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Genesis's Biography
Lower Ranks: Looking for Cavern Challenges. Not Happy with your current character, I have a deal for you..come talk to me!!.

Keep the ooc and head-game fvckery to a minimum please. Aint nobody got time for that! :P

Name: Genesis Alvarez
Species: Lycan
Age: 28
Hair:Dark Brown w/blonde highlights, slight curl, hanging to mid-back
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'
Weight: 105lbs
Orientation / Marital Status: Straight and in a Union with Dexter Gein
Current Occupation:'Independent contractor'
Past Occupation: Former U.S. Marine, Military Police Officer, E-5 rank. 2 tours in Afghanistan served. Brief time on Marksmanship Team.

Genesis was not born into a loving environment. Her father was unknown to her, her mother a bit of an overly promiscuous woman. However, Genesis was born a natural Lycan, like both her mother and father, and as such, she learned from birth how to control her abilities.

Genesis isn't much one for material things. A bit of a tom-boy, she prefers comfort and practicality over what's currently fashionable. She's right at home in a pair of jeans, cargo pants or shorts and a t-shirt.

Genesis is rather sullen in expression. A hard life has left her feeling older than her 28 years. But when she finds something that brings her joy, her smile is so radiant, it makes others around her want to smile as well, and her laugh is light and somewhat musical.

Though short in stature and slight in weight, Genesis is in peak physical condition. She carries herself proudly, and though short, she stands tall, never slouching, despite her 'leave me alone' facial expression.

She was not much one for socializing since the military, but has come to find a few people she has come to call friends.
Genesis was former military police. Women couldn't be scout snipers, but she was so spot on, she did receive the Crossed Rifles and spent a bit of time on the Marksmanship Team. It didn't count for much in a man's Corp, but in the private sector she was valuable.

It should be noted that Genesis will oft times resort to weapons, primarily guns, before shifting to Lycan forms.

Genesis has three primary forms:

Were/Crinos: Partially Wolf dominant minded. Genesis grows to nearly 6 1/2 feet tall, with added muscle and bulk bringing her to nearly 300lbs. Eyes hazel with a golden sheen. Highly enhanced senses


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Dexter Gein

Livia Vlcek

Valentin Metzger


Jackson McCarthy

Dr Van Helsing
Templar Knight


Don Collier

Adara Litvinova
Death Wolf

Sofia Johanneson

Kiernan Tigra


Briahne Christiann

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Jackson McCarthy 06/08/20 Hey Gen...
*never one to turn down hugs from beautiful, tiny women*
*but admittedly a bit suspicious*
*embraces her*
That was unexpected...
*very confused*
I think
*is left feeling lighter now, he just doesn't know why yet*
Dexter Gein 06/08/20
Livia Vlcek 06/07/20 *arches a brow*
*makes a mental note*
*gives a half-cocked grin to Gen's retreating back*
Maeve 05/16/20 Thank you :)
Dr Van Helsing 05/16/20 Yo baby girl
Dexter Gein 05/06/20
Dexter Gein 04/29/20
Dexter Gein 04/28/20 And then he gave her a smile that just seemed so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through her.
Dexter Gein 12/18/19
Negan__ 11/02/19 Thank you once more of course. You are cool as hell in my book so to say.
Negan__ 11/02/19 "Cool and you as well. My apologizes for my delay. So many have said hi to me and what not." He smiles and nods giving a bow out of respect so to say.
Valentin Metzger 10/29/19 -scoops up- What attack and who?
-chuckles- Ja, I'm sorry Madchen. I was transferred to the Den to help Adara.
-shifty eyes- I owe you quite a lot putting up with that crazy.
Adara Litvinova 10/23/19 Oh my! I do love the way you think! This is the beginning a beautiful friendship! -grins-
Adara Litvinova 10/22/19 Thank you so much! I'm really happy to be back home. -blinks- I have a better idea! We could pester her together!
Virelai Tylwyth 10/06/19

All throughout the Realm strange events were occurring, dark and dangerous things were stirring within the space they had all claimed as home. And yet, among all of those frightening happenings, there was an undercurrent of something more. Strange flyers were materializing at random intervals. On alley walls, grave stones, in pockets and upon coffee tables, tucked away in the most peculiar places where you would swear there was nothing before.

With them came the doors, black oak with a spindly red flower engraved in the grain, seeming to come from nowhere. They would simply appear in those same odd places. Tucked in an alcove of a back-alleyway, taking up space on a mausoleum, or within abandoned houses. And the flyers were the key.

They would take flight, tugging and fluttering like moths to a flame, and lead the way – for those who were found to have one of those pieces of paper in their possession – to those doors. Others might stumble across them in those hidden places and place their hand upon the smooth wood, watch them swing open, and walk through.

