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Everything fades eventually...
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Born: November 02, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 1
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BloemfonteinAnd a hunting we will go.
Created by Lucifer Mourningstar
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Los AngelesThe Fall of a Seraphim
Created by Seraphina Morning Star
Uriel 12/15/18 Uriel ties a message to the leg of a white Dove called Icarus. The attached note read Please come to The Eyrie.
Samil 12/13/18 *Snorts* Sweetcheeks doesn't find me irrestible. She just finds it fun to antagonize me.
Samil 12/13/18 Ha, they just find me irrestible is all.
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/08/18 Okay so Ari is now gone to see Ana. Is just lyl. me and you, and spawny!Is it just me or is Lyl crankier then normal?"
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/07/18 Lovely lovely lovely. He shakes his head and watchs the kid on the floor."what the hell do we do?"Glances from Sera to Lyl and back at the kid. Now picking up the whisky and drinking from the bottle.
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/07/18 He looks to his wife and breaths out while running a hand through is hair.He had asked the child now it was time to hear her side.So he stands and waits with Sera. He looks at her and enters her mind. "You know I cant send her back right."
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/07/18 Looks at her and nods."It seems that way. I have both a angel and a demon, both on file as escapees from hell." He glances from one to the other. Looks at his wife. "Apparently Amen put them there. Our daughter has managed to pardon Ari when she was small still like she did for Sam. But Ari has a bit of a big mouth and has our fam jam, ready to hunt him. As for the little miss..... Dear god Sera hep me!"
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/07/18 Sera darlin I have a situation.And chance you can help"
Crimson Belladonna 12/07/18 The little girl was sitting on the cement in front of a store. She heard the voice of the woman and looked up to see her. "Dankies miss." She put her head back down till she spoke again. "I nos gotz nons!"
_Aurora_ 12/07/18 Evil
call me asap!
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/05/18
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 Shoveling the last bites ito his mouth he almost chokes, while looking at his mother."Who said anything about the angel girls. Ever think I might be talking about those down here?" Looks at his sister. "Um yeah, okay, well maybe. But It will be my choice."
Luciana Morning Star 12/03/18 *Ana frowned at her brother. She tapped his head and pulled his ear.* "It's better to marry, then burn. Surprised you didn't loose down below. Considering you eat like a Shark floor cleaner...We need to find you a wife!" *Ana smiled wickedly and held a swiffer wet jet.* "I bought that in course I have to clean up behind you!"
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 Archs an eyebrow looking at his mother, between fork fulls."What cousins, thought we only had one?" Looks at Ana an sticks out his tongue. "If I have to train to become a archangel.... I am not going up there being a virgin!"
Luciana Morning Star 12/03/18 *Ana looked at her mother. Her knowing gaze alighted on Jr.* "He needs a shovel to haul it in his mouth."
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 "Damn... okay well. Um think you might want to find it." He say while staring at the frying pan. Aging like 18 yrs does wonders to a guys gut. He may even out eat Aunt Raven if that even possible.
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 Throws old teddy at* answer my comment! and you can disregard this message.lmao
Luciana Morning Star 12/03/18 *Ana had emerged shortly after her brother arrived home. She thought she had slipped silently into the house. She had spent her required time of passage in Hades. It re-enforced who she knew she would become. Things in both places were not perfect. She had chosen the path she would follow and nothing would sway her. The lessons she learned and choices she made were ingrained in her by Raphael. She hugged her mother very gently.* "Do not cry for me. I made the choice." *Her voice was soff toward her mother. She was like her Auntie Raphael to some degree. Her nature was calm, collected and serious. Her vibrant blue eyes spoke of many things but mostly how she loved her mother.*
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 Sits down an watches her buzz around the kitchen." Mom..." Waits for her to look at him. "You know your suppose to be on a trip with dad. Don't think I haven't noticed something missing." Yeah he can sense things. "Your not shining." he says softly.
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 Follows to the kitchen while listening. "They forgot to mention that angels age a whole lot faster down there. And Actually she didn't come up with me but I am sure she is around."
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 He steps back and twirl around then looks at her and chuckles."Ahh yeah, someone for got to mention that." Eye widen at the thought of food. "Pancakes, sausage, maple syrup. Ohh god, always hungry." Glances at his watch and gives his mom a evil grin. "6 am and girls ....whats that!" He says playfully. I don't see any of those around."
