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nothing thicker than a knife's blade
separates happiness from melancholy
-Virginia Woolf
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[Character Disclaimer: Jamison is rude, mean, and just plainly an angsty girl. Be warned. She can take it just as well as she can give it. Zero f-cks or offense will be given.]

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Mortal ThoughtsRealm Bulletin Board: Want Ads
Created by Castiel
Hector Olivier 07/17/19 *The smile upon Hec's face widens* Where to?
Hector Olivier 07/17/19 *watches*
Risa Bennett 07/16/19 Opens up the cell. "You're free."
Hector Olivier 07/15/19 Older? Probs. Wiser? Maybe. Fun? Always.
Hector Olivier 07/07/19 Thank
Vienna OClair 07/07/19 "Thank you all the same."
Vee grins.
Athena_Maximus 07/06/19 She gently tilted her head to the side as she gave her a soft smirk. “And if I don’t...?”
Mackenzie 06/28/19
Esper Valari 06/23/19 You were successful in stealing $290,000.00 from Jamison King.

Stacks on Deck gurl...
Esper Valari 04/17/19 Laughs abit in a chuckle as the young lass makes words of concern. You have fun with that, I'll get the aftermath but you'll get the tides of war.
Esper Valari 04/16/19 Blows raspberries as he does seem to have a random peice of hair floating around his lip now that he got done licking his lips.

What is it with women and shedding...??
Esper Valari 04/15/19 Licks his lips thinking of Jewel.

No, not at the moment I don't...?
James Grayson 03/26/19 Not waiting a second more he began to walk into the bodega. It smelled foul but he let that build on to the conversation.

Hey sir, can you help me with these Indian herbs mom needs some cool sh*t to help her with pain and I dont know the name of the herb but she says you guys have the best available on the back?

He waved his hand a few time so the girl would come and do what she needed to do. The man very happy to know a young man was interested in learning about Indian herbs.

As they slipped to the back room he put his back to the beads that covered the door frame as he kept looking back to the lush she was as she swept her way into the room for a snatch and grab.
Esper Valari 03/26/19 James? The weird grungy kid? Long hair? About your age? He said he ran into some girl his age the way he described her sounded like you?
James Grayson 03/26/19 Smirking at her grin, it was far from innocent.

I'm sure I can stand up to the challenge.

Looking around, there wasn't much between them, nor anyone around. He whispered back into her ear.

So where is this all going down?
Esper Valari 03/26/19 HEY that weird kid James was asking about you!!

Taking the drag from the cigarette she had put back in his hands. He smiled as he let her comment roll through his head.

Yeah, I am one of those...
Esper Valari 03/26/19 Feeling the cigarette leave his mouth and into hers he felt a bit of anger and disgust. But alas he had others in his coat pocket and nobody was around.

Perhaps you didn't hear me when I said she's not around she gone...?
James Grayson 03/23/19 Was she asking for help? This was an opportunity to impress her what ever little bit of that it was it wouldn't hurt right? He wasn't clumsy at all just talking to her.

He could charm a snake with his words, but she was a 6 head snake goddesses to him. His confidence boosted highly as he heard a job coming his way. He was a sucker for opportunity and a bit of a perfectionist. Which is why he feels so confused on why he was so nervous over a simple girl his age.

Sure what's up?
Esper Valari 03/23/19 Taking an even longer drag of his cigarette than normal closing his eyes then dragging his finger over the tip of his brows as in stress. He missed her dearly.

I'd ravage her on sight...She's still away at the moment.
James Grayson 03/23/19 He was nervous around her, but only her but why? He heard her words, yet could only mutter words that came to mind she talked to him as an equal yet he acted like he was meeting some super hot model or something.

I'm...I'm 17...

Of course he was 17 why was he babbling like an idiot she was just a normal girl, she was having no issues talking to him why was he tripping over his own tongue.

I turned 17, in January...
Esper Valari 03/23/19 Hey, punk.
James Grayson 03/23/19 "Hey you."

He heard from coming around the corner of the mom and pop shop he'd just stepped from looking up from his Walkman, yes a ****ing Walkman in 2019. His hues harden on the sight of the girl no older than himself then soften as he saw no harm in her...

