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Gray Taylor

Last five threads posted in:
Gray Taylor 01/12/20 Gray is sat at his desk, impatient as he looks through the emails that seem to only ever multiply. His mind simply isn't on his work, instead comfortably thinking of far better things. Incapable of focusing, he glances at his phone before shooting off a cheeky text.

Remind me again what we are waiting for?
Gray Taylor 01/01/20 “I’m assuming you pissed off my employer so much that he doesn’t want to see either of us,” Gray let’s out an amused huff as he pulls Bodhi closer. It doesn’t sit right with him, but there is little to be done on the matter. Someone would be walking in eventually, and that is when the answers would be had. “Whatever it is, it will be fine.”

That said, he sets the phone aside and nods toward the controllers. “You enjoying that?”
Gray Taylor 12/31/19 "Termination," he mutters under his breath as he rereads the message received. The game controller previously in hand has been thoroughly set aside, and Gray is concentrating as hard as he can to determine how seriously to take this. One glance at Bodhi, a raised brow, and he drapes an arm around his perfect partner's shoulders, pulling him close.

"It's not time. It's fine," Gray ensures him, soothing them both. A kiss is pressed to Bodhi's temple, chilled though he is, and he chooses the path of humor. "Here, I thought I already found my enforcer."
Gray Taylor 12/15/19 "Was that a glare? Is that what that looks like?" Gray is doing his very best not to laugh, releasing Bodhi's hand so that he might wrap his arms around the man, pulling him into a hug. "We will go. We are going," he's chuckling quietly, pressing a kiss to his partner's temple.

Taking a breath, he shakes his head gently before disengaging, passing Bodhi an amused glance as he moves to the liquor cabinet. "...Keeping your stash in here too, are you?" He questions, extracting the telltale supplies that belong to only Bodhi. One glance at them, another glance at Bodhi, and he pauses before making the executive decision. "I've never smoked this shit before."
Gray Taylor 12/14/19 Gray wouldn't miss the way the air shifts as Bodhi thinks it through, however quick the process may be. Something tells him, no matter how much of this is about sharing, it would surely break the man into pieces along the way. It is something he must steel himself for, preparing in all the ways he feels so ill equipped. God knows, he isn't ready to return to Poland, either. "If you're sure," he would let it go, easily leaning into the offered closeness.

And then, a laugh. "When she sets her mind to something..." he agrees, before smirking. "But I'm less interested in the girls, right now."
Gray Taylor 12/14/19 His free hand lifting, Gray would run his thumb along Bodhi's jaw as he studies the man. It's ruthless, it's true, but he is more comfortable in observation than he is in discussion. A quiet hum escapes him, a kiss pressed to the corner of his mouth, as he takes his time in this blissfully private moment to think on it all. "I do want to see it," he grins ever so slightly.

"But if you aren't ready, I can absolutely talk to her." Offer laid out, he presents to Bodhi an out that is, hopefully, not taken. Gray remembers well the story of the monk, and can only guess at this being the root of his hesitations.
Gray Taylor 12/13/19 Watching Claire walk out of the room, Gray has a wicked smirk upon his face. It is only when the door is closed that he would push himself up to stand, closing the distance between himself and Bodhi. “India,” he reiterates, taking his partner’s hand and pulling him toward him. “How do you feel about that?”
Gray Taylor 12/07/19 Bodhi
Come in off the balcony, and collect your prize.
Gray Taylor 12/06/19 Bodhi
Bloemfontein, Jerusalem, or Tokyo?
Gray Taylor 11/28/19 Bodhi
I'll be back soon.
I just need some air.
Gray Taylor 11/14/19 Grimace isn't even the word for it. Nor, scowl. Gray is trying to decide on how he feels about this, and what direction to go in. Why must things always get messy. "...Sounds delightful."

It doesn't, and it is obvious he thinks so.

Bringing Bodhi in, he moves to ensnare his partner in a hug. "Later... I promise, later."
Gray Taylor 11/14/19 Gray smirks slightly, shaking his head as he prepares to answer, only to change his mind. Within minutes, he is in the apartment, easily spotting Bodhi and taking steps toward the man. "What would you call it, then?"

Grinning in his Cheshire way, he presses a kiss to Bodhi's forehead. "I'm still sorry. I know it's been trying for you."
Gray Taylor 11/14/19 Bodhi
I am sorry, for dragging you about.
Gray Taylor 11/14/19 Bodhi
It is, yes.
I’ll be at the apartment in a few.
Gray Taylor 11/14/19 Gray reads and rereads, sure that he is missing something. But he isn’t. At all. And it is concerning - but he said what he had said.

