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Original Start Date:- October 03, 2008
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Born: December 02, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 4
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 358
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 6
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02/25/20 at 9:21 pm
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 I brought joy to the Realm - Christmas 2019

Nickolas_Knight's Biography
Name:- Nickolas Knight
Height:- 5'11"
Weight:- 240 lbs
Age:- 139
Description:- Short White/Black hair, Hazel eyes
Sex:- Male
Race:- Vampire/ Witch
Marital Status:- Taken
Pets:- Spotted Eagle-Owl named Cin

Appearance:- Usually seen wearing a pair of Black cargo pants with red dragons on the pants legs, a Black shirt that has a white dragon on the back of it, and a pair of Black gloves that have a red dragon on one and a white dragon on the back of them.

Weapons:- He carries a pair of knives on his sides that each have runes on them. One is black with a red blade. The other is white with a blue blade. Sometimes he carries a Katana on his back that was given to him by ex wife Cassidy when he was with her for the first time. Its hilt is shaped like a Dragon the blade is black with a Orange flame pattern on it.

Powers & Abilities:- (Vampire Powers) Enhanced Speed, strength, senses. Learning more as I gain in strength. (Magical Powers) Shadow, Fire, Green, and limited healing. Slowly learning how to use Air and Water magic.

Bio:- Born in the year 1880 in the state of Georgia. He was turned on his 21st Birthday while in Key West. From then on he has wondered from city to city trying to find his place and make his mark. His Sire unknown to him still to this day left him for dead. All he remembers was the night he awoke with a woman saying you are a Vampire and there is nothing I will teach you at this time. You will learn the hard way as I have. When you find me next time, you will be ready for what I have to offer. With that she vanished into thin air. His only training is that of Martial arts Sword fighting to be more specific. He also has his training as a witch mostly in the shadow arts. His family has a long standing line of witches. Threw his Shadow Magic he has grown a pair of wings they are made of black ichor from his back only when he needs them. Over the years he has learns to harness the magical powers of Shadow, Fire, Earth, and Healing. He has been learning how to use Water and Air but so far he hasn't mastered them.
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Val Dawnbreaker

Livia Vlcek

Ronan Boru

Last five threads posted in:
Val Dawnbreaker 02/20/20 " I know but still." She snuggled up with him and relax happy to be home.
Val Dawnbreaker 02/20/20 She smiles and give him a kiss " I know iam late but happy Valentine day."
Val Dawnbreaker 02/20/20 Giggles " Yay someone missed me! Hehe i'm glade and glade to be back here and in your arms its been far too long."
Val Dawnbreaker 02/20/20 " I am well i have missed you very much." She smiles and gets all cuddled up.
Val Dawnbreaker 02/06/20 She blinks at him but your not stupid and why would you say that?
Val Dawnbreaker 02/06/20 She smiles and give him a kiss on the cheek " Well anything interesting going on that iv have missed?"
Val Dawnbreaker 02/05/20 She nods and smiles I would love that and yes we do. What place did you have in mind darling? Slips her arms around his.
Val Dawnbreaker 02/02/20 Grins Oh and here I thought you enjoy my naughty side?
Val Dawnbreaker 02/01/20 She giggles looking at him " I know it has i have return to take over the world wanna help?" She grins up at him all excited to be back. " Have you been good while iv been gone?"
Val Dawnbreaker 02/01/20 Val sneaks over and pounces on Nick "Hello Stranger how are you?" She smiles and hugs him from behind. " Its been awhile heh."
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