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Ensam är stark.
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Vince Caruso

Tiber Loche

Sigrun Haefnirdottir


Adara Richards

Last five threads posted in:
Vince Caruso 12/18/19 Vince was missing the Christmas spirit that usually adorned him this time of year. He was a little grumpy. Felt a little out of place. He was thankful to have Kris at his side, but the feeling of restlessness just wouldn't go away. He was bored. Needed something to do. So, naturally, he decided to pick on Kristoffer. Just a little.

In his hand was a bright purple bottle of vegetable based hair color. The kind that washed out quickly, but left a vibrant streak through the hair. Vince had emptied it into Kris's shampoo bottle, wiping away any evidence that he may have left... And then he ran.
Vince Caruso 12/17/19 -makes a jab at his shoulder-
You would be so homeless without me.
Valentin Metzger 12/17/19 "Welcome to the Fraternity."
Vince Caruso 12/16/19 Forsetti
This ridiculous old thing? Yeah, it's taking up almost all of the room in the back. I don't dare ask what's in it.
Vince Caruso 12/16/19 Forsetti
[location sent]
The train leaves in an hour.
.. It's not really a train. It's just me and Lady in the Jeep.

Vince Caruso 12/16/19 Forsetti
... Does it matter?
Vince Caruso 12/16/19 Forsetti
Still in NOLA, and was just getting ready to head out.
I hope you're down for a road trip.
Vince Caruso 12/16/19 Forsetti
Wow. Would it kill you to answer your fucking phone once in a while? Christ, a guy might assume you were dead or something with the time it takes you to reply.

I don't KNOW. I am completely lost.
El Orlav 10/21/19 ~*~ smirks and winks~*~
Oh really? I collect rings. Can I have yours?
El Orlav 10/21/19 ~*~turns a corner with painting supplies and squeaks~*~
Oh.. Hello there. Are you a friend of Vince's? Are you... married? *squints*
Vince Caruso 10/20/19 Forsetti
Yes, and then The Den was obliterated.
This place is somewhere out on the Bayou, anyway. Just far enough from prying eyes.
Look... I could use your help fixing it up.
It's dusty, but there is a lot of potential.
Vince Caruso 10/20/19 Forsetti
Well. I know a place.
Bit of a drive, or. Ok actually you'll need to take a plane.
Lucky for you, you've got the ultimate tour guide.
Hometown boy, right here.
Virelai Tylwyth 10/14/19 Yule was having a lovely time playing this game of cat and mouse, a scavenger hunt of epic proportions. The game of dares and truths had turned to one of challenges to tantalize and amuse, and Yule found herself enjoying it more and more as time went on. One could meet the most interesting people if they were hunting for them through the Realm. By chance or luck, she had already encountered a few such people. And she was well on her way to completing her particular challenge of the game. So far, her selections had proven fruitful, but the game was not over yet. And in truth, she was having far too much fun to let it end so soon.

Still, it would be a shame to pass up on the opportunity to make new acquaintances and so she decided the best course of action was simply to continue and see what came of it. Either these strangers would oblige her odd request or they would not. But there was no harm in asking. And if there was, it wasn't any skin off her nose. So she searched the crowds of people, wandered through the Realm, picking and choosing as she went. She was selective, it was in her nature, but she no longer cared overmuch of what hid beneath the skins that people wore.

She stepped to the side, dodging one of the bustling passersby and ran right into the chest of another. Her heels clicked as she took a half stumbling step back from the impact and she parted her lips to say something. Whether that something was going to be apologetic or rude, who could say, but the words stopped short as got a good look at who she had run into. Her lips curled up, eyes flickering, taking in the image of the man from head to to in a matter of seconds, before she spoke.

