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Jasper Thompson 02/17/19 Gray
See you soon.
Jasper Thompson 02/17/19 Gray
Can I come there?
Probably canít do public right now.
Jasper Thompson 02/17/19 Gray
Are you free tonight?

Can you be?
Autumn Summers 02/06/19 Gray
I swear that didn't make me laugh.
At all.
Autumn Summers 02/06/19 Gray
It is.
I asked if he was under the influence.
Autumn Summers 02/06/19 Gray
Yes, you do.
Are you sitting down?
He said he trusted you with me.
Autumn Summers 02/05/19 Gray
You'll never guess what Blaize told me today.
Victor Lockheed 01/29/19 Gray

Victor Lockheed 01/29/19 Gray
Not a fan of blondes?
Is it because they have more fun?
And you hate fun? 😮
Victor Lockheed 01/29/19 Gray
You won't catch me arguing that.
I'm about as delicate as a rhino.
You're into ginge? Huh. The more you know.
Is there a reason for your question?
Or are you about to send a redheaded stripper to my room?
Victor Lockheed 01/29/19 Gray
Says the pot as he calls the kettle black.

Victor Lockheed 01/29/19 Gray
They all look the same on the inside.
But, I'll admit, I've always had a thing for the color red.
Ravin 01/29/19 Ziera had skipped off away from her Mommy. She saw someone that had looked just like her Daddy, but it couldn't be him.. running up to him the 4 year old stopped and tugged on his hand.
Jasper Thompson 01/27/19 Pride and vulnerability are a hell of a pairing.

He wants to tell Gray everything, just as heíd always done. He is desperate, and terribly cynical about this ordeal. The idea of facing his father after years and years, knowing what it would mean and what it would cause... It leaves a sickened feeling in his stomach. But what choice does he have?

And what can Gray do?

He smiles at the message, nonetheless. Jasper knows it isnít for the man to put aside his pride; his own is remarkably heavy as well.

Thank you.
Iíll see you soon.
Blaize E Summers 01/27/19 Gray
Scotch it is.
Expect me soon.
Blaize E Summers 01/27/19 Gray
How could I forget?
I don't have to travel too far then.
Scotch or Bourbon?
I forgot which you prefer.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Keep telling yourself that.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Hobby... I like that.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
I have a problem.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Only because I scored the first point.
Same place, as always.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
And you said I'd forgotten.
Where this time? Moscow is not an option.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
I believe you're saying you want to see me.
Does that mean I win?
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Nice try.
I'm not falling for that. Care to have another go?
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
What would that be?
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
That depends on your definition of 'win'.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
You first.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Yes... and no.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Blaize was asking.
You haven't exactly been social either.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Unless you're having an out of body experience, I guess so.
Autumn Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Are you alive?
Blaize E Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Come now, we have had conversations that weren't unpleasant.
Where are you calling home nowadays? London? Moscow?
I'll come to you.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Leaving soon for Siberia
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
I donít need you here to gloat.
But thanks, all the same.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Where, then?
You know where Iím at?
You have a tracker on me?
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
No, you wonít.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Read 2:22pm
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Close, thanks.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
God, itís so easy to talk to you.
You make me want to keep you in the loop and be honest, always.
I donít know, Gray, I donít spend my time thinking about him.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
I am being clear, you know, I could just lie to you in the future.
She goes through these spurts where she doesnít remember who I am, or she thinks sheís back with Victor.
I donít know anymore than that.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Nothing. It was a lapse in consciousness.
Iím going to need more than that.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Iím not deflecting, this is a give and take conversation.
How are you?
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Well, she tried to kill me once already, but Iím sure thatís normal.
Howís the single life?
Blaize E Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Here I thought we were having a lovely conversation.
Care to get a drink?
Explaining over text feels impersonal and unprofessional.
Blaize E Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Medieval with a modern twist.
That's what happens in the supernatural underground.
I am as alive as a vampire can be.
Bored, if I am being truthful.
Retiring at 28 is starting to feel like a mistake.
Blaize E Summers 01/26/19 Gray
Always so blunt.
It's comforting that not everything has changed.
Right now, it's not important what I did as no legal action has been pursued.
However, the court I would find myself dealing with is not of the typical judiciary variety so when I will see the effects of my actions has yet to be revealed to me.
I am simply weighing my options.
How have you been?
Blaize E Summers 01/26/19 Gray
So quick to assume.
Maybe somebody did something to me?
Maybe I need legal counseling in which I am the defendant.
That's not so ludicrous, is it?
Blaize E Summers 01/26/19 Gray
You are or were a lawyer, correct?
You seem like the lawyer type.
Zaynah Mubarak 01/23/19 "Gray, if I may say.." The words hang from her lips for the briefest of seconds. How does she express what she thinks of a man she hardly knows without insulting him. It is admirable, the way Gray concerns himself with the welfare of those he has never met, in a country he does not call home. But she imagines it is because of his experiences under the rule of a madman so long ago that he finds himself.. obligated?.. to worry. "It is fine to free yourself of your burdens for a day. What is one day in a vast sea of many you will live?"

A quiet laugh escapes the Djinn, to hopefully lighten the conversation, to show she does have a sense of humour. It is a dry one but it exists. Maybe she and Gray are more akin than she realised previously. Except Zaynah feels the male might actually be kinder than she herself ever was. For all the silliness in the past, the friendships forged, there is still a darkness to her. But that is Fate, is it not? Zaynah's job was never a nice one.

"You are most welcome." Mercurial orbs gaze at Gray's open hand, the coin that rests there and she leans over to inspect it closer. It was a time of much growth and much change. A time that inspired many empires that came aft. A time when she was adored. A warm smile pulls again at cupid's bow. "I am certain. I do not think I could ever tire of you. Polite, handsome.. what is not to love?"
Zaynah Mubarak 01/14/19 "I am not speaking of any other country. They do not interest me." Rapt attention is fixated on Gray at the moment. His 'history' and how it heavies his 'soul'. "I am referring to you.."

Mercurial eyes never leave the male's strong gaze; even as his fingers brush over hers to enclose around the coin. Had he realised the coins of her top were all different? Probably not. He should realise, however, that this is an exchange that has never occured in all her years; to give another a coin from a 'time' in her history.. that may be relevent to him, his people. A single Signos bears a lion and bull, the fundamental forces of life and death in their terrible struggle, from the Achaemenid Empire, during Cyrus the Great's rule.

"It has nothing to do with buying my way into your head.." She croons, "It is simply a way for you to contact me if you should require my assistance. A token to busy your hand if your mind becomes too much of a burden. Whatever it can be for you, that is what it is."
Zaynah Mubarak 01/12/19 A soft smile touches bowed lips as he inspects the garment, it's tight weave of silver that the coins dangle from. It is not only for decoration, it serves a purpose. It protects much like armour does. Chainmail if you would. "Is it though?"

She is not trying to stir painful memories, she is sure that they are heavy upon his mind. And to be so youthful in appearance, the Djinn knows he has lived with this for decades, so many decades. But in that pain, he can find retribution. Vengeance. And maybe she can assist. If only he asked, the Unnamed would answer.

"I walk shadowscapes when I can find a way in.." Alabaster hand reaches for the garment as it is given but she does not slip back into it. Instead, she pulls a single coin from bralette and hands it to Gray. "Dreamscapes.. when they sleep. There is so much to learn from the mind and dreams of people. Hopes and fears.. their own truths."
Zaynah Mubarak 01/12/19 "Yes, would you like to see?" The Djinn unhooks the overlying top made of coins and offers it to Gray. She is still clad in the soft leather bralette that is worn beneath the coins, of course. "Maybe if you are nice, I will give you a few."