That same red flower would bloom on the back of the hand of any who chose to do so. And there would be another pull, a shift in the air as they traveled through darkness, and a second door would open revealing a fog covered woodland. A short way ahead there would be a house, tall and strange, with a large black door inviting them in.
Livia Vlcek 09/11/19 Well I'm back now. Had some wet work in Cancun that needed to be done.. *winks* Had to kill (a few bottles of) Jose and Jack.
Livia Vlcek 09/09/19 *reverse pickpockets*
*leaves a small note with 'I love you' scribbled on it and a few doodlehearts*
Don Collier 08/25/19 I'm still getting a handle on things, Mrs. Gein. This whole rank thing should be familiar to me but some of the terms seem odd. Still, I do thank you for the congrats and for securing the fire-arm for me.
Livia Vlcek 07/21/19 *throws coffee beans at.. chocolate covered coffee beans*
Don Collier 07/18/19 Kamina. That must be like Lt. Colonel, hmm?
Should I start saluting you, ma'am?
winks and dazzlesmiles
Don Collier 06/23/19 While his girl was taking a few days to attend to her family's business, he took a flight to headquarters; it was going to be a long 48 hour turnaround, and he found his way to the Azhi compound upon his arrival in Sydney. It was quiet, so he located his assigned quarters, and discovered a small crate sitting outside of his room. Opening the door, he picked up the crate and took it inside. He had managed to secure a vintage M3 combat knife, not unlike the one he had 'left behind', at a military surplus store in Sydney near the Azhi compound, and it was with this he pried open the crate.

A broad smile broke on his scarred face, and he picked up the M1917 S&W revolver. Checking it was unloaded, he snapped it up with one hand to sighting position, the familiar feel and heft a welcome comfort. Don had felt naked without a fire arm since his emergance in the warehouse, and he set to cleaning the pistol with the cleaning kit provided in one of the pouches of the shoulder holster belt. Within twenty minutes, the fire arm was fully GI'd to his meticulous satisfaction. There were three sets of half moon clips loaded with .45 ACP ball rounds, and he loaded two clips, and checked the spin of the cylinder loaded.

His return flight to Paris was in a few hours, so a wrote a quick note to Genesis, and finding her name on a slot in compound mailbox, left her a note of thanks.

I owe you big time. Thanks! DC

Don exited the compound and set about to explore Sydney a little before catching his flight back to Paris. It was always a good thing to recon your base of operations.

Don Collier 06/21/19 Thank you ma'am, for the welcome and the help.
Don Collier 06/21/19 Just one. With sweetheart grips if you have one. And standard issue shoulder holster, please.
Don Collier 06/21/19 Hey thanks! I seem to be navigating the waters pretty well. Do you know where I can find a Smith & Wesson M1917 .45 ACP? They seem hard to come by.
Livia Vlcek 04/23/19 *stands in a biohazard suit*
*offers a box of Puffs Plus through the containment room's sliding drawer* LOVE YOU!
Eden Kennedy 03/30/19 Well, thanks!
Belinda Arch 03/25/19 Cheeks flushed pink on the flaxen-haired celestial. Glacial ice blue hues grace the woman with a full bashful smile. "Thank you, Miss Genesis. I could use help in finding an open room ..." Pearly whites grip lightly glossed lower lip as she paused. "... if you don't mind?" It was good to feel so welcomed in a home that had been around as long as Azhi has, the angel was truly blessed.
Dexter Gein 02/14/19
Dexter Gein 01/25/19
Mackenzie 01/24/19 Thank you!!! 😊
Eden Kennedy 01/17/19 Anytime!
Valentin Metzger 01/17/19 -feigns pain, grabs side- You wound me, Madchen.
-chuckles, stands- Come.. let us go find you a pot of coffee, hm?
-offers arm-
Valentin Metzger 01/16/19 -nods- And have you told him this, kleines Madchen? That he can speak to you freely?
-arches a brow- And have you shared something you hold deeply personal in exchange? To show that you trust him and that he can trust you?
-is probably not the best person to give advice when it comes to matters of the heart but he will try his best-
Valentin Metzger 01/16/19 -contemplates her words- Dexter has always been quiet from what I remember. Very generous but quiet.
-puts his arm around her, squeezes gently- I think maybe you worry too much.. but being paranoid is not a bad thing, hm? It is what keeps us alive.
Valentin Metzger 01/15/19 -chuckles quietly- Surely you do not simply seek me out to tell me you miss me..
-rests a cheek against the top of Genesis' head- I miss you too, Madchen. How have you been since we last spoke?
Kyla 01/15/19 Nice to put a name to the face. Pleasure to meet you, Genesis.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to help you, but I do wish you luck in your endeavors.
Eden Kennedy 01/13/19 "Um..." Blue hues fall on Genesis, puzzled. This is a new and odd request. Steaks? No, STAKES. That had to be. "Uh.. sure. So.." Eden opens the drawer on the side table to the left of the door. What luck! There were three or four stakes in the drawer. Taking them out she dropped them into Genesis's bag. "Well, that should get you started!"
Kyla 01/11/19 *loft a brow*
I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. You know who I am yet I have no idea who you are, or why you think I can provide you with a potion... unless you'd like a drink of sorts?
*waits patiently*
Livia Vlcek 01/11/19 *can't even* Wut. Nevermind!
*picks up her baby turtle, spork and all, and goes tf home*
Livia Vlcek 01/11/19 *possibly has shaken baby syndrome, definitely has whiplash* Ow..
*glares at, sort of, her eyes still can't focus* Chasing down the enemy? Protecting my virtue? What?!
*stares down at the small turtle* He.. he's an attack turtle now?
*looks at Genesis* Will he eat large, burly men named 'Malek' orrrr men that would try to woo me?
Livia Vlcek 01/11/19 *looks at the turtle on stilts*
*eyes the woman* You realise if he starts to run those match sticks will catch fire then I will have a tiny, Squirtle turtle fireball..
*the poor turtle had just ridden a wave of Wild Turkey 101.. too bad it wasn't actually Fireball*
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *blinks* Did you.. did you just.. did you just tape a spork to my baby turtle?
*stares at* Unstoppable.. yessss..
*watches Squirtle stop and bottom out, the spork too heavy for his tiny body* You just.. broke.. my turtle..
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *holy sh*t..*
*pushes it back towards Gen* NO!
*screams and tries to wrestle away* I NEED AN ADULT!!! I NEED AN ADULT!!
*sorta wishes Gen was a guy...awkward tingling*
*looks down to make sure Squirtle the baby turtle is not being stepped on* RUN SQUIRTLE, RUN!
*waits for the baby turtle to turn...........*
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *is really confused.. and horrified by her language* Aren't.. aren't you the one that needs a spork Gen?
*holds up the spork she owns* I have Batspork..
*recoils from the offered spork* I DON'T WANT YOUR SPORK AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME TAKE IT!
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *looks in her messenger bag*
*pulls out a black spork that is missing the two inner teeth* I just have this.. but it's Batspork..
Summer 01/10/19 Jumping in surprise, Summer hadn’t heard the lycan approach. No surprise there, really. Seeing it was Genesis, she beamed a wide, angelic grin at her friend. “Hey, Genesis! I’m glad you came. You certainly can have one.” Doing something she rarely did in public (but ‘Azhi’ was not ‘public’), she let her wings ‘out’. The white feathered appendages stretched out about four feet on either side. Nothing too huge, she wasn’t the albatross of the Celestial world. The tips were tinged with pink. Summer closed the distance between them, bringing a wing within arms reach to Genesis. “Yank one out. It doesn’t hurt. Not in a bad way anyway. A bonus is that if you stab a mortal with the quill, they die instantly. It’s pretty handy.” Her head tilted to the side. “You said you have some of Malek’s hair? I’ll take it. Then we don’t have to mess with yours.” One brow lifting, she added, “I’m not even going to ask how you got his hair. Not gonna ask.”
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *stares at the picture, confused* Is that a statement or a question?
Edward Brollachan 01/10/19 Edward reaches into his sporran and pulls out his little friend, "Hold still, now"

