on to his face. Oh good he found him!

Winter approached said nothing just kinda stared. Five he was a solid five, he grew his hair out now that would be a different story! "You are Autumn's friend right? Name starts with an L don't ask me to say it. It's damn near f#cking impossible! You know what I'll just call you Lulu save us both the trouble!"

Winter hunted him down for a reason what was it? Ah that's right his bits. "My darling Autumn sent me! Kinda sorta details REALLY let's not get into it. You met Spring so you still got your bits there Lulu?" Offers him a charming smile.
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Lucy
F*cking pr*ck. Pinch my cheeks and see what happens. I bite. Then and I'll sic Winter on you. Let's see you deal with both of them.
Welcome to my world. Darling, if you were truly worried about your mental health, you wouldn't still be my friend after all these years. Kiss kiss.
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Lucy
Why the f*ck are you calling me tumtum? Are you daft? Or are you saying I'm fat?
I'm not stealing a priceless work of art, and ice cream will melt on the plane. You'll get a bottle of vodka. I'll be home soon, if only to knock some bloody sense into you.
Spring Taylor 01/18/17 "Look. Daft f-cking tosser." Spring stated in a matter-of-fact tone through gritted teeth. She closed the distance between herself and Lucius, the little bit there even was. "Why the f-ck would I follow your example? You should be following my arse to this room." She pointed to the key, and then stared at his smile. Long lashes flutter, as her lips remained pursed together.

"I don't f-cking smile. Unless there's something to f-cking smile about. Punch yourself in your d-ck. Then I'll bloody smile." It would always escalate with Spring, because her level of hostility had boiled over long ago. However, she also knew what Lucius was capable of. A new level of high that Spring didn't like.
Autumn Dalca 01/18/17 Lucy
I suppose I ought to welcome you to the fun house. Mercy, that is. Try not to get killed before I come back.
Would you like anything from Moscow?
Spring Taylor 01/17/17 Spring's eyes rolled in instant agitation. She had sincerely hoped this wasn't the Harry Potter mother fcker she thought it was. Yet here he was in the flesh. Her fingers pull out a cig and place it between her lips. She lights it and gives him another once over.

"Shut the f-ck up. Fcking chav. It's the key to her sodding room. We live in this f-cking place. You'll be my fcking neighbour. Just never come out the fcking flat like a fcking leper. Or until my husband fcking hagrid midget f-cker comes to get you. Fcking bullsh-te." She muttered angrily taking a drag from her cig.
Spring Taylor 01/17/17 Spring wasn't exactly stalking her sister and the newcomer. She hadn't upgraded to creeper uni at this moment in time. The bottom of her boots scuffed and stomped their way in his direction. "Oi! F-cking bloke! YOU!" Her voice thundered, but she extended out her palm with a key. "My sister needs a f-cking bang, and you look like you have magic sodding fingers. Be sure to be extra fcking loud since there's a memoist ******* down the hall. Cheers." Spring tossed the room key to the stranger.
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