Nice. As if he is ever not nice. Gray is always polite if not downright amicable to Zaynah. Yes, she will give him a few coins. Tokens, favours. A part of her he can carry in case he needs her assistance.

"A very dark time in human history." All amusement leaves the Djinn's face. The language is foreign but she understands. It is one of the few 'powers' she has being who she is. However, the darkness Gray suffered was not within her control. It had been something she was witness to and disapproved of. Even fate could not be so cruel as this. "I am sorry Gray."
Zaynah Mubarak 01/12/19 "Oh yes, women love when you bestow expensive jewelry, only to take it back. It makes their hearts grow fonder." She nods in agreement. Though, if a woman sees the potential and what they could have, maybe they would behave better if put in such a situation. The Djinn does not have a bright outlook on most of femalekind, obviously.

"You did not answer the question.. what is it that makes you different?" Specifics. Zaynah wants them. So she will answer a question to get the answer to hers. Give and take. This is how it works with the man, or so it seems. Nimble fingers toy at the box, it's weight. Yes, quite generous is Gray. "Do you not like them? I'm rather fond of the sound, the way the light glints off the silver, plus.." She leans close to whisper. "They are real. Every last one."
Zaynah Mubarak 01/12/19 Charming. She will allow him this even if she believes so much more.. even if his eyes reflect a quiet maelstrom. Gray is a paradox. There is something there she cannot quite put her finger on but in her heart of hearts, who he is, is not what he started as. The Djinn's gaze does not falter from the male's. Kindred spirits..

"You need only ask.." She repeats his words. The Unnamed will share any information he wishes to know, except one tiny detail. Though she is sure he would never ask for it. No one ever has. "You do not need to buy me expensive baubles.. but I get to keep them yes?"

She is teasing of course. Zaynah knows he is not one to offer a gift then take it away. Unless of course, the barter is reneged. "Tell me Gray, you are not like other mortals, what is it that makes you different from these simple.. sheep?"
Zaynah Mubarak 01/12/19 "You are correct, kind is hardly the word.." The earrings are stunning, even if they are not the ring she seeks, they are wondrous. Breathtaking. But at what cost to the Djinn? To accept a gift is to sell one's freedom. Her back straightens. A balance must be kept. Bright eyes find Gray's tempestuous ones, "Charming and generous? Gracious and sweet? Would those better suit you?"

Rubied lips curl at the corners, a single finger caresses the gems. They are perfect, in every way. "Thoughtful.." Again it is a whisper. Gray is smart. "Who.. what.."

How does she say this without insulting the man? Sugar coating is not the creature's forte. "What are we trading for? Extravagance such as this always comes at a price."
Zaynah Mubarak 01/12/19 Zaynah appraises Gray through verdant eyes as he discounts himself. She does not believe for one second the man is unkind. If he must be unkind there is a reason he would do so; but she does not believe that he, inherently, is cruel or unkind. He is a secretive being much like she and in that way, she finds him a kindred spirit so she does not argue. It is not her place. Instead, her gaze shifts from stormy pools to the small, black box he holds.

"To become better acquainted with you, of course.." She's mesmerised by this small box, so much so, the Unnamed's words are but a whisper. A brow raises, she continues to stare at what he holds. Is this box one that could hold a ring? More importantly, is it the ring bequeathed to Katherine? "To know you from the very depths of your soul."
Zaynah Mubarak 01/12/19 New York. The Djinn lived in that city once upon a time. There is mixed emotions of her time there. A large city in population but not in mass, with many corrupt, equaled easy hunting. But it was a dirty city, one without soul, at least in her humble opinion. The architecture seemed incongruous like many cities in these present times. London though.. she enjoys. Along with Gray's flattery.

"You are too kind." Innocent grin turned to devious one and once curious fingers left his space at the man's questioning. He is the first to ask, of course he is, why she creeps his aura. Busied hands soon find rest clasped behind petite form, a melodic laugh escaping. "For a way in, of course."
Zaynah Mubarak 01/12/19 A Cheshire grin, a grunt. Two things that do not usually coincide with one another. But she will allow him his privacy and not question further. Instead, a smile waxes bright on rubied lips.

"Of course you may seek me out, any time you like." He is handsome, she has no complaints being in the company of handsome men. And he is so very smart, isn't he. Cat and mouse. "Did your travels take you to any place.. of interest? Did you bring me a present?"

Nimble fingers creep across Gray's aura, near his back, as if she is searching his person from milimetres away for said gift. But she is not looking for a gift, is she. "May I offer you something to drink? To eat? You look.. peckish."
Zaynah Mubarak 01/12/19 Verdant hues stared through the window at London's busy streets. Maybe it was the overcast skies of late, maybe it was the holiday season but the halls of the large Manor felt unusually empty. Upon hearing a knock, a raptor like turn of her head, Zaynah stood from the chaise, moved quickly toward the door and was met by another stormy view.. Gray's eyes. A curious arch of a single raven brow, the door opens fully to allow the man entrance.

"To what do I owe the pleasure.. Gray." A small bow of her head, a sweep of her arm beckoned him. "How was your holiday?"
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Jasper chews the inside of cheek, waiting and listening as Gray makes his stance on the matter known quite readily. He starts to speak, but seemingly thinks better of it, and stormy eyes trail out the window in the wake of the silence.

Are you happy?

He doesnít answer right away.

Jasper is happier than heís ever been, but what a thing to say to someone who made him inexplicably content in his own right. And still, Jasper had left him. They are better off as friends, rather, they would be, but heís none too keen on making that harder to achieve. He brings his gaze back to Grayís, searching for any kind of clue to what would make this the easiest. The man cares, and for that, Jasper is grateful. Thereís just no way to soothe his concerns when it comes to Mackenzie.

Finally, he nods. ďOf course I am.Ē
Jasper Thompson 01/05/19 ďItís not been...Ē he begins defensively, but stops himself, taking a deep breath. This is hard, and he has no right to get up in arms over Grayís incredulity. ďItís been a long time, actually,Ē he amends quietly, stormy eyes soft as they watch the man next to him with a careful stare of his own. Thereís nothing he wants more than Grayís approval, not for the sake of the marriage, but for the sake of their friendship. He doesnít want this to be hard anymore, but he also understands itís not for him to just demand.

ďJust tell me you donít hate me.Ē
Jasper Thompson 01/05/19 Jasper grins with amusement, knowing just how deeply that rage goes. Lazily, they stroll through the airport and out to the waiting car, where he shrugs as he slides into a seat. ďAs well as it can be. Iíve been getting around a bit too much.Ē An appreciative smile is offered, nostalgia evident in the expression. Gray has always gotten him out of trouble, and it seems he always would. ďIf itís not too much trouble.Ē

Now comes the hard part.

Heíd been wrestling with telling him, and what good it would do. Could it come off as sincere and just wanting to be honest, or would it just seem like he was rubbing Grayís face in it. Even now, heís not sure. But thinking about it too much makes him question it too much, and his gut is telling him this is the right call. So, taking a deep breath, he wings it.

