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December-Rose's Biography
December's bio is being redone once again due to the fact that I cannot be satisfied with anything. Until it is done everything is going to look like a mess so bare with me here. Please stand by for the awful little Ice Queen's story. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Doom Bringer


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Last five threads posted in:
Kristian Mcloud 06/12/18 Congrats on PoTD!
W_Kat 06/12/18 Congrats on PotD!
Sebastian Castillo 05/28/18 Sebastian eyed the rather innocent looking girl. The innocent ones were always the most dangerous. Still her offered her a small smile, that looked more like a smirk then anything. "Oh darling I've been dealing with monsters most my life. I don't fear them much anymore. But I thank you for the warning and the welcome."
Anais 05/13/18 "Do I even want to know gurrrl?" Her smile grows to dangerous proportions but her eyes remain trained on the woman's mercurial ones, the dark lashes that glance at porcelain cheek. "I can eat enough pizza for the two of us but Pluto can have your share. You aren't allergic to cats are you?" Anais is interested to see how Pluto will react to December. He's a good judge of character. "He's pretty hypo-allergenic. Short hair and all. Not very danderish."
Anais 05/13/18 "Of course they were." Anais's head tilts to the right, mahogany eyes roaming December's face, her expression at the mention of slumber parties and pizza. "I had the same problem, kind of." Her smile falters for the briefest of seconds before renewing its place on bronzed skin. "So you don't like pizza and slumber parties. Okay. I'll just bother you when I have questions about 'things'."
Anais 05/11/18 "Of course I didn't. But what else am I gonna call you by for slumber parties and pizza night." A laugh bellows from deep within her chest. "Girl, I know there is no demon by the name December Rose just lurking about in the annals of demon history." Another laugh escapes at the thought and she pretends she's reading a ledger. "Abaddon, Belial, Culsu, December-Rose." She shudders with laughter. "All the demon kids on Hell's playground teased you didn't they?"
Anais 05/10/18 December Rose. Anais finished punching in the name when the woman took her phone and began to add her number. With a warning. Lips slightly agape, those gold eyes would find December's mercurial ones and crease as a smile draws itself boldly across a more than slightly masculine face. "I'm always careful when calling upon demons." Again she leans towards December and takes back her phone, rushedly but gently. "But now I have a name when I do." Because a name is a powerful thing to have, as a witch.
Anais 05/10/18 Plump lips blows bubbles into her coffee, Anais's eyes are dancing with amusement. The eccentric woman's knee jerk reaction to Anais close proximity causes mahogany to lighten remarkably until her eyes are the gold of a cat's. Studiously, the tanned woman watches the much fairer one- her mercurial eyes, the flash of undisciplined restraint. "Oh I'm sure people would be very interested with what you do in your time." Anais might be one of those people. Knowledge, it's what she seeks. "What's your name?" A cell phone is produced. Yeah. She might need this chick's number for future questions. "And your digits."
Anais 05/09/18 "So you're saying I should stick to the ugly b-tches then?" She doesn't take too much seriously, she can't afford to. It might one day be her downfall but for now it keeps her sane. "Paris is pretty cool. I dig their graveyards." Anais tilts her head, her hand pulling the collar of her t-shirt out from under the strap of her bag. "I'm actually planning on moving to New Orleans when I get the money. Any recommendations for food? Bars?" The woman leans closer, nose to nose with the eccentric lady and smiles. "Charnel houses?"
Anais 05/09/18 So it was old fashioned to warn people of monsters? Seems awful polite to warn strangers of things like that, and a little odd. "You're from the south, aren't you?" Because really, only Southerners are that polite. A sincere smile plasters itself across bronze face. "You've been sippin' too much sweet tea, haven't you." A laugh escapes Anais. Good natured ribbing is all it is. "Wait, no, probably bourbon out of teacups, amirite?" Another sip of her cold brew, she tilts her head to the side. "So like, I grew up in South Central L.A, I GET monsters. Where you stay?"
Anais 05/09/18 The Algerian goddess, at least that's what she calls herself when guys come sniffing around, lowers black wayfarers to the tip of her nose. Was this chick serious? All stoicism and gloom and doom with a touch of crazy. Anais shifts her weight from one Nike SB to the other, plump lips sucking hard on her Nariño 70 Cold Brew with Milk. "You've been smoking bath salts, haven't you?" Mahogany eyes crease with amusement. "It's okay gurl, we all need a hobby." The side eye. "But dude, seriously, thanks for the welcome."
Kristian Mcloud 03/28/18 He smiled and giggled with her"i see, well like I said a pleasant challenge" Maybe ill keep you around a while!" he smiled and thought about her crazy words. "maybe she is the cure for some boredon around here after all, pleasure and pain,well 70% pain,20% pleasure and 10% unknown, the thought made him smile as she took her leave of him ,for now he knew.
Kristian Mcloud 03/28/18 He smirked a grin from hell "hmm me huh" he watched her intently,what was she so deviously planning now he wondered. " A pleasant challenge I presume, and i believe it will end in both of us pretty torn up and not as pretty?" he laughed a low diabolical sound and could only imagine what she had on that sweet little mind of hers, whatever it was it wouldn't be nice at the end.
Kristian Mcloud 03/28/18 He smiled at her, the tease of the bite making him feel a tickle on the cold flesh,causing a goose bump or two and a cackle. " Oh I know how you love your toys,for about a day!" he laughed and looked at her pretty young eyes "but I do see how the toys you have or get to play with fall for those little teasing charms,and such dangerous beauty can ensnare them" He leaned down to smell the scent of her hair,he kinda liked her for that,she was always so enticing,but he knew her sexiness was just a flower with thorns. "so who is next on your victem list?"
Kristian Mcloud 03/28/18 He watched her,and as always he thought her words were nice with a little tease to them,he could smell the a sweet scent from her lip gloss as she was so close to his lips, with a uncontrollable smile he giggled softly at her words "Oh i am huh,and why would i be the only interesting person around here, i have been away a while with work,it was so taxing on a man" Grabbing her little waist, he held her to a quick hug again and waited for her next words. "i like the new look by the way, its very beautiful to me"
Kristian Mcloud 03/28/18 He smirked at her, as a smile made with pride adorned his face. "Oh you know me,a little bad boy here, and a bad guy there, nothing you haven't seen or know of me" He hugged her a quick hug. So whats new here? anything worth talking about here for?
W_Kat 03/20/18 Congrats on PotD!
Amducious 11/22/17 He leaves flowers at her door with a card that reads "thank you for the wonderful date last night, I hope there are many more to come
Kristian Mcloud 11/20/17 He caught the ball on his forehead and giggled,he had a feeling it was D-Rose. He saw the little thing bobbing around and tossed the ball at her hoping it bounced off her head now.
Kristian Mcloud 11/06/17 He shook his head at her "so silly, so Moody and so lovely" he smirked and was happy to tease her again!
Kristian Mcloud 11/06/17 He laughed at her face expression, "conquests dear like with training, mind in the mood i see" he laughs at her and smiles "calm down silly girl"
Kristian Mcloud 11/06/17 I have been doing good, and keeping busy trying to do realm stuff. He smiled at her. He was happy to see her again. "so any new conquests for you here in the realm?"
Kristian Mcloud 11/06/17 Well Hello there! December, it has been a long time, hoping all is well in your world. :)
W_Kat 10/31/17 Haha, you're fine! Most Welcome and congrats again.
W_Kat 09/23/17 Congrats on PotD!
Ellie Mae 07/05/17 Bare-footed, the young witch found herself in a strange city. She was sure she wasn't any where near her home, but for now she was safe, at least from the people trying to hurt her. Her once blue t-shirt was covered in the dust from the wall she had broken down, the dark jeans covered in the light dust as well. Looking to the woman who walked by her, brown eyes took in the blood dripping from her, not tensing since the woman didn't seem to be attacking her. Listening to her words her gaze searched around before looking back to the woman. "Thanks... I'll be sure to look out for the creatures trying to kill me... along with everything else that seems to want me dead." Glancing towards the forest she had just submerged from she chewed on her bottom lip before turning to go on her way once more, trying to find somewhere safe to stay for the night.
Kristian Mcloud 06/28/17 He smiled at her, and giggled at her words.Thx! for the wonderful words sweetheart!
Tucker Reid 06/28/17 What an aberrant image.
Lonesome is the woman who stalks the streets of a plentiful city covered in the blood and extremities of-
Tucker sniffs the air.
"Cute, but you can do better than that."
Briefly, his tongue darts over his bottom lip.
"Although, you demonic types have never aspired for much besides bottom dwelling, have you?"
Pride 06/17/17 Pride turned himself into mist and hid from the realm as he traveled around the park and city areas,He loved doing little pranks and crazy things to the humans,and took great pleasure in it tonight,till he saw her, she was everything and in her human form the most beautiful of all creatures he had ever seen.
He turned to human and had to say hello to this magical dark goth woman. He got to her slowly and smiled as he said hello "hello there young lady,its a wonderful night,if you agree with me" he stopped in front of her and extended a bag of Origami made from all kinds of skins "here You might like these, the trick is to tell me what skins were used for what magical creature" with a dark giggle he turned to mist and laughed as he left, leaving his number on the box inside, he remembered her love of darkness.
Amethyst Boru 05/29/17 "Well that's a good thing Katerina well Katherine as she is known now is a complete psycho. Elijah on the other hand is cool. But then he is my dad and has always been good to me after she dumped me as a baby on his door step. Long story."