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 Looking down at her, he smiles and then smirks. "Never to old for a hug." Wraps her into his arms and hugs her softly
Samil 11/29/18 Half an hour. I will be there. *He nods lightly as she turns to go once more. This was going to be a personal hell for him. Breakfast with Luci? What is he thinking?*
-Raphael- 11/29/18 Raphael figured it was time to tell Seraphina what she had done with Ana. "I reck'n I have some explaining to do. Ana knew something was very wrong. SO through her eyes I know she was Seraphim...knowing that I took her to Father. Father talked with her and she made the choice for herself. She saw every thing. Jr will know from his father. But Ana needed knowing it cuz Luci would have shielded her. Knowing him that little one so like you woul have him round her finger," She looked at Samil. "My potions are foul tasting. Ask Lylth about the first time. She had a dose. Figured Aurora would help you out some." Raphael shook her head and mumbled about the taste of her cures. "Even Az runs off when I told him drop them drawers."
Luciana Morning Star 11/29/18 "YOU are my mommy!" *Ana hugged her mommy tight.*
Iva Herrera 11/29/18 Thank you so much!
Luciana Morning Star 11/28/18 "Mommy He gave me a clause or a proviseu. When the time is right. He says I can come home to Him. He did this to keep me safe from baddies. His Angels can't hurt me and Dadddy's nasties won't touch me.' *She hugged her mommy.* "The price was right. I struck the deal. I choose Auntie Raphael to teach me what she knows and Samil to train me to fight."
Samil 11/28/18 *Sam nodded at Ana* You have me, little one. I may have fallen but I still keep my word. *Turning to Raph he smiled gently* Thank you but Aurora has beaten you to it. Even dressed me differently.
Luciana Morning Star 11/28/18 *Ana looked up at her mommy.* "I know the price." *Ana's eyes saddened by her mother's words and she considere them very carefully.* "You paid that price already. I paid my price to Father. He said I was needed here. Between Heaven an Hell like Zen. I have my grace retained." *Ana smiled at her mommy.* "I am needed here."
-Raphael- 11/28/18 Raphael was standing in the background. She thought it was to let Ana and Samil talk to Sera. She would to Sera later about the visit she and Ana had made to The Father. She looked at Samil. "I need to make sure you are doing okay. Some food in your belly. A good rest while you can get it. You will be just fine."
Luciana Morning Star 11/28/18 *Ana looked at her mommy and then she looked at Samil. Her tear was wiped away.* "I know the price mommy. Auntie Raphal took me to see Him. He offered me a home there. But I m needed here. I can pay the price. If I don't I got you, daddy, my aunties and uncles too." *She looked at Samil and squeezed his hand. * "I got you too, Uncle Samil. "
Samil 11/28/18 8 am it is then. *He still wasn't sure about that idea but he would show up*
Samil 11/28/18 *He nearly choked as she spoke about breakfast. Was she serious? Sam at the same table as Luci? That wouldn't go over very well. He looked at her as he tilted his head.* Breakfast 8, got it.
Samil 11/28/18 Then you and I should not have issues. *The fact she was Aurora's sister, her twin at that, would keep him from causing issues for her but he refrained from saying such*
Samil 11/28/18 If you didn't I would question your maternal instinct. However I will not betray Ana's trust. Sometimes it is the children who make the best judge of character.
Samil 11/28/18 All they said is that I needed to speak with you. I have not seen Lyl since. I am to understand that we were bith dealing with being poisoned.
Luciana Morning Star 11/28/18 *Ana hung her head and a tear slipped down her cheek.* "Father called daddy out and I sneaked with him. I saw what happened to Az and daddy. Daddy and As got sent back but He kept me with Him. Told I could stay or awhile and learn. I saw Amen and learnt what he did. I saw it all. I know what happened but Father said it was to be what it was.". * Ana looked at Samil.* "I learnt justice has it's price "
Samil 11/28/18 No Thank you. Told me? As in what exactly? *Brown eyes turn to her and he kept the smirk from his lips. Sure she looked like sweet cheeks but he still thought Aurora to be prettier*
Samil 11/28/18 *He cleared his throat nervously* Not sure I can teach her anything really but I promised Ana, Raph and Aurora I would do my best to protect her. As for my other transgressions I can't take them back nor can I unpoison Lyl but the rest has been taken care of.
Luciana Morning Star 11/28/18 *Ana looked at her mommy as Samil stood nearby her.* "Father took me for a visit. He showed me Amen and I knew he was a bad man. Father said not all Angels are really bad. I learnt the difference Samil was sorry. Amen wasn't. He looked at me and called me hellspawned."