Most hey you's involved some thrashing or harsh words in return or a bottle of gin be flung at him from across the room. She had never really caused damage to him at least not yet.


He missed her company terribly even Esper he hasnt seen him since the school shooting which he was still stay low for despite not knowing he even existed.
Averly Amoret 02/12/19 "Oh boy. Remind me to never get on your bad side." A chill ran up Averly's spine at the thought of all the hormones. "Or to at least bring you coffee first."
Esper Valari 01/26/19 Yeah, I'm sure I'll see you around kid...Don't get into too much sh-t..Not that you can't handle your own... Just...Just don't.

He'd been through enough as it was the last few days with the heist of a century and running into that pesky other kid he found, what was it with him and these misfit teens?

James Grayson 01/26/19 Hearing her ask if he was f-king special, was she any different from those he had capped a few days ago? Maybe she was just a ball of fire herself. He played with her words, normally anybody he spoke up to would either smack beat the living f-ck out of him one being his dead beat dad the others being the ones well the dead ones at school.

"Trust me if I was f-cking anyone the whole world would know about it..."

The 'I just had sex' song by Lonely Island came to thought as he blurted out his response. It would have taken just that comment to get him comfortable with her. He had to see her as an equal and not as a girl. Which was hard because she was still cute. After all he was still a teenage male.

I meet be clumsy as f-ck but I'm not complete sh-t for brains you know?

Throwing the pack at her hoping she could catch, the pack only had a few left in them but he would spare what he had left if it meant company. At this point didn't even care if all she wanted was the cigarette.

James Grayson 01/26/19 Her first words that echoed from her mouth were replaced with 'You're face to face. With the man who sold the world' lyrics of the song he was listening too before the abrupt crash. But he did hear the word 'Hey' which came off more friendly then he could have imagined.


He would kick back at her, not very good at talking to girls. Wasn't really noticed by them much, but he hardly chased them all the same. He digged her outfit though it was unique not many had the same taste in style. James hardly ever cared to look the part he'd show up to his late mothers funeral in a band tee and jeans.

"A cigarette....?"

He would get choked up in his own words, he did manage to swipe a pack of the man from earlier so sure he had a pack, but he was still dazed on the fact that a pretty girl had even bothered to talk to him less alone after 'simple assault'.

Esper Valari 01/26/19 He laughed in his head, as he took her words in.

Say what you want, you know I'm right...stubborn ass..

James Grayson 01/26/19 Walking down E 77th and 1st Ave the kid had been would be caught wearing torn blues jeans with a pair of black and white checkered vans with smile faces with x's for eyes sharpied on the white squares.

A black hoodie his hair black hidden with the behind the hoodie itself and the black beanie. Behind those were his headphones that were wired to a cassette player in his back pocket.

Casually looking down at the ground as he walked as he normally had done everyday since a weeks ago, he hadn't been home in days not since the 'Roosevelt Shooting'. Being clumsy like he was he would find himself bumping shoulders with a stranger. Kurt Cobain would mute her footsteps and words she would say in collision.

Removing his head phones after hitting the girl he looked up to meet her eyes, he hadn't met anyone his age yet. Not that he hadn't shot dead. Surely she wasn't a student at 'Roosevelt' she'd be screaming or something.

"Sh-t you good..."

Esper Valari 01/26/19 Jamison proved over and over again just why he loved her over the others, she was just like him. He down right loved it. Jewel wouldn't touch this one he assure himself of that.

See, I knew your punk ass would take it...

He laughed slightly while chucked one into his lips as well as he lit the end of his and inhaled the dark taint that would one day kill a normal mortal like himself.

Esper Valari 01/26/19 He laughs abit, Jewel was a teddy bear...His teddy bear. He couldn't speak for anyone else. But something told Esper that King would be fine if she took the smoke from him.

Come on, be a bad ass for once...

Esper Valari 01/25/19 Smoke?...

Esper holding out his pack to the young woman.

Esper Valari 01/25/19 I can take a beating or two...I actually dig that...
Esper Valari 01/23/19 You were right about the babes...I got the 'Queen Jewel' of them all.
Esper Valari 01/11/19 Hearing those words of belonging, he wouldn't admit it, nor show it but they meant a lot. If Esper could even remember being an adolescent he could only Assume he'd be reminded of her character.