Edward Brollachan 01/10/19 "I shall not bite wax, n'matter how cute and pert ye are, lass. 'Tis flesh or naught I will sink these teeth into..."
Edward Brollachan 01/10/19 He turns his head to cast golden eyes on the woman, whom he knows well, though not Biblically. A single eyebrow arches with inquisitive bearing,

"Why don't I bite yo'r neck, and ye can take a wax cast o'the mark? It would be a 3D rendition, complete with a drip o'blood, nae?"
Dexter Gein 01/10/19 ~~Chews gum with delight~~

Thank you. Want some of this?
Dexter Gein 01/09/19
Malek 01/09/19 Not expecting the sudden impact of gum on lips, Malek falls back sputtering as the entire package is shoved into his mouth forcibly. He gasps once, chomping reflexively before spitting out the entire, wet thing into his hand.

Blood drips down his chin and onto the front of his shirt. The package is covered in bright crimson, the green and red acting together like a macabre Christmas gift.

Rage. Yes. It is there. But, overwhelming it is the uncontrollable need to laugh. So, he does. Loud and long, deep baritone echoing off the walls around him as he turns and walks away. Sure, he cheated, but he had gotten what he wanted, yeh?
Summer 01/09/19 Approaching Genesis with an easy stride, she carried a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a gleaming white feather with pink on the tips in the other. Beaming a grin, she greeted her friend. "Genesis! I'm sure you got Livia's message. I am wondering if we could strike a deal." Widening her grin, she held her hands up. "One bottle o' booze and one pristine angel feather for a single pluck of that lovely hair you have." Wiggling her brows, she thought it was a great deal but had something to sweeten the pot. "This is one of my feathers. If you stab it into a mortal, they die instantly. It's pretty rad."
Malek 01/09/19 The contest? Well, yeah, Malek is participating. Why is he participating? Why the hell not?! He shakes his head and walks calmly up to Genesis, eyes boring into hers. She thinks she's bigger, yeh? She thinks she's meaner, yeh?

"Yer breath stinks," he says with surprising clarity given his usual speech patterns. "Guess tha' means y'ain' carryin' gum, yeh?" Malek, thinking he has found a loophole, hands her an unopened package of Double Mint. "Now gimme uh piece."

