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Born: May 11, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 25
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 Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary
Dr Van Helsing went to Las Vegas and all I got was this lousy profile tag!
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If you need help with dungeon breaks, shoot me a message.

Thanks for the #lush banner Mack!

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Darius Rayne

Jasper Thompson
Dark Embracer

Victor Lockheed


Kiernan Tigra

Doctor Horrible

Esper Valari


Last five threads posted in:
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New YorkClash of the Crews
Created by Mackenzie
Book ClubGeneral Topic: What are you currently watching
Created by Doctor Horrible
Esper Valari 01/14/19 Esper had been walking the halls of the coven for a few hours doing things for people he admired or cared for a simple gift of appreciation.

On her doorstep he left a single black rose a card that read.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the Lushest of them all....
Fiona MacKay 01/12/19 -if she could see the photo she would probably note how pretty Elisa is.. but she is blind-
-touches Elisa's face all over to build a better picture-
-ooo's and ahhhh's- Bonnie lass, are ye?
Khellen 01/12/19 *sage nod*

I love all my brothers and sisters equally.
Synetta 12/24/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
HingleMcCringleberry 12/17/18 Mac says quite a few things when she's been hitting the sauce. She sometimes confuses me for an item of hers to barter and trade with. She forgets that I'm no Jon Snow.
Mackenzie 12/16/18 You drive a hard bargain. ...So be it.
Mackenzie 12/16/18 ...
-stares hard-
Are we replacing him, or...?
Mackenzie 12/16/18 Are you sassing me!?
I've found you a husband!
He has no hair, so it's fine.
Mackenzie 12/16/18 Yes. Like this. I said I'd bathe you.
-Looks over, nod of approval-
Good enough. To Hingle!
Mackenzie 12/16/18 -Douses with bucket of water-
You're coming with me.
Mackenzie 12/03/18 Elisa
Rude as f-ck.
You will not.
Mackenzie 11/19/18 Well look what the cat dragged in.
Mackenzie 10/10/18 Elisa
I dare you to put a purple dye pack in the water supply.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 We should dress Jasper for Halloween. Thoughts?
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 B-tch
That’s my b-tch.
I look forward to more secrets.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 B-tch
First off, I’d love to know how you managed that.
Second, that’s good protein.
Thanks for looking out.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Elisa
Then there may be some well-fed geese ready to take a sh-t.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Elisa
Crunchy. Dipped in chocolate?
Dr Van Helsing 09/10/18 You now have a spell book!
Mackenzie 09/10/18 Elisa
There may or may not be a fresh leak in your room.
Soleil Whitaker 06/04/17 Coffee. Soleil decides, in the moment that Elisa swings open the café door, that coffee - a purist at heart, she’ll order a cup of dark roast, and drink it black - is an excellent idea. She mutters a thanks as she slips past the other blonde.

Soleil’s head tilts as she gives her new acquaintance a subtle once-over. Elisa looks young to be married - almost too young to be renewing vows; but, then again, Soleil’s only 23, so most would say that she, too, is young for matrimony.

“Renewing your vows? Have you been married long?” she inquires, simply out of honest, and innocent curiosity.

Soleil Whitaker 05/31/17 Elisa’s eagerness is palpable, and Soleil picks up on the way her stride hastens as they near the coffee shop. She could go for a cup herself, and perhaps a sweet treat as well.

Soleil lets out a brief laugh, and with a shake of her head, she responds, “I’m not usually cool with stealing, I don’t think anyone would be. But, I try not to pass judgment too quickly, you know?” She shrugs - everyone has their stories, everyone has their reasons. To Soleil, Elisa doesn’t seem like the malicious type. Perhaps she would’ve reacted differently on another day but, in this moment, she’s feeling particularly forgiving.

“Zack?” she inquires, as they move up to order, “Boyfriend?"

Darius Rayne 05/30/17 The Young slayer slipped out of the now open jail cell, running a hand through his hair and trying to act like he had not just passed out on the floor after being arrested.

"Yeah, well. It turns out you can't cover yourself in nothing but whipped cream and cherries before running down the street on a drunk bet. In case you were wondering."

Darius walked off, mumbling about still being sticky.
Soleil Whitaker 05/29/17 “Great!” Soleil exclaims, a broad smile returning to her lips, “There’s a small coffee shop just around the block." She makes a sweeping gesture with her hand as if to say, "after you” and they begin to make their way down the sidewalk.

She notices how Elisa’s cheeks redden slightly, causing her to let out a quiet laugh. “If you’re embarrassed about the whole pick-pocketing thing, don’t be,” she reassures her, waving idly, “I didn’t mean to put you on the spot in any way. I can promise that I’ve done much worse for fun.” The smile on her lips does not falter as she speaks. Fact of the matter is that, as a teen, Soleil had the habit of going on crime sprees just to get by - judgement would be hypocritical on her part.

“Pizza and drinks sounds lovely. I’m sure Rhiannon would love that, as well!"

Victor Lockheed 05/29/17 He listened quietly to her explanation, recognition touching his features at the mention of Brenna. “I see.”

Was. So Brenna was dead, then. He didn’t know the girl well, but any friend of Mackenzie’s was.. well, maybe not his friend, but they weren’t enemies, either. “Well, then you and I have something in common. I haven’t been around in a while either.”
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 “Pleasure is mine, Elisa,” she replies with another one of her trademark grins, “Are you free now?”

Soleil offers her phone number in the event that her new acquaintance has other things to do. She’s sure multiple opportunities to convene will present themselves, so for now, she is unconcerned that Elisa may or may not be available. “Perhaps this is too forward,” she states, “But, we should get together sometime - you, me, and my wife. For formal, more polite introductions."

Victor Lockheed 05/28/17 Victor took pause in his purposeful strides at the dulcet tones of a woman. Turning to regard her with dark eyes, he gave the unfamiliar woman a brief up and down. “..thanks.”

His eyes narrowed minutely, trying in vain to place her face. She obviously knew him, and he didn’t like feeling as though he were missing something. “Do I know you?”
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Elisa Stratten just failed at stealing money from you!

“Caught me on the one day I forgot my wallet at home,” she says, shoving her hands into her back pockets, “Bad luck on your part.”

Normally, Soleil wouldn’t take too kindly to a stranger reaching into her pockets. But figuring the blonde is the same woman who’d almost fallen victim to Rhiannon’s penchant for petty theft, she offers a toothy grin in greeting. She apologizes, then, for her wife’s behavior, and even insists to buy the woman a cup of coffee as consolation. “Rhiannon often can’t help herself,” she adds with a laugh, "I’m Soleil, by the way."

Mackenzie 05/23/17 "You are so lucky I f-cking like you," she grumbles at the girl, giving her a solid glare before moving in for a rare hug.
Mackenzie 05/11/17
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