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I get this ache. And... I thought it was for sex... But it's t'tear everything t'f_cking pieces.
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Last five threads posted in:
Dexter Gein 01/28/19 Congratulations She-Wolf!!!
Livia Vlcek 12/18/18 *hands the woman a large, blood spattered bag of doughnuts*
*sips her coffee as she heads towards the bath* Thought you might like some doughnuts.
Livia Vlcek 12/16/18 Hot. Dangerous. I like it. *nodnod* In case you couldn't tell from my previous reaction.
Livia Vlcek 12/13/18
Livia Vlcek 12/13/18 *contemplates* I think that depending on the color it would look lovely. However, it might wash out your eyes.
*smiles* And your eyes are striking.
Livia Vlcek 12/13/18 *notices her bed is empty of Will*
*shifty eyes*
*locks her door and curls up to sleep*
Addison 12/13/18 "Hello there. I am Addison, or Addi for short. I was in Cancun getting my tan on and came home to find a buncha new crewmates! SO EXCITING! is your pain threshold. And whats your sense of humor like? I tend to offend."
*shifty eyes*
Genesis 12/11/18 ~smiles and pets contentedly, even though she was not a touchy feely type of person. Willow was just too adorable to deny.~
Livia Vlcek 12/10/18 Even though Livia is a light sleeper, her skin so sensitive to the environment around her it acts like a built in alarm, it's literally been months since the woman has had a warm body lying next to her and she's comforted by this simple thing. It doesn't matter that it's Will. It could have been Malek or Jacks or Genesis or any of the others she was close to, next to her. For they are simply sleeping and finding comfort in the other's presence.

The grumble is forgiven, as is the huff, and the Slayer sleeps soundly for the first time in half a year. Because she too has had a wretched experience recently and the Lichtenburg figures that scar her abdomen and leg are still fresh in damaged psyche. In fact, it was in this very room that Livia was spirited away to Mexico by a group of men that worked for a foreign government. So really, the woman doesn't like to be alone from time to time. And it's why she is sympathetic to Will.. and allows her to stay.

As long as she doesn't hog the blankets..
Livia Vlcek 12/10/18 An arm dangles over the edge of the tub, the rocks glass held by the rim threatening to slip free from lissome fingers. While the ice bath is painful, it soothes the swelling and bruising of partially subluxated joints and soft tissues. A quiet sigh, a sip of whisky taken, Livia listens to the silence that envelopes. The peace. The snores? Coos? Wut.

"Will?" The Slayer calls out to the woman asleep, questioning only in her tone; nothing so harsh as a holler. "Will, darling...if you're going to snore, you need to find another bed to sleep in."

The Czech woman can hardly sleep as it is when she's not utterly exhausted. If the girl was going to bunk there, she needed to be quiet. Or would be gagged. No answer on Will's part. Just...coos. A resigned sigh, Livia stood from the tub and grabbed a thick bathrobe to wrap around iced flesh before climbing into the bed with a sleeping Willow. Hopefully the towel Livia wrapped around damp hair would muffle the snores. No matter how cute they were. Better yet, hopefully Malek didn't decide to visit that evening..
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Livia rarely locks her suite's door at Azhi. Mainly because she trusts everyone there. The woman also has very little in valuables. And if someone is bold enough to steal from her then they must need the item more than she. And they are welcome to it.

But her bed?

Her down bed. The thing she loves more than her bathtub.. is occupied by another. A fleeting glance, the Slayer makes her way to the freezer for ice then heads towards the bathroom. Ice bath? Yep. Bruised muscles and broken nose request it. Will can sleep there for now.
Malek 12/09/18 Den Mother?

The term means nothing to Malek as such. He has never HAD family in such a way. His knowledge of 'pack' has been his own loosely translated rendition of the Beast's ramblings and his own short time running with werewolves in the Scandanavian countries. Unable to speak the language and unable to be relegated to a follower, it's no surprise that Malek did not last long in such situations.

"Wha's 'Den Mothah'?" He asks a puzzled expression on his face as he watches the tiny thing's retreating back. "Y'don' mean mah mate?" He continues incredulously.

His mate? How long has it been since Malek has had the right to call Livia that? How long has it been since he gave a sh1t about such formalities. If she objects to the phrase, she can come find him and tell him to his face. If she doesn't, then she is accepting the truth of it.