Clever? He sure thinks so...
Stella 01/07/19 As Stella looked at the woman, all she heard was silence from the spirit realm. This woman may not have the information she sought, so she chose to keep anything personal or identifying to herself. "Thank ya, Ma'am" her accent a faint hint of New Orleans, mixed with West Coast. A little odd to many, but just part of her missing history.
Malek 01/03/19 Years ago, Malek might have said something rude. It wouldn't be that he's not grateful for the kindness, but that he doesn't really smoke cigars. He is a creature of chaos, for the most part, but in that chaos he is a creature of habit.

Habitually, he drinks Wild Turkey 101. Receiving a bottle is a wonderful addition to his always cycling liquor... pocket?

He smokes non-filtered cigarettes to the exclusion of almost everything else tobacco wise.

As such, Malek accepts the bottle. And the cigars... though the chances of him actually using them for anything is slim. He offers what he thinks is a gracious smile and a slight dip of the head.

"No' s'much th' small'n f'lon'," he grunts.
Dexter Gein 12/25/18 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Dexter Gein 12/25/18 Merry Christmas. Before you place me on the naughty list, can you help me install child proof locks on the kitchen cabinets? "SOMEONE" took all my Kool-Aid. It probably would hurt to insert plastic outlet safety covers on all the outlets.
Summer 12/20/18 Summer bounds up and busts out a bottle. “Congrats, lady! All your hard work has certainly earned you a ****tail. Or, you know, booze straight from the bottle.” Summer gives it a little shake and grins.
Malek 12/20/18 Malek approaches the female's door, or at least, what he assumes to be her chambers or office within the Sanctuary living and business areas based on the sheer concentration of her scent following that direction. He is by no means stealthy with heavy boots clumping over the hard floor in his heavy gaited swagger. Pausing for a moment, he crouches and sets down a full liquor bottle with a 3x5 card sitting beneath it with a single line of surprisingly neatly scrawled text.


A peace offering? An offering of friendship? With Malek, who knows...
Dexter Gein 12/20/18
Dexter Gein 12/20/18 Congrats on the new rank. I know your clicking finger is screaming at ya. A job well done....
Livia Vlcek 12/19/18 *smiles softly and urges towards bed* Time to rest, yes. Sweet dreams when sleep finds you, Milacku.
*slips a bit of money in Gen's pocket as she walks away*
Livia Vlcek 12/19/18 *flying tackles* WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! LANG REN MAMI! LANG REN!
*sniffles* I'm so proud of you.. all the work you've put in.
*clings to*
Malek 12/19/18 "Y'know, yer th' arr'gan'n," Malek replies without much emotion in his tone, smoke trailing from his nose and mouth with each syllable. "Y'show'd up'n offah'd drinks, which's pre'ty nice'f y'real'," he continues, still remaining rational and calm as he stares at the woman pointedly. "Then'y proc'ded't staht try'n't bel'ttle mah stat's'n th' rank'ns 'eah."

Malek takes a long, deep drag from his cigarette and continues to speak, exhaling a huge plume of smoke and speaking in a strained, modified voice. "An' then'y staht insult'n mah n'tell'gence cuz Ah ain' gon' sit 'eah an' let'y call'm weak w'ou' respon'n." Another long drag from his cigarette follows, smoke billowing around his head like some surrealistic rendition of a halo surrounding scarred beauty. "S'darl'n," he says offering a wink once more. "Y'kin take'y ref'rences't pack'n fam'ly'n put'm righ' wheah uh gen'leman don' tahk'bou'n' mix't comp'ny. Fvck'ff w' th' though's tha' y'spec'l'r somethin'. Y'ain' done'uh damn thin' Ah've seen worth notin'n th' fac' th' y' show'n'p tahkin't' peopl' w' prec'nceived notion's'bou' wha' th' sp'sed't b' rather'n act'lly 'avin' uh conv'sation' tha' ain' y'tryin't prove'y better'n some way proves y' t'b'n arr'gan' b1tch"

One hellof a speech for Malek, yes. He usually doesn't talk all that much, but he had tried to make it a game of intellect assuming that, because he responds in a certain way most times, that he doesn't have the brain or patience to actually respond in kind.
Malek 12/19/18 "So'y'say," Malek says with a shrug. "If't's some'thin' tha's uh fac', y'woul'n b'tryin't' gain'th fava'f th' new male 'roun'," he continues quite calmly. Of course, Malek is pushing buttons for the sake of it now. He has no desire to take this one. "Sor'y darl'n," he says with a hint of affected apology hiding somewhere in the midst of saccharine sarcasm. "Ain' uh chance'y coul' compah't th'n' tha' go' mah perm'nen' 'tention."