“Hello there, luv. Do you have a moment?” She swiped a hand through her silver hair, pushing it from her face, so that she could level her gaze up to meet his eyes. “I'm in a bit of a bind you see. My friend has challenged me to a dare of sorts. I need to find some strangers to kiss and get a photo as evidence. And you certainly are a stranger to me. Would you mind terribly if I borrowed your body,” She grinned at the irony of that, “To complete my task. Just a quick peck and a snap of this nifty little magical device,” She waved the phone she had pulled from her right-hand pocket, “And I can be out of your hair in no time. Or if you'd like something in return I'd be happy to oblige. What do you think? Sound fair?”
Vince Caruso 10/06/19 K.F.
Aye, sir.
Vince Caruso 10/02/19 [He notices the way Kris' fist balls, and his arm flexes. The way he works his jaw, and the irritation that outlines his features. Vince can feel just how irrational he is being, but it's like a surge that pumps through his body- one he's hardly able to control. He's not angry with Kris. That wasn't fair to say. Vince was annoyed with himself; for being so open to disappointment.]

"I don't expect an apology." [He muttered.] "I don't expect anything from you." [Vince's lips tightened into a line, eyes softening slightly.] "I'll see you in the morning for training."

[And then he was off.]
Vince Caruso 10/02/19 [Briefly, burnished orbs flicker away from Kris, Vince's attention turned elsewhere while he stewed. He'd felt conflicting emotions in that moment. His mentor was right, to a degree, and that's exactly why Vince had enlisted him in the first place. But these silly little moments-- They were a part of who he was. Perhaps he had allowed himself to become too comfortable with Kris.
Maybe that was part of the lesson.
"You know what? Don't even worry about it."
[Kris had extended his hand, and along with it, the crumpled poster. Vince didn't want it for anything. Didn't need it. Sure, he'd been teasing the man. Maybe made an offhanded comment or two about just how nice he looked. But he's feeling stubborn. Embarrassed. And so he takes the poster, and he rips it down the middle.
"It's nothing."
Vince Caruso 10/02/19 [Truthfully, Vince had just been gearing up to do something drastic in order to free himself. Start biting. Start punching. But Kris released him just before he'd wound up, and he'd taken the opportunity to take a full step back. The man ran his fingers through thick, dark brown locks, eyes narrowed into slits as he glared.]
"We're not in battle."
[Vince mocked Kris, childishly.]
"Not every moment of life needs to be spent preparing for an ambush."
[Vince huffed, once more, fingers rubbing mindlessly at the back of his neck. He didn't notice how his jaw had tightened, or how his expression soured into a pout. ]
"It was a nice poster. Assh-le."
[And all of the excitement is gone from his voice.]
Vince Caruso 10/02/19 [He should have known Kris would not have relented so easily. Not without an ulterior motive. Before Vince knows what’s happening, the larger man has him in a headlock, having snatched the paper from his hands immediately. He groaned, nearly losing his footing beneath Kris’ grasp.]
“God damn it!”
[Vince yelped, a growl on his breath as his teeth clamped together in irritation.]
“Let me go, or I’ll take a torch to the weapons room, so help me.”
Vince Caruso 10/01/19 [Vince’s gaze hadn’t faltered. The burnt chestnut of his eyes bore curiously into Kris as he stuck his hand out, and he could feel his stomach flutter into a knot. Was this... Victory?]
[The other man remained obvious in his refusal to meet Vince’s eyes. He doesn’t notice the way he starts to pout, however subtle, but he finally pulls the paper from behind his back and presses it into Kris’ open hand.]
“Look, you didn’t even burst into flames. I am impressed.”
Vince Caruso 10/01/19 [There was no mistaking that glint of mischief in his eye. Whatever it was about pressing Kris’ buttons, Vince always wanted more. It appeased him. Amused him. Maybe it was because he knew if it had been anyone else, he wouldn’t have gone quite so easy. Maybe he liked assuming that Kris was just a little soft for him. Who knows?]
“You didn’t even ask in the first place. Pretty rude, actually. Demandin’ ain’t polite.”
[Vince hustled to get away, a spring in his step as he jumped up on to the nearest surface and elevated himself up above the ground. He wasn’t about to comment on just how good Kris looked. He couldn’t. Not if he wanted to retain any bit of his dignity.]
“Perhaps you could try asking... nicely?”
Vince Caruso 10/01/19 [A not so subtle ‘pfft’ pushed past his lips, and Vince snatched the paper back once more, this time holding it steady behind his back. The lanky man took a hefty step backward, face curled into a look of incredulity... though he was still clearly amused.]
“I know. That’s what I said. I was all, ‘Forsetti? No, can’t be. Look at that face. Look at that grin. Way too nice looking.’”
[He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth.]
”And yet...
Vince Caruso 10/01/19 [He was fast, but Vince had been just a touch faster, whipping the paper out of the way before Kris could get his hands on it. With a slight shake of his head, he'd stepped to the side, inspecting the poster once more, in fine detail.]
"You know, I think they've got you lookin' a bit too happy. Yeah, that's it."
[His brow had flexed, but a sly grin played at the corner of his mouth.]
"Don't think I've ever seen a genuine smile on that grumpy face of yours. What photo are they workin' off, anyway? I'd like to see it!"
Vince Caruso 10/01/19 [He'd shuffled up to the large man, dark pools trained on the cream colored paper in his hands. The sketch was quick. Dirty. But it was unmistakable. Vince stopped just short of Kris, and held the paper up into the air next to his face, its edges nearly grazing locks of sandy blonde hair.]
[Vince mumbled, as he contemplated.]
"No. No it's not quite right. Something's missing."
WildKat 10/01/19 Congrats on PotD!
Vince Caruso 09/27/19 [He appeared to be deep in deliberation. His head canted to one side, and then to the other. Teeth bore lightly into his lesser lip.]

