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Born: January 11, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 5
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What makes her doubly dangerous is the fact that she doesn't look dangerous.
Cassidy Axelsen's Biography
Pretty bio in works.
Open for RP.
Feel free to hit offline and steal to your hearts delight.
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Circe De Pont

Abigor Kravenoff
Viral Undead



Isis Dracul


That Girl

Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
TokyoCafé Number Six
Created by Sixeriosix
Realm2017 Winter Bloodies Campaign
Created by Cersei Lannister
Circe De Pont 01/19/18 I'm coming over.
Dane Lee Hendrickson 01/16/18 The man swatted at the hand poking him, his expression showing no amusement. "Yeah. Thanks."
Adria Wildes 01/16/18 Not sure how long I'll be sticking around but appreciate the offer.
Adria Wildes 01/16/18 I will keep that in mind. Thank you.
Adria Wildes 01/16/18 Circle with? Is that a new thing?
Adria Wildes 01/16/18 I suppose this ous just as good of a hell as any other place but thanks.
Declan A Black 01/15/18 Declan made an ouch face as his name was spoken wrong, but it happens. Listening to her question he nodded slowly and then cracked a soft smile.

"That's true.. this place can be a little.. okay."
Circe De Pont 01/15/18 Sounds good.
Circe De Pont 01/15/18 Any particular place?
Circe De Pont 01/15/18 Lead the way then
Circe De Pont 01/15/18 Is there somewhere private we can speak? I'm it sure others would understand.
Circe De Pont 01/15/18 Cas, do you have a moment? I just need someone to talk to about something.
Elliot Weiss 01/13/18 "Passively."
Elliot Weiss 01/13/18 "Thanks. I think."
Isis Dracul 01/12/18 Pulling a card from her pocket she handed it to the woman. She was thankful the witch had everything under control. She wasn't sure if she would be able to help in the end. Isis had a tendency to cause trouble no matter how good she tried to be. It was in her nature.

"My cell in case you are ever in need. Or if you just feel like coffee or a drink."
Isis Dracul 01/12/18 Isis took the woman's hand in her own and gave it a quick firm shake before letting go. How did people maintain being nice?

Appraising the dark haired fenom she assumed she was doing alright in the realm so felt safe to ask her next question.

"Are you finding everything alright in the realm? Is there anything "I" could help with?"
Isis Dracul 01/12/18 She woke feeling the disturbances. New blood had entered. A smile crossed her lips. She would definitely need to give someone/something a warm welcome. She laughed as she quickly dressed. She loved being part of the unofficial welcome wagon. Although her welcome were also a warning of more to come.

Spying the sleek new female Isis inhaled her scent. Witch. Ahh yes having been married to one of the same breed she knew the scent well. Her heels clicked loudly on the cement as she approached. She offered her hand. Perhaps she would be nice to this new soul.

"Isis. Isis Dracul. I would like to welcome you to the realm."

She took a deep breath. Well at least I didn't choke on the words.
Circe De Pont 01/12/18 "Well I do hope you enjoy it here. "
Raven Dragoon 01/12/18 Passes by the new comer with a smile on her face. "Welcome to the realm. Hope you stick around."
Declan A Black 01/11/18 A soft chuckle escaped his lips before he bowed to the female, following her steps. "Well My names Declan." Holding out a large muscular hand to the female with a grin. "It's nice to meet such a pro."
Declan A Black 01/11/18 Declan wandered the realm, looking for some fresh blood to welcome to the realm. And after a good hour of playing a game of I Spy with himself he heard a noise which caused him to glance over ,seeing the female. With a grin on his masculine face he approached her. "Ah... Stuck the landing.. Welcome to the realm!" He threw his hands in the air with a grin.
Circe De Pont 01/11/18 "Train, fight, piss people off. You know the usual."
Circe De Pont 01/11/18 "What doesn't go on here is the better question."
Circe De Pont 01/11/18 - shakes het hands - "I'm Circe. A pleasure Cassidy."
Circe De Pont 01/11/18 "Of course I will help you. Just let me know what you need help with and I'll gladly help yippy. "
Circe De Pont 01/11/18 "That's the nice way of putting it I suppose."
Circe De Pont 01/11/18 "They are every where just so you know. And stay away from the red heads. They are kind of catty if you get what I mean."
Circe De Pont 01/11/18 "Welcome to the realm darling. Beware of strange men and enjoy your stay."
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