~~Amu smiles extending her hand to her doppelganger.~~

" Names Amethyst by the way but please call me Ami everyone else does."
Amethyst Boru 05/18/17 *The Irish lass looked at the girl scratching her head. The first born from an Original and his love who was turned heard of doppelgangers. Smiling she spoke in her Irish accent.*

" Well hello my shadow self please tell me that Elijah and Katherine are not your parents."

* Giving the girl a soft smile. *
Pride 05/14/17 He saw the gorgeous young woman out walking the misty cool air of the realm, and went to her "hey sweetheart could i take you to Hell's kitchen for some dinner sometime?" he smiled at her, hopeful she would say yes.
Pride 05/10/17 Pride walked into the realm, full of attitude as always, no one was really good enough for him, or so he always thought. He got to the realm expecting a place with some potential, but time would tell; as he giggled under his breath. He walked into a few dive bars and a few of the upper scale places and it was all the same wherever he seemed to end up; what someone wants, what they can get from you, and how they can get it.
He went back outside for some fresh air, and as he did he had to chuckle at the petite little girl that was walking toward him “oh great what’s this one want?” he thought; as she got closer, he started feeling a bit different. “Wow she’s beautiful,” he said out loud, but not enough for her to hear it.
He was totally captivated by her, who was she, he wanted to know this person, but why?
His mind on her, old thoughts came forward, The one thing that can make the strongest man crumble, feel worthless, and be commanded to a pile of mush was that one woman; she was his life, his everything , and behind every good man was an even better woman; It his dads motto and it was so true and a good one….
She spoke like an angel song, he was taken by her, and she had his every attention. He took the Jar from her and could barely get out a “thank you young lady, very much” He smiled the biggest smile he had in years . “I’m happy to meet you, I am Pride,” he bowed to her.
Kristian Mcloud 05/04/17 He saw his lovely friend not happy and walked uo to her to GIVE her a big hug "im so sorry December,m here if you need me as ALWAYS"
Remi Rose 05/03/17
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