Malek slips his hand into his right front pocket and pulls out a soft-pack of camel non-filtered cigarettes. Blunt fingers, with surprising dexterity, fish one of the small, white sticks from the packet and place it between his furrowed lips. The distinctive shink of a Zippo! brand lighter opening its top and a single strike of steel rasping over flint brings the flickering flame to life. Orange shadows dancing over his face, the cigarette is lit amidst clouds of acrid burning tobacco. A contented puff later, Malek regards the female carefully, though he has makes quite sure to give her body an exaggerated, lascivious raking with his feral gaze.
Malek 12/19/18 A slow, creeping anger crosses Malek's features as the Beast begins to thrash at the shared mind, trying to force its way through the barrier that exists between the twinned minds. Carefully, the burly man takes a breath before nodding once and coming to a single, undeniable conclusion.

"Y'need't git laid," he says with a huff. "Mebbe y'woul'n b'so… wha's th' word? R'press'd?" Malek finishes the statement with a wink that screws up his already damaged features even more, scar tissue pulling at the corner of his mouth into a parodied impression of a sardonic smirk for the brief duration of the facial tic.

"Ah'd offa't 'elp'f y' weren' try'n s'damn 'ard't… uh... 'mas'clate'm. S'tha' th' word? Like y'try'n't met'phor'cly chop'm nuts off?"
Malek 12/19/18 The lycan allows eyebrows to climb his forehead for a moment before knitting into a tight line above his feral gaze. Scarred features, grotesque at the best of times, look even moreso as his countenance scrunches in upon itself in a macabre rendition of an incredulous affectation. First of all, 'full of yourself' sounds a lot like a cop-out to him. To be confident in something that is a fact, not a theory or a frivolous boast, is not to be arrogant.

"They'd 'af'ta kill m'firs'," he says without any hint of bravado or indication that he is saying anything that he thinks is untrue. Malek has found himself bloodied in alleys, broken and batterd only to be left in a shallow grave from which he had to claw his way out of. Overconfident? Nay, it is not the case. The mentality is a simple one:

Beat me with your fists, I'll beat you with my teeth. If you beat me then, you better kill me because I will keep coming until one of us is dead.

It is Malek's stubborn, never-say-uncle attitude. He does not know how to quit. Pain. Fear. Promises of death. They have been daily occurrences in his life since he has been of conscious ages of reason.

"Won' 'appen," he replies simply. "Ah ain' th' tough's thin' evah't live, bu' Ah ain' 'evah'b'n one't bow'n scrape't any'n cuz'f threats'f 'urt'r dy'n."

Simple statements without bravado or malice. Put him in his place? His place is wherever he chooses to be at that point in time, not some arbitrary position in some social pecking order.
Malek 12/19/18 "She' do't sh' tol'," Malek says with confidence. He knows that she won't follow his directions when it comes to the crew or anything of that nature. He also knows that she will fight him, for a time, on any direction given. Further he knows that she will do as told in the long run. That he is more dangerous than she as long as she doesn't have a gun in her hand. Malek hates guns.
Malek 12/19/18 The lycan stares for a long moment at the woman, eyes narrowing slightly as his lips pull down in the hint of a frown. A few moments of eternity pass as Malek meets the gaze of the female, his head canting in a decidedly canine manner. Finally, he laughs.

When a laugh is described, it is not a simple chuckle. It is not a friendly chortle. It is a long, loud guffaw that starts somewhere near his bladder, travels up through his diaphragm, and echoing through his broad chest to be thrown out with maximum projection from his tattered lips. A thick hand drops down to the right side of his torso about adjacent to his stomach as though to hold in his own entrails against the power of the continued laughter.

The Beast whimpers in confusion at Malek's strange antics.

Time passes as Malek laughs. And laughs. And laughs.

"Y'know," he finally manages through gasping, heaving breaths, his already difficult to understand speech more hampered by the breathiness. "Ah thin..." he continues, billows still working violently. "Ah thin' Ah like'y." About the highest compliment Malek is willing to give to most.
Malek 12/19/18 The muscular lycan gives the approaching female a quizzical look, his scarred visage scrunching up slightly as he considers her words... and notes her dissatisfied snarl. The scent of disdain wafts off of her and sends Malek's hackles to stirring, hairs on the back of his neck standing at attention. Luminescent eyes harden as he allows his upper lip to jump upward slightly, showing not-quite-perfect, off-white teeth in a hint of an answering snarl.



The Beast stirs behind the bright, green-and-yellow eyes, demanding supplication from the female before it.

"Ah don' train. Ah work cuz mah mate kin use'th' 'elp."


Malek 12/19/18 Frowns as he stares at the options presented before him. Coffee is always welcome. Tequila is gross. But... alcohol? Reaching out without a word, Malek grips the Tequila bottle by the neck, rips the top off with his teeth (forget the threds, that little aluminum cap is no match!) and tips the bottle to his lips.






Six times his Adam's apple bobs up and down with long, chugging swallows.

Calmly, he hands the bottle back and reaches for the coffee.

"Nex'n's whiskey..." he says with firm authority.