"Yes you would have."
[Vince's fingers found Kris's shoulder once more, the tips digging into muscle and skin.]
"Forsetti, if that complaint held any semblance of truth,"
[He raised a brow, leaning well into Kris's personal space as he dropped his voice.]
"You wouldn't still be lying there, would you?"
Vince Caruso 09/26/19 [His smile broadens, teeth peeking from behind his lips.]
“Ha, yes! Victory!”
[Vince leaned in and tapped Kris on the nose with the tip of his finger before relinquishing his grip. ]
“And you didn’t even combust. Look at you, making strides. OH, and wouldn’t you know. I still have my mane.”
Vince Caruso 09/26/19 “You have no idea.”
[He’d pulled back just a little, but kept his grip on Kris’s shoulders while he allowed his eyes to wander freely over his face.]
“You just can’t stand to submit, can you? Aaaaalways gotta be the tough guy.”
[Vince smirked.]
“I get it. You’re old and wise. Yoda has nothing on you. Etcetera, etcetera.”
Vince Caruso 09/26/19 “You shouldn’t have threatened one of my most valuable assets.”
[Makes every attempt to pin the tree of a man against the ground.]
“Oh, you thought I only trained while you were around?”
[Tuts his tongue.]
“Tisk. I told you never to underestimate me.”
Vince Caruso 09/26/19 [He eyed the knife, back and forth, before his eyes flickered back to the sandy haired viking.]
“You think so, do you?”
[Limber legs crouched down as he prepared for an attack.]
“You’re gonna get a chance to test that theory.”
[He pounced without warning, body sling-shotting through the air.]
Vince Caruso 09/26/19 “If you value the most fragile parts of your body, you will put that thing away.”
[Throws his fists up, takes a defensive stance.]
Vince Caruso 09/26/19 [Vince raked his fingers through thick tufts of his dark hair.]
“No way. I don’t believe you.”
[Smug little grin.]
“Whats a sword yielding hero without a full mane?”
Vince Caruso 09/26/19 [he c-cked his head, sly grin on his lips.]
“Are you sure about that, Grandpa?”
Vince Caruso 09/26/19 “We still keepin’ count?”

