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The mouth is the door of evil.
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Autumn Summers 11/10/17 Error: Invalid Number Please resend text message using a valid number.
Autumn Summers 10/30/17 Gray
How are you holding up?
Blaize E Summers 10/01/17 A finely groomed brow arched upwards at the man's statement. A grin tucked at the corner of his lips while his arms crossed over his chest. "As always. Hello Gray." Crimson orbs gave the man a once over as if to study his current physical state. It had been some time since the two had last spoken so it was only natural he take in the man's appearance. Gray was good at hiding his emotions but Blaize was better at deciphering facades than most gave him credit for. The hidden anguish in his eyes. The liquor that sat heavy in the air about the man. Blaize glanced away from the man, a look of boredom on his visage.

"How have you been, Mr. Taylor? Enjoying the liquid libation?"
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 The answer made Autumn heave another sigh. She was old friends with the bottom of a bottle. Only being what she was kept her from an early grave due to kidney failure, among other things.

She understood the why, the reason, but she didn't have to like it. They disagreed. They argued. They threatened. Through all of that, at the end of the day, Autumn hated Gray being reduced to this. Few people deserved it, and he wasn't one of them.

Coming from someone who knows, it may help temporarily, but it won't change anything.
I also won't preach at you.
I just... I hope your find yourself again.
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 Ra. It made perfect sense. Cause... reaction, effect, and so forth. The real question now was, where does it end?

Understandable. Anger is a powerful thing. As is loss.
What will you do now?
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 She anticipated the delay. Gray did not open up to people lightly, and even when he did, it took time. One needed patience. The same applied when dealing with her. Pushing got you nowhere.

So Autumn waited. Either he would, or he wouldn't.

When her phone finally vibrated and she read the new message, her head jerked back as if she'd been slapped. The dots connected. She understood, oh yes.

"Do you have a bloody death wish?" The woman growled. A niggling in the pit of her belly told her it might very well be true. She ignored it, but had to ask...

Autumn Summers 09/28/17 It's my fault.

More staring at the screen of her phone. Gray must've been in a poor way, indeed, to make such a concession. She felt for him. Not pity. An acknowledgement of loss and pain, and where it led.


She touched send, and thumbed another message right on the heels of the first.

To be clear, you aren't obligated to tell me anything.
If you do, it's because you want to, not because I asked.
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 "Oh, sh*t." Said sincerely, with feeling. If there was one thing Autumn knew about the man with absolute certainly, it was the devotion Gray had to his sister. He'd bargained his soul to keep her safe.

Of all the things he could've told her, that one... A doozy, to put it lightly. She damn near dropped her phone.

Mercy: gone. Ra: gone. Sarah: gone. What did the man have left to live for? Bad question. Don't ask that.

"Jesus f*cking Christ, Gray..." Autumn rubbed a hand across her face and leaned against the lip of the nearest counter top. She stared at the screen of her phone, unsure where to go from there.

I... don't have the words.
Is there no hope, then?
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 Secrets. A throwback to a seemingly distant time, although less than a year ago. Funny how everything can change so quickly and give that illusion.

Autumn debated. Sighed. And finally relented, despite the knowledge she may end up regretting it. All things considered, the man deserved a break.

Aye. Tell me?
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 It was a good thing they weren't face to face. For one, she would be appalled at Gray's current state of depravity, though she couldn't blame him. For two, chances are she would hug him, or hit him. Or both. Probably both.

They had their differences, to be sure, but that didn't change the facts.

I rarely say things I don't mean.
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 Autumn let out a small snort in response to the question. Word games. Always, it seemed. They were either very good, or very bad at them, depending on one's outlook. If either got careless, witty repartee turned vicious and opened old or created new wounds.

That was the last thing she wanted.

If I tell you yes, will you?
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 The vibration of an incoming message caught her attention. Autumn's brows furrowed after she unlocked the screen and set eyes on the surprise reply. Gray had always been an enigma, a puzzle, one that she'd once set out to put together, and then... well, and then. Now they walked separate paths.

Walls up, blinders on.

That much she knew. Briefly Autumn considered chipping at those walls but, again, she wasn't cruel. So, what the hell did she say? Get well soon? Not likely.

Try to take care of yourself. Please?
Autumn Summers 09/28/17 Autumn could be cold, but she wasn't cruel, generally speaking, and felt compelled to at least offer something, however inadequate. Sighing, she picked up her cell phone and thumbed a message, not expecting a reply.

I read about Ra.
I'm sorry.
Autumn Summers 08/03/17 Gray and Autumn were very similar in some ways, and complete opposites in others. Perfect examples:

The willingness to kill for their people. In this particular case - the whole list of things she rattled off, really - he considered business, while to her, it was personal. Briefly she considered putting forth a 'what if' scenario on the table, but decided against it. She knew it would change nothing.

"See? You can be a d*ck." There was rueful amusement in her voice. "Try to remember, you don't have to deal with that anger. I do. I sincerely wish you two could have figured your sh*t out."

