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Born: September 14, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 3 (House only: 0)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 5 (House only: 0)
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01/15/21 at 4:24 pm
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Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately... and so shall we.
Special Items:
 Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Noticed by the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019
2019 Winter Bloodies ~ Most Terrifying Character
2019 Winter Bloodies ~ Best Baddie
I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020
My head is pounding to much to be here, New Years day 2021

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Gray Taylor



Katherine Murray

Headless Journalist
Bloodletting Herald

Last five threads posted in:
LillyEmperium 10/18/20 Congrats on having your face plastered every where Victor
Jewel 04/20/20 Had been more than sure her accusations were insulting but there was very little Jewel cared about.. Mackenzie was one of them. It wasn't easy to ask Victor any of this. If he was capable of such acts towards his former love, to harm her would be nothing to him. A quick fix to his aggravation would be her ending.

With a soft sigh, her gaze from him never fell. Was worried. Everyone was dropping around her and Victor was just about the only person she had left and if she wasn't careful; he'd be gone as well. "I'm sorry.." her voice cracked as she spoke, visually troubled.

"I was told that she wasn't deceased. If that at all brings you any comfort." It had been recent that it was told to her. "I will find out. I will find her. I'm not giving up. Ever."

Jewel 04/05/20 Knew that he knew what she spoke of. They had enough of a bond that he should know. Had trusted him and for that very reason this would be the hardest thing she would ever have to ask him but she had to. With a heavy heart and sigh, she'd stare towards him. Never to drift off.

Knowing him as she did, she knew he wasn't always the gentle man she had known him to be. There was a darker side. A side that Mackenzie had seen and tapped into herself. Victor and Jewel's relationship has never been so intimate.

"Did.. did you do something, Victor? Did you harm her?" Never put anything past anyone but to even have the thought he could have tore her up. All she wanted him to say was no.

LillyEmperium 03/12/20 Hmmm....not sure what you did to get on the posters Victor....bit I'm sure you were up to no good. (Congrats on pod)
Jewel 02/27/20 Enjoyed keeping the man on his toes. Kept the hunt all that more exciting. Smiling; oh so sweetly. Was unsure by his expression if he had any clue of what she wanted of him. He wasn't a man that could easily be read. With a tilt of her head, she'd observe him for a second longer before she inquired.

"Where is she, Victor?" stared with a lofted quizzical brow.

Jewel 02/18/20 "Victor..", she called out to him with a soothing tone. "Ohh, Victor..." Had requested, ever so sweetly, Victor's attention. Jewel needed to speak with him and was only being so patient because she enjoyed the man but if he has done what she might suspect him of doing.. there would be trouble.
Jewel 01/28/20 Now you've really gotten me all hot and bothered.

You witnessed Victor Lockheed attack Melinoe!

Jewel 01/28/20

Oh, Mr. Lockheed..
You've had me since first glance but please, don't let me stop you.
I'd accept the sore neck.

Jewel 01/25/20 Looking quite dashing lately, Mr. Lockheed.
I'd ask if you came here often but I already know the answer.. no.
So, I'll leave all the cheap lines to you.
Jasper Thompson 01/02/20 Unsaved Number
Oof. That's awkward.
I can't believe there's more than one person on this planet whose parents hated them enough to name them Gray.
Jewel 01/01/20 You flatter me, Mr. Lockheed.
With your fear, that is.
Jewel 01/01/20 Only in your weirdest of dreams.
Jewel 12/31/19 You managed to break out Victor Lockheed.

-pulls a Gray-
You're welcome.

Jasper Thompson 12/31/19 Unsaved Number
Oh, gosh, Gray?
How could I have been so blind.
Please, come back to me, my heart just aches.

Unsaved Number
Gray Taylor, right?
Jasper Thompson 12/29/19 Unsaved Number
New phone, who dis?
Gray Taylor 12/29/19 V. Lockheed
Fuck off. This is all the warning you get.
Gray Taylor 12/29/19 V. Lockheed
Funny, I thought it the other way around.
Clean your shit up. Iím coming over.
Gray Taylor 12/29/19 V. Lockheed
You go to church? Since when?
Gray Taylor 12/29/19 V. Lockheed
I think you are a man in desperate need of a warm bed.
Gray Taylor 12/29/19 V. Lockheed
You do not want me to answer that.
Gray Taylor 12/28/19 V. Lockheed
You did not.
Gray Taylor 12/28/19 V. Lockheed
And yet, I have dared you.
Go on, declare your undying love.
Gray Taylor 12/28/19 V. Lockheed
Read 11:10pm

Five minutes later...