Iria Visile 11/28/18 Iria had heard the whisper of someone new in their ranks, except it was less of a whisper and more of a booming echo in her ears. The name was ingrained in the back of her mind, though she was surprised she could even remember it all. It was a mouth full of a name, the newbie may need a special Basement nickname. Iria was a complex mix of a being, she was cruel, and blood thirsty and could be a monster on her best days. Still, she was friendly enough to go out of her way to find this new member. She was a complicated paradox that she herself didn’t try to figure out.

“Seraphina, Seraphina, Seraphina.” She repeated the name under her breath a few more times before she spotted the unfamiliar face roaming around The Basement Complex. “Ah, you!” Iria shouted across the room before approaching the female, who was quite beautiful in that exotic way people liked. “You’re the newbie. Welcome, to The Basement. Any questions, feel free to ask. Or if you feel up for a little torture or carnage please call me first.” A glint lit up the vampire’s eyes as she reached out a cool hand towards the woman. “The names Iria, and we need to look into shortening of that mouth full of a name you have. Ever thought of being called Phina? Much more unique than Sera.”

Luciana Morning Star 11/28/18 *Ana saw the distrust in her mommy's eyes. Her hand tightened on Samil 's hand. Her little facial features hardened slightly. Ana remained calm inside her. "I know he hurt auntie Lyl. He can teach me to fight like him! I got my big girl pants on! I trust him more than that Amen guy! I saw him in that cage..Snail's sorry". *Ana would not back down from her choice.*
Samil 11/28/18 *He had hung back as he listened to Ana speak to her mother. He knew he wasn't well liked and wasn't sure how this meeting would go. However he told Ana he would meet and speak to her mother and he would keep his word. He continued to listen as he waited.*
Luciana Morning Star 11/28/18 *Ana approached her mommy and looked up at her.* "I want you to meet Samil, my new friend! We need him to take care of the baddies and nasties. He can teach me and he has the neatest wings too!"
-Raphael- 11/27/18 "There's other matter of a fallen angel. He's been bad one. Assau!ting and mucking where he shouldn't. Where's he hiding?Gotta get his side of the story."
-Raphael- 11/27/18 "I got my orders from The Father. I m tutor your lil' angel in some aspects. Seems the little rascal been dispensing cures? She's done right well and she will learn from me...Now where is Az. He took off from me when I tole him to drop his pants so I could make sure of no infection." She shrugs her shoulders and smiles at Seraphina. "Gone demon for him. I was there.."
Luciana Morning Star 11/27/18 *Ana pulled out her slingshot and made a fast delivery to Uncle Azzie's tender spot on his arse.* "I am my daddy's daughter! You can't touch me! Talk to Jr about filching your green! You left beer out for him too!"
-Azazel_ 11/27/18 "Any way have you seen Lyl?" He says while shaking his head. "I am going to go and see if I can find her. I lost the trail in town."
-Azazel_ 11/27/18 Looks at the chicken legg in hand and grins."Not anymore I am not. And yes that little angelic satanspawn did as matter if a fact." And eye brow raises looking at them."What are you two doing." He says watching the tiny women lean around the couch in awward ways.
-Azazel_ 11/27/18 Yellow eyes peer over the sunglasses. He watched the child talk to her mother then, smirked.He fishies aroun in her fridge pulling out a chicken leg and waves it around "Ohhhh Sera dearest!!" He says in the most annoying tone ever. "A word if you please." He glares at the female child.

"Your little creature shot me! And just for sh!ts and giggles has anyone seen my wife?"
Luciana Morning Star 11/23/18 *Ana looked up at her mommy and she bit her lower lip. Her vibrant blue eyes turned to a stormy gunmetal gray. She yelped when her jeans and sweater disappeared to a small set of black fighting leathers. Her wings came out and unfurled in a few seconds.8 "Ouch! He says daddy can't stop him. Gotta stop him." *Her little chin went up.* "Father don' like either!"
Raven_D 11/23/18 Welcome to the dark side!
Luciana Morning Star 11/22/18 *Ana's small hands went over her ears and she shook her head. A nasty voice sounded in her mind. That wasnot The Father's voice in her mind. Was He testing her again? Father was gentle but strong with her. That wasnot His voice! It was the voice of Samil booming his threats to her and others she knew. Seraph'm!?!?! Auntie Rora!?! The bad man was telling her she could do nothing. She would go to Aunt Rora, Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Rav and Uncle Az!* "YOU bad man! YOU will get your @ss kicked!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/22/18 *Ana looked at the contents of the cabinet. She pointed to a pair of guns and their holster. If they were sized to her small frame she could conceal them. She saw the silver crosses on them.* "Those please!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/22/18 *Ana looked at the small gun that Jr had given. It was a pretty silver derringer with a pearl handle on it. Jr had found it in the dirt and thought it was a toy gun. She had learned differently. She had just shot someone called Samil in his butt. He was a very bad man and she knew he was doing something naughty to Auntie Lyl.* "Mommy! I need Keppler underpants! I shot Samil in his @ss!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/22/18 *Ana nodded at her mommy. Her mommy knelt down and took her small hand in hers. She found a napkin wrapped around her finger.* "I poked it wif my sword. I pulled out a feather for's the key... he tole daddy I got all the 'gotz' . I have to share with him. The scroll is for you or daddy... I gife Jr a sword and a necklace. Arc' or Serapfim. Father said choice..."