Autumn sighed and shook her head, allowing Gray to change the topic. "You haven't given anyone else the opportunity to know you on more than a superficial level. It makes one curious as to why you wanted to know." Pause. "Perhaps another time. I should go. Enjoy the cookies."
Autumn Summers 08/01/17 Gray Taylor, being reasonable after she unleashed on him. To be fair, there had been no heat in her words. No accusation. And she’s honest enough to admit it was typically her temper that tended to kick off their spectacular arguments. Autumn had a knack for ruffling feathers. Still… she wondered idly if a spirit possessed the man’s body. This whole conversation, from beginning until now, was distinctly un-Gray-like.

A half laugh, half snort escaped at the ‘difficult woman’ comment, but she stayed her tongue until he finished.

Ah, there. The hesitation where he decided what, exactly, he could allow himself to say. Gray was nothing if not a creature of habit in certain topics. Some things never change.

“I am still a difficult woman,” she began, “too bloody stubborn and headstrong for my own good.” The shrug could be heard in her voice. “I appreciate the apology.” Truth, said a bit softer than before. “Better late than never… but the past is the past. You know better than I do it can’t be changed. We can only move forward and learn from our mistakes.”

The frown reappeared, lips pursed again. “What is the true reason you called today? A text to thank me would’ve sufficed. In our last conversation, I openly threatened one of Mercy’s members which you countered with one of your own. You called me and my relationship a threat when you last spoke to Lucius. I am not welcome on Mercy’s grounds. The list goes on. These are not things one might rattle off when referring to a friend. So, out with it.”

Autumn, blunt as a bowling ball.
Autumn Summers 08/01/17 “A series of adventures,” she scoffed. In-laws were in a league of their own, and Autumn still found herself bemused by them from time to time. They treated her as family should. It was definitely a learning experience.

The flat tone in Gray’s voice was to be expected. Nothing else for her to say but, “Thank you.”

His last set of comments had her pushing off her perch, standing straight. Her brows furrowed. It didn’t escape her notice that he neglected to answer her question. “Damn, Gray. Cut right to the point, why don’t you?”

She huffed out a laugh. “Alright... That is a rather broad question, so I’ll break it down to you the best I can. The short answer is no, and yes. Now, allow me to explain. As a lover, you could be very attentive… when you were there.” Autumn held an index finger up, despite the fact he couldn’t see her. Force of habit. “Don’t interrupt. You asked and I am giving you my point of view. Anyway… You’re wonderful when you want to be. Caring, thoughtful. You helped me accept and embrace what I am, and I’ll always thank you for that. Others, you are absolutely unyielding, and that is appropriate in certain situations. Others, it’s not. That ties into the next part. You as a leader. Some may be able to tolerate the demand for following orders blindly, or suffer the consequences. I am not one of them. You ran Mercy like a totalitarian state, whether you admit it or not.”

Autumn inhaled deeply and let out a measured breath, pacing the kitchen. “Do you know what bothered me more than anything? It felt as if you simply gave up on me, or chose not to try. I was supposed to matter to you.” Her voice was calm, and not the ‘I am about to explode’ kind of calm. She was just explaining facts. “Yet when all that bullsh*t went down about Ra… you sat back and did nothing. I’m sure part of the blame is on me, because I thought being second to someone was fine, but it wasn’t. The problem, however, is you never took the time to explain anything to me. I’m not f*cking psychic, Gray. I can’t understand things that are not explained and be expected to roll with it. So, aye, I was pissed and hurt. The second part of that is when I left Mercy. I left because you no longer wanted me there. That is where you failed, in my opinion. You didn’t even bother to look for a solution, or wonder why I was being such a b*tch. Your way or the highway. That was devastating to me. Remember, you first asked me into Mercy, not the other way around. Lucius found me that night, to be sure I didn’t do anything more stupid than what I’d already done.”

She shook her head. “No one is perfect, Gray, certainly not me. You can be an amazing man, but you can also be a first class d*ck.”

Well, he wanted the truth. She fully expected him to counter, deny, argue, point out her flaws… or hang up on her. Any one or combination of those.
Autumn Summers 08/01/17 A snort of amusement escaped her. Surprise two - Mr. Suit himself, caught with a mouthful of cookie. "You would be amazed by the sh*t I remember."

Autumn leaned the small of her back against the edge of the counter and crossed her free arm over her diaphragm. She heaved a sigh. "You're welcome." He was being civil. She could be too, for the moment. "Amazing, actually. Settling into married life. And you?"

It never occurred to her Gray might not know she and Lucius were married. Although she hadn't bothered to tell Spring. She'd told very few people. It wasn't their business, but she'd also had two months to get used to the idea, so it was a natural thing to say.
Autumn Summers 07/31/17 The last batch of cookies went into the oven. When Autumn baked, it was rarely in small amounts. Once she got started, she continued far beyond one batch. They lasted longer that way. Sometimes.