ďIím getting married. This weekend.Ē
Jasper Thompson 01/05/19 Jasper smirks at Grayís whispered reverie, looking past him to the one that could only ever be his seat buddy. A friendly wave garners his attention, and Jasper calls out, probably much too loudly, ďThanks for keeping him company, Big C, I hope you enjoy your time in New York!Ē He receives an enthusiastic wave in return, and Jasper returns his sights to Gray with a look of mingled appreciation and amusement. ďWhy did you fly economy, then? Donít tell me youíve lost your small fortune.Ē He gasps. ďDonít tell me... the cheap Chinese... flying with the peasants... Youíre destitute, arenít you?Ē
Jasper Thompson 01/04/19 Gray
Your standards have really taken a hit, huh.
Jasper Thompson 01/04/19 Gray
Yes, Iíd much rather break every promise we ever made to each other, too.
Have a nice flight.
Jasper Thompson 01/04/19 Gray
Heís lonely. You should care more.
I did say such a thing, you were just drunk off your ass.
You act as if Iíve been cruel to you. I have been nothing if not sweet and perfect to you.
By telling you the truth.
Jasper Thompson 01/04/19 Gray
The truth comes out now?
I believe the first night we even met, I told you you were a control freak.
But right, you wouldnít remember that. 😏
See, Big Cís a good guy.
Jasper Thompson 01/04/19 Gray
You do fidget, youíre a perfectionist and a control freak.
You fidget so much, it makes my eye hurt.
Big Carl is just claiming his pace in the world.
Let him live.
Jasper Thompson 01/04/19 Gray
You underestimate me.
And you really need to learn to enjoy things. You fidget too much.
Jasper Thompson 01/04/19 Gray
Is that a request? Because I can make it as big and gay as your little heart desires.
Jasper Thompson 01/04/19 Gray
I wouldnít miss it.
I wonít say Iím not a little bummed out. The risk is half the fun.
I can pick you up at the airport?
Jasper Thompson 01/03/19 Jasper
Ugh, fiiine.
But I want a metric f-ckton of crab rangoon.
Victor Lockheed 01/02/19 Gray
That's not me.
It's in my room, but it's not me.
Jasper Thompson 01/02/19 Gray
Buyerís choice.
Jasper Thompson 01/02/19 Gray
I definitely can be.
Iíll even let you buy me dinner.
Jasper Thompson 01/02/19 Gray
How specific of an answer do you want?
New York?
Synetta 12/24/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 And there it is.

The proverbial olive branch.

Unable to keep it from forming, a dazzling smile splits his features. The pack slips from his shoulder to land on the floor, forgotten. ďGet your best booze ready. Weíre killiní some f-ckiní Nazis.Ē
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 Both eyebrows raise as Gray spins his tale about one of their members. ďLike out of I Dream of Jeannie.Ē He chuckles lowly, if not a bit awkwardly. Heís about to ask if it was anything like the show, but before he can open his mouth, the man presses onward. Always a point to make with this one...

Automatically, his grip tenses on the strap over his shoulder, but he shrugs off his apology. ďYouíre allowed your opinions, and Iím not upset.Ē With the last declaration, he sets his own storms on him, even as they narrow ever so slightly.

Shaking that off, too, he moves toward the door, still intent upon his decision. ďI didnít mean to take you away from one of your associates. Iíve already booked a room for the weekend. If youíre feeling up to it, maybe we can get a drink.Ē The lightness in his tone feigns his indifference, but the invitation would always be extended. Far be it from him to assume that he could shift such an immovable force such as Gray Taylor; but God, if he wouldnít always try.
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 It had been a bad idea to come here.

Selfishly, Jasper had hoped for a friendly face and a moment - just a moment - to forget everything that plagues his usually carefree mind. Fate had taken him to London, but choice had brought him to this apartment. Looking around at all the affects of his past here, he realizes this wasnít the move.

Gray doesnít deserve this, invitation or not.

Pack still slung over his shoulder, he remains frozen in the middle of the living room, hating to leave, but undeserving of staying. Too late, he makes the decision to go. Too late, because Gray has already arrived.

ďHey,Ē he breathes, shame-faced, ďI was actually, uh... just leaving...Ē
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 Gray
Read 3:29pm
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 Gray
Donít change your plans on account of me. Just making good on your invite, and I happened to find myself in London. If youíd prefer, I can get a hotel.
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 Gray
You still havenít had this scorch mark fixed?
Jasper Thompson 12/21/18 Gray
Where are you?
Livia Vlcek 12/18/18 A nicely dressed gentleman that looks out of place in Moscow. Not a tourist. A business man? Pale pools study intently the man, his movements. Livia is calculating many things. The crowds, the traffic, whether or not the man is paying much attention to those in front or behind him. He looks keen on his surroundings though.

A car passes and the Slayer starts across the street, grocery bag in one arm. As booted foot reaches sidewalk, the man passes by and Livia purposely bumps him with her groceries while her left hand dips into his pocket. "Moi izveneniya.." A thick fold of bills, Livia is all smiles. "Veselogo Rozhdestva i schastlivogo novogo goda, hm?"

She would certainly be having a wonderful holiday in Moscow.
Zaynah Mubarak 12/17/18 ~..oops? mumbles~ Very low table, my apologies.
~waves a hand to bring flame to sconces and candelabras~ Make yourself at home..
~decides not to tell him that she's kidnapped him~ Scotch?
Zaynah Mubarak 12/16/18 ~steals Gray away to her box~
~to protect him from.. everything~
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 Gray
Youíre asking a lot of me.
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 Gray
Good. Come collect me, then.
Iím pretty sure Iím dying.
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 Gray
Get your sh-t together, weíre going to London.
Blaize E Summers 12/03/18 Gray
And I to you.
I am in London on my way to you.
Jasper Thompson 12/03/18 Gray
Iím here, where are you?
Autumn Summers 12/02/18 Gray
After we're doing with whatever reason I'm coming to Moscow.
Autumn Summers 12/02/18 Gray
[itinerary sent]

Then we're going shoe shopping.
Autumn Summers 12/02/18 Gray
Read 11:37pm

The please did it. She could count on one hand how many times the man had used that word in any conversation and have fingers left over.

Fine. I'll be there in a few hours.
Where am I going after I get there?
Autumn Summers 12/02/18 Autumn stared at the screen of her phone through the blur of tears. She never cried. But Spring's will to her hit hard. She'd broken nearly every breakable object in her room, and when the old picture of her and Spring was in her hand, she'd folded onto the floor and let the tears come.

I want to blame you.
I want to hate you. I want to hate you so much.
But I can't.
It's my fault.
I failed her. I failed my baby sister.
F*ck, Gray... F*CK!
Autumn Summers 12/02/18 Gray
Did you know she loved you?
Zaynah Mubarak 12/02/18 She considers Gray's question with a softer smile upon alabaster visage, viridian eyes studious of their path for future reference. While she is a being that has survived millennia alone and enjoyed the solitude, there are times she enjoys the company of others. The Djinn also understands how the world can become chaotic and that sometimes people needed.. spiriting away.

"No games. You are always welcome to steal away to my room." Again her head cranes so that she might gaze up at those stormy eyes. "If you are good I may even allow you into my box." A chuckle, melodic, escapes. "The gilded one, it is much bigger than you could imagine. I keep all my treasures there.."
Autumn Summers 12/02/18 Gray
I'm not alone, and I don't think seeing you right now is in the best interest for either of us.
Autumn Summers 12/02/18 Gray
There's nothing in Moscow but pain and remnants of poor decisions.
Why, after reading that, would I go there?
Autumn Summers 12/02/18 Gray
Autumn Summers 12/02/18 Gray
I had to clean up a mess.
Jasper Thompson 12/02/18 Gray
Iíll be there soon.
Jasper Thompson 12/02/18 A hand reaches up to wipe at his tired face as he stares down at the text. Moscow. Only one thing would take Gray back there, and heís undoubtedly not in the best state. All things considered, Jasper shouldnít leave New York, as he has a lot on his plate right now. Still, his love for the man wins out, and he types out a quick response.

