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Daciana Draculesti
Killed: November 16, 2019 at 10:51 pm EST
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Doom Bringer

Kristoffer Forsetti

Last five threads posted in:
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/07/19 Ana
I should have stayed living in a cave.
This is frustrating.
I need a shot.
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/07/19 Ana
You know I am bad with words.
I'd just make it worse.
Maybe I should just leave it and it will get better?
That's a thing right?
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/07/19 Ana
So you want me to use words?
What's option 2?
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/07/19 Ana
Say you and a close friend had a spat.
You don't know the reason for their behavior but also end up acting like an ass.
How would you go about addressing it?
Mind you, the issue still is not evident.
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/06/19 Ana
I am going to ask you something.
Do not judge me or I will burn all your belongings.
Got it?
Liam Moore 10/03/19 Teeth found his bottom lip as he chewed upon it contemplating.
He would offer his arm out to the Ana.
"The least I could do is make sure you get there, if anything just to put my mind at ease."
Vince Caruso 10/03/19 [Vince laughed a little, genuinely. He'd been prepared for the opposing response; watch where you're going, idiot! was a popular one. Considering he was not always so present. As the days went on, he'd slowly become more agile. Two weeks ago, he might have even plowed her over instead of realizing that she'd been right in front of him.

"It's okay, really. That old thing? I'm sure it was on the cusp of being rotten anyway."
[A bold faced lie, if there ever was one. Vince hated terribly to put people out.]
"I was just on my way to grab a real meal, anyway. I reckon a few more minutes with an empty belly won't kill me."
[He spoke with humor, and with a smile in his voice. It softened his eyes.]
"I'm Vince." [The man introduced himself before adding-] "You're free to join me. If quick meals with hungry strangers is your thing."
Liam Moore 10/03/19 "Well Ana I believe the pleasure is all mine."
He would lick his lips before giving her an amused smile.
"Now my dear where is the fun in telling you? Regardless I do have that restaurant for your good meal. Are you good at remember instructions? Of course I would be more than willing to escort you, would hate for you to get lost."
Liam Moore 10/03/19 His smirk might have grown a bit more once he heard the woman's response.
"So very very wrong. Ah yes I know just the place to send you."
Pulls out his phone to look up directions, before glancing at her.
"Ah where are my manners so very rude of me. Liam Moore at your service. And may I ask your name beautiful?"
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/03/19 Ana
Sloppy, sloppy.
It's secure enough.
Once you get here you can tell me everything that happened so we can find those who need stabbing.
Vince Caruso 10/03/19 [Not quite watching where he's going, Vince munches merrily on an apple as he toddles along. He snaps to attention just as he's about to bump into a stranger. The apple slips from his not-so-nimble fingers, and a soft pout crosses his face.]
[He's done a little dance to move out of her way, his hungry stomach crying out in protest.]
"Better the apple than you, I suppose."
[Vince motioned to the apple at his feat, and then the pout is replaced with a broad smile.]
Liam Moore 10/03/19 "Hm...I don't think I can help too much with the massage, however a good meal I can do. Of course that depends on what you are in the mood for. Sit down? Greasy? Sweet?"
Holds a finger up a smirk upon his face.
"And yes I count dessert as a good meal, before we question the whole sweet thing."
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/03/19 Ana
About d@mn time you showed back up.
I'm in New York. Got a place. Sending the location.
Liam Moore 10/03/19 "Oh my mistake, I doubt you will need my assistance since you've been here before but if you need anything please feel free to ask me."
Gives her a charming smile
Liam Moore 10/03/19 "Welcome to the realm"
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