Her phone started to ring. It made a terrible racket vibrating on the marble counter top. She plucked it up and looked at the display. Gray. Her expression stiffened. Their last exchange had been less than desirable, and the one between him and Lucius even worse.

So, what did he want?

Autumn almost let it go to voicemail. Before it did, she pressed her lips together and swiped her thumb across the screen, bringing the phone to her ear. "Hello, Gray." No additional prompt.
Autumn Summers 07/31/17 A neatly wrapped package arrives for Gray. Inside, in an equally neat arrangement, are a batch of fresh baked gingerbread cookies. There is also a note which reads:

As requested. Happy Birthday.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 G Baby
That's because they offer the horse water and not tequila.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 G Baby
You know I didn't graduate primary school...
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 G Baby
Spring, duh.
And obviously, I got it from your Craigslist add.
Make sure when you ask for a golden shower, you mean a shower that is, in fact, gold. Not what Trump likes in the bedroom.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 G Baby
Your gremlin is in my city again. A city that's still not open.
Elouise Warrock 06/27/17 G Baby
He is a monster.
But he is mine.
Elouise Warrock 06/27/17 G Baby
You may see my husband as a monster, but he is still mine. And I will do everything in my power to find him. Respect him or no, I only ask you honor my attempt to find him, with little impediment from outside forces.
Elouise Warrock 06/27/17 G Baby
You mean to say I won't find his corpse in Cole's closet?
Elouise Warrock 06/27/17 G Baby
If you already know why I want to secure my city, why are you asking me? Jameson is gone. I'm cleaning shop, and starting at ground zero.
Elouise Warrock 06/27/17 G Baby
I'm coordinating training exercises within my city limits, and need exclusivity. and you know Spring...she's planning my ultimate demise.
Elouise Warrock 06/27/17 G Baby
Precisely. My city.
I'll sponsor her bat mitzvah if she goes.
I can delete your number from my phone is you bribe her with gilt?
Elouise Warrock 06/27/17 G Baby
Your mini Jew needs to GTFO.
I left a trail of pennies leading out of the city but she didn't follow. Wtf do I do next?
Elouise Warrock 06/26/17 G Baby
Omg. You DO care.
Love you.
Elouise Warrock 06/26/17 G Orlav ;)
Uh huh...
Not even a light tap?
Elouise Warrock 06/26/17 If I touch your butt, does that mean we're dating?
Elisa Stratten 06/23/17 Gray
Happy spotlight day, golden boy.
Ronan Boru 06/23/17 Congrats on POTD.
Blaize E Summers 06/15/17 Gary
Gray, my dear boy. It's been a while.
Not long enough, in my opinion, but who is asking me?
Anyway, are my belongings still inside the coven walls?
If so, feel free to burn it or let Spring take whatever she pleases.
I have dinosaur band-aids in there somewhere for her.
Lucius Dalca 06/06/17 Text: Gray
Dito. And rarely. They usually want a software update more so than anything else. They have their own contractors for the other stuff.
Lucius Dalca 06/06/17 Text: Gray
I can't believe it took you this long to ask... I am a network and surveillance specialist.
Lucius Dalca 06/06/17 Text: Gray
I am more of a free lance. Most of the time, I work for my family's company but there are times when the government asks for a job.
Lucius Dalca 06/06/17 Text: Gray
What do you mean? My job is almost always behind a desk and computer. Its only ever so often that I get to do field work and its usually a government contract.
Lucius Dalca 06/06/17 Text: Gray
A little job, I took for a company. Easy money.
Lucius Dalca 06/06/17 Lucius pulled out his hand from his victim's shattered chest when he felt his phone sound up from a text. The vampire was very much dead now. He took out his phone with his clean hand and read the text before responding back. Text: Gray
Almost done here.
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
But you have.
Goodnight, Gray.
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
You and I both know that is only the tip of the iceberg, as it were.
Why do things have to be so goddamn complicated?
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
Including myself, because I still have no clue.
In any case, you aren't being fair here. I answered your question.
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
You've still not told me what you see in that would-be murderer.
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
Then I would suggest you advise that son of a b*tch to steer clear of me. For everyone's sake.
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
The same sort of safety provided to Blaize, and Sky?
I don't want Cole safe. I want him dead.
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
Aye, and you've not answered my question about him.
But fair is fair. None of the rest put a bullet into my best friend. Given one of my sisters and beloved are also members of Mercy... well, I'm sure you can see why I am interested.
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
Just like you saw it in me, once?
They are all wildly different people, thus different opportunities. What do you see in Cole?
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
Opportunity... what sort of opportunity?
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
By the way, I'm dying to know... why did you bring Cole Ward into Mercy?
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
I know, she told me. I think it's great.
Romania is beautiful... rich in culture. I want to come back, if for no other reason than that.
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
You got it. I'll let you know when we are back in London. Whenever that is...
So, how goes Spring's attempt to out-Jew you?
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
No cheating...
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
Mmm... I have a friend who owns a bakery that I help from time to time. It's enough for me.
Write a list, close your eyes, and place your finger somewhere on the list. Whichever it lands on is the one you'll get.
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
That is kind. Thank you. I've considered it, but then it would turn something I love as a hobby into an obligation.
Why run the risk of souring that love?
As for the Christmas cookies, those were all different kinds.
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray
Any preference on what type of cookies?
Autumn Summers 05/28/17 Gray I don't see why not.
Autumn Summers 05/27/17 Gray
I would, but we're in Romania at the moment. Your timing is terrible.
Autumn Summers 05/22/17 Gray
That makes two of us.
I suspect you will never take me up on this, but I'm going to offer, anyway... if you ever want or need someone even just to listen, for any reason, you have my number. Use it.
Autumn Summers 05/22/17 Gray
...have I somehow offended or angered you?
Autumn Summers 05/22/17 Gray
They are my family. What else would you expect?
Autumn Summers 05/22/17 Gray
Keep an eye on Spring, aye? Not that she isn't capable of defending herself but, well, you know...
Two in a month's time is unsettling.
Lucius Dalca 05/18/17 Text: Gray
Leaving me out of the poster. I see how it is, b*tch.
Autumn Summers 04/29/17 Gray
Thank you.
Autumn Summers 04/29/17 Most of Autumn's life has been about survival. Stay alive. Stay strong. And, of course, to be free. Now, she has freedom, a life, friends, love, and finds herself struggling. It's fair to say her life skills are quite unbalanced.

