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Caera Marie


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Born: December 01, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 13
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The day we stop having hope, love, and companionship is the day we meet our true death. For through hope we have no limits, in love we know no bounds, and with companionship we learn who we are and what we are capable of.
Caera Marie's Biography
(Always open to rp. The more descriptive the better.Bio under construction. )

Name: Caera Marie
Age: 487
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Amber
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Tattoos and piercings: a rose with a dagger through it on left shoulder blade, a dragon wrapped around right thigh, left side of nose is pierced, both ears and belly button.

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New YorkMaClaren's Pub
Created by Barney Stinson
TokyoCafé Number Six
Created by Sixeriosix
Frank 01/09/18 The young man is clearly puzzled by this revelation. He stares and Caera and blinks slowly trying to process her words. He lifts both his palms in front of him. “So this this is your father a deceased man” he stammers while waving his right hand. Taking in a soothing breath he waves his left hand. “This is your deceased mom so they.. they... came together” he clasps his hands in front of himself and points his fingers at her. “And..and they made you a lively..dead..undead undead girl.” Frank rubs the back of his neck trying to make sense of it. “Do vampires like.. do they eat all blood or like do they.. do vam..vampires get stuck underground?” He babbles on a different wave length. “So you were b..born this way from the thing and and and you eat people. “ A small smile envelopes his lips as his eyes widen in momentarily glee. “Socks do that?! Neat. I need to find myself a pair! ...Vampires wear socks?”
Frank 01/08/18 “I’m..sorry you were what? does…” Frank blinks innocently trying to register it in his head. “Uhh..okay. I.. you were born dead? How can you talk? Oh. Wait. Are you using magic? That would make sense. Pleasure to meet you Caera. Weakened socks.. ? Oh heavens. Should I? Should be weakening my socks?! I mean I just wear the fuzzy kind normally they bring me warmth in my shoes and make my toes feel like friends out on a picnic.. right what were we..” He rambles onward awkwardly, his gaze taking a far off look.

Frank 01/08/18 "Uhh.. Hello. I'm Frank...T-thank you? I seek to know the meaning of life.. is it too late to find that out? I mean I'm not dead-dead. Wait, I might be. I can't feel my socks."
Matias Alvaro 01/05/18 "You did not butcher it. This is how you butcher it." The man brought a fist to his mouth followed by the sound of his throat clearing. When he spoke, his natural Latin American accent was gone and replaced by that of a stereotypical Texan. "Graciahs, amigio. Como eystses?" A bright grin spread across his face while his hand removed the sunglasses from his face, placing them into his jacket pocket. His accent was returned as he spoke. "And I am Matias, it is a pleasure. And thank you for the welcome. It is...odd to be welcomed."
Matias Alvaro 01/05/18 Both brows raised from under the sunglasses in surprise. The woman had tried to communicate in his native language. How thoughtful. A chuckle left the man's lips. "Not too bad. A much better attempt than most I have heard."
Matias Alvaro 01/05/18 The man pulled his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose ever so slightly revealing dark brown eyes. They glanced the woman over once. A grin slid across his visage while his sunglasses returned to their original placement. "Gracias seńorita."
Barney Stinson 01/04/18 "Would you believe that it involved a government official and my bed?" I asked grinning.
Barney Stinson 01/03/18 I was at the pub deep in conversation with a young vixen when I heard my phone. I apologized as I checked ot with a grin. $Great will hit you up in a bit.$ I replied.
Sheridan J Mayfair 01/03/18 -Sheridan sends a note to Ceara- Ceara I got your decorations and used them . I hope you had a lovely Yule and New year. Det. Mayfair
Isis Dracul 01/02/18 Isis left a gift for the woman with only a note that read :

“To ensure you never miss your flight”

Derek Norse 01/02/18 Derek squints, glancing around before lifting a can of expired cheese whiz upward to spray a glob of the mystery sh-t into his mouth.. and then, promptly talks through it. "I'm just here for a good time."
Weston Norse 01/02/18 “Derek Norse. He’s about my height and usually smells like weed and cheese whiz.” The man was unmissable, really.
Weston Norse 01/02/18 “….okay. Thanks.” A bemused stare met the woman’s greeting, although a mildly professional veneer took over momentarily. He offered a brief flash of a gold detective shield. “I am looking for someone, though. Have you seen this man?”

Barney Stinson 12/31/17 I leaned back on a car as I watched the crowd of people on the street. the year was coming to an end and what a year it had been since arriving here. I only hope the fun continued when I felt the poke to my side. "Is there any other way to end the year?" I thought smirking
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Marry X-Mas and happy holidays!
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