I can manage. Compound?
Jasper Thompson 12/02/18 Gray
Iíve been busier. Whatís up?
Zaynah Mubarak 12/02/18 Oh.. he was going to escort her to the kitchen. A simple set of directions would have sufficed. Zaynah almost feels bad now for the imposition. She realises both men of the house are busy and regrets she did not ask for directions. Requesting he direct her, instead. Language, it's a finicky thing. She follows quickly, her movements conducting an orchestra of coin and cowry shells. "I did, thank you. The apartment at the very end of the left wing." Large green eyes brighten as she gazes upwards at Gray, a smile finding rubied lips. "If you ever need a place to hide, you are most welcome. There are still two rooms available."
Zaynah Mubarak 12/02/18 ~taps Gray on the shoulder~ Can you direct me to the kitchen, Gray?
Jameson Orlav 12/02/18 Jameson wasted no time tearing into the letter. He hadn't been sure at first what contents it contained, but it looked official and so his interest flourished. It was from Spring. It had been a decent amount of time since she had passed and sufficed to say he wasn't anticipating being part of any last will and testament. Regardless, he always knew he held a special place in her heart. Even if it was a very small, very black little place. He would never enjoy hating someone the same way he did with her.

Alas, an abundant supply of douches weren't something he would ever have to contend with. Jameson had no intention of making arrangements to pick them up or have them delivered. He felt for Gray in the moment, having to execute the estate of Spring Taylor (and no doubt deal with a sh-t ton of backlash). He wouldn't go out of his way to make it any harder. The vampire grabbed his phone and began to type away a text that he'd send to Mr. Taylor right away. Despite everything the lot of them had been through, Gray had never earned anything other than respect from the coven leader.

G. Taylor
So thoughtful, that Spring. I'm touched that she'd
leave me anything at all. I don't want to put you
in a tough spot, but I'm not going to collect, sorry.
I could think of a few better uses for them.

G. Taylor
One of thm being to distribute them among her
ridiculous excuse of a bloodline. I hope you've managed
to avoid the embarrassing parade of pseudo anguish.
Perhaps a supply of extra strength douches could cover
up the overwhelming smell of bull- ****.

You know what they say. You can choose your family.
Spring Taylor chose hers. And she chose well.
Summer 12/01/18 Nearly two full months after her sister had died, she received the FedEx envelope from what was clearly that wretched demon. Summer despised that man quite intensely. It didnít surprise her in the least that heíd taken his sweet time acting as executor for Springís estate. Why not? It was his world, the rest of us were just living in it. Until he drove a person to death, as he did with her sister. With a smirk, she tore open the second envelope contained inside, thinking that if she found herself entranced by a low-level demon such as he, sheíd have welcomed sweet death as well.
Her smirk fell as she read the misguided last words of her youngest sister. Nothing had changed. The blame was placed elsewhere, even where no blame needed to be given. Spring was so young in every aspect. And now she was stuck with the damned sapling. What the f-ck was she going to do with it? Grabbing a burner phone from her chest of drawers, she sent a text to the number within. What would be the first and last time sheíd ever communicate with the piteous man, she sent a very abbreviated text.

Unlisted Number
Send the sapling to the Azhi Dahaka compound in Syndey. Exact address follows.
Jasper Thompson 11/25/18 Gray
No one banished you.
Also, there are more places than just London in the world.
But, yes.
Blaize E Summers 11/20/18 Gray
That's something an alcoholic would remark.
Just saying.
Blaize E Summers 11/19/18 Gray
First, I must check up on my dearest sisters.
Then you.
Don't drink too much before I get there, I need your wits about you.
Autumn Summers 11/17/18 Gray
I'll be there.
Autumn Summers 11/17/18 Gray
Tell me where.
Blaize E Summers 11/12/18 Gray
You make it so hard to be nice to you.
Scotch it is.
Blaize E Summers 11/12/18 Gray
That is simply a taste of what is to come.
Please, have wine ready.
I have two months worth of drinking to catch up on.
Blaize E Summers 11/12/18 Taylor
Better than nothing.
Different reasons. One involving an omnipotent entity with an interest in my family.
The usual.
Blaize E Summers 11/12/18 taylor
Still alive, I hope?
I need to speak with you.
Autumn Summers 11/11/18 Gray
I miss her.
Autumn Summers 11/11/18 Gray
I'm just glad she's alive.
Autumn Summers 11/11/18 Gray
You may find this difficult to believe, but I don't have many exes.
Willow, my sister.
Autumn Summers 11/11/18 Gray
Glad to hear it.
Will made an appearance after all this time.
Autumn Summers 11/11/18 Gray
It's touching you're worried about me.
How are things with your paramour?
Autumn Summers 11/11/18 Gray
I thought I had.
Why do you not believe me?
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
I'll do my best on both counts.
If I'm ever in New York, I'll let you know.
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
I'll... figure it out.

I meant what I said. Don't be a stranger.
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
I've been fairly clear in saying I don't know how.
Maybe I'll just break things...
Drinking and dancing are normally the answer but that didn't work out well last time.
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
Does it? When?
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
Except I'm not lying.
Losses add up, and I don't know how to deal with it.
At least my lifespan should be normal now, right?
Silver linings.
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
In part, but I meant it as a general statement.
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
I am not good when it comes to losing people.
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
Morbid curiosity.
Do you mean to tell me you've never gotten close to anyone in all your long life until two years ago?
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
Live as long as you have, and deal with the loss of everyone you've known.
Autumn Summers 11/03/18 Gray
How do you do it?
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Jasper is dumbstruck, staring at the phone. The man couldnít even deny it, and he canít process what to say in response. Should he list everything off, noting how cold heíd been, and how careless? Is this just a tactic to push him away? Thatís probably more accurate, and heís left feeling torn.

Forget it, Gray.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Donít ignore me. Why are you doing this?

You want to break up.

You just donít want to do it because youíre afraid Iíll off myself.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Did you have to cheat on me? You couldíve just told me you wanted to f-ck my mom.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
If youíd rather go after a lost cause, go right ahead.
Iím not sticking around to dry your tears though.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Iím more mad that sheíd lower her standards, I think...
What a weird feeling.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
I swear, Iíll light you on fire if you f-ck my mom.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
You know she still pines after my dad, right?
But do you, booboo.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
The password is Graysuxd1ck, no spaces.
Love you.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Are you done lashing out yet?
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
She raves, actually. Would you like me to ask?
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Youíve really turned into a submissive b-tch, huh.
What did I do to you.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Still want that Netflix password?
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Donít get caught up in that, sweetheart.
She finds you dreadfully boring.
Also, Mack really wants me to tell you hello.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Aw, youíre so cute when you donít get your way and turn into a c-nt.
Reminds me of the b-tch I impregnated last night.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
No, you bought a new TV because of you.
Just use your unlimited income to get $8 worth of Netflix a month.
Also, kiss my ass.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Get your own.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Who doesnít.
Zaynah Mubarak 11/01/18 Gray. A lovely name that matches those overcast eyes she stares, unblinking, into. He is different than most of this time.. an 'old soul'. There is something about the man that she can't quite put a finger on. He is a gentleman.. no.. more than a gentleman. He is restrained. Whether in life or demeanor, she is unsure. Much like herself, though, she muses.