How do you deal with having things to lose?
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Gray
Thank you for making me laugh. I needed that.
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Gray
Be nice... I know that can be difficult for you sometimes.
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Gray
No one, at the moment.
All is quiet. I'm currently being drooled on by a pregnant woman.
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Gray
Me? No.
Stressed... and hungry.
Otherwise, peachy.
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Gray
I am with Elouise in Moscow.
Winter is here, somewhere.
Lucius is getting food.
Why does everything happen at once?
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Gray
Short answer: No.
But thank you for asking.
Lucius Dalca 04/24/17 Text: Gray
I don't know if that is a blessing or a curse. I dropped a suitcase with a lot of money at the coven. Can you carry it with you while I try to steal it?
Lucius Dalca 04/23/17 Text: Gray
You wear a $2,000 suit and all you carry is 48 f*cking bucks? Cheap motherf*cker..
Camille 04/17/17 -scoffs-
Who strives for cute? No one.
Camille 04/17/17 Have you... I mean, wow. Somehow you have managed to get uglier. How is this possible?
-reaches out, flicks tip of his nose-
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
You're forgetting that because I'm currently getting those text messages, they are included in my previous statement.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
I am quite content with what I have.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Hold something I want above your head.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
You're an odd cookie sometimes.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
You appreciate me being exhausting?
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
I know. It isn't the first time I've been told that.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Of course!
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Why not?
Could be fun...
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Is she?
I need to work on that, then.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
You're the captor, not me.
Hope she has long hair.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
July 31st.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
I do hope you're planning on showing her around London.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Gray... she isn't a prisoner.
I will come and repeatedly bounce your head against a wall if you force your sister to stay couped up.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
She can't stay in her apartment all day, every day.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
No one is ever completely safe.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
How would I know? Still not psychic...
Are you excited?
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
A little.
That being said, maybe now mystery woman won't starve to death.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Quitter
Gray Taylor! I'm disappointed in you.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were whining.
Sounds like wine and junk food are a must... trail mix?
Honestly, your best bet is to keep it simple for the moment, based on what you know about her. Otherwise it will go to waste.
Make sure there's something at least for a day or two, and then she can go grocery shopping on her own. Order out for dinner if you feel the need.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Clearly, because I'm psychic.
Just smile and nod. It's funny because I'm a woman.
Back to groceries... do you have any idea what she likes to eat?
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be laughing, but I am.
Okay, okay, I'll have mercy...
Who will be cooking? You or her?
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
That depends. Are we still talking about groceries?
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Domesticated
To be alive is not always to be well.
Thank you for that. I actually laughed aloud.
Want me to let you in on a little secret?
If you want to know what a woman wants...
Ask her.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Captain Obvious
If you were dead and texting, there would be some explaining to do...
However, I asked if you are well.
Autumn Summers 04/15/17 Gray
Like a thorn in my side.
But really, I'm allowed to be concerned.
Autumn Summers 04/14/17 Gray
You've been quiet lately. Is all well?
Autumn Summers 04/06/17 Gray
I wasn't avoiding the question. Merely making an observation.
No, not charming. Curious, perhaps.
Autumn Summers 04/06/17 Gray
You have seemed... off lately.
Autumn Summers 04/05/17 Gray
I have seen very uncharming sides of you. That is not a bad thing, by the way.
Autumn Summers 04/05/17 Gray
Aye, when it suits you.
Autumn Summers 04/05/17 Gray
That you are aware of.
Autumn Summers 04/05/17 Gray
Autumn Summers 04/03/17 Gray
Smarter than I look.
Will you answer me now?
Autumn Summers 04/03/17 Gray
Perhaps not in this particular case.
I don't recall the last time you've been so steadfast in not answering a question of mine.
Autumn Summers 04/03/17 Gray
I don't think anyone has ever told me that.
You've avoided my question twice now.
Autumn Summers 04/03/17 Gray
Charming as ever.
You didn't answer my question.
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
Thought you might.
Couldn't get much better. I am a very happy lass.
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
Put a bell round her neck. Or a tracking app on her phone.
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
The only thing to like about him is when he dies. But to each their own.
I'm out of ideas to frighten your sister. Why do you want her to stay indoors, anyway?
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
Casey? He's fairly revolting.
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
Ruffle Spring's feathers and then introduce them. If that isn't enough, I don't know what is.
Autumn Summers 04/02/17 Gray
I'm assuming that is a good thing...
You can tell her the truth. I'm healthy and happy.
Has she ever been to London?
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
Of course not. I am one of a kind.
How is Sarah?
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
Nope. Why don't you pester Spring? Or that new friend you made?
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
I don't mind most of the time, but love is too strong of a word.
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
It's rather difficult to deny the existence of such a pest.
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
Good thing I don't believe in God.
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
Why am I not surprised?
In that case, I should congratulate you on impending fatherhood. Possibly.
Autumn Summers 04/01/17 Gray
Hardly. She's welcome to you.
Since when do you believe the tabloids?
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gray
No occasion. Just because. Nothing picked out yet.
Gray Taylor, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were psychic. Aye, that would be lovely.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gray
It was, in a roundabout way.
You have exemplary taste and what better than to get another man's opinion? I trust you to be honest with me.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gray
I needed a new pair of shoes and knew you were good for it.
No, not wrong, exactly. Call it thought sorting.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gray
...I'm unsure whether to be insulted or flattered by that response. But to answer your question, I've done nothing.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gray
Do you still consider us to be friends?
Autumn Summers 03/20/17 Gray
You sure do carry large sums of euros around...
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
At least I'm honest about it.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
Lose them? Hardly. I ate them.
They were delicious.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
I am rather good at keeping tabs on what's in my house. I'd have found them long ago if they were there to be found.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
Plot twist: I never looked for them.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
You do pester. The flip side to that is I don't particularly mind.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
You and I both know even if I did have them (which I don't and will deny it to my grave) and returned them to you, you would find another, equally absurd opportunity to be a pest.
Autumn Summers 03/17/17 Gray
Life is good.
It will be even better when London starts to warm up some. Layers are nice, but I'm over it.
Mackenzie 03/17/17 Taylor
Happy Saint Patricks. Enjoy the f-cking weather out there.
Autumn Summers 03/15/17 Gray
Apologies for my temper a few days ago. It still gets the better of me sometimes.
How are you?