The aggressive, Alpha mentality, of course, will never fade from Malek and he shows it by remaining with luminescent eyes of yellow-green, eerily feral and cunning and not quite human, locked directly upon those of the female who has approached with intentions that can only be described as 'friendly'.
Dexter Gein 12/17/18
Valentin Metzger 12/17/18 Danke, kleines Madchen. -presses a kiss to Genesis' forehead- It is always 'worth it'.
Dexter Gein 12/14/18
Addison 12/13/18 GEN!!! My most favorite dog-girl! Congrats on bagging Dex. I know you've been swooning over the man for ages.

So...ready for an adventure!
Dexter Gein 12/12/18 Thank you ma'am. :@)
Livia Vlcek 12/12/18 *hands Genesis the keys to everything*
*goes to Paris to hide*
Livia Vlcek 12/06/18 *preens*
Livia Vlcek 12/06/18
Livia Vlcek 12/06/18 *bites...sorta hard*
Dexter Gein 12/05/18
Mordred 12/05/18 I left there on purpose ;).
Malek 12/03/18 The stocky lycan stares with incredulity at the woman before him, his head canting ever so slowly to the left. Scarred visage transforms from being curious, perhaps confused, to slightly intrigued.

"Th' blood'n th' knuckles's ahll good'n'all b'tain't nothin' like rippin' th' 'ead straight from th' shouldahs."
Malek 12/01/18 Thank you so much! I am excited to be here!
Edward Brollachan 11/20/18 He remembered the slayer from her early days, her 'genesis' in the Realm, if you will
"That is kind o'ye to say, Genesis. And it means a lot t'hear ye say it. Mòran taing!"
Livia Vlcek 11/09/18 *grins* Not a fan of voodoo?
*smiles darkly* I'm a huge fan of it.
*pulls a bottle of red brick dust from her knapsack* Seeeee...
*blinks* I should probably use this moar.
Livia Vlcek 11/09/18 *shifty eyes* Undies...not mine. Leather or lace corsets and bodysuits...sure.
*blinks* Addison is lovely...why so skeered yo?
Livia Vlcek 11/09/18 *heard something about her underwear drawer* Silly rabbit. I don't wear undergarments...
Summer 10/29/18 Giving a slow nod, Summer looked off into the distance. “Yea, we’re all close in age. My parents had us like, bam bam bam, one right after another.” The words were punctuated by a chopping motion of her hand and a rueful expression on her face. “I’m the oldest girl. A few brothers older than me. It was nice, having someone to commiserate with. But yea.” She took another swig. “I guess I’d prefer to have gone it alone if it meant they didn’t have to deal with that bullsh-t.” Giving a dry chuckle, she looked at Genesis. “I’m glad for them now, I suppose. I am close to two- Autumn and Winter. The rest...are either dead or keep to themselves. What about you? As an only child, is being in a crew like this welcome or hard to get used to?”
Valentin Metzger 10/26/18 Kleines Madchen
That is wonderful to hear. I am glad you are finding new friends and enjoying yourself. I wish I could be so outgoing and friendly. Not really.. -chuckles- I enjoy the few friends that I do have and my solitude. Which includes you, I might add.
Valentin Metzger 10/26/18 Kleines Madchen
I am very glad to hear you are well. Ja.. you are correct. But.. do not train too hard. Remember to take time for yourself. Enjoy your life, it is the only one we get to live, ja? Unless you are a vampire. Then, you may be able to do everything you wish, for many lifetimes. I digress.. I am glad you contacted me. It has been a long time.
Valentin Metzger 10/26/18 Kleines Madchen
Hallo! It has been a while since you left.. I was beginning to think that you would never return. To spare my heart from being broken, I left. :P Honestly, I had planned to return to the Taiga when Adara sent word that she requested my presence. I could not deny my charge. I am well though.. and I hope you have been well?
Summer 10/24/18 Peering at the ring, a slow smile spread on Summer’s lips. “Dexter?” It was an easy guess. His name was the only one Genesis had mentioned when talking of family. Beaming a wide grin, she nearly gushed, “I’m so happy for you! Congratulations to you both!” While Summer’s heart was indeed hardening and becoming more cynical and dark each passing day, inside lay a puddle of goo of optimism, hope, and romanticism. Little made that goo tremble with joy more than when two souls found each other in this wasteland called the Realm. “It took you for a loop, eh? Really, it came out of the blue?” Summer asked, incredulous.
Kiernan Tigra 10/24/18 A bit startled, Kiernan turned to see one his favourite people, whom he assumed had been missing, was back! "Gen!" Turning, he gives her a gentle but warm hug with both arms and wings. "I've been worried sick about you after you left for that hike." He wouldn't discuss details, especially since the latter half of that day was lost to a haze in his memory that was hard for him to penetrate. "Nevermind that though! I'm glad to see you home." Kiernan smiles warmly back to her. "How've you been, if you don't mind my asking?" He asked with genuine curiosity and concern in his voice.
Summer 10/24/18 Cracking off the top, Summer took a swig and laughed. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she nodded as she swallowed. “Yes, those are all my kin. There are fewer and fewer as the days go by though.” Her voice got a bit wistful, but that was soon remedied by another healthy swig from the bottle. Handing it back to Genesis, she gave a one-shouldered shrug. “It’s one of those things that is hard to describe because I don’t know any different. I do come from a big family. Ridiculously so-my parents were idiot drug addict hippies who f-cked like rabbits. Not that I don’t love my siblings, each and every damned one of them. It is nice to have that built-in support system.” Looking to the petite woman, she smiled. “It’s not unlike Azhi at all. A group of people you either may or may not choose to have by your side, but you know they’ve got your back no matter what regardless. My sister Autumn recently joined Azhi. You'd like her. She's a tough as nails firecracker.” Tilting her head, she asked, “No family at all? If that is too personal, no need to answer. The good thing about offering me a drink is- if I’m drinking, I’m not talking.” She laughed heartily.
Summer 10/22/18 *grins at the woman and eyeballs the bottle with much interest. Her favorite brand, of which she'd consumed much while in Cancun herself!*
I can think of nothing better than to do just that. I'm glad to see you back!
Livia Vlcek 02/27/18 *runs by*
*throws a lime at Genesis' head*
*high knees*
*hauls ass away*
Kiernan Tigra 07/10/17 Kiernan looked a bit frustrated with himself, but he came up to tap Genesis gently on the shoulder. "Might be a day late but congrats on Profile of the day Gen! Not too often that we get our faces on the paper eh?" He said with a smile and a gentle nudge.
Livia Vlcek 02/17/17 *jumps and screams at the 'ahem'*
*turns slowly all the while keeping Genesis' journal behind her back*
*smiles nervously* Haaaaaiii...
*reeks of tequila* Shoot Addison? don't think that would be a good idea because then blood would get all over the carpet, and it's white and blood stains are just so hard to get out of white carpeting...*not really but rambles on* Addison doesn't seem to be the thieving kind...cut your chicken's head off and bleed it to death to call upon a loa or something maybe but thievery, nahhhhh.
*slips the book into the waist of her pants at the small of her back* Maybe Valentin took it.
Livia Vlcek 02/03/17 *sheeps* Thank you Genesis. It's odd to say the least.
*cants head* Oh, we'll get you there and sooner than it took me. You've worked hard, we just need to tweak your program...just a little bit.
*nods sagely*
Summer 01/19/17 "Thanks for the welcome, and...I had planned on it!" XD
Kiernan Tigra 12/20/16 Kiernan gaped at the poster for a moment before regaining his composure, coughing to clear his throat.