New York it is.
You need a proper jacket, though.
Gray Taylor 11/14/19 Bodhi
Not this time, Bodhi.
I’m following you.
Gray Taylor 11/14/19 Bodhi
It’s fine. I promise you.
Where would you like to go?
Gray Taylor 11/14/19 Bodhi
I thought you’d be jumping at the chance to bask in the sun.
Gray Taylor 11/14/19 Bodhi
Get packed. Warm weather ahead.
Mackenzie 11/04/19 Bodhi
Someone is grumpy.
See you in a bit.
No partners allowed.
Mackenzie 11/04/19 Bodhi
I'm a dramatic woman.
You don't drink, I don't eat.
Parks are overused.
You have somewhere else in mind?
Mackenzie 11/04/19 Bodhi
Westminster Bridge?
Mackenzie 10/13/19 Bodhi
Heads up - Victor is going to be seeking your man.
He’s not happy.
Perhaps if you travel with him, we could meet in London and compare notes.
Mackenzie 10/10/19 There is a small smile that appears as she reads his response, knowing and understanding and completely amused. Mackenzie truly does wish that she could have met him under different circumstances. But then, what would they even have to discuss? They're far too different, and she doubts there would be much substance there. It is so comforting, though. The knowledge that someone else shares your own fears, that you aren't alone.

Siberia isn't for everyone. It's a cold place, and there is heartache everywhere. Jasper is much better at handling that than Claire. Please watch over her? She was very close to her father.
I'd love to sit with you, and talk. Just us. It is a lonely, guilty road we travel, you and I.
Honestly, I think Jasper is jealous of you. You two appear to be so easy, and effortless. Those two never had that. Gray is yours. All you need to do is draw him out of whatever corner he's backed himself into.
Best of luck.
You're a better man than most.
And you have got this.

As an afterthought, she taps out another message, a wild smirk spreading across her visage. It is private, and nothing she has any right to know, but she shares it regardless - and prays that Bodhi would use it, and all would go well.

Go dominate his damn heart. ;)
Keep me posted on your findings.
Mackenzie 10/10/19 Bodhi
Henri always did have a good nose.
The sweets may be Claire’s. I’m not sure. Neither of us are that big on them.

She takes a breath. Mackenzie has expected him to hold that grudge, given that she certainly would if the roles were reversed. The second message that comes in, though... that one knocks the breath out of her. Only one half of this is her expertise.

She feels this, though.

On a deeply personal level.

I know Jasper will never go back, but I do have my fears where they are concerned, and there is jealousy.
What happened between them was ugly, and I will be the first to admit that I’ve been pushing Jasper to fix it. In the end, it’s my fault, and I own it. Gray has trouble letting go of things, and their last encounter was volatile. Jasper was only doing what he thought best, but it’s clear now that this has impacted your relationship.

Between us, neither of them really let go. But Jasper did move on, and it seems that Gray is truly trying. If you want my honest opinion, his issue is less about moving on. Ask him what they fought about. Don’t let him bottle up, and close off. No matter how shaky, you should know that I’ve literally never seen him smile like he did that night.
Gray Taylor 10/03/19 F-cking Siberia is wearing everyone down. Almost, everyone. He hadn't expected this, though. Not Bodhi. As a result, he is at the forefront of his mind. Stepping into the room he could only ever define as a museum, Gray would cross the space, stopping just within arms reach. He's not sure when he became so hesitant. "I've been trying to.." f-ck, when did he get so desperately nervous. "That painting thing you suggested. Could you help?"
Mackenzie 10/03/19 It isn't often, particularly now, that Mackenzie would part from Jasper and wander off alone. They'd made their agreements, made clear their tells, she had cut her hair, ad they have their signals. There are things they both must do, and thus, they'd parted. Her business took her to Wahnsinn, where she charmed her way into the phone number for one Bodhi Jones.

He'd taken off to Siberia with Gray and the girls, but this particular man had been on her mind for some time now. So she made her call, going to voicemail - just as she expected. "Bodhi, this is Mackenzie. I got your number from... it doesn't matter, really. Right. Listen, I just wanted to apologize to you about what happened at the bar that night. Sarah tells me you're pretty much her new favorite person, and if she likes someone.. this is getting ridiculous. Listen. Sorry about that, stay safe in Siberia, and if all else fails, there is a f-ck ton of weed in the blue vase to the right of the front door. Don't let Henri know."

