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The Black Rose~Closed - Yule Ball in Valhalla - VIP Lounge~
Created by River Song
The Black Rose~The Black Masquerade 2019~ *Closed*
Created by River Song
Naberius Reum 04/23/20 You managed to break out Harlowe mac Lir

Pulling the pick lock set he found on the black market out of his leather jacket, Naberius winked at the woman watching him. It took a few moments, but the subtle click was followed by the jail door opening.

"You're free miss. Try to keep out of trouble, will ya?" He grinned, giving her a wink.
Virelai Tylwyth 04/07/20 The concept of time had become skewed, days beginning to drift one into the next, in this forever twilight. This place just outside of the turn of the earth and the revolution of the heavenly bodies and the grating worry of time had become Virelai's new normal. Or perhaps that was simply how it was for those whose souls wandered. Vir had seen and interacted with ghosts and spirits before. And she had spent much of her time among the living tending to the dead.

But since she had died it had become difficult to tell whether one of those shadows or strange tall figures that sit at the corner of the vision was alive or dead. Sometimes she spoke to people she knew, people who were familiar to her in some way. She had spent a lot of time trying to remember but the more she attempted to recall the more she seemed to forget.

So when the envelope arrived, materializing on the floor within reaching distance of where she lay curled in a mound of furred blankets, Virelai wondered if someone was playing a trick on her. The generous gift she received was unexpected but not as shocking as the short letter. This she remembered more clearly than most things. The handwriting belonged to Harlowe, she was certain of that. Virelai could feel the warm energy she associated with her and caught she caught a hint of the cinnamon and woodsmoke scent that was so familiar to her.

Virelai clutched that letter to her chest even though it was difficult to maintain the focus needed to keep it from falling through her ghostly fingers. She read it dozens of times over the next several hours, or perhaps it had been days, trying to decide what she should do. Virelai was closer to where Harlowe was than the redhead probably realized, but she couldn't go and see her.

So instead, after a long internal debate, Virelai decided to send a letter as a reply.

Dear Har-lowe,
It has been a l-ng time. I hope that this le-tter finds you well. The w-rld has become a vvery different place than it -nce was. But I am d-ing my best to understand that ch-nge. I want to tell you that I appreciate the g-ft you have sent. I am certain it will be vvery helpful. I hope that you are finding j-y in your life and that you are happy.

It took a long time to write, the pen slipping from between her fingers, clattering onto the floor every few minutes. It left blots of ink on the page, smeared a few words here and there, but at last she had a reply she was satisfied with. Sealing and sending the letter proved even more difficult and when it was done she wasn't sure she had managed to get the letter to its destination. Still, all she could do was hope that she had.
Vexa 02/19/20 Brows raised over coppery hues, Vexa accepted the bag of green jellybeans. It seemed Harlowe didn't appreciate the crappy jellybean the would be assassin had thrown at her and instead bought ones that she did like. She would remember this the next time she was stalking Harlie. This Valentine's day reference though, threw the girl for a loop. Was it a holiday?

"Thank you, friend." Her words were a whisper- like they always were. Smiling brightly at the small beans, Vexa studied them intently wondering what made them so much better. They were cute.. because everything tiny is.. and the pastel green looked pretty against the pink ribbon that adorned the bag. "These will be good to throw at you?"

As she looked up, Vexa noticed that the fiery redhead had all but left her to the quiet swamp. Now she was confused. Did she eat the pretty little beans or toss them at Harlowe to eat? The world may never know.
Vexa 02/04/20 *hides in a tree*
*flicks a jelly bean at*
*silently laughs*
Merida Campbell 12/23/19 Merida had snicked into the dungeons. She glanced around to see who as locked in and needed to be freed. She had the keys in hand. Unlocking the first door, she spoke softly "Run for it. Your free."
You managed to break out Harlowe mac Lir.
Vexa 12/04/19 *rocks back and forth*
*more tapping at keys*
*text sent* You're welcome 😊 If you need anything, you know where to find me.
*she'd not take up anymore of the woman's time.. even if Vexa had questions*
Murmur 12/02/19 Welcome to the Family if you need anything feel free to ask.
Daxx- 11/30/19 "Sorry I didn't welcome you sooner been dealing with some things. Welcome to OdD. Hope you Find the Sawmps to your liking. I am Daxx if you need anything."
Vexa 11/29/19 *toddles to*
*tilts head*
*sends a text* Welcome to the tribe. 😀
Vexa 11/01/19 She busies herself with the bag, peeking inside as Harlie reads the message. A little nosy yes but mostly out of curiosity. She's not been to a grocery store in the States. Well, she's not really been to a grocery store anywhere come to think of it. A bar, once. It might actually be how she ended up in a foreign country to begin with.