*She looked into her mommy's eyes.* "I hafe to keep Jr safe."
Luciana Morning Star 11/21/18 *Ana sat by herself with her 'presents' from The Father. She bit her lower lip as she felt the edge of the small sword. She winced but she didnot yelp in pain. She took the feather pen and it didnot hurt her. She looked at the small scroll and pondered that too. She looked at daddy and Jr together. She could hear them. They were talking about her. The mumbled words between them. She had parted with the sword and necklace. She hadnot given daddy or mommy that scroll. She had been to excited or scared at meeting Him for the first time." "I gotta tell daddy or mommy about that scroll!" *She got up and looked at daddy and her brother. She'd go to mommy. Something told her Jr needed daddy. She'd man up to them later. Jr's wing was a test from Father. She had her first test and she had to do the right thing. She pulled out of her small feather and winced at the pain. She locked at Henry, Lucien's dove. * "Take this to Jr...Daddy will understand." She stood up and went in search of her mommy. Archange or Seraphim it didnot matter to her. Her brother did and that was all that was important to her. She knew when angel plucked a feather out. It was to tell them you stood with them as family. One wing or two wings would do the job. She understood the 'true' test and lesson Father had given her.*
Jr Morning Star 11/21/18 He sat on his bed with a pile of blocks. Building castles and using his little army men to fight and protect. One half trying to raid the castle. Getting frustrated while doing so. He sneezes and a wing pops out of his back. One single chocolate brown wing. And with that wing he spins in a circle slowly not actually going any where much like a top does. This upsetting him more, His eyes turn black as he screams out for his momma. "MOMMY, Help me"
Jr Morning Star 11/21/18 Laying his head down on her shoulder, thumb in mouth. Big brown eyes blinked and he yawns again."Long hard goes buzzzzzzz, light-saber I thinks. She keeps it in her bedroom drawers."
Jr Morning Star 11/21/18 He was covered in a mixture for pot, bread butter and beer as he clung to his moms leg. Brown eye red and puffy, the little prince was yawning. "I swepy. And Ana made mess. I was making stuffins. Can I has a toy like Ravs for Christmas?"
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *Ana looked at her mommy.* "I burnded her door. Jr needed me. Sumthing funny on my back...too." *A small pair of pearly white wings unfurled.* "Mommy!!!!"
_Aurora_ 11/20/18 I bring them back to you and they are already terrorizing the place in under 24 hours! I will go hide in my cabin and let me know when they are teenagers.
Raven_D 11/20/18 *Brings Jr to his mother Hanging by a leg. Passing him over to her.* Dose this belong to you by any chance?!. I am going to eat him. And the other one blasted open my door."
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 "Daddy got a booboo. Jr gave me a toy gun. I am sorry!" *Ana wailed as she cried her head on her mommy's shoulder.* "I shot daddy in the @ss!"
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/20/18 An eye brow raises as Sera comes in. Picking up Ana in her arms. What happened? what happened. He breaths out and gains at least a bit pride back. "She shot me!"
Jr Morning Star 11/20/18 Wandering through the house teddy bear in tow. Jr peeks around the corner. "Mom, momma, Mommy! Where is you?" Continues around the next corner while peeking over the sunglasses uncle Az gave him. "Mommy?"
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 "Mommy!" *She giggled as her mother picked her up and she hugged her mommy.*
Lylith_ 11/18/18 Sera
"No. I am serious. Look just take care of the others. Az as well. Until we meet again."

As she leaves their home and heads down through the streets she tosses her phone in a trash can. She was not giving Sam access to any of them as long as she breathed.
Lylith_ 11/18/18 Sera
"If you don't hear from me do not come looking for me. Stay where you are."
Lylith_ 11/18/18 She would send a quick text before heading out.

"I'm sorry. Something has come up. If you need help go to Az. I'm sorry."
_Aurora_ 11/14/18 You have been to quiet. What are you up to? *squints*
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