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Born: August 20, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 4
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 64
Affiliation: The Lycans Den Mail Replies Sent: 129
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Created by Joseph French
New YorkThe Call of the Wild
Created by Joseph French
New YorkWhen you have to make like a leaf and scram
Created by Josie Collins
New YorkSolitude is Independence
Created by Adara Litvinova
New YorkWhen the going gets tough, the tough make lemonade
Created by Joseph French
Josie Collins 09/19/19 It was bad enough that she was missing him more than anything she'd ever missed before. She could literally feel the ache of his separation from her in a dull pit at the bottom of her stomach. But here he was, his face plastered all over the realm for her to see and remind her just how miserable she was.
Josie Collins 09/18/19 Without him, the dreams had gotten bad again. So bad, in fact, that she didn’t want to go to sleep. The thought of drinking or eating anything made her feel sick to her stomach, so she just sat in bed curled around his sweater, and cried. So many tears, she didn’t know how she would ever stop.

More than once she had reached for the phone. Maybe if she could just hear his voice, once, it would stop all this hurt. But no. He didn’t want to hear from her. It was all done and she didn’t even feel like she’d had a say in it. Maybe that’s just how break ups were. One person deciding the fate for two. He’d made it clear he though she should just stay on ‘her side’.

So she burrowed back in to the bed, the sweater she hadn’t taken off in days, and willed all the demons in her mind to take her away to a place where she wouldn’t feel anymore. Somewhere deep in her psyche, the demons were answering. Josie was so locked up in her grief she wouldn’t notice the stacks of books had shifted and moved in the late of night. All she would notice was that all encompassing sadness and the inability to let him out of her heart.
Josie Collins 09/08/19 Why, Mr. French, I do believe you might be right. What do they say about wolves, then? That they bite? Because I already knew that. Or that they're loads of trouble...yup, I knew that too. Bishop will get over it, because you're sort of stuck with me. Sorry...that's just the way it is.
Josie Collins 09/08/19 -snuggles into his body and lays head on chest-
"People who are people, people who aren't people. People who are born, dead, or haven't been born yet. You top them all. You're my diamond."
Josie Collins 09/08/19 -clings to-
You're my favorite person that was ever a person.
Josie Collins 09/05/19 You mean you haven't figured that out yet? I make my own rules

Josie Collins 09/01/19 Joseph French just failed at stealing money from you!

You can’t get past my catlike reflexes, obviously

Adara Litvinova 08/30/19 She was about to turn on heel; Addie made it a rule for herself to not push those that were uncomfortable around others and well, how could she... She was once one of them. Honestly, she still was. Ads just had to make an effort for the most part, one that didn’t always happen the way she planned but she at least tried. Kind of. As intense as she could be, Addie would genuinely smile at his own trying; it wasn’t easy, the blonde knew this. But she would certainly make sure that he wouldn’t feel out of place here, it was the very least she could do.

Plus, get him a drink that he so obviously needed.

”Stay here. I will be right back for you. We’re going on trip...” Not a long trip by no means and definitely not by foot; Addie would only leave him momentarily to retrieve one of the side-by-side, coincidentally with a case of mason jars that hadn’t been taken to the Den yet. Lucky them.
Josie Collins 08/28/19
Joseph French 08/28/19
Josie Collins 08/28/19 -nudges him with her shoulder-

It just so happens you’re the hero in my story.
Adara Litvinova 08/27/19 “No, they’ll all move along soon enough. But if you want something to drink sooner, without dealing with that. There are still a few batches of moonshine at the still. You’ll find it easily.” There was likely a thank God, Addie left unsaid, she couldn’t be antisocial and throw a party too. Right? Still, she was. Regardless of how it appeared, Addie was still very much the loner she was years before; so, she would never judge someone for keeping themselves apart from the rest nor would she insist on them take part in parties that sometimes were a bit rambunctious to say the least. Still, she would narrow her eyes, studying; just to maybe pick up on some sort of hint on what kind of person he was. One that wanted alcohol. Obviously. “If you’re sure you don’t need anything or have questions, I’ll leave you to your solitude.”
Adara Litvinova 08/27/19 “Something like that I s’pose. Though not sure if I am or if everyone here just lets me think that I am.”

It was lighthearted, nothing meant to offend her lovely bunch; although with a Hungarian accent and her being naturally stoic, it could have been taken quite sarcastically. She was mostly trying her hardest to not chew the filter he had tucked in his hand, it had been years since she had a cigarette and she wasn’t gonna break that streak now; however, Addie could sulk about it. And sulk she would. Later. For now, she’d smile. Genuinely.