Simple, right?
Malek 12/09/18 The lycan shakes his head slowly back and forth, the brief look of incredulity first crossing his scarred visage before morphing into one of mild amusement. What the hell is this creature? Who the hell is she to knock on his door and bug him? He could have been eating. He could have been sleeping. He could have been... well, he could have been doing a great many things. The fact that he was not interrupted in anything major is completely beside the point in its entirety.

The Beast growls in the back of Malek's mind, testing his restraint.
The Beast communicates in image and feeling. 'Kill it. Kill it. It is useless. Weak.'

"Uh... 'ey," Malek says awkwardly, his eyes focused once more after the brief exchange with his inner monster. He doesn't speak again, simply stands there staring at the female with eyes full of simultaneous cunning and intelligence. Conscious thought and feral instinct. A hand reaches into the front right pocket of his jeans where he fishes out a non-filtered cigarette. The flickering yellow of a flame at the end of a Bic lighter comes after two failed strikes, pressing against the white tip and making it glow the brightest red. Smoke billows from the tip and the corners of the scarred man's mouth, rising to hang in the air about his head to linger in the brief, incongruent halo before dissipating into indistinguishable clouds in the artificial light.

Seriously though. What the hell does she want? Is this one of those... 'booty call' things? If so, why is she still dressed? She better watch out for Liv, though, he thinks. She might react negatively to one of her Pack trying to chase her returned Alpha. If that is, in fact, what he is.
Genesis 12/08/18 ~creeps up next to~
"Hi Willow...just wanted to check on you. Doing well? Training up?"
Malek 12/08/18 The temporary room within the Sanctuary chambers allows Malek some modicum of privacy within this crazy world. He has returned for a number of reasons, none of them involving joining a group of people on their pursuit of... well, whatever the hell they are pursuing. For the past couple days, the burly lycan has followed a simple routine: drink and train. The next part: train and drink. In the midst of that, a bit of alcohol, a good number of cigarettes, and an insane amount of training.

The sound of footfalls outside of his chambers is the precursor to a knock that, in his opinion, seems quite timid. Malek's nostrils flare as he tries to take in the scent of the stranger from beyond the oaken portal. The smell of his own sweat, stale cigarette smoke, Wild Turkey 101, and the door itself act as counter to his ability to taste of the creature that stands on the other side.

Should I just stay in here? Whoever it is can't be that important...
The Beast springs against the back of Malek's mind, mental claws trying to rip through the barrier and take over their shared body.
Malek growls audibly.

Slowly, the stocky man makes the final decision and pulls the door open. He stands before the seemingly timid young woman. His scarred features, ravaged and destroyed so long ago and never healed, remain an almost neutral mask with cunning, iridescently glowing eyes of yellow green shining from beneath heavy brows. Those selfsame eyes, without any hint of modesty, drag their way over the figure, testing it, tasting it with vision as his nostrils flare once more. The lycan stands shirtless. Sweating. His torso as damaged as his face with various areas of raised tissue where flesh has not mended completely. He is muscular in the extreme, but not the show muscle of one who lifts weights and cares about the body-fat percentage that will allow him to carve his muscles out of stone-made-flesh. Nay, it is the functional muscle of a warrior. A Beast.

A grunt. Low, but not completely impolite.

Should he play nice? She is part of his new... pack, yes? The scent of Livia lingers on her...

"Wha…?" comes the query in the voice resembling steel on stone. "Wh... y'go outta yer way't gree'..." Malek's head shakes back and forth. "Ah sur's f'k 'ope Ah ain' 'spected't do any greetin'f new people w'ou' beatin' on'm't see'f they'a worthy'f th' pack."

Apparently Malek is feeling quite talkative at the moment.
Livia Vlcek 12/06/18 *stares down at Will*
*laughs quietly* Hungry..
*thinks.. really hard* I'm a vegetarian soooo.. is there something you are in the mood for?
*presses lips together*
Livia Vlcek 12/06/18 *isn't really reading texts*
*envelopes in arms*
*might have been slightly cold*
How is muh wee baby Summers?
Livia Vlcek 12/06/18 *stands behind*
*might be reading her text messages*
Genesis 11/10/18 You managed to break out Will Summers.
"Quickly, they'll catch on soon enough." ~sneaky grins~
Dexter Gein 11/09/18 Welcome the gang.
Livia Vlcek 11/09/18 *blinks* I...I'm flattered. But, uh, I've made this deal with myself that I wouldn't have any more relationships.
*ponders* I mean, if there's no strings attached, then you know, I'm down.
Genesis 11/09/18 Welcome to Azhi. I call dibs on all explosives and Livias underwear drawer!
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