PS - I still don't have your trousers.
Elouise Warrock 03/11/17 BS. You just don't want to admit you like me.
Elouise Warrock 03/11/17 Are we friends yet?
Lucius Dalca 03/11/17 Text: Gray
*dies from old age*
Lucius Dalca 03/11/17 Text: Gray
Any update on that party?
Autumn Summers 03/06/17 Gray
You'll have to forgive me for getting frustrated about you popping back up as if nothing happened after that last exchange of ours. It was less than pleasant.
What do I want? To put my phone down, curl up with Lucius and be happy. So that is what I'm going to do.
Autumn Summers 03/06/17 Gray
You ought to be used to it then, my getting angry for who knows why. You continue to try. Do you enjoy it? Why bother? Perhaps we should stop wasting each other's time.
Autumn Summers 03/06/17 Annoyed. Yes, definitely heading in that direction.

If you would like a Nona, you're welcome to come and get it yourself.
Until your out of the blue text about that movie a few days ago, then your trousers and desire for my cookies, we've had no contact at all since our lovely conversation the night I left the coven.
What the f*ck do you want, Gray? To piss me off? It's working.
Autumn Summers 03/06/17 Gray
Rather difficult to do while I'm in Italy with Lucius.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Now, I have to go. I'm being given a very dirty look.
Good night, Gray.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
You are not an orphan.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Mmm... 'fraid not.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Your fixation on my cookies is both flattering and mildly disturbing. But it's nice to know my baking skills are not lacking.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
You realize, of course, you can easily go to the market for cookies. Or a bakery. Or bake them yourself. Or even ask one of your crew to bake them.
Have you gotten into one of my siblings' stash of weed, too?
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
I see... allow me to assist:
the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Then it appears you've learned something today, too.
The day is not a loss.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
And they won't be until July.
Patience is a virtue, Gray Taylor.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
I still say they're laying about in Mercy somewhere.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Using my middle name now?
There is nothing to burn. I gave back what you'd given me.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
I do hope you don't mind disappointment.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
It doesn't seem like you to be losing things, and I'm almost positive they're not at my house but alright, I'll look.
You're welcome for the cookies... in July.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Not that I'm aware. They're likely at Mercy.
Birthdays don't work that way.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
And you're only just now mentioning them?
Typical man. Speaking of... since you're a man and not a child, you can wait until your birthday.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
I'll consider cookies for your birthday.
Are you drunk? Why are your trousers missing? More importantly, why are you asking me? We've not even seen each other in more than a month. Surely Ra knows better than I where your clothes may be lurking.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Unable to help herself, Autumn snickers.

