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Terrie Steller


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Born: September 22, 2015 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 26
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 336
Home City: Bloemfontein Mail Sent: 77
In Union With: Not in Union Last Login:
Currently Online:
02/02/16 at 11:37 am
Current Mood: Artistic 
Nothing is darker than a false hope.
Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
Black Masquerade ~ 2015 Participant
Terrie Steller's Biography
Name: Terrie
Hight: 4'8
Hair color: Mousy brown
Eye color: Green
Family: unknown
Place of birth: realm of shadows
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Jenna Hex


Last five threads posted in:
MysticRose 01/01/16 Clock Red Stars picture from
Forward to friend / Profile Pictures
MysticRose 12/23/15 ace ventura dancing photo: Ace Ventura Funny-hi5-13.gif
Jenna Hex 12/16/15 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Nicolai Mihaylov 11/12/15 =^.^=
Kharybdis 10/31/15 ψ Dragging the launcher with a basket of pumpkins behind her, Khary stops in front of the door and loads a pumpkin into the device and then fires. The pumpkin, a bit on the ripe side due to the unseasonable heat, splatters all over the door, leaving stringy pumpkin entrails and seeds dripping down the wood. Grinning, she stabs a note on the door with a cheap steak knife. ψ

Nicolai Mihaylov 10/29/15 *nuzzles palm and softly noses the treat from your hand* "I've missed you too. Where ever have you been hiding?"
Nicolai Mihaylov 10/28/15 *nuzzles* Right here pretty lady ^.^
Lenny Shultz 10/20/15 Gasping, sputtering, clutching my sides, I can't answer Terrie. Every time I look at her, the laughter redoubles. What a pair! How comical!

I'm not always an ass, but when I am, I'm a gigantic ass.

"Sorry," I wheeze. "Ahh..." a few more giggles bubble out of me. Hands on knees, I keep my gaze down, resolute on the ground. This laughter will not conquer me.

I straighten, not stopping at my usually slouch, but to full height, to allow Terrie in on my joke. All 6 feet and 3 inches of me stretched to the sky.
Lenny Shultz 10/16/15 Terrie broke the Matrix. That's...huge. Ginormus. Gigantic. Godzilla-sized. I need to shake her hand. Weaving my way through the coven, I stumble upon a face I don't recognize. No. Seriously, I almost trip over a tiny human.

The top of her head barely reaches my chest. Barely. No one wonder I almost walked right over her. My lips stretch as I fight back a grin, biting them shut. Won't. Won't laugh. "Sor-ahahahaha."

My apology fails stupendously.
Nicolai Mihaylov 10/14/15 *pokes*
Shadwyn Drake 10/13/15 "Welcome to After Dark! Jack Horton leads the weekly pantie raid ermmm.... Mackenzie leads the weekly boxer raid. We all try to steal Jack's boxers... and he has the guys stealing Mackenzie's undies... Is that too much information?"
Kharybdis 10/12/15 ψ Sneaking up behind the new Coven member, Khary tosses a huge handful of bright neon-pink glitter over the other woman. ψ

“Welcome to After Dark! I don’t do Fluffy Critters, so the glitter will have to do. Oh, and watch out for a signing crab. That’s Sebastian, and he likes to pinch -and sing songs with suggestive lyrics. Oh, and keep your room locked. I hear there’s a Mad Prankster running amok.”
Angelica Emperium 10/12/15 *Welcome to AD the best coven in the game she smiled*
Johnny 10/12/15 Thank you for the warm words of welcome. I earn a freckle for each soul I collect. So, countless.
Jack Horton 10/12/15 Jack tacks the picture to Terrie's door before walking away...


Nicolai Mihaylov 09/28/15 *wanders back, most fantastic toy ever in mai mouf for you to play with, with me* *plops it in front of you* Play?
Nicolai Mihaylov 09/28/15 *lix hand once more before trotting off to return with the favorite squeaky steak toy*
Nicolai Mihaylov 09/28/15 *nuzzles under your hand* If you'll throw it for me.
Nicolai Mihaylov 09/28/15 *lix and thwaps tail* pretty lady has stick? *puppy dog eyes*
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