”You seem to be a bit of a loner. Not into family ties, then? Don’t worry about that, a lot of us around here are loners or pretend really hard to be. Is there anything you need? Questions? I’m sure someone has pointed you to the alcohol, yes?”
Adara Litvinova 08/27/19 There were so many new faces around the Den lately, Addie wasn't sure who was actually part of their little family and who wasn't, however it wouldn't stop her from at least trying to make her way around to some of them to have a bit of conversation and assure them that not everyone around upstate New York was, in fact, as crazy as they likely thought them to be. Like that was ever gonna happen, but still, she'd at least be welcoming.

"Hi there, you came to live at the Den, right? I'm Adara, or Addie."
Merida Campbell 08/26/19 Merida cleared her throat "Why do you say that?" She shook her head slightly while speaking "We are going to find something for you that you may like or wanting to do. Do you ever have dreams of the future? Or was wanting to do something but afraid to do so?" She was determined to get a laugh, smile or even any type of conversation.
Vince Caruso 08/26/19 [Vince shook his head, tired smile stretching across his lips all the way to the corners of his eyes.]
"Sure don't. Name's Vince, I belong to the cabin down the way."
[He points over his shoulder with his thumb.]
"Ought to grab a pint sometime, yeah?"
Vince Caruso 08/26/19 [He poked his shoulder.]
“Huh. Guess you are real.”
Josie Collins 08/25/19 -awkward smile-

You know...Confucius says “Wealth and rank are what men desire, but unless they be obtained in the right way they may not be possessed. Poverty and obscurity are what men detest; but unless prosperity be brought about in the right way, they are not to be abandoned.”

-tries to sound smart. DISTRACTION-
Josie Collins 08/24/19
Josie Collins 08/24/19 -swoons-

Josie Collins 08/24/19 Joseph French just failed at stealing money from you!

Beau Theroux 08/24/19 Beau's words were more a reminder than a warning. His nature was that of a pacifist until driven to a point he could not sustain such a mentality. Being the Alpha of his own ragtag pack of rejects he understood the need to be careful with strangers. Alas, he simply found no reason to do so with the man before him.

"You have a point. But we are not where you come from are we?" A big smile spread across his face. "We are an acceptin' bunch. None of us are free of sin or shame. We are all just wanderin' souls lookin' for a pack to run with."
Beau Theroux 08/24/19 "Beaudoin. Please, call me Beau." The Cajun pulled back his own hand and crossed his arms over his broad chest. A nonchalant shrug of the shoulders replied to the man's suggestion. "What can I say? My gut said you were alright. It's like a sixth sense. Energies and all that jazz." Being adept in the energies of the world gave the man a bit of foresight others were incapable of possessing. With that foresight came it's own dangers. "Besides, if somebody with nefarious intentions got in I think we'd be able to make short work of'm. We may be kind but we are still wolves."
Beau Theroux 08/24/19 Busy, busy, busy! There was so much Adara had Beau doing to help shape the place up and he was loving every minute of it. En route to his next task he caught the glimpse of a familiar man making his way across the Den proper. A bright grin illuminated his visage upon Joseph's hand being extended. After taking the male's hand in a firm shake he gave a hardy laugh.

"Glad to see ya made your way here,uh..." he thinks for a moment. "Wow, I never even got your name, did I?"
Josie Collins 08/22/19 DUJOUR MEANS SEATBELTS.
Josie Collins 08/22/19 DUJOUR MEANS HARD WORK.
Merida Campbell 08/22/19 Smiling softly as she takes the card, she glanced down to it before slipping it into the inner pocket of her jacket "I won't ask why about talking. But what do you like to do?" Her right patted over where the card was at. "If I make you feel uncomfortable, please let me know and I will let you be at peace." Merida would honor his request. Not all like company at all.
Cadence LeBlanc 08/22/19 "Someone else's business is their own, not mine, unless they want me to know." Pretending not to notice the stuck shell, Cadence clasped Joseph's hand and gave it a firm shake without attempting to hold on longer than necessary. "Pleasure to meet you, Joseph. Need any help finding your way around?"
Merida Campbell 08/22/19 She shook her head slightly "You really don't owe anything. If you wish, share drink with me sometime. Tell me about yourself. I love to hear others talk, smile and laugh. Yet, if you really want me to take something, then maybe the Queen of Hearts from the deck of cards that you hold." Merida was a true giving person. She wanted others to be happy and comfortable. That was her.
Cadence LeBlanc 08/22/19 "Really? I've always seen people dump them into their mouths and look like chipmunks while they work on them..." She made a noncommittal noise before nodding. "Yeah, pecans. If all else fails, you can use them to bribe Addie or Tiber," Cadence grinned, "You never did tell me your name."
Merida Campbell 08/22/19 Merida would tilt her head slightly to the left while trying to comprehend the question "Why though? Meaning wanting to help a fellow sanctuary member? Or why would I offer something so decadent like the Balvenie? Its a good conversation starter at times and its rather smooth." Was she having a blond moment?"I just like to help others and get to know them." She softly smiled and shrug her shoulders.
Cadence LeBlanc 08/22/19 Cadence glanced at the bag of sunflower seeds and shook her head with a rueful smile. "Thank you for the offer but I've never been able to coordinate my tongue and teeth to eat those very well. Do you like pralines? My cousin makes them himself."
Cadence LeBlanc 08/22/19 Hi there!
-grins at-
Welcome to the Realm and, more importantly, to the Den.
You arrived just in time to enjoy the festivities.
-offers hand-
I'm Cadence.
Merida Campbell 08/21/19 Merida jingled the keys as she smiled "I thought you may need a little help."