Hanging up, she groans at herself, muttering something under her breath about taking the high road and all that.
Gray Taylor 09/24/19 There's a flurry of peace within him when contact is made, and he settles into it before he would meet Bodhi's dark gaze. The storm is hardly calm. If anything, he struggles more now than ever. Gray feels exposed and disarmed, every aspect of his life completely out of his control.

"Yea, well," he whispers, a rueful smile toying at the corner of his mouth despite it all. It tells of his indiscretion. "...It might be a bit late for that."

A quiet groan, and he glances sideways before pulling Bodhi into him in a tight embrace. A moment is taken before he would whisper his thanks, gratitude deeply present in each and every word.
Gray Taylor 09/24/19 "So, what? You would have us stay, and fight? To live in these tunnels and accept this as our fate?" Shaking his head, Gray pulls his hand away, sending off one final message before accepting his fate.

His fears don't matter, when faced with this.

"What happens when you see me here, and it isn't me? What happens when they stab you in the back, in my name? What happens when we cannot trust one another? What then?" Standing, he returns to his pacing, running a hand through his unkempt hair.

"What if we hurt one another?"

The question is little more than a whisper, but it carries loudly in this small space. His mind is already made up, and voicing it is telling of the hand he holds close to his chest. Stopping in his tracks, he takes a moment to work through it, doing his best to gather himself once more before finally facing his partner. "I can't, and won't, leave you, Bodhi."
Gray Taylor 09/24/19 It takes a few more paces before Gray would sigh in defeat, stepping to the chair and taking a restless seat upon the edge. He leans forward, resting his head in his hands as he listens, keeping Bodhi within his peripheries as if the man might disappear entirely - or worse. "I am not here to solve the problems of the many," he mutters.

A heavy sigh escapes him as he pushes himself to sit up, body still refusing to relax. They are sitting in the very center of a sure danger he has never been prepared to face again. "Bodhi, I only care about those with whom I share my life. Neither of us are equipped to save the world, and pretending we might even be capable would only bring disappointment."

Reaching a short distance, he places his hand upon Bodhi's arm, giving it a gentle squeeze. "The only thing that can be done is the best we can to keep each other safe..."

Swallowing, he holds up his phone with his free hand. "Jasper has offered his family home up.. in Siberia."
Gray Taylor 09/24/19 "Yes," he would insist quietly. Gray is manic in his worries, but controlled despite his own creeping anxiety. There is little work being done to hide it from Bodhi, and he doubts he could from anyone. He knows how this goes, and has been down this road.

"There is always somewhere." There is a full understanding of the stakes. Outside this room, familiar faces patrol the tunnels, platforms, and city. It always starts this way. What he wants to avoid is the next stage: extermination. "If we stay here, we are sitting ducks."

A pause, and his gaze lowers to the floor as he reflects.

"I can't do it again."

So resolute is he, there is no room for questioning the meaning behind his words. Still, he begins to pace, hands stuffed into his pockets as he works through his thoughts. A moment would pass before he pulls out his phone, sending off a single text to the last person he would ever want to speak to. "We have no way of knowing who we are really talking to out there. There is no choice but to go. We can't fight this. Not at this stage."
Gray Taylor 09/18/19 There had been not a moment wasted as Gray made his way into Wahnsinn, barely capable of navigating the space he'd never actually bothered to visit before. He recalls a conversation about Rat King's and sewers, and he had vowed to never step foot in such a place. Yet, here he is.

A few messages are sent as he moves, looking for direction as he hardly pays attention to others in his path. There is no time to discern between friend or foe. Finally, he finds himself outside the door, knocking upon it as he shoots off a text to indicate that it is, in fact, him. The moment it opens, Gray would let himself in and close the door behind him.

Steel hues flicker over his partner, deciding quickly that it is, in fact, him. Stepping forward, he would press a soft kiss upon him, expressive of his relief. "We've under occupation," he murmurs, and his anxiety builds are far uglier memories begin to resurface. "Leave with me."
Gray Taylor 09/17/19 Gray automatically moves, finding his fingers typing away a natural response before he realizes what he is doing and takes pause. There isn’t time to assess this for himself, instead erasing the text with a sigh before typing out a new message. He would instantly forget what he’s just done, too focused on getting through Wahnsinn and to him.

