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Amitiel Jones
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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The Mongoose with Wings.
I am here for the serpent in the garden of Heaven.
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Amitiel Jones's Biography
Amitiel is derived from Rabbinic Texts. He is based on the actual Amitiel in the religion. In the actual texts he is told to have been an angel of Truth, Love, and Peace who spoke against the creation of humans, believing they would destroy the universe. As a result, God cast him out of heaven to be reincarnated as a human. Amitiel was in fact an Archangel, among the ranks of Michael and Gabriel. It’s said that when Amitiel was thrown from heaven, Gabriel took his place as an Archangel Based on actual texts, Amitiel and Gabriel were the best of allies before he was cast from Heaven. As a result, I play Amitiel being very close to Gabriel, even so much as having them in contact with one another despite the fact I am in hiding from my other siblings.

Those who have heard of me either are afraid, or want me destroyed. But please, don't let my past frighten you. I assure you I don't mean any harm. I'm just trying to live among humans in peace while hiding from my brothers. That was until some asshat Angel disturbed my peace and quiet. Now I have come calling to deal out the Father's justice.

Michael and Raphael,do they admire me. Do they love me? Well maybe not. I spoke against their Father with the creation of humans and often compare him with Lucifer. Because of this, my reputation among angels and religious humans is very poor to the point that angels often seek to destroy my ass, and humans well tend to avoid me. I was reincarnated on earth, I was born the first son of Enos and Noam, the grandson of Seth, and great-grandson of Adam and Eve. l have lived on Earth continuously since my reincarnation as a human. Because of this I am highly educated on human history, having experienced it first hand, and human sociology, having both experienced human life himself, and seen the evolution of humans.

My wings are the darkest black with iridescent blue and violet highlights. I have the biggest wings out of my Archangel brothers, however I am slightly “shorter” than them. My wings were iconic to my siblings before my fall. Seeing them was considered good luck, but seeing their shadow was considered a dire warning. These days I prefer to appear as a human.

I do have a very long and large line of human descendants from my human years. None of my children are nephilim, as my children were born before I regained His grace. But I am able to tell if any given human is a descendant of mine just by looking at them. I will not procreate with a human, as I do not wish to have my child/ren hunted. I am also very resistant to mating with other angels. I am very cautious of other angels hunting me or a would-be mate. The reason I am here is to protect any Angelic offspring and to bring them to a place of safety away from Amen. One down and more to go....

I have countless highly valuable items from his thousands of years on Earth. As a result, I have acquired unimaginable wealth, but I consistently donates it to charities and other people in need. Despite hiding from my siblings, I will endeavor to help those who pray, often in person, though under the guise of a normal human.I go by the name of Mitchel Enoson. It is a play on my real name (Mitchel = Amitiel) and his human genealogy (Enoson = son of Enos).

Being the Archangel of truth, I can sense a lie before it’s even told or thought of. Hearing a lie will cause an unease within me. I am able to force humans, other supernatural beings, his angel brethren, and even my Archangel brothers to tell the truth simply by commanding it. My mere presence is also said to induce more honesty within the people around him. The joy of it all.... Being the Archangel of peace, I am able to sense violence on Earth, Heaven, Hell, and even Purgatory. Being exposed to immediate violence, I will grow quiet and concerned, often appearing depressed. However, my presence is known to prevent violence. I believes my being cast from Heaven was a lesson for me to learn to accept humans. I have since grown to love and respect them, even envy them. Well, most of the time....

Lucky me I have a emotions unlike my angel brethren as a result of living a human life. I fully embrace them and that is what sometimes causes me to run interference between Angelics and humans. My bad temper is worse than Michael's. But my temper is generously forgiving, but can result harsh and violent displays to keep the peace
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Lucifer Morning Star 05/13/18 "Before Seraphina yes I was. After no!" He looked at him, honesty in his eyes. "Yes I'll take the roses, promise not to eat them.
Lucifer Morning Star 05/13/18 An eye brow raises."Really, this is over a conversation that was only half listened to.By two people lashing out at each other in anger. If she had stuck around she would have heard the rest. The part that goes onto saying the I am older then dirt and have been with other women in my time, Feelings come and go."
Lucifer Morning Star 05/13/18 Watches as he lands in front of him. He nods calmly."It will be handled. Its just what you said a pi$$ying match is all. Tensions are high. I will sort it out or die trying."
Lucifer Morning Star 05/10/18 Getting the message he finds him. A ciggeratte hanging from his lips as he listened to the Fallen Arch. Brown eyes look over the list the was handed to him and he glances up. "And you got this from a reliable source. Yes of coarse he did or he wouldn't have contacted him."You know it also sounds like Mikey might have something to do with this behind closed doors."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/10/18 The mother to be found Mitch and stood before him. "I did not get a chance to thank you for the other day." she gave a small smile and extended her hand. "Im Sera as you already know."
Pandora 05/09/18 She had been wondering through different parts of the realm a lot lately. Something was off and it occupied her mind. She loved solving puzzles and aiding other people with their problems. Which often led her into her own problems. She had recently met a large amount of beings here in the realm, specifically the angelic type. It seemed that Heaven and Hell were about to have a show down and she wanted to protect herself. One of the beautiful things about her is that she is able to see other’s aura. Which has helped her determine whether certain people were allies or foes. This being, however, had no aura. Which made him very difficult to read. Her curiousity got the best of her, and she decided to approach him. She smiled softly as she looked at him with her bright blue eyes. “Hey there! I’m Pandora! Welcome to the realm. I hope you enjoy your stay!”
Lucifer Morning Star 05/09/18 Being sarcastic as always he looks at Amit."Hey at least you got to come here. I got hell remember." He then laughs out deeply and stops dead. "Yeah, but for how long depends.I have a snake to put down. Dont you just love fathers tests. If he really loved us all so damned much. He wouldnt be sending us all out to kill each other." He cracks his neck and looks at him."Not sure what your here for, but I am going after Amen."
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