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Born: January 19, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Tiber Loche 01/22/18 His eyes follow her hand as it reached into her pocket, inherently ready to snap her neck in a moments notice. To be clear, Tiber is not the most trusting. With good reason. But the world is obviously not privy to his history. Alas, it seemed it didn't matter how blatantly standoffish he was. The citizens of the Realm were becoming more and more intrusive with each passing day.

She speaks to him, but in Tiber's mind, he has already said his peace. Short of actively dismissing her, he can see she has no interest in begging her own departure. So Tiber does just that. He leaves. Offering the shortest wave of his fingers before he simply exhaled and turned off into the opposite direction.
Tiber Loche 01/22/18 "I am not a kitten." Tiber states very plainly, any amusement in his face draining fast. Strangers in the Realm were inherently fearless, and he thinks, if he were the same person he was just months ago, this stranger might not have fared so well. "And I'll do no such thing. As always, stranger, I thank you for your unwarranted opinion."
Tiber Loche 01/21/18 "It's Latin." Tiber confessed, plainly, though it wasn't exactly a secret. His name was quite the mouthful, and as far as he could tell had simply been pulled from the asses of his parents. "And it's Tiberius, actually. You can see how Tiber rolls off of the tongue a little easier."
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