"I mean, you wouldn't need a wanted poster to do so I suppose." He smiled a bit. She was a marksman to boot anyways. Snickering himself, he shook his head. "Like hell it wouldn't hurt. I've seen you shoot before, not something I want to be on the receiving end of unless I can return the favour." Nudging her back with a wicked grin.
Dexter Gein 12/15/16 ~~Opens door with a huge smile. "WELCOME BACK"
Addison 03/06/16 Hit in the face by Genesis, falls back, seeing stars, pineapple and lil birdies. "Why are you SO MEAN!?"
Addison 03/06/16 "I'm back for now, wolf girl! I brought you sea shells, a dead squid and some dog treats from Cancun." She said, tossing the items at her crewmate with a snicker.
Mercy Prescot 02/19/16 *Drools like a fat kid seeing cake* "You know me so well." *wipes away a tear then grins like the devil* "Hey I hear they just put up a new court house down town...." *Nudges suggestively *
Mercy Prescot 02/19/16 *pounces and luffs on* Damn it woman! I missed you! Your the only one who's crazy matches mine. *Grins and offers her their ceremonial flask*
Mercy Prescot 02/05/16 A brow rose for a moment in contemplation but ultimately she had to decline the offer of Neeked men. "I'll get you all the men you desire...but making big things go boom seems a much nicer fit for us. Oh, speaking of..." She reached in her pocket and produced a small button. After she pressed it a huge explosion went off from not far away. With an impish grin Mercy looked to Gen, "I know nothing."
Mercy Prescot 02/04/16 Laughs and gently hip checks her friend, "You know if I'm gonna pay for a good time at least I should get some sort of action..." With a smirk she reaches in her boot and pulls out a much larger wad of cash. "Now this we could blow and get enough action for a week!"
John Doe 01/27/16 John Doe Fact #290: John Doe is so fast that the GPS speaks to him in the past tense.
Mercy Prescot 01/21/16 Mercy can't help but snicker and laugh out loud, "I think we both know heaven has never had a part in my background." In a quick motion she unclasps her arms and jolts forward to wrap her oldest and dearest friend in a giant bear hug. After a moment of affectionate squishing she lets go with a Cheshire like smile. " Besides I know the real way to your heart is tequila and things that go boom!"
Mercy Prescot 01/21/16 "Aren't you tired...cause give been running through my mind all night." She grinned wide and impishly as she stood cross armed beside her friend.
Addison 01/01/16
~Leaves a picnic basket full of single serving sizes of creole crawfish, gumbo, collard greens with ham, black eyed peas, fried corn bread and peach cobbler. The note attached states:~
'A holiday meal tradition from my home city of New Orleans. We southerners believe a meal including black eyed peas and collard greens are for good fortune for the New Year. Hope you enjoy! Addison' P.S. There's a squeaky toy in the bottom of the basket for you wolf-girl. :P .