No sooner does Harlie, Harlowe, begin to speak, Vexa's attention turns to the woman. She thinks that she prefers the name Harlowe; it just sounds classy. Not that Harlie wasn't a good name! Harlie seemed warmer, friendlier. Harlowe sounded like a woman of leisure. Someone of money, power. Vexa smoothes her hoodie and cargo pants, somewhat self conscious now and brushes the dust from her clothes.

A chime. The Persian girl tilts her head as the phone finds her palm. She doesn't have many contacts, not really. But it seems that she has one more. A softer smile appears. Someone to talk to. A soundless laugh shakes her body and she nods vigoursly at Harlie. This woman with the bluest eyes has a sense of humour. At least Vexa can laugh at herself. She begins to tap a text out to the auburn tressed woman. I don't mind at all. Thank you. I was promised a kitchen so let's hope that I do not have to come to your home and eat all your food. She smiles then sends another text right after. I don't have many friends so that would be nice. I'm new in town.
Virelai Tylwyth 11/01/19 Vir had never had a reason to celebrate another person's birth. Certainly, she had never celebrated her own. But it was something of a tradition among the living, at least in the mortal ruled Realm, to count the years they have been alive. And if anyone deserved something extravagant for their birthday it was Harlowe. From what Vir understood, gifts were given at this time by those closest to the person, along with well wishes. Intrigued by this, she had decided to participate, even though the simple giving of gifts was a complicated thing for a creature such as she was. However, she intended to do it anyway. And of course, being herself, she didn't do anything by half.

The finishing touches and delivery took longer than she had anticipated it would. And so she was a day late in getting it to her. Hopefully, she would forgive her for that. Maybe it was a bit over the top, but that wasn't out of the ordinary for Vir. And when she saw it in the showroom, she couldn't help but think that it was meant for Harlie. So, outside of the redheaded woman's apartment, there stood a woman with white hair and a bike, a motorcycle, both of them surrounded by dozens of red lilies. It looked like a strange memorial and she got strange looks from those passing by, though it didn't bother her.

This vehicle, in particular, was called a Harley. And how fitting was it to get Harlie a Harley for her birthday? Vir leaned back against the bike as she waited for Harlowe to leave home for the day. It was sleek and black with accents of crimson splashed throughout. Across the gas tank, in gleaming red script, were the words Red Queen. She didn't know if Harlie could drive the thing, but she could learn. It was amazing the sorts of lessons humans held if you had the cash to spend on them. And throwing cash to gain knowledge was the most useful way to use it as far as Vir was concerned. There was an envelope caught under the helmet on the seat with the money for lessons just in case and her birthday wishes for her friend. For a brilliant coming year.
Vexa 11/01/19 Chicken and dumplings. It sure sounds delicious. Vexa likes chicken; dumplings she's never consumed. Not the usual fare for a bedouin tribe but neither is beignets and gumbo. But she has Tante Marie to thank for those. She nods eagerly, that yes, she would in fact love to experience chicken and dumplings. A larger smile finds her face and she points to the bags. "I can carry." Again, barely a whisper, dark eyes studying the woman. "I help."

She forgoes any real sentence structure as her words are generally unheard. It makes her appear to be less intelligent but also less imposing. But most people are really nice and tend to work with her! Maybe it's pity but Vexa would simply like to believe that people are kind. It is also unfortunate that she does not carry her satchel this evening. If she had a small notepad, it would be easier to communicate. Which reminds her that she has a phone. Pulling the phone free from a cargo pocket, fingertips find her notepad app and begin to peck out a message. Vexa is a 'nickname', I think you would say in your language. My given name is Shirin. I am from the deserts of the Persian Empire, the best way I can explain. Similar to bedouin. It's very kind of you to invite me to your home for dinner, Harlie. She offers the phone to Harlie and slowly moves to take one of the bags. Hopefully to lighten the load, so to speak.
Vexa 10/31/19 The woman seems to feel ill at ease around the raven tressed girl. Which only causes thick, dark brows to raise and cat-like eyes to widen. Is it a look of innocence? One of surprise? Should she be offended that the woman feels nervous? Are there secrets hidden behind those furrowed brows? A smile grows, hangs like a crescent moon from richly tanned complexion. No, she cannot speak; Vexa shakes her head. Yes, she can hear; Vexa nods. She points to herself and mouths 'Vexa', a hint of a whisper across full lips. Is she hungry..