You're a dirty old man with a Santa fetish? And here I thought you were a Jew. Learn something new everyday...
Convenient Christmas in July is also the same month in which you were born.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
No, of course not.
Tell me of Christmas in March, then. You know how much I love Christmas to begin with.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
Sadly, no.
For some odd reason, I think this may be a ploy...
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Gray
You're welcome.
I'd say your chances are high, in another ten months.
Autumn Summers 03/05/17 Despite knowing Gray's Lady and the Tramp hadn't made its way into her collection, she told him she would look anyway. Since she was already going through things, it cost her nothing. So Autumn looked and, as expected, did not find the movie. Gray
Swahili? Quite a man of the world.
I'm sorry to say that your movie isn't here.
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: Gray
Yeah... Im not going come to the building for a while... Spring is like a dead skunk's *******. They make chemical weapons of that gas... .
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: Gray
Its Spring .. You need to buy 5 cases of both. That sh*t is horrid.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
You're welcome.
Noapte buna.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Honestly, it's a wonder you've not starved.
Gustoso Ristorante & Enoteca.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
You know how to cook. If you're craving spaghetti, go make yourself some. You don't need me for that.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
That remains to be seen, no?
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
No to both.
I don't know where it is, and I will return it in the unlikely event I find it in my house. You have my word.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
That is true.
I'll be sure to let you know if I find it. After watching it once or twice.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Are you going to enlighten me on what you're really after?
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
A saint? Me? Hardly.
But you are still a flatterer, Gray Taylor.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gazing down at the screen of her phone, Autumn absently brushes the side of her index finger across her lips. Curious... over a month of silence and out of the blue, Gray is asking about a movie she gave him in an attempt to make up after one of their snits. Very curious, indeed.

Aye, I will.
But only because you said please. Cheers.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
You seem to be exceptionally good at finding things. I'm sure if you truly wish to find it, you will.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
If you left it in the hallway, it's likely still somewhere in Mercy. Good luck finding it, though.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Positive. If worst comes to worst, I'm sure you can purchase another.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Damn alcohol. Makes us do the silliest things, doesn't it?
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Afraid not. The last time I saw it was when I gave it to you.
Autumn Summers 03/04/17 Gray
Where on earth would I have seen that?
Lucius Dalca 03/04/17 Text: Gray Lord
Yes!! Tomorrow I will be totally free :D lets do this! Rock on!
Lucius Dalca 03/03/17 Text: Bill Gates
When are we gonna have another dungeon party or know someone who is? My skills are lacking >_>
Mackenzie 03/03/17 Taylor
Has anyone ever told you that you look lost all the time?
Lucius Dalca 02/18/17 Text: Gray
LOLZ I would have never thought about it. I am very special... I have a certificate of sanity from Gotham and sh*t!
PS: Bought it off Ebay.
Lucius Dalca 02/18/17 Text: Gray
The accuracy is disturbing but... totally hilarious. Maybe the unofficial motto? Do we have anybody we are trying to appeal in particular?
Lucius Dalca 02/17/17 Text: Don Falcone
I was out drinking the other night and thinking.. What if we get another motto? I was juggling with..

Mercy : We are the 'special' sort of @ssholes.

Lucius Dalca 02/12/17 Text: Shaquille O'Neal I might be a little late on the heart event but I am eyeing someone for that time.

PS: I think after the 10th whoop ass on Victor, Ima stop. I don't want the guy to hate me :P
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Text: Kobe Bryant
F@ck yes! How you know I loved weapons.?! I am a collector :D.
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Text: Apollo Creed Thats a personal goal. To you its a benefit. One team rule?
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Text: Younger Dumbledore

Eh it comes and goes really as you can see. He just got a mention in the new witchy newpaper so was like woah wtf. By the way, I will become the strongest Warlock in Mercy! You heard it from me first :O.
Jace Remington 01/30/17 Today, Jace received a special treat. The Snotty Suit himself, whom Jace had minimal dealings with, crossed his path. Far be it from him not to capitalize on an opportunity.

The money didn't matter to Jace. It was the sport. The game. It also gave him the perfect excuse to admire the derrières of people other than his wifey and not get shanked for it. If he happened to sneak a squeeze in there, too? All the better.

You were successful in stealing $374.00 from Gray Taylor.