Jadeite irises remain trained on the man, even as he studies the gilt box she presented. Only when he is done studying the box and returns his attention to their conversation do her hands come together and the box collapses, or rather, disappears. Maybe he would like to see the inside of the box someday.. if he is looking for a quiet place. "I thank you.. Gray. Safe paths." She stands there momentarily, watching his retreating back. Only when he disappears from sight does the Djinn move on in search of a solitary apartment.
Darcy Astor 10/26/18 Nope. You are not a minion.
+moves as fast as her short ass can+
+is kind of thankful she didn't have to smile+
Darcy Astor 10/25/18 HEY! Are you a Jasper?
That small, mouthy woman said I need to find a Jasper.
Her Jasper.
He's a minion and I need one.
+attempts a smile+
+being nice sucks+
+probably isn't smiling+
Jasper Thompson 10/25/18 A sharp downward spike of his lips tells of his dissatisfaction, but Gray would never be able to tell through physical cues. So, with a wicked smirk, he types his reply.

Iíll be the judge of that.
Jasper Thompson 10/24/18 Jasper would be lying if he said it didnít hurt how easy it was for Gray to go off for days without a word. Itís because of that, perhaps, that his messages are a bit colder than normal. Heís just a little raw, that doesnít mean he canít feel guilty.

I love you, too. Safe travels, Iíll see you when you get here.
Jasper Thompson 10/24/18 Gray
Jasper Thompson 10/24/18 Gray
I can come to you.
Jasper Thompson 10/24/18 Gray
Iíll be here.
Jasper Thompson 10/24/18 Gray
I might be somewhere else, by then.

When should I expect you?
Jasper Thompson 10/24/18 Gray
I do live here, yes.
Zaynah Mubarak 10/20/18 He concedes to her demands, how curious. Her back immediately straightens and she takes a step back, out of his personal space. She was merely teasing of course; she does not need his room nor his company. She's a big djinn now. A pleasant smile arrives, grotesque against cracked visage, fingers entwining with fingers behind her back. "I will have to decline your generous offer, I was simply teasing. A poor attempt to better acquaint myself with you."

She stares at the handsome visage before her, studying the male, his expression. A quiet calm before the storm. This one.. is not one to take orders or kindly to demands. He appeases her only because she is.. different? Unknown. He is studying her as much as she is studying him. He is not a simple mortal, no. He is something else. A small box, onyx with intricate gilt design, is suddely presented atop both of her hands. "I do not require much space. This is where I reside, I simply need a mantle in a quiet spot.." she adds at the last minute, "I am Zaynah. And you, who might you be?"
Autumn Summers 10/20/18 Gray
I look forward to you telling what you've done this time.
Autumn Summers 10/20/18 Gray
The thought has crossed my mind.
Admittedly not in recent history, but we've not seen much of each other in months.
So there's that.
Autumn Summers 10/20/18 Gray
You're fortunate I like you.
Autumn Summers 10/20/18 Gray
Back in London.
Decorating for Halloween.
Autumn Summers 10/17/18 Gray
Given they are fresh and without preservatives, not longer than a couple weeks, and if they're in a sealed container.
It's been almost a month so you might be taking your chances at this point.
Autumn Summers 10/16/18 Gray
You never mentioned if you liked the cookies or not.
I'm hurt.
Zaynah Mubarak 10/15/18 Charming. Utterly and completely. Zaynah's interest is piqued, of course, by his smile, his words. She can have any room she likes. Is this so? She moves with force; a powerful step taken by such a petite form and she is but a paper's width from the man with overcast eyes. Slender fingers creep along the man's aura as if she is searching for a tear, a crack; her gaze upward to meet the taller being's eyes. "Any room?" It's a sibilation, a graze of air upon his flesh. "Where is your room?"

She figures that the man and Victor must have the best rooms in the house. They are the men of the Manor. Even if she does not require one, it is still fun to toy with the two. "That is the one I want."
Zaynah Mubarak 10/15/18 Footsteps from behind. A voice, male. Argent bow curls at the corners and slowly, Zaynah's head begins to turn, shoulders following suit, her body next. This one is much stronger than she. A step, another, she closes the distance between the two, fractured iris and sclera deep set in what one could only assume is blanched cinders, for skin. Apartment? He thinks she is 'entertainment'? Possibly a 'meal'? Does he know she is expected? A large grin threatens healing visage. "Vic-tor?" a sharp cant of her head, a cacophony of coins and cowrie shells, fingers lace behind her back. "I was simply searching for the little Djinn's room.. to powder my nose."
Kenia Shani 10/13/18 Thanks, see you around Gray.
Kenia Shani 10/13/18 Good to know. Nice to meet you Gray, I'm Kenia.
Kenia Shani 10/13/18 Brisket? Well, that's an... interesting combination. Yeah, so anyways thanks for letting me know.
Kenia Shani 10/13/18 Hm. I suppose that I do.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
Just light me on fire or something.
No muss, no fuss.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
Oh, how homicidal of you.
I knew there was something I liked about you.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
Well damn, that's news to me.
What do you like?
Do you want me to wake up dead?
I mean... dead-er?
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
They were an olive branch! Who doesn't like strippers?
Listen, you're the one stirring the pot.
What did you even send her?
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
And after I sent you not one, but two strippers.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
I don't f-cking know, I say hateful sh-t when I'm angry.
Just. Internet history. Okay?
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
I mean, I sort of threatened her last time I saw her.
I didn't necessarily mean bodily harm, but.
Well, if you find me staked later, do me a favor and erase my internet history.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
Well, you might be sh-t out of luck.
She probably won't open it, now.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
Well, alright.
For the record, I don't actually know if silver does anything. I'm fine with it.
I think it's a werewolf thing.
Maybe we should do a science project to clear this all up.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
Okay, I'll have a brisket sent up.

Listen, if anyone gets to poison her, it's me.
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
How about a brisket?
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
I never said you needed one.
If you don't want them, send them both up to me.
You can keep the bubbly.
What are your thoughts on kiss-o-grams?
Just trying to make you feel at home, Tay. 👍
Victor Lockheed 10/13/18 Gray
I just sent a couple of strippers up to your room with a bottle of champagne.
A guy and a girl.
Pick one, send the other up to me. I'll take a bite.
Happy housewarming. 😎
Jasper Thompson 10/13/18 Itís been days.

I canít be this for you.

It replays constantly in his head, and blatantly, Gray agrees. Itís the only explanation as to why heís not reached out. His lips pull into a scowl and, grabbing up his phone, he considers typing out a message filled with all of his angst and upset. But he hesitates.

Scrolling through, he rereads older text messages, his expression melting into a small, sad smile at their antics. It had been so easy, and then, it wasnít. He wishes they could just go back.

The screen is pulled down suddenly, and his eyebrows cinch. Gray is typing. Breathless, he waits.

But it never comes.
Jasper Thompson 10/05/18 Gray
Jasper Thompson 10/05/18 Gray
Where are you?
Want company?
Victor Lockheed 10/05/18 Gray
I'll bring Johnnie.
Victor Lockheed 10/05/18 Gray
We should probably have a conversation.
When and where is a good time to meet?
Blaize E Summers 09/26/18 "It doesn't bloody matter where I am, Taylor. Where is Spring? Where are you?" The frustration was blatant in his tone. Why was Gray acting so calm? Blaize expected him to be as wound up as he was. However, his next words brought him to a screeching halt.