Dexter Gein 12/25/15 Steps outside his door and notices a gift. "I wonder who could have left me a gift." Sniffs the air. "Gen, her scent still lingers"
Valentin Metzger 12/17/15 -lifts a thick brow and appraises the young woman, Genesis- Danke Fraulein..
-pulls a beanie over his mohawk- I prefer to avoid the spotlight.. for no particular reason.
-gives two thumbs up and a wink-
Mercy Prescot 12/16/15 "Merry festivous!" Mercy, a bit intoxicated and dressed Ina Santa hat said with a grin. "Here! For you...may lights not be the only thing lit this holiday!" With a grin she hands over a bottle of special brewed egg nog. "Trust me it'll put anyone in a jolly mood." With a tip of her hat she strode out of sight yelling....Merry Christmas to all and to all a drunk night!
Dexter Gein 12/03/15 You sneaky little thief.
Mercy Prescot 11/06/15 "Where I've been I had no choice but to go. It doesn't matter now though. What matters is I'm back. And...I'm very thirsty." She let her lips curl into a wicked yet impish smile before holding her arms outstretched. Stepping forward she wrapped Genesis in a rather large hug before letting go. "I missed ya. How's about we wet out whistle and catch up?"
Mercy Prescot 11/05/15 A cool breeze rustled the leaves and swirled them in a funnel patter along the ground. Shadows gathered and danced in rejoice at the impending arrival. Then there was an odd stillness before a familiar figure stepped from the darkness. "Miss me?"
Nicolai Mihaylov 09/29/15 *shrugs sheepishly*

"What can I say, your pockets looked full of goodies, I couldn't resist!"
Valentin Metzger 07/25/15 -limps by-
-shoulder checks-
-whistles a tune and carries on-
Lisbeth Salander 07/13/15 You are quite welcome. It gave me a good chuckle and kept me entertained! Thank you for writing wonderful stories!
Mordred 07/07/15 Congrats on the POTD.
Mercy Prescot 05/01/15 *Grin wickedly* You know your timing is impeccable! *Struts out of the cell* I was here on purpose though...setting up explosives...and stuff. *shifty eyes...innocent grin*
Mercy Prescot 04/26/15 Now more then ever she needed her best friend. Though she wasn't really all that sure how to reach out. So she simply showed up with both hands filled with liquor bottles and bags under her eyes. "So, uh...Jakes dead."
Mercy Prescot 04/16/15 *Throws head back and laughs* You realize who your talking to right. I now over innocents for fun...sometimes. *c0vks head at given morals then grins* Gen, I'm not sure my morals are quite up to par with everyone else's. You realize I'll be the one encouraging the shady sh!t...then joining you! *shoves keys in her pocket and motions to the liquor* Let's get this party started! Oh, just don't let them think I died again...that's kinda a b!tch.
Mercy Prescot 04/16/15 Oh that damn dog! Well, I'll find him eventually and when I do...*smirks sinister like and rubs hands together menacingly* Hey I'm not a reaper for nothing! *smug grin* But yes, let's get completely sh!t faced, I'll let you in on a few of Jakes and mine escapades...not all mind you, a girls gotta have some secrets. *winks*
Mercy Prescot 04/16/15 *raises a curious brow before offering a look of compassion* Ok where is he? You realize I have to kill him now right...*Wraps an arm around her friend* Wanna go blow something up?
Mercy Prescot 04/11/15 OOOO front page is looking extra smexy today *hugs and whistles*
Mercy Prescot 03/20/15 *pounces and loves on* Hey Stranger!!!
Mercy Prescot 02/17/15 You know if you were gonna search my pockets you could have at lest made it more fun for me. *Grins impishly as she folds her arms over her chest.* And lest ye forget, drinks are on me every night...I own a bar *laughs* Well stranger since your here and have a wad of my money, wanna celebrate with something hot and exploding?
Mercy Prescot 01/29/15 Aww party pooper! *pouts* I've been sober a week...a whole f*cking week! This is torture for me. *grumbles* But blowing things up could be fun too.
Mercy Prescot 01/29/15 *Pounces* Hiya!!!! *hugs and grins* So...when are we celebrating me not being dead and all. It's almost been a week without a drink...I'm dying here. Sobriety sucks!
Mercy Prescot 01/25/15 Despite having a nasty hangover and being a bit dirty, Mercy didn't mind when her best friend tackled her. Instead she wrapped her arms around her and comforted her as much as she knew how. "Come on, you should know by now I'm hard to keep away for long. I just happen to be in an alcoholic comma a bit longer then I intended."
Dr Van Helsing 12/28/14 I met Eliza Dushku at the Nashville ComicCon in September. Love the pics you chose for your bio.
Sprew 12/13/14 @-_-@
Mordred 07/22/14 Again ;D? You are not going to stop until you finally steal money from me are you?
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