Jace leered at the man. "Nice booty. Do you work out?" He extracted one bill from the small stash and tucked it back into the pocket of Gray's suit jacket. "Call me if you find yourself... in need." Gray could take that however he saw fit.

He winked, stuffed his hands into his pockets and carried on. Later, when Gray fetched the bill, he would find a card sporting Jace's number on it.

Life was good.

Lucius Dalca 01/29/17 Text: Severus
F@ck he is in Mercy! I just never see him. Dammit! He is still not Malfoy.
Lucius Dalca 01/28/17 Text: Snape
How the f@ck does Victor get to be Malfoy?! He isn't even in Mercy or Slitherin! Motherf@cking wanker newspaper guy.
Lucius Dalca 01/27/17 Text: Hakuna Matata!

Yes! You are da man! Me loves monies!
Lucius Dalca 01/26/17 Text: Obi one Kenobi

Is he your brother??? Did I win the contest!?
Lucius Dalca 01/25/17 Text: Master Chief The toilet is clogged up in the common's room... >_>' I didn't do it.
Autumn Summers 01/21/17 Gray
You're welcome... I think.
Autumn Summers 01/21/17 Gray
I'm not religious. I only mentioned it because he said he was going to pray for me.
Autumn Summers 01/21/17 Gray
Already? I've always called him that.
Autumn Summers 01/21/17 Gray
That was meant for Lucius, but your reaction is completely worth the mistake.
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text {with name change again in the contacts page}: Gray Deal! But no Malfoy he is worst than Harry. The Mandrake is very young and very annoying. Ill drop it off in the morning.
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Lucy
I had no idea you were religious. Learn something new every day...
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Gray
Good. F*cking. Answer. Amazing answer.
That is why we're friends.
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text: Christian Grey

Uh huh... So our Coven Leader has a plant fetish.. That is a new one but Ill get you a mandrake if you want? :D
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Gray
Lucius thinks you're the type to have a red room. I'm not sure why he's thinking of you in that way... But now I'm curious. Do you?
Lucius Dalca 01/20/17 Text FWD: Gray So... You are the guy from 50 Shades of Grey?
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Gray
That's what you get for being nosy.
Autumn Summers 01/20/17 Gray
Stay down in your office until further notice.
Unless you want to see a naked Spring frolicking about.
K? K.
Autumn Summers 01/19/17 Gray
If I see Spring right now, I'll make her kiss the floor just like when we were kids. We'll sort it tomorrow. The couch is fine for tonight.
Thank you for helping.
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 Gray
Wonder how she came by mine, then.
Since technically that means he doesn't have a room yet, and there are plenty empty, may I get the proper key? Or send him to you for it?
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 Gray
By Spring's intent? Aye. Mine? No. That was all her.
Autumn Summers 01/18/17 Goddamnit...

May I please come get a key to a room for Lucius? Spring thought it would be hilarious to give him one for mine, and that sh*t isn't flying.
Autumn Summers 01/16/17 Gray
OMFG. I found something else. I'd bring it to you but can't at the moment, so here's a picture. Not another knife. Promise.

Camille 01/16/17 Hmmph. There's only room for one creepy stalker type in this relationship, Taylor.
{video sent}
Camille 01/16/17 Gray, darling, did no one ever tell you that you're supposed to put a piece of tape over your laptop camera?