Gone, he said. How? Why? The rest of his words were just noise in his ear as he tried to process what was happening. All he caught was 'in front of her room.' So Blaize sprinted. He hadn't yet made it that high up. He was so close. She couldn't be gone. She just couldn't. Upon reaching the hallway he dropped his phone, eyes fixed on Gray. Crimson red eyes held a hostility towards the man he did not deserve, but Blaize didn't care. It was his fault. It had to.

Brisk steps carried him towards Gray. "Where is she? What have you done?!"
Blaize E Summers 09/26/18 Blaize paced the halls of Death, making sure to check everyone room. There was no patience left. The holes that littered various walls could attest to that. Anxiety has taken over the man turning him into a tornado of desperation. Throughout the halls he yelled for Spring, for Peanut. There was a knot in his stomach. It had come, then gone, then came once more. This time remaining. A familiar knot he felt when his siblings... died. He refused to entertain the idea.

Suddenly his phone rang. Finally, Gray had found her!

He picked up. "Where is she? Is she okay?" He was breathless. Clearly he had been on the move for a while now. Already he was running to the exit of the building. "Tell her I'm coming."
Autumn Summers 09/25/18 Gray
Blaize said you're trying to find Spring?
You always know where she is.
What's going on?
Blaize E Summers 09/25/18 Gray
Well work harder.
Blaize E Summers 09/25/18 Gray
Where is she?
You always know.
I need to find Spring.
She needs me.
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 The flight was agonizing, and Jasper spent the entire time practically bouncing off the walls. Impatient didnít begin to describe it; he just needed to be with Gray, and the airplane wasnít going fast enough. Thus, when the plane finally did land, he was out of airport in record time.
An admittedly short time was spent in Death, but it had been so significant that walking the halls doesnít make him feel like a stranger. A beeline is made for the lab, donít ask him why, it just feels magnetic in its pull. He doesnít announce his arrival, he just walks right in, needing to get to the bottom of this emergency now.

He freezes.

The scene before him is morbid. Jasper doesnít have to know what happened to know thatís Springís limp body is devoid of life, and Gray is merely holding her. A lot of questions pop into his mind, but somehow, none of them seem appropriate in their timing. So he settles on the vague.

ďChrist, Gray, what the f-ck is going on?Ē
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 Gray
Alright, alright, Iíll be there as soon as I can.
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 Gray
I donít need you to.
Whatís wrong?
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 Gray
Boarding now.
Is everything okay?
Jasper Thompson 09/23/18 A package had shown up at Grayís apartment, but he hadnít made it back from Moscow before Jasper could get his hands on it. He sets it on the counter, nose wrinkling at the distinct scent of stale perfume and sugary confectionaries. Itís adorned with a certain scribe, and the manís stormy eyes narrow.

Packaging disassembled, he takes in the one word note before idly flinging it into the waste bin. He plucks up one of the cookies, takes a bite, and promptly spits that in the trash as well. Much too sweet; heíll never understand peopleís obsession with sugar these days, as his tastes lean more toward the umami sense.

Without another thought, the entire ordeal is deposited in the bin, and for a moment, Jasper hesitates; to take out the trash, or leave the message...

He opts for the latter.
Autumn Summers 09/23/18 Right on schedule, a package wrapped neatly in brown paper and secured by twine, is delivered to Gray's New York address. Autumn's distinctive handwriting on the label gives a silent promise to the package's contents. Cookies.

The small note tucked inside reads simply:

Idris Mowbry 09/22/18 Before Idris could answer, his phone began to ring the default tone of an Android phone. A hand snatched the device from his jacket pocket while the other held the now lit cigarette between his lips. Once it was pulled away he lifted a finger as if to pause the conversation.

Purple hues focused on the screen, an amused look on his face. After a few quick thumb strokes the screen was turned off and attention turned back to Gray. "Sorry to cut this meeting short, grunt, but the Missus needs me to tend to the cats. Seems she found herself in some trouble. I'm sure you will hear of it soon." A lazy wave was given to Gray as Idris stepped away from him releasing clouds of smoke as he made his way back to the apartment he shared with Autumn. What could she have possibly gotten into?
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 ďYou donít leave me much room to.Ē His statement is punctuated by a yawn, and as Gray vacates the bed, he rolls over onto his side and buries his face into his pillow for a nap.
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Another hum follows the kiss. ďYeah, yeah, love you too...Ē
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 The man smirks. ďOur relationship has been nothing if not the unexpected.Ē A kiss is placed on Grayís cheek. ďEverything always changes.Ē
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Eyes shut, he smiles when he feels Grayís proximity, letting out a hum of contentment. He expects what the man is going to say, so he nods his affirmation. ďTake as long as you need. Iíll be here when you get back. Specifically right here.Ē One eye will open, and Jasper appraises him. ďLet me know if anything changes, alright?Ē
Idris Mowbry 09/21/18 "Oh stop, Gray. I know you are going to get all protective and try to tell her to stay away from me. You may not be romantic, but you still care."A pack of smokes was pulled put of his pocket with it being offered to Gray before taking one himself.