Mahogany eyes drop to the bags that hang from Harlie's arm, pupils dilate. She's practically drooling at the thought there might be food hidden within. All Vexa can think of really is Tante Marie's gumbo and beignets. She leans closer to peer into the bags. Again, this whole personal space thing doesn't exist.
Vexa 10/31/19 She's hungry. But then, Vexa is always hungry. As the woman retreats, the girl takes a step closer. Personal boundaries? What's that? Her head tilts, coppery eyes fixate on the woman's red locks. Fingers reach but stop. Too much. Too much personal space. The girl's head rights itself and the fingers that once reached for those fiery locks turn to point at an open mouth. Food. She is looking for food. Or maybe she's simply saying she has no voice. Who knows. Tawny eyes are still staring though. With much intent.
Virelai Tylwyth 10/14/19 After parting ways with the man she had captured her third picture from, Yule found herself a little out of the way cafe and slipped inside. She had taken to selecting random drinks from menus in these places, humans made the most interesting mixtures with something they called coffee. It certainly perked up her energy and the taste was usually either bitter or sweet. Given she didn't know what exactly the things were by name – they could be so convoluted – it was like a guessing game to see what flavors she detected.

After ordering a drink and receiving it, she sat in a corner seat beside a window so that she could continue to peer outside at the passersby. She took a sip and blinked, taking a second. This one was sweet and creamy, mixed with cinnamon and something nutty. It was deliciously indulgent. She took a third sip and smiled before pulling out her phone. She owed Harlowe a new text of her newest acquaintance.

Dearest Harlowe,
Three down, two to go! You will have to show me how to create one of those nifty little folders to keep all of these photos as documentation. It will certainly make for an interesting memento. I hope you are doing well. You were right, the morning has been lovely thus far. Hopefully the evening will be just as nice.

Virelai Tylwyth 10/14/19 Yule knew her friend wouldn't pass up the opportunity to take a dare, not after the mischief she had created herself. Delighted that she knew the woman so well, Yule had already decided on what she would challenge her friend to do. She had put quite a lot of thought into it. Given the current tensions between Harlowe and Manannán a little nudge in the right, or wrong, direction would prove most interesting. And Yule was very curious to see what Harlie would do with all of that mounting tension. On top of that, she was ever curious of the interactions between people, the relationships they created. How they were built, how they came apart. It was fascinating to her. And so with that thought in mind she began to type.

Dearest Harlowe
You sound like you're in a good mood. That's good. I'm having a lovely time myself. I'm out hunting for my next “victim” as we speak! So far so good but we shall see how things progress. I'm glad you're feeling adventurous.

The time is right I think for a bit of fun. So my challenge to you is to ask someone out on a date. Not just any date, mind you, but a 50s style one. I'm talking diner dinner, drive-in movie, dancing perhaps. Rollerskating? I hear that's quite popular. The possibilities are endless. I hear it's a thing called vintage now. Must be complete with costuming. And something called a rootbeer float – because I've yet to have one and I am curious as to what such a concoction looks like. If you find a good place for them perhaps we can go together at another time. As with my dare, photographic evidence is required. I want to see all the steps! I'm certain it will prove to be a lovely time!

Have fun!
Virelai Tylwyth 10/14/19 Yule had spent a fraction of the morning in search of her third challenge to take – it wasn't as easy as she had hoped it would be, of course, that was half the fun in it – when inspiration struck. She decided now would be a good time to issue her own question to Harlowe, her dear friend who had set her upon this task. Sometimes, simple was best, and so with that in mind she stopped a moment to send a quick text to the redhead.

My Fiery Best Friend,
Dearest Harlowe,
Good morning! I hope you are having a lovely day thus far, but the time has come to play again. So what will it be, my darling friend? Truth or dare?