Everything will be fine.
Ten minutes. Don’t open the door for anyone else.
I will text you when I get there so that you know it’s me.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 09/17/19 I heard the realm was getting full of doppelgangers. So this is a plus. We are some handsome fellows are we not?"
Gray Taylor 09/17/19 Bodhi
No. Stay there. I’ll come to you.
It seems nowhere in the city is safe.
I’ll be there as quickly as I can.
Gray Taylor 09/15/19 Standing out on the street with a complete stranger, Gray's mind is only on one person as he tries to navigate the best way to ensure his partner's safety. Anxiety is knotting him up, and he simply will not be able to relax until he has eyes him, the ghost of whispers echoing within his mind.

Something isn't right.
Where are you? Meet me at Wahnsinn?
I need to see you.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 09/11/19 *Stop in tracks*
*Looks at curiously*
*Raise brow and smirks*
Gray Taylor 08/19/19 And just like that, Gray is taken at his word. The weight crushes him now, nearly pushing the air from his lungs entirely under such duress. He doesn’t deserve this, and Bodhi deserves better company altogether. All the while, Jasper’s last words ring through his mind. “I need to go deal with this..” It is without affections that he would rise to his feet, setting about preparing himself for god only knows what. “Text me, if you need anything. I won’t be long.”
Gray Taylor 08/19/19 “Great,” would be his answer. Gray’s burden is his own, and he would ignore the weight settling further upon his shoulders as he lies through his teeth. It is only natural. “Just a dissatisfied customer. Not the first, not the last.”

Restless, Gray glances around before meeting Bodhi’s sights. Things have been unbalanced lately, ever since they collided. “My own fault, this time.”
Gray Taylor 08/19/19 The texts had been flying back and forth in a fury of quick responses, each more volatile than the next. Gray had worked hard to hide his frustrations from the man beside him, whose shoulder he leans into as he feigns work. It is the moment the last text rolls in that he deflates, immediately knowing and asking questions anyway. They go unanswered, and he takes a moment to reflect.

A glance is had in Bodhi’s direction, automatically moving to press his lips briefly to the man’s temple before turning his phone off completely. “Sorry,” he would murmur.

He’s already f-cking it all up, and he knows it.
Gray Taylor 08/18/19 Mr. Jones
You think I’m that shallow?
The real question is can you put up with me for three consecutive days.
Gray Taylor 08/18/19 Mr. Jones
Don’t make me leave you with the pastry lady.
Gray Taylor 08/18/19 Mr. Jones
It will be fine.
I don’t plan on putting you in a poor position.
Gray Taylor 08/18/19 Mr. Jones
Having second thoughts?
Gray Taylor 08/18/19 Mr. Jones
If no one dies, I will consider it a success.
Gray Taylor 08/18/19 Mr. Jones
I’m not a gambling man.

Mr. Jones
I’m sure it’ll be fine.
Gray Taylor 08/18/19 Mr. Jones
Quite the opposite of bored.
Pembroke can be arranged.
How is your poker face?
Gray Taylor 08/18/19 Mr. Jones
True. I could lend you a Sarah. She learned from the best.
Need to go to Wales for work.
Up for a trip?
Gray Taylor 08/17/19 Mr. Jones
What does your schedule look like, the next few days?
Gray Taylor 08/16/19 There is no stopping Gray's laughter now, recognizing utter bullsh-t for exactly what it is. "Oh, wow," he shakes his head, running a hand over his face. "Their expectations of me are clear. But you?" A quiet tsk sounds, watchful of the captivating man beside him as he continues their playful banter. "I just hope you don't crack under the pressure."
Gray Taylor 08/13/19 “People might start to think I’m soft.” His answer is flat, but his amusement is apparent as he turns his head to look at his companion fully. “You are going to be obnoxious about this dinner, aren’t you?” Even more obvious, he doesn’t really mind at all. “Such a showman.”
Gray Taylor 08/13/19 "Maybe. I doubt I will be getting a word in edgewise, with those two around." At this, he smirks, tilting his head back and casting a side-eye at his counterpart. Happiness is contagious. F-ck that. The smirk falls to his usual, neutral mask. "Is this your revenge, Mr. Jones?" A playful huff, and he sinks into his seat. "I have a reputation to uphold.