"I'm glad she is in good company.My brother would hate for something to happen to her." He light up the cig between his lips."As for Spring, I really don't care what happens to her. I don't even know the woman.I just know what her sister has said."
Idris Mowbry 09/21/18 A bored look took over his features. He had thought Gray would be so much more entertaining but, alas, he was rather serious about everything. Violet eyes watched him as he asked the question. "You speak to her, yes? I am not aware of any other demons she wastes her time with. Well, aside from yours truly." A big smile was flashed to Gray with fluttering eyelashes. "Seriously, chill out. I'm not here to mess with you or steal her away from you. Just curious." Well, half of his statement was true.
Autumn Summers 09/21/18 Gray
So are you.
Take care.
Autumn Summers 09/21/18 Gray
Okay, time to get home.
Autumn Summers 09/21/18 Gray
Hope it works out. Or you enjoy. Whichever.
Autumn Summers 09/21/18 Gray
Curiosity is a thing.
I'm not asking you to. I just... need to think.
Speaking of curiosity, why can't you come here?
Autumn Summers 09/21/18 Gray
It's complicated. Do you think every unrelated male I associate with is a creep?
Jerusalem. I'm in Jerusalem.
Listen, Gray, difficult as this might be to believe, I'm scared. Pissed off too, but scared.
Autumn Summers 09/21/18 Gray
I know Idris. He's an old friend's brother.
Long story.
He won't eat you.
I think.
Anyway... What's wrong? Where do I begin?
That ***** must've spiked my drink with something, or I'm dreaming, or in a lot of ****ing trouble because I am not in London.
And I am not me.
Idris Mowbry 09/21/18 The smile was gone. An intensity entered his visage at the word 'choice.'"Not always, Mr. Taylor."Idris could feel the negativity build in the man's aura. The smile returned."Autumn is a friend. She is why I am here and clothed. I owe her a debt. I simply wanted to meet the demon she affiliates herself with, that is all. I am curious to anfault."
Autumn Summers 09/21/18 Gray
What? Who?
I have bigger f*cking problems right now.
Unless I'm dreaming, which would be fantastic.
Idris Mowbry 09/21/18 Idris knew the situation probably had Gray a bit paranoid. That's what he wanted. The man intrigued Idris more than Autumn's more recent lover. Then again, they were both demons. Why wouldn't they want to size each other up. "As if I had a choice." His face softened as if to show innocence before sharpening once more. "I was simply a prisoner looking through a window, silent but attentive."
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Jasper looks up when he hears the door, meeting Grayís steel-filled gaze easily. He smiles just before being pulled into the apartment, returning the embrace with a quip of his own. ďYes, but Iím yours, remember?Ē
Idris Mowbry 09/21/18 "Plenty." It was a simple answer, but a truthful one. "I was there for the rise and fall of the relationship. The Spring situation. Requiem. All of it. She just didn't know it yet." With a soft shrug of his shoulders he continued on. "She didn't talk too much sh!t. She was always so civil. Blek."
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
Sadly, no.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
Beats me. If I run into her again, I'll ask.
Wasn't out to meet people. Was out to drink and dance.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
No, I didn't. I've met her before though.
Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Quirky smile, almost lopsided?
She was eating gummies and flashed me her ass first time we met.
Tonight I was at a club, minding my business.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
Said I seemed down. Mentioned fate.
That she was less concerned with what I can do for her, and asked what she can do for me.
I told her off and left.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
Only when the purchase of drinks is involved.
Do you have coworkers? I was just approached by a woman who reminded me of you, talking about what she can offer me.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
I know you hear me knocking.
I can make a scene, if youíd prefer.
Idris Mowbry 09/20/18 A toothy grin spread across his visage. "Idris Mowbry. You don't know me, but I know you. Mostly from Autumn, indirectly. I thought you'd be taller."
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
If only I controlled the speed of the airplane and delivery boy.
Idris Mowbry 09/20/18 -stares-
"I wanna say... Gray? You had that coven a while back, yeah?"
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
Oh, stop pouting, Iím in the building.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
Aww, poor baby.
Iíll leave you to your sleep then.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
Somehow, I think making you wait works more in my favor.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
You'll survive.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
Youíre so f-cking filthy, I love it.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
Fine. Be there soon.
You better make it worth my while, and this ever growing stack of sh-t.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
I never disagreed.
The cookies will be there in a few days.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
Iím doing paperwork.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
This mystery place in New York, of course.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
Now you've made me curious.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
To New York? Aye.
To where you are? No.
We spent our time together in London and Moscow.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
When did I develop psychic abilities?
I do wish people would tell me these things.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
You're one of the few I have to enable.
Express mail it is.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
Of course.
So spoiled. Still.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
...huh. Wonder who it went to. Ah well.
Shortbread this time.
Autumn Summers 09/20/18 Gray
I offer you cookies and no reply?
I'm shocked.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Gray
Great, well now that we have the obvious out of the way, let me be abundantly clear.
You are a f-cking ******* that really f-cking hurt me.
And Iím going to help Mack run SM because itís my home.
But so are you. So. Stop being a d-ck.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Gray
And you realize you havenít said a single word to me at all?
I never said when I was leaving, Gray.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Gray
Between what? You lying to me and...? What, exactly?
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Gray
You know, the least you could do is acknowledge my feelings.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 His shoulders sag infinitesimally before his spine straightens and a hard look takes up residency. This is not his mistake to fix, he reminds himself, and heíd be damned if he would be made to follow after Gray like a lost puppy.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Jasper turns, considering the manís retreating form. Heíd wanted some sort of satisfaction, some minuscule win, and instead he receives something closer to guilt. ďSo thatís it, then?Ē heíll call after him softly. But he wonít follow; his pride is too great for that, especially after the damaging blow it took by Grayís hand.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 He cants his head to the side before feigning a dawning look of comprehension. ďOh, that.Ē Fixing Gray with a hard stare, jaw locked, he merely shrugs. ďMack and I are going home. Spring already booted us out of Death.Ē
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 ďHmm?Ē Thereís an undeniable enjoyment in this process, simply because Jasper still holds a hard grudge. ďDont worry, Iíll pay you back.Ē
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 ďPerfect, Iíll just put this in my going home fund. Looks like patience really does pay off. Except when it doesnít.Ē

You were successful in stealing $492.00 from Gray Taylor!
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
You make my skin crawl.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
About what?
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Your priorities are quite admirable.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Read 9:32pm
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
You seem quite sure.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
The night is still young.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Donít objectify me.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Boring? I can go back to hating you if you prefer.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Yes. Iím too tired.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
I f-cking hate you.

And f-cking miss you.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Oh good, youíre lovely sense of humor is back.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Believe me, you are not the one Iím taking it out on.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Well, how f-cking noble of you.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Thereís nothing Iíd love more than to f-ck right off, Gray, but per your orders, Iím f-cking stranded here. And no, I donít want you to f-cking come back, this isnít about you coming back, because I still wonít want to f-cking be here.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Oh, good, because you can go f-ck yourself.
F-cking abandon my ass here, then tell me, a grown ass man, that I canít f-cking leave. Youíll be damn f-cking lucky if I donít up and leave after burning this house down.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
F-ck off, Gray.
Iím absolutely not f-cking done and I wonít be until Iím out of this f-cking state.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Read 3:39pm
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Donít worry, your majesty, your wish is my command.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Read 3:27pm
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Read 3:20pm
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Why, why are you doing this? You were fine with it before. Is this just part of the gimmick, that we constantly be on opposing sides of the issue?
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Which sounds like a perfect reason to gtfo to me.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
And now Iím not.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Tell me why that matters now. You were more than ready for me to abandon ship before.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Okay, see you in Moscow.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 He smirks.

See you soon then.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
You can either respond so I know youíre alright or Iíll be on the next flight out.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Stop it, you know Iím kidding.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Donít make me choose...
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Aw, I love her. Does she have to die?
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Maybe thatís who sheís referring to when she talks about her children.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Using fake children to garner pity?
How absolutely devilish.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Great! Thatís settled then.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Iím not sure there can be much more implication.
Maybe Iím just confident in my innocence.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Iím glad you brought that up.
You know, I could just board a plane.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Well arenít we a fun pair.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Donít apologize. Itís what needs to be done.
Howís London?
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Do I have to answer that?
Victor Lockheed 09/03/18 Gray
Hate is a strong word.
But, it depends.
Do you intend to break any of my windows at some point?
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
As long as weíre clear.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
I hope youíre not setting unrealistic expectations for when we donít have a houseguest that you passive-aggressively despise.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
It means I know you did it on purpose.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Of course you donít.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
And you did not.
Got that earful first thing in the morning.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
What part of me makes it seem like I can contain myself in any capacity?
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
F-cking feisty. Canít wait.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Oh this is just business?
Good to know.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Whatever you say.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Thatís not a type, Gray.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Oh really? Whatís your type, then?
And acting like what? What are you talking about?
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
You have a type now?