Virelai Tylwyth 10/13/19 It didn't actually take long for Yule to encounter the second person for her challenge and once again he obliged her quite kindly. She was both delighted and intrigued by the development. Perhaps she had a knack for picking just the right kind of person for such an interesting game. Or maybe it was pure luck, who knew. But with each person she encountered, her mood lifted, and she grew to enjoy the game even more. There was something chaotic about it and that suited her well.

And so, as promised, she made sure to send Harlie proof of her accomplishment of her end of the challenge. Her lips pulled into a grin as she typed and sent the image, eyes gleaming with mischevious mirth.


Darling Harlowe. Attached below is another picture to show that I have done as dared to do. I'm having quite a lovely time playing this game. All thanks to you. But be warned, I'll have to come up with something to pay you back for this, don't you think? I do hope this will suffice.

Virelai Tylwyth 10/13/19 Yule pulled quickly typed out a message to her friend. She was certainly getting more adaquate at using this starange little device. She might even go so far as to say she was beginning to enjoy it, human though it was. Once the message was written she attached the photo as promised.


Harlow! You devious demoness, you! I have done as requested. One down, two to go. I hope this is proof enough for you! I owe you a drink at the bar. I'll mix something up special just for you.

Virelai Tylwyth 10/13/19 Yule turned her head at Harlowe approach, the woman's eyes positively glistening like warm wet pools full of mischevious intent. The words left her lips and Yule crossed her arms, c0cked her hip out the side, and weighed the question, trying to fight the grin playing at the corners of her mouth. She'd never been one to run from a challenge, after all, and there was challenge written all over her best friend's expression. A chaotic possibility lingering there that drew Yule's attention.

She smiled, at last, twisted a lock of hair around her fingertip and laughed. "Dare, of course, Darling Harlie. What fun would it be otherwise?"
Virelai Tylwyth 10/01/19 Yule had arrived in Tokyo mere hours before and now strolled down the densely populated streets, filled with more humans than she had ever seen in one place. So much had transpired the last few weeks, things just out of the mortals sight. And yet, there was a sense of urgency in the air, of darkness that lingered in the too deep shadows cast through the city.

Lights blossomed along the streets well before nightfall, children clung more tightly to their mothers and fathers, parents kept a wary eye on every passing stranger, and especially on every child. Even so, all across Japan people were readying for autumn and with the changing season, the autumn festivals. In the places dominated by nature, the trees changed color, the people wore garments of silk and other fine fabrics that mimicked the beauty of the world around them.

If Yule had not come to this place for a very specific reason, she would have immersed herself within it, felt the waves – the ebb and flow – of this great sensation as the dark season drew near. She had never seen such revelry and she wondered if the battle to come would spill into the streets, destroy the beauty of it all. And she wondered further if she would welcome it and the chaos it caused or if she would feel in her humanity the loss of such joy.

She noticed something else as she made her way through this place, watching, observing, calculating. More and more creatures touched by the Other were intermingling with the mortals, slipping through shadows, perhaps searching them for smiling faces and the aura of hatred the beasts who were wreaking havoc gave off.

Her phone chimed as she passed yet another one of those creatures, using the distraction to allow her gaze to drift away from them, downcast, hidden by her mask as she passed them. She read the messages even as she continued to walk through the crowd, unconcerned of seeing where she was going. A smile tugged at her lips, both filled with warmth and bemused.

Her friend had given her advice, the redheaded woman excited to see Yule take interest in another living being. That interest born of the strange craving to understand a creature the likes of which she had never met before. And yet, Harlie's advice to the situation had been very human and difficult to interpret. Filled Yule with emotions she could not quite identify, not that she tried very hard to do so, given that they were of mortals. She did not want to lose herself in those feelings, confusion, intrigue, curiosity. And yet, they were a fundamental part of her very nature.

Indeed, she had found the one she had gone hunting and yet the aggressive nature of that hunt – born of her friends advice – had only left her with the growing desire to know more. What was he really? Where did he come from? What was the strange connection through chaos that they shared? Was he like her? Kin of her kin? Or was he something else, something that would forever remain incomprehensible to her? She could not say yet. But she was a patient hunter and a clever one at that. Only time would tell. And it was with these things in mind that she replied to her friend, a bright smile curling her lips.