You managed to breakout Kristoffer Forsetti
Vince Caruso 09/11/19 [boy, does he catch that smile, even if it just a shell.]

"On the Gods. It wont leave my sight for a second, you have my word."
[his own lips twitch, a smile threatening his face.]
"I'd hate for you to have to go out and find another... Stick."
Vince Caruso 09/11/19
"Don't make it weird?"
[he takes the bit of wood on the leather cord and thumbs over it gently.]
"Do I get to know anything else about this superstition, or am I just meant to obey in silence, like a good little charge?"
[—but Vince is swift in tying the cord around his neck and tucking the piece of wood into his shirt.]
Vince Caruso 09/10/19 [it’s almost against his better judgement, but...]

Vince Caruso 09/09/19
“Aye. Though that hasn’t stopped you from coming around, has it?”
[he c-cks his head]
“What is it you’d like from me, hmm?”
Vince Caruso 09/09/19
"Has Alzheimer's already begun to affect your brain? I am still washing algae out of my hair."
Vince Caruso 09/09/19 [is possibly glaring a little]

"Can I help you with something?"
Vince Caruso 09/06/19 [clamors and makes a grab for anything to hold on to]
"Tough talk does not pertain to being paraded around like a child. This is dirtier than I'd taken you for!"
[can hear the lapping of waves at the shores of the lake]
"Don't do it. Don't do it!"
[clings for dear life, like a cat to it's owner]
[probably even has claws]
"I'm not going down without a fight, you old grump!"
[coils all of his limbs around the man, like a snake, using his whole weight to topple the tangle of bodies into the water at the shore.]
[take that, b-tch!]
Vince Caruso 09/05/19 [a sable brow furrowed in confusion, until he'd finally put two and two together]
"Of course I--"
[he'd began to flail, purposefully jabbing at the larger mans sides, kicking his legs the best he could]
"Don't you dare. Kris, I will set you and everything you love on fire, so help me God!"
[more punching. so much kicking.]
"I'll take you down, Forsetti!"
Vince Caruso 09/05/19 [feels like he is on a rollercoaster]
"Good. Will you go ahead and toss me right into it? I am ready to die."
[groans, unimpressed, arms dangling helplessly]
[truly has not learned his lesson]
"It wasn't a threat. It was a promise."
[there's a small pause, and Vince goes quiet for a moment. then, he strikes with no remorse, clamping his teeth down on the closest part of Kris's body to his mouth.]
Vince Caruso 09/05/19 [loses his sunglasses on the ground]
[is now a very cranky Vincenzo]
"You son of a b-tch. You're just mad because I left you wanting more."
[honestly has no idea when to shut the f-ck up]
"Just you wait!"
Vince Caruso 09/05/19 [is relatively certain he's seeing his whole life flash before his eyes]
"Hey, knock it off!"
[tossed like a ragdoll, is not impressed]
"Put me down you barbarian!"
Merida Campbell 09/04/19 A soft smile graced her lips understanding of the specific runes. She turned her hand over showing the leather bracelet showing the specific runes status from where she was raised "Well, if you ever need assistance or someone to bounce ideas off of... I will be somewhere around here. Again, welcome to the Den."

