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Kellie Auber


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Born: September 16, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 73
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 342
Home City: Tokyo Mail Sent: 8
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10/20/17 at 6:54 pm
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Kellie Auber's Biography
Name : Kellie Auber Flint (pronounced Kay-lee)(Flint name taken in marriage) DOB: 17 Dec 1767 Place of Birth: Kilkenny, Ireland Age: 250 (appears to be in early to mid 20's Race: Shapeshifter/ Reaper Demon Marital status: Married to Matthew. September 26, 2017. Appearance: Stands 5'4, roughly 145 lbs (soak and wet), with red hair and blue eyes. Clothing: Usually seen wearing a cloak that mostly hides her features, and a pendant. Unable to tell what is under the cloak. Tattoos: a wolf paw print on left hip, a celtic knot on left shoulder, and a fairy on right thigh. Having clawed her way back from the depths of hell once more, the redhead vowed she would never return. Though she doesn't remember much of her time in the pit or the struggle to return the mortal realm the pain from the awakening is enough to make any person question returning. The awakening was the single hardest, painful thing she had ever had to endure. At least as far as she could remember. Seemed that this time around the man downstairs wanted her to prove something and thus stripped her of any memory she may have had.
She awoke to find herself alone and battered but alive. With her head held high she will make something of herself if it is the last thing she does. Wearing a pendant and a curious expression she seeks out those who may have answers for her. Especially answers on her past or even the pendant she wears. She knows not what it is, it's meaning or who gave it to her. Only she feels stronger, more capable, and protected when it is on.

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Nate Mishal 10/19/17 Thanks. I'm sure I will.
Dat Boi 10/18/17 Good! Our latest issues will be coming out soon so keep a look out for That Girl!
Dat Boi 10/18/17 Well if they don't want people to know, why talk about it? No worries, we only do tasteful gossip...unless distasteful gossip is all we got. Which is usually the case.
Dat Boi 10/18/17 I work in pop culture. If that isn't demented, I don't know what is. So I am sure I will fit in wonderfully!
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