Indeed, I did find him. Seeking him out was sound advice. Though the hunt has provided less information than I would have liked, thus far. Still. He does not seem threatened by me. So perhaps he will allow me to learn more. To understand the strange otherness within him.

She paused thoughtfully and moved to stand beneath one of those bright red trees that bloodied the sky even in the middle of the city.

Perhaps he would accept my invitation to our event. If I get the chance, I will ask him.

After all, it may prove interesting.

How are you? And things with Manny?

She almost decided against sending that last question. But Yule was just as curious about Harlie's strange interactions with the man who had been her friend's husband as she was about the peculiar creature she was still hunting.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/24/19 Bestie
Dear Harlie,
Thank you for the gifts!
This is indeed a strange device, but I can understand why you like it so much!
To think someone could send letters with the touch of a few buttons!
And what strange magic! That it could predict the words I wish to say before I even finish saying them. Amazing!
And look at this! It even has little faces! I will send one as well.
(‐^▽^‐)Look! It is a happy face!
It will take some getting used to but this will surely assist me in my quest!
I will write again!
Virelai Tylwyth 09/23/19 Yule sat in a quiet corner at a small oak desk, the rest of the building around her was in need of repair at best, decaying at worst. It would take a lot of work to get it sorted but she was willing to put in the effort if it meant she would have a place she could call her own. Now, though, there was another task she needed to attend to and she pulled a fresh sheet of thick parchment – scented like lavender and green growing things – and dipped a quill pen into a pot of ink.

My Dearest Harlowe, The letter began, written in a flourishing and practiced hand.

Preparations are coming along...nicely. There is still much to do, cleaning and decorating. We should go – what's the phrase? – window shopping soon and make use of our time. Perhaps after things calm down a bit. We wouldn't want anything to be wrecked in the havoc being created. Still, I find I am impatient, even though I would prefer not to trek more blood through this place, I'm afraid I've never been very good at waiting.

But I digress. How are you? Has the chaos been difficult for you? I must admit I've been enjoying myself, though perhaps that is improper of me. There is something delightful about the energy coursing through the Realm's veins and I hope to return soon. After I get a bit more done here, clear out the main room at least.

I've little else to report at the moment. I do hope to see you soon. Please, be sure that you stay safe while I am away. Not that you need any protection from me. But you are my closest friend and I would be very upset if anything happened to you. I would avenge you of course, but even that would not make up for your loss. So keep your wits about you. And do write me back if you have the time.

Sincerely Yours,
Shannon Taylor 09/16/19 Comfort food? Desperate for fun? This poor woman seemed to be going through a difficult moment, and Shannon was feeling of the right mood to help.

"Hi Harlowe. I hope to be allowed to call you Harlie... soon." She added a warm smile as she graciously accepted the bags from her. 'Funny you should mention that, because, I don't usually accept food offers from peoples whose pockets I try and pick.. men or women."

They slowly fell into step, walking together as Shannon wondered how far they would need to be going for this impromptu dinner. "Well, I'm not sure exactly what your notion of FUN is... but I'm sure the wine will help us figure that out yes? I will certainly do my part...."

whatever that may be... she thought. She knew she could be setting herself up for trouble, but Harlie seemed fairly pure in her words. This could turn out to be quite an adventure!

Shannon Taylor 09/16/19 Shannon gave no pause before answering. "Plans? The only plans I had tonight involved me and this bottle of wine. Grandma's mac and cheese and good company sound like my plans are getting an upgrade. Shannon's gaze never broke as she offered her hand.

"Nice to meet you, even if under quite comical circumstances. My name is Shannon. Sorry about that by the way. I have the money to pay for the bottle, old habits I'm afraid." She gave a mischievous shrug and a soft laugh.

Offering to take a couple of the bags to help lighten her load she looked at her curiously. And to whom might I have the pleasure of enjoying the good company of?"

Shannon Taylor 09/15/19 Shannon looked at the bottle of Napa Valley Cabernet in her right hand, the one she was hoping to get for free with the help of a freshly picked pocket. Continuing to smile at the red head she brought the bottle into view with an incline of her head and a wider smile. "Comfort food deserves good wine....and good wine deserves good company."
Shannon Taylor 09/14/19 laughed as the woman turned around, admonishing her for her failed attempt. She looked down with a sheepish grin at the paper in her hands. Her eyes carefully slid over the list and she slowly handed it back to the redhead before making eye contact with a soft smile.