Merida shrugged her shoulders slightly before turning to head off on to work.
Vince Caruso 08/31/19 [He rolls his eyes and gives the taller man a very pointed once-over.]
"Perhaps because I beat you to every place you'd like to go."
"You should start running faster."
Vince Caruso 08/31/19 [Vince glances at the man as he trots by, and his eyes narrow slightly]
"Yes, and? Worried I was going to miss the view?"
Liam Moore 08/29/19
"Right, bye tough guy."
Liam Moore 08/29/19 A small laugh would come from Liam.
"Calm down there, I have no interest in your ass. You aren't my type."
Gives the male a smug look.
"I like them pretty you I would describe more as ruggedly handsome."
Vince Caruso 08/28/19 You were looking a little rusty. I though you could use the practice.
Vince Caruso 08/27/19 [Vince laughed abruptly, now rubbing the spot on his forehead where he'd been flicked]
"Flirt? You call that flirting?"
[The heat that rose in his cheeks threatened to expose him once again]
"You've been out of the game a while, haven't you, grumpy?"
[He'd grumble slightly then, something about practicing, before he'd toddle off.]
Vince Caruso 08/27/19 "I never said that that fact hadn't crossed my mind." [The same smirk softened into a grin.] "But if the front pockets are where you're keeping the goods, well.."
Vince Caruso 08/27/19 “You often lure young men into rubbing up on the goods by leaving bills untucked from your pocket?” [He smirked] “I could not resist.”
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
"Name the time and place, and I am there."
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
"When the time comes, you'll covet having someone like me owe you a favor."
[A c*ckiness twists across his visage]
"I believe we have a deal."
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
"Naturally. Name your price."
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
"So, you've already got a leg up on me. Or two."
[He smirked, softly.]
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
"You remember how I said I may come calling if I found myself in need of sage advice? Well."
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
Langley 08/21/19 *utters a happy little sound before diving into the open arms*
*is making loud purring noises*
"Kris, you know that I never turn down your hugs! Welcome back you slow azz chicken nugget getter! Don't worry about the next batch. You might get lost again."
Sigrun Haefnirdottir 08/21/19 A stranger in an even stranger land had seen the hulking frame of female tending to her 'pup' before someone decided to stare at her. Rising from crouched position, the female cut an imposing figure, shoulders rolling to give a rather audible crack! of sound before she's fully standing, clearly dwarfing the human male's height.

One step taken, followed by another and then another as distance is casually destroyed, the height difference between the pair more clearly defined as she craned her head to, literally, look down upon him. Something tickled at her olfactory lobes and the female's nose twitched ever so slightly, a memory surfacing but buried once more, viciously beaten down.

Taking note of how this particular human male didn't seem to back down at her approach sees a bit of a toothy smile, a flashing of faintly elongated canines exposed, and she speaks, tones of voice tainted with an accent that could, possibly, be from the far north. Far, far north.

Samantha Winchester 08/21/19 You managed to break out Kristoffer Forsetti.
"Run dude run"
Merida Campbell 08/21/19 New blood was coming into the Den. That was great to see many new and fresh faces. Merida grabbed her jacket as she made her way out of her own place, heading out for some fresh air. Within the distance she noticed a new member, a male one which was great. She whispered to herself. "I'm betting he's with someone already. But it would be nice to have more friends." As she approached the newest member of the Den "Hello. Find everything okay?"

She softly smiles while speaking. "Welcome to the Family. My name is Merida. If you need someone to talk to or get patched, come see me. You can say I am the Den's Doctor on call."
Adara Richards 08/21/19 Get some rest, Kris.
-purses lips-
We will talk later. Welcome home.
Vince Caruso 08/21/19 [A peculiar curiosity had baited his interest. The sputtering and retching had very little to do with it. Tired lids swept his eyes into slits which would give the faulty impression that he was anything but intrigued.]
"Not on my person, 'm'fraid."
[Virgin locks the color of burnt umber swept gently as he shook his head.]
"Keep my arsenal at home. Gives me a reason to keep going back."
[Vince stepped forward, slowly, offering a hand to the strange man.]
"Vince. Vince Caruso. If you're more of the veteran type, perhaps it is I who will come calling if I need some sage advice."
Langley 08/21/19 *glances up and down*
*gives an appreciative whistle*
"Adz said you had my chicken nuggets?"

Of f@#$ing course....
Adara Richards 08/21/19 -squints-
Vince Caruso 08/20/19 "Hey there. Welcome to the Realm."
Geoffrey Drake 08/20/19 Welcome!
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