Babes huh, I think this ole' Pornstache will do just fine then...

He takes his last drag as well flicking trying to reach a further length than her, fails just short, guess he wasn't great at that...showing off.

One for the road? He'd offer her another one, not quite sure if he could capture her attention for much longer. He had enjoyed talking with this one and could only assume he would see her very soon.

Esper Valari 01/11/19 With none taken, I don't look the type?

He chuckled, then looked away taking another drag and releasing it up before facing the barely woman child.

I guess you could say...fate....and cunning wit.

How he looked like the kidnapper was beyond him. Surely he was dressed like a street rat but a kidnapper how crude none the less she had fire in her belly and he liked that about this one. Lot of the people he met seemed to have this trait.

Esper Valari 01/09/19 He smirked right back. Surely it was just a regular 'death' stick, but she seemed to think otherwise.

"If it was, would I willingly tell you so? He took a long hard drag of his own scanning the decision the woman chose to make, either way it was simply a greeting gesture. She could have walked away. She'd be back Esper was the kind of person to hang around. Regardless of conversation. He always seemed to find fire in a group. He loved it.

Esper Valari 01/09/19 He raised a brow to the woman kindness wasn't given to all given his welcome he felt he'd extended a small bit of gratitude towards the woman before him.

I'm not sure what season your on? Clearly that season sucked..."

His hand with the Cigs still out and offered, he darted the box towards her in a way that said, stop being a hard ass and take the damn thing.

Esper Valari 01/02/19 Scans the woman, a spark in his eye he could always find the best in people, Mackenzie had thrown the man a few dollars and with it came smokes. Esper took one flipped it up to his lips, lighting a fire to it. All while staring down the woman as she spoke her words.

Why thank you, care for a cigarette Ms...?

Not getting the woman's name he offered his pack to the woman with his hand still extended.
Khellen 12/20/18 Are you.. my new mommy?
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Good Jamison
So rude.
Gotta go. Cop on fire on the news.
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Good Jamison
Ew. Richard Gere is gross.
Clooney is what's up.
Blue isn't old. That man has a jawline for days.
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Good Jamison
Blue? He's a goddamn fox.
The man is gorgeous.
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Good Jamison
Change of subject, noted.
There isn't a single gray hair in this place.
Who are you calling old, snookums?
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Good Jamison
Tell me more about other things.
Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 -gawks-
Too precious, come, we have much to do.
-ushers under his wing-
Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 A kindred spirit.
You’ll do nicely.

I hope you’ve learned how to ‘hit’ back.
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Good Jamison
Is that all? Child’s play.
Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 -squints-
Are you trying to woo me?
Because we can fight in the street.

Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 Well, f-ck, I think I’m blushing.
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Good Jamison
I'm Irish, love.
Come on. Out with it.
I'm sure it will be fine.
Mackenzie 11/28/18 Good Jamison
So, what did you do?
Tiber Loche 11/02/18 Boobs, please. I've seen LOTS of males with boobs.
Tiber Loche 11/02/18 True.
Your conversational skills could use some work.
And what makes you think that was a woman?
Tiber Loche 11/02/18 Your life must be very boring.
LillyEmperium 11/02/18 Welcome to the coven.....
Tiber Loche 11/01/18
Tiber Loche 11/01/18
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 “Here.”
The man forces a basket into her hands. “A welcome gift.” Inside, it contains severed fingers, toes, and pulled teeth, all surrounding a freshly decapitated male head. A toothy grin is also offered. “Let me know if you need anything.”
Mackenzie 11/01/18 This is going to be fun.
Mackenzie 10/31/18 It means, pet, that I don’t let my people leave unless they are meaning to set the world alight with their very own fire.
Mackenzie 10/31/18 Lovely.
And commitment, how do you feel about that?
Public transit? The underground?
Mackenzie 10/31/18 I was thinking the same.
How do you feel about New York?
Mackenzie 10/31/18 Reckless abandon. Attitude problems. Flippancy.
The desire to wave a gun around like it's a toy.
A total lack of respect for human life.
I could go on all day.
Mackenzie 10/31/18 You look like a fun, angsty girl.
Are you?
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