"I wanted to see what was for dinner."

Virelai Tylwyth 09/14/19 Yule sauntered through the twisting, labyrinthine underbelly that was the city dungeon as if she owned the place, as if she belonged there. A strange sense to have. This place had been home for a brief while, a place she could shelter herself within from the constant noise of the people who roamed the streets above. She had spent so much time here, in fact, that she was beginning to recognize the faces she saw and her skill in getting them out of trouble increased.

It was because of this that she stopped at the cell with a familiar face. A smile curled her lips and she curled her hands around the bars, leaning forward. “Hello there. We meet again it seems.” Yule slid her right hand down the bars, caressing the metal with her gloved hand. Stripping off the glove she set to work on the lock. Luck was on her side and it took her only one attempt to snap the metal free, her other hand swinging the door open.

“Care for an afternoon stroll? The scenery isn't particularly impressive but I'm told one can find amusement even in the smallest of things.”

You managed to break out Harlowe mac-Lir.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/03/19 Yule paused in her casual stride at the sound of the woman's voice, soft as it may have been, and turned to look over her shoulder. She matched that smile with a grin of her own, a lighter, more delicate twist of her lips than she was used to wearing.

Her voice carried back down the corridor like a cool wind. "Any time."
Virelai Tylwyth 09/03/19 Yule had been stalking through the dungeons for some time, having left behind carnage she had created in the deeper recesses. She slipped in and out of the shadows, her bright white grin gleaming in the darkness every so often. She had left something of herself behind in that room and in doing so had felt a strange sense of release, a weight being lifted from her shoulders. It had made things easier, had made her body move more freely.

Stopping outside of another cell, she left the pick in the pocket where they were and stripped off one of her gloves. Her hand reached out and brushed against the lock, watching the ice crystals form and around it, within it, until she was satisfied. And then, when a slow smile, she jammed the heel of her palm against it, shattering the metal, allowing it to fall to pieces on the floor.

Stepping back, Yule pulled the iron door open and gave a short bow, leveling her eyes on the cell's occupant. "I do hope this helps. Best of luck to you." With that she turned, sliding her hands into her pockets, and started down the corridor once more.

You managed to break out Harlowe mac-Lir.
Ciaran_M_Boru 09/01/19 "I havent seen him lass. I was. My name is Ciaran Boru. I heard he was back but where I dont know. I am sure he looking for ya though. I cant see him not. If I see him I will let him know you were looking for him." ~ Ciaran smiles.~
LillyEmperium 09/01/19 *Pursing her lips together, Lilly looked to her as she thought for a moment* I do believe he's returned as well dear
Daxx- 09/01/19 "No Ma'am I have not. I hope you find him though it seems you have a lot of things you wish to say to him."
Ciaran_M_Boru 09/01/19 Welcome back
LillyEmperium 09/01/19 Welcome back
Daxx- 09/01/19

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
Shadwyn Drake 09/01/19 Welcome back!
Virelai Tylwyth 09/01/19 Humming softly, Yule was rustling through a desk in the sparsely furnished apartment – searching for paper and a pen – when a little, leather-bound black book came zipping across the room towards her head. Without looking in the direction of it, she caught the corner and sat up, setting the piece of parchment and the pen she had found on the flat surface of the desk.

With a soft sigh, she opened the buttery leather cover and ran her finger down the page, scrolling along the list tucked inside. It seemed there were new arrivals come to the Realm and she, in her own way, had decided to welcome them. Though she had no association or status herself, a man who had been kind enough to help her had said that if she were able, she pay that kindness forward. And so she had decided to do just that.

Pen and book in hand, she wrote a short note in elegantly looping script across two of the pieces of paper. Enclosing a small gift and sealing each of them with a blob of hot red wax, she stamped a spindly flower into its center and sent them off with a wave of her hand. It wasn't much, but perhaps it would help them along on their journeys. The letters would arrive at their intended destination one way or another, even though there were no names or addresses to guide them. She knew that this was a more impersonal greeting but she hoped it would be enough to keep her word.
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