You managed to break out Joseph French.
Merida Campbell 08/21/19 After reading Beau's message, Merida stood up straight and rolled her shoulders back. "Another fresh face to greet." Her lips formed a soft smile as her gloved hand moved to grab a nice bottle of Balvenie. She pretty much been keeping to herself as of lately.
Rounding the corner, she almost ran into someone. She glanced up smiling "Forgive my clumsiness." Glancing down to the bottle then back up to Joseph "You must be Joseph. If so, welcome and here is a little something for you. Its one of my favorites which I call it -bliss in a bottle-" With her free hand, she wanted face palm cause she sounded so dorky.
"If you need help or someone to talk to or even get patched up; I am that gal. My name is Merida."
Beau Theroux 08/21/19 The man moving away from him was hardly enough to shake his friendly demeanor. Hands began to pat about his person trying to find the cards Tiber had given him. He really couldn't keep track of anything. Finally, pulling a card from his breast pocket, he offered it to the man with a big, cheery grin. "There ya go! It's in upstate new York. Once ya get close enough it's really hard to miss."
Beau Theroux 08/21/19 A large arm fell over the man's shoulder in a show of camaraderie. Sometimes he forgot others prefer their personal space while he simple allowed everyone into his own bubble. "I have a nose for these things, ya know? It has yet to steer me wrong." Beau began to walk, attempting to bring the lad with him. "C'mon, I'll show ya where the moonshine is."
Beau Theroux 08/21/19 "Yeah! A hoot! A blast! Fun! Etcetera!" The man oozed positivity with his every word. "You know, I think we just might have a spare cabin open for any new members. If you want, I can put in a good word for ya."
Beau Theroux 08/20/19 "Well, do I know the place for you! How's 'bout you drop by The Lycan's Den some time? We are a friendly group of alcohol- er booze lovers. Really, we are a hoot."
Greer Luin 08/20/19 His response was close, he wasn’t open for discussion and he didn’t seem at all at ease with her presence. He was the type that kept secrets, at least from strangers. That could be useful. Greer had met too many people on the streets that were willing to spill the entirety of their lives to people that they had just stumbled upon. People just needed an unbiased ear to listen, but Greer liked those that were guarded, they were worth much more to her.

“Well, I’m pretty new here myself. Maybe I’ll see you around again sometime.” She offered a courteous nod and began her retreat.
Greer Luin 08/20/19 Geer had a keen eye for when something or someone new came to existence. You could call it a spidey sense, but she made it her business to know everything she could about her surroundings. She had eyes everywhere and someone had whispered in her ear about someone new in the territory. Of course she didn’t own the land, and her pack was small, but she took pride in knowing things. One her little pups had pointed in the direction of the newcomer they had sniffed out and Greer spent most of the day watching the person with discerning interest. The thing to know about Greer was that she was a business woman, was always looking out for transactions that could occur between people. Everyone always wanted or needed something, Greer was willing to help, for a price.

Eventually, she decided to stop her lurking and approach the man. She wondered if he’d be useful or if she would be disappointed for having wasted the day following him as he went about his day. Tucking a long black box braid behind her ear she put on her friendliest smile and brushed by the man, turning to face him with inquiring eyes.

“I haven’t seen you before. I’m Greer, welcome to this crazy place.”
Beau Theroux 08/20/19 "Welcome to the Realm? Do you like moonshine?"
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