{video sent}
Autumn Summers 01/16/17 Gray
I'm not tiny, damnit. I'm fun size, tyvm.
How is offering to bring you grapefruit make me a terrorist?
Autumn Summers 01/16/17 Gray
The grapefruit? Why? I promise to save some. Ooooor I can bring it to you. ☺
Autumn Summers 01/16/17 Gray
I found a really big knife. Do you want some grapefruit?
Autumn Summers 01/15/17 Gray
Oh, you're f*cking funny. I don't think proper titles of address are her specialty. Insults? No one better.
Autumn Summers 01/15/17 Gray
..what?! I depend on your to know these things. Who the hell is supposed to set me straight now?
Autumn Summers 01/15/17 Gray
You know me. Ms. Awesome. Or would it be Miss?
Elouise Warrock 01/15/17 Do you think I won't?
These hips don't lie.
Autumn Summers 01/15/17 Gray
No, of course not, handsome. How silly of me...
Elouise Warrock 01/15/17 Be right back, I'm going to give Ra a lap dance!
Elouise Warrock 01/15/17 I'm married, not blind.
... Don't tell Jameson I said that.
Elouise Warrock 01/15/17 When are you going to start stripping?
Autumn Summers 01/15/17 Gray
At least it's a good picture, since the paparazzi are following you. They could've caught you picking your nose.
W_Kat 01/15/17 Congrats PotD!
Lisbeth Salander 01/10/17 [is sad to hear that he's neglected to use the weapon, frowns but redirects her attention to the bat and his compliment] Not bad for an small, innocent girl with a knack for computers.. hm? [grins darkly] I'll take my leave now before you can accuse me of.. things. I just wanted to return your bat. Have a safe evening. [gives a nod, departs]
Lisbeth Salander 01/10/17 [stalks towards, extends a skeletal arm] Your bat, Mr. Taylor. I've fitted it with some razor wire.. far better than barbed wire in my opinion. [toys with lip ring] Did you have fun with my brass knuckles?
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
One last thing... when is your birthday?
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
Goodnight, Gray. Sleep well.
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
I'm sorry if that came across as snide. It wasn't meant to.
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
You're welcome.
Believe it or not, I consider Mercy home and want to see it succeed, too.
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
I did. Had fun doing it, too, especially the potato bit. And I chose to reinvest it into Mercy. There will be other opportunities later.
Autumn Summers 01/08/17 Gray
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 [chuckles quietly] For being a lovely sport, you can have this one. [relinquishes her taser] Be sure to use it on the ginger girl.. [doesn't return the bat] I'll return this soon.
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 Ahhhh, there's no point to this conversation really. [cants head] You didn't really think I was going to.. [feigns appall] You thought I was going to electrocute you? [feigns sadness] Well then.. [pushes button with a smile] I'd hate to disappoint.
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 [has all the confirmation she needs, he's said yes] It's a wonderful tool, this.. [removes the brass knuckle taser from her pocket] The only down side is you must be close. [slips her fingers in, presses the end of the taser to the man's forearm] And it has a hair trigger. [grins darkly]
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 [accepts the bat and appraises it] You know what would make this better? [grins darkly] If it was wrapped in barbed wire.. [turns her gaze to the male] Would you like to see my tool of choice for immobilising people?
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 [nods and glances at his bat] May I? [motions at the bat he holds] It's so lovely to hear people are taking advantage of our rehabilitation facility.
Lisbeth Salander 01/07/17 [cants head] Ms. Orlav says you are a bully.. [toys with lip ring]
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Gray
Is you. But that doesn't seem to matter.
Very well. You've played your hand.

Shortly after the message, a small package will arrive at Gray's office, addressed to him. Inside contains the necklace he gifted to her, the mood ring, his credit card, the key to his room - his room, not hers - and a note:

Here is my hand. Game well played, Gray Taylor.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Autumn drums her fingers against her thigh. She's twitchy and her temper is simmering. It has been for several days, since the news of Jackson's death and her sisters eloping.

She shouldn't, but does anyway. Things never go well when her temper slips.

To clarify, you don't mind me seeing other people now, aye?
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Gray
...Right. Take care, pretty boy.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Gray
Joke's on me, evidently. I suppose congratulations are in order for you and Ra now, too.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Gray
Are you kidding me?
Jameson Orlav 01/06/17 Listen. I am not that fvcking gassy. I don't care what you're heard, or from who you've heard it.
Jameson Orlav 01/06/17 ..I blame Noura.
Autumn Summers 01/04/17 Gray
NOW SUMMER IS MARRIED. It's a f*cking pandemic! Make it stop! They've lost their goddamn minds. What the bloody hell is next?!
I have to go take a long vacation on a sunny beach. Kthxbai.
Autumn Summers 01/04/17 Gray
Spring and f*cking Casey, CASEY, are married. MARRIED.
I can't even...
Someone is going to die. It may be me because I've f*cking hung myself out of utter disgust. Or that little b*tch...
Jameson Orlav 12/09/16 [New Map Coordinates Received]
[New E-Mail Reply Received]
Sender: Jameson Orlav
To: Gray Taylor
Subject: Moscow

Sent you coordinates to The Order south. If you're trying to remain on the down low, no one will find you here. We can meet when you arrive. I'll show you around the.. Fsciliry, at that time.

Autumn Summers 11/27/16 Gray
If you ever run into a dark haired man named Dane Emerson, don't hesitate to break his f*cking nose. He's currently in London.

Also, I found your spirit animal:
Autumn Summers 11/21/16 Gray
I am leaving London. And Mercy. As per your... request, I await your reply.
Camille 11/18/16 (letter received by post)

Dearest Gray,

I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're scum between my toes!
No love,
Dresden Morgenstern 11/16/16 [Blinks at the voice, turning to face the man who apparently could see him] That would be me, yes, can't say I appreciate the article though...bit intrusive.
Sarah Remington 10/28/16 "Do you not enjoy your line of work?" Sarah inquired, and tilted her head. Men were bizarre creatures, but that's what made them fun. Along with the typical shrieking wench nagging at their sides.

The mention of sincerity further made her smirk. "Sure thing, but you don't seem a disingenuous gentleman. So which is it? Are you already playing a game?"

He was starting to pique her interest in dissecting that brain of his. She calmed the inner murder crazy down with promises of macabre once she got back to the castle."What if I wanted to hire you?" The scalpel now being rolled from one hand to the other simultaneously.
Sarah Remington 10/27/16
Is that a No?
Camille 10/18/16 Where are you hiding? I'm simply itching for something to hit.
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