Gray Taylor 08/13/19 Bringing the phone back to his ear, Gray makes sure to speak clearly for all. "Tell Claire that Mr. Jones will join us for dinner tomorrow," with this, he raises an inquisitive brow to Bodhi, "night. She can grill us then." With that, he hangs up, letting out a halfhearted groan. "It's like they've never seen a man before."
Gray Taylor 08/13/19 Gray pulls the phone from his ear, looking at Bodhi with an expression that rests between amusement and annoyance. "Sarah is offended that she hasn't officially met you."
Gray Taylor 08/09/19 "Of course, I am. It's incredibly difficult to have privacy with those two around." Takes two steps, indicative of a desire to move. "Hungry?"
Gray Taylor 08/09/19 "I wasn't aware that our second meeting was business. Maybe I read you wrong, after all." He looks completely serious, mask up and amusement gone.

He's not serious at all.
Gray Taylor 08/09/19 "You want to see me at work?" Gray raises a brow. "I'm not sure you could handle that."
Gray Taylor 08/09/19 Just as he is about to give his rebuttal, the tune changes and Gray effectively gets what he wants. A slight smirk plays at the corners of his mouth, and he gives a shrug. "You obviously weren't trying very hard to dissuade me."
Gray Taylor 08/08/19 “I’m a terminal bachelor,” Gray scoffs. “Of course I cook. Did you think I eat take-out every meal? Now. Let’s talk about that soul.”
Gray Taylor 08/08/19 “Here, I thought you were the fun one.” He smirks. “I’m disappointed.”
Gray Taylor 08/07/19 "Do you want to sign your soul to me?" Narrowing his eyes slightly, Gray works hard to keep his amusement from his features. "It can be arranged.."
Samantha Winchester 08/07/19 "Nice to meet you Bodhi. I do hope your stay with us is a long one."
Gray Taylor 08/07/19 "I'll be sure to write that into the agreement." Smirking, Gray inclines his head slightly, never once taking sights off him. "Of course, perhaps this is one instance where choice isn't necessary."
Gray Taylor 08/07/19 "That depends," Gray raises a brow. "Are you capable of putting them out yourself, or am I meant to also come and do that, as well? There are details here that can't be overlooked."
Gray Taylor 08/07/19 “I’m just wondering, but what is your sense of urgency? Existent, or..?” Despite the question, Gray is truly amused. This level of laid back isn’t something he has ever encountered.
Gray Taylor 08/07/19 “My circumstances took a turn,” Gray easily meets Bodhi’s hickory hues. “You do realize that there is a woman here who is blatantly deranged, yes?”
Samantha Winchester 08/06/19 Welcome to the coven. My name is Sammi if you are ever in need of something please look for me.
Shadwyn Drake 08/05/19 Welcome to the coven!
Mackenzie 08/05/19 Oh, honey, no.
There’s kinky and then there’s that.
That sounds like the darker version of puppies in a van.
Mackenzie 08/05/19 -Wrinkles nose-
The f-ck were they trying to do?
Black market wigs?
Hair is a precious thing. That’s heinous of him.
Mackenzie 08/05/19 Oh, no. It’s pure jealousy.
There’s zero excuse.
Though, the compliment is appreciated.
-Leans in-
Don’t trust anyone that cuts it all off.
Mackenzie 08/05/19 -Watches, grins-
-Laughs outright-
It is impressive.
Lucky b-stard.
Gray Taylor 08/04/19 “What the-“ there is no stopping it. For a moment, Gray can only stare down at the fallen soldier. His lifeline, quite literally. The only thing that breaks him is the heavy feeling of a hand upon his shoulder, and a cold stare would turn upon the man. “Indeed.” He is furious, though not at this stranger. Crouching, he gathers the broken wreck before standing once more. A glance is had in Bodhi’s direction, a heavy, defeated sigh following, and Gray takes off wordlessly. F-ck it all.
Daxx- 08/04/19 "You can pay it forward if you like I have plenty for myself."
Mackenzie 08/04/19 -Already fingers deep in luscious locks-
-Slow retracts-
Gray Taylor 08/04/19 Gray is in a hurry. So much so that, with the phone pressed to his ear, his weaving through people leads him to shoulder check one unsuspecting pedestrian. A glance over his shoulder is had, sights flickering over the man, and the choice is made to remain silent. He has work to tend to, and one very upset client.
Daxx- 08/04/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
Mackenzie 08/04/19 ...You are lying to me.
That is not the hair of errant shampoo.
Mackenzie 08/04/19 What shampoo are you using?
Geoffrey Drake 08/04/19 Welcome to the realm.
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