V. Lockheed
I fucking dare you.
Gray Taylor 12/28/19 Gray huffs out his amusement.

V. Lockheed
Positively burning.
Who is the competition?
Gray Taylor 12/28/19 V. Lockheed
Mm. Got yourself a girlfriend, yet?
Gray Taylor 12/28/19 V. Lockheed
Bodhi seems to get a kick out of the women, so.
Gray Taylor 12/28/19 V. Lockheed
You know I hate brisket.
Gray Taylor 12/28/19 V. Lockheed
Fucking stop.
Mackenzie 12/28/19 Mackenzie has that feeling. The one you get when someone fixates, and the air vibrates as a hand reaches. The hair on the back of her neck at attention, she remains relaxed despite her alert state. It is only once greedy fingers brush her that she whips around, fully prepared to knock out teeth. When she sees him, she deflated quickly, surprise preceding a hint of melancholy in her icy gaze. She misses him. ďTan,Ē she whispers, breathless.

ďI thought youíd never come around..Ē

Victor Lockheed just failed at stealing money from you!
Gray Taylor 12/28/19 V. Lockheed
We really need to get you out more.
Gray Taylor 12/25/19 V. Lockheed
What do you look for in women?
Outside of loud, foul tempered, and psychotic?
Andrea Ostergaard 12/23/19 Oh, that isn't Godric.


Most situations she took in stride and with good humor.† She preferred to enjoy life. Why spend it being irritated at the things you had little to no control over?† Especially when Godric was your self-appointed pal.

Except the man before her had zero similarity to the one she sought and therefore did not deserve her wrath, so she stifled the anger.† He must be a companion of her friend and the least she could do was be civil.

"I - apologies for barging in.† No, it isn't, which is why I'm looking for Godric to undo this offensive mess.† Did he step out? Do you know where he is?" Andrea smiled.

It never occurred to her that this might not be the correct room.
Mackenzie 12/23/19 FEB
Don't tempt me.
I may just do that.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 V. Lockheed
Then you clearly do not have my wallet.
Mackenzie 12/23/19 FEB
Pulse check.
Don't make me come looking for you.
I will do it.
That's a threat.

And a promise.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 V. Lockheed
I heard you took my wallet.
Jewel 12/17/19 What.

Victor Lockheed just stole $1,516.00 from you!

Must've been digging deep.
Where the hell was I for the feel up?

Andrea Ostergaard 12/12/19 Earlier than she preferred, Andrea swung out of bed and padded over to the bathroom, only to freeze in her tracks when she caught a glimpse of her hair in the mirror. She stared at the vivid shades of blue, purple and pink of what used to be long blonde locks. It was a dye job the best of colorists would envy... and she hadn't done.

Calmly and pausing only to pull on a house robe, she exited her bedroom, crossed the distance to the bedroom Godric had claimed for is own and unceremoniously burst through the door.

"What the FUCK, Godric?!"
Gray Taylor 12/08/19 V. Lockheed
Let's go, asshole.
Jasper Thompson 12/06/19 As soon as he makes contact, the dark man is teetering over, and Jasper is left blinking in the wake of the crash, hand comically hanging in midair. "Fuck me," he whispers with much more vigor, glancing toward the door as he contemplates leaving him to his mess. The internal argument dances across his face in the space of a second and, not without a bit of quiet fit-throwing, he is bending down to wrestle Victor to his feet. "Come on, man, easy does it..."

Jasper will place him in a separate bar stool before stuffing his bottle back in his hand because, why the fuck not? He's not here to stage an intervention, after all. Glance after glance will be afforded to the brooding beast as he sets about picking up the mess - when did this happen, that Jasper cared about order? - and his inner conundrum is rather clear, to anyone that cared to look closely enough.

Finally, with nothing to stall him and a glorious roll of his eyes, he leans into the bar and fixes Victor with an appraising look. Waving his hand in his general vicinity, his quiet words are preceded with a sigh. "What the fuck is all this, Victor? When have you not been able to hold your liquor?"
Jasper Thompson 12/05/19 They just happen to be at the same bar, at the same time, in the same goddamn city.

