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Born: January 13, 2015 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 4
Affiliation: Cirque de Perdus Mail Replies Sent: 2406
Home City: Paris Mail Sent: 156
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12/15/19 at 7:10 am
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 I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015
Savage Secret Santa - Christmas 2016
White chocolate Otter Pops - Easter 2017
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Katarina Black's Biography
(Please do not attack or steal from me when I'm online) Profile is a work in progress Name: Katarina Nicole Black

Age: 28

Race: Elvin werewolf with elemental powers Family: Declan Alexander (deceased) Alexander Leon Black (son) Ameana Nicole Black (daughter) My name is Katarina Nicole Valentine and this is my story...

My journey into life began the day my mother Ameana Nightshade (an elemental Elvin witch) met my father Leon Valentine (a highborn wood elf)...The moment they saw each other my father knew that my mother was the one the ancestors meant for him to have...Their love was truer than anything and for a time they were blissfully happy...When my fathers parents discovered their love affair they tried to split them apart but he would not stand for it...He said he'd sooner forsake his own family than turn my mother away so that night they chose to run away together.

After weeks of travel my parents discovered an abandoned cottage in the middle of the forest...My mother fell in love with the place and with the help of my father they cleaned the place up and fixed everything that needed to be repaired...They soon settled into a routine that fit their lives nicely...Each day my father would go out and hunt while my mother focused on things around the cottage.

The day I was born was a bitter sweet moment due to the fact that they couldn't share their joy with their familes but they didn't let that keep them from being happy...For a time my life was filled with happiness and love...That all changed the year I turned 5 when things took a dark turn...We had been in the middle of eating dinner when the sound of riders approaching our home could be heard from outside...Before I knew what was happening my father was hiding me in the cellar and telling me not to make a sound.

As I sat in the darkened cellar I could hear my father trying to fight off the invaders but even he is no match against a group of zealots...I will never forget the sounds of my parents dying screams as they were tortured and killed...When I finally ventured out of the cellar my once peaceful home looked like a war zone...It wasn't until I walked outside that I discovered my parents bodies...It's a sight I will never forget for as long as I live. Growing up on the streets isn't easy for a little girl and I soon discovered that the world could be a dangerous place...It wasn't until I was 15 years old that I obtained my elemental powers and the way I obtained them isn't something I ever want to experience again...Lets just say that rapists are dead men walking...About a week after my powers emerged I was found by a druid named Allanon and he helped me hone my powers.

Now that I'm adult I've been turned into a werewolf, known love and lost it...I was married once but my beloved has left this world so now it's just me and my little ones.

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Last five threads posted in:
WildKat 07/31/19 Congrats on PotD!
Merida Campbell 07/31/19 Merida glances down to the poster then back to Katarina before holding out the poster "May I have your autograph, please" She smiles brightly "Congratulations on Profile of the Day."
Malek 01/08/19 Oh yeah, SOOOOO much fun. A treasure hunt? How the hell can the leader of Azhi expect Malek to play this... kindergarten game? He barely notices who he is walking up to, well, walking by really. But, he sniffs the air and his eyes glint. He is not a monster with supernatural senses, but a creature with a mind that has been geared to distinguish scents better than humans would. They just don't pay attention, right?

So, for the sake of a treasure hunt as requested by his... leader... Malek finds himself walking past the woman and reaching out blunt fingers with surprising dexterity.

A single hair is all he needs.


Did he get it? Malek turns over his hand to see if he managed to pull that single strand from the girl's head.
WildKat 12/24/18 Congrats on PotD!
Jewel 07/13/18 Nodded slowly as she looked over the woman before her. Nothing about her screamed wolf. Nothing but her scent. She was different. How'd she feel if she knew what she was? Would keep that to herself for the time being. "You're very kind. I'd never know that of you." Hadn't always gotten along with the other side. Perhaps it was a trick? Was cautious.
Jewel 07/13/18 Wolf? She'd hate to know what she turns into from 'time to time'. "Thank you. I'll keep that in mind. My name is Jewel."
WildKat 07/13/18 Congrats on PotD!
Caitlyn Darrow 04/16/17
Mackenzie 02/07/17 Thank you, lovely.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 Thank you dear!
Caitlyn Darrow 01/18/17 Welcome to our club. The orange juice is always available.
King Of Nazareth 01/17/17 Welcome to solitude we hope you enjoy your stay with us...
Dita Morgenstern 11/13/16 Thank you.
John Doe 06/30/16 John Doe Fact #529: John Doe doesn't cheat death. He wins fair and square.
Lenny Shultz 02/14/16 Hi, Katarina! Nice to meet you! I'm Lenny, but you got the mail so I suspect you know that. Well um. *scratches out a name on a list* So anyway, if something rustles in your bushes, better attack it with all ya got. Cuz it won't be me. You have a nice night now.
Mackenzie 02/14/16
John Doe 01/27/16 John Doe Fact #872: John Doe can catch more bees with vinegar than honey.
lacigam 01/31/15 Thank you very much!
Lenny Shultz 01/28/15 Welcome to Reign of Fyre. Hope you enjoy your time here.
Mordred 01/13/15 Welcome to the realm. If you need anything at all then come find me.
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