Respectfully, Jasper keeps his distance. They aren't the best of friends by any stretch of the term, and ever since a certain glass door incident, Victor may have passed some serious, if not downright unfair judgment on him. For once, though, he's not here to cause trouble; only to get drunk.

Thus, the night wears on and the bill wracks up.

When it comes time to settle up, Jasper realizes his wallet hasn't made it to the festivities. "Fuck," he whispers, very noncommittally, his gaze already glancing in Victor's general direction. A shrug sets him on the path his feet have already decided on, and he braces for this to not go his way at all. So, when he succeeds in swiping the cash off his person, he only smirks, tossing the winnings on the bar for his tab while simultaneously clapping him on the shoulder. "Always good to see you, Vic."

You were successful in stealing $179.00 from Victor Lockheed.
Gray Taylor 11/24/19 V. Lockheed
I perfectly understand what it means to live off of the livelihood of others.

V. Lockheed
Glad to hear you're recovering.
Still have a house guest?
Gray Taylor 11/23/19 V. Lockheed
Still alive?
Mackenzie 10/21/19 FEB
That's all? What's her name.
It's shitstorm after shitstorm.
I'm tired of it.

A moments consideration...

Of all of it.
Mackenzie 10/21/19 FEB
How's your health?
Jewel 10/18/19
Gray Taylor 10/09/19 V. Lockheed
We are going to have to discuss this blatant disrespect.
Heís a mastif. And heís goddamn glorious.
Gray Taylor 10/09/19 V. Lockheed
Youíre right. Youíre the man for me.
How did I never realize?
Gray Taylor 10/09/19 V. Lockheed
Really? Because it seems more like you keep trying to convince me.
Gray Taylor 10/09/19 V. Lockheed
I donít know how to tell you this but,
Youíre really not my type.
Gray Taylor 10/09/19 V. Lockheed
A decent human f-cking being. F-ck.
We havenít gotten to stage five sharing.

V. Lockheed
What psycho would put you on the agenda?
I donít really get what all the hype is about.
Gray Taylor 10/09/19 V. Lockheed
And heís coming with.
No reliving the glory days.
Definitely donít mention that one night in New Orleans.

V. Lockheed
Where have you been?
Gray Taylor 10/09/19 V. Lockheed
I f-cking care. Iím trying not to f-ck this up, Lockheed.

V. Lockheed
Fine. You get a long layover.
I owe a goddamn debt.
Gray Taylor 10/09/19 V. Lockheed
I just made someone completely miserable by asking them to follow me to Siberia. Iím not dragging him to London.

V. Lockheed
Besides, they say itís bad luck to return to the scene of a crime.
Gray Taylor 10/09/19 V. Lockheed
Itís a long story.
Think of it as your f-cking exes problem.
Because it is entirely her problem.
Gray Taylor 10/09/19 V. Lockheed
Where the f-ck have you been.
Jewel 10/09/19 -huffs-
I dispute your claims.
-rests chin in palm against his back-
-isn't about to move-
Jewel 10/09/19 I'm officially, unofficially your dead weight.
Can't get away that easy, again.
Jewel 10/04/19 -finds-
-clings to-
Jewel 09/14/19
LillyEmperium 09/14/19 Welcome back Victor
Katherine Murray 09/14/19
Katherine Murray 09/14/19
Jewel 09/14/19 About time..
Katherine Murray 09/14/19 -squints-
Virelai Tylwyth 09/14/19 Yule settled herself at an empty table with her new coven and pulled out her little black, leather-bound book, scrolling down the new list of Ė not names Ė but identifying symbols that marked the new arrivals. There had been a sudden influx of them recently, and she had been so busy adjusting to this new environment that she hadn't had a chance to look at them.

Now though, there was time enough to pen each of them a small note, in which she enclosed a welcome gift. Taking a stick of red wax and a small silver stamp with a spider lily engraved up on it, she flicked open her lighter and melted a good portion of that wax on each small letter's fold. She pressed the seal into them one by one, holding it for a moment, and pulling it away to let it dry.

She signed each with the elegant scroll of a practiced hand, and then with a flick of her wrist sent each of them off to their intended destination.
EtaineNightBreed 09/14/19 Welcome back!
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