No, Gray, I do not.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Do you have a crush on her??
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Nice try. I leave a path of destruction in my wake, and Iím fairly certain you donít hate me.
There can be more than one reason, you know.
Jasper Thompson 09/02/18 Gray
Listen. Weíre emotionally driven people. Whoever produces strong emotions is very appealing. Why do you think Iím with you?
She just hasnít found the right one yet.
For someone who dislikes her so strongly, you sure tend to focus in on her personal life. 😏
Jasper Thompson 09/02/18 Gray
No, she said no, I guess.
Good news though, he forgave me for busting his glass door in.
Pretty positive he still hates me.
Athena Maximus 08/31/18 She had watched the manís expression and instantly felt defeated. By his question she figured that it wasnít him. She blushed and reached into her purse pulling out a brochure to show him. ďIím sorry sir. Iím in the process of looking for a place to live. I was looking at this apartment on the outer edge of town.Ē She was still rummaging through her purse embarrassed. ďI apologize I donít remember the name of it.Ē She finally found it and pulled it out, but right as she was about to hand it to him something strange happened. As she held out her arm with the brochure to hand it to him her face changed. For a split moment her face turned into a past friend of Grayís. Athena Maximus! Her voice even changed tone to become Athenaís. ďItís called Mercy, have you ever heard of it?Ē Then her face changed back to normal, having no clue what just happened. ďThe original owner apparently had disappeared, and it says the new owner is a gentleman named Gray Taylor.Ē When she realized she was rambling she stopped and sighed softly. ďIím sorry for bugging you sir. I thought you were the man in the photo.Ē
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Gray
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Gray
Donít worry, Iíll watch her like a hawk.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Gray
I just want you to be comfortable.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Gray
This seems sudden, but okay.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Gray
4:30 in the morning.
Are you sure youíre okay with this?
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Gray
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Gray.
I feel like youíre not being sincere.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Gray
Itís just a couple days.
Unless youíd like her to stay with us?
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Gray
Iím glad youíre excited.
Iíll be staying with her a couple days.
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Gray
Mack is coming here.
Victor Lockheed 08/27/18 Gray
You're not a good liar.
Also, Mackenzie says we're going to Moscow.
So. 🙃
Athena Maximus 08/25/18 The other day she had been exploring the realm, and stumbled upon an old apartment complex. Upon going inside to find out about possible residence there she received news that the original owner had died. After speaking picking up the brochures from the front desk. It seemed it had been passed on to someone else.

Mr. Gray Taylor.

She had stuck the brochure in her purse and had been walking around the realm. She had been testing out her new photography camera when she stumbled upon the man that appeared in the brochure. She walked up to him timidly and spoke softly, ďExcuse me sir, are you Gray Taylor?Ē
Jasper Thompson 08/25/18 Gray
You put a cigarette out in it. And simple men like simple coffee; black.
See you in the morning, then.
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Iím pretty sure I got a crumpled pastry and disgustingly sweet coffee that you ruined.
But alright. Whatever you want, pretty boy.
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
I believe I owe you breakfast.
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Goodnight, Gray.
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Alone, I hope? Itís very rude to text at the table.
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
No, I was busy.
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Read 11:05pm
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Was the sex really that good?
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
And you still go to her parents for dinner? What kind of animal are you?
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
What are you wowing?

I didnít go a direction. What else do you go to her parents for dinner for?
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Absolutely. I took a dance class from Mikhail Baryshnikov back in the day. Sadly, I have weak ankles, so it didnít take. Iíve always loved ballet.
...should I not come to dinner with her parents?


Are you sleeping with our secretary?
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Then I guess Iíll just have to tag along.
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Wow, thatís aggressive. Iím being serious.
You do get your secretary birthday gifts, right?
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Will you sign my name on all the birthday gifts? I donít have an eye for it.
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
I had headphones on.
Are you offering to be my secretary?
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Because I just bought a ticket.
Mumbai. I'm in Mumbai.
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
I landed. I don't know where yet.
Just FYI
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 Jasper is still getting used to his new home, having only been a part of it a few days. One thing he knows very well by now, however, is the living quarters. Only he and the resident brooder really seem to be around on a regular basis, so it gets pretty quiet.

Fitting for a place called Death.

On the handle of the only other constantly-occupied door, he will hang a bag, fresh from the dry cleaners. Itís a finely pressed suit, pristine and elegant, and he felt it a favor he owed him, for showing him around.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 Jasper narrows his eyes, but itís a gesture of amusement. A challenge, this one, and a very good one. ďI suppose you could say that, yes. I can be very influential... and very persuasive.Ē

Not one to mince words - or emotions - he admits (to himself, of course) that this particular being is very alluring, which makes him all the more fascinating. The need to proceed with caution and observation has never been more prevalent.

He clicks his tongue, as his lips press into a thin line. Folding his hands behind his back, his head cants to the side in a show of disappointment. ďNow, Gray, even someone as pretty as you doesnít get that information for free. I believe someone once told me, what was it... Ah, yes, patience.Ē

Again, he smirks, clearly pleased.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 Feisty.

And he wears his heart on his sleeve.

A laugh lights up his face as he shakes his head in disbelief. ďShe was not kidding about you. Missing someone like me can make you change your alliance, but Iíll tell you what, Iíll make sure to keep her in line this time around.Ē He gestures in a show of offering, as if that would be enough to smooth things over with them.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 He grins in response, nodding his acknowledgment. ďAnd youíre very perceptive.Ē

What comes to mind next are a series of wildly inappropriate and devilishly snarky quips, but he bites his tongue on them and settles for the truth. Partly because he wants to see for himself how deep the hatred for his friend runs. But only partly. ďActually, she seemed to think me trustworthy enough when she found out Iím an old friend of Mackenzieís.Ē
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 Mackenzie had been right; very brooding, indeed.

ďJasper Thompson,Ē he responds, body bending into an exaggerated bow as he speaks. When he straightens, it is with an air of completely propriety. ďIt is, I can assure you, an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance.Ē His own stormy gaze easily meets the slate of this manís stare, and the corner of his mouth twitches upward into a smirk.

This will be fun for him.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 ďBless my damned soul, is that you, pretty boy?Ē Jasper doesnít even bother hiding his amusement. Then, it dawns on him, and he steals a very thorough up-and-down. ďDonít f-cking tell me... youíre Gray, the closet Jew Iíve heard so much about?Ē
Jasper Thompson 08/03/18 ďYeah, yeah, young grasshopper, all that...Ē

Heís not disgruntled.

Jasper Thompson 08/03/18 Acute observation, Mr. Taylor, it is indeed a f-cking rat tail.

ďIím more of an instant gratification type person. But Iíll admit, the pay off can be worth it.Ē One corner of his mouth flickers with the hint of a smile, but he waves his hand in something similar to a salute as he turns to go. ďUntil next time, pretty boy. I hope these little lessons continue.Ē
Jasper Thompson 08/03/18 ďMoving too fast?Ē Jasper ponders a moment, his own storm-filled gaze flashing. ďSound advice, but Iíd like to counter it.Ē

He moves in close once more, flicking the pocket lint into his face. ďYou move entirely too slow, pretty boy.Ē
Winter Summers 08/03/18 Winter was merely going to go on his way, attempting to pick someone's pocket was such a common thing here. Not that he ever got why, everyone really needed the money or they were all really into playing grab ass. Winter wasn't one to judge! He stopped walking as he noticed the man's cold look, didn't faze him at all and it paled in comparison to any look Spring had given him. And then came the threat, Winter's brow did raise at that.

It would be a lie to say him and this man ever got along but for Gray to threaten him well needless to say he didn't ever see it coming. Which honestly maybe surprised him more. "Threatening me now Gray? I'm hurt after all we been through? My feeling is just devastated!"

Winter would simply shrug afterwards. "As you wish, however I would ask Spring for tips on how to be more scary you got a face that reminds me of a puppy mate." Winter gave him a half ass wave as he went to walk away from him. "Was a pleasure as always."
Victor Lockheed 07/13/18 Gray
I'm sorry I'm such a tease.
(No I'm not.)
Victor Lockheed 07/12/18 Gray
Are you still mad that I told you no?
Victor Lockheed 07/07/18 Tray Gaylor
Oh. You're back.
I thought I smelled brisket.
Summer 04/20/18 She gave the man a once-over, letting her eyes drag up and down his form. Meeting his gaze, she gave a thoughtful frown and shook her head.
"Must be confusing me for a different blonde that was rummaging in your pants."
Saito Eiji 03/10/18 Normally the impolite way that western foot traffic flowed wouldn't trouble Eiji, but the pr!ck that just checked his shoulder and glared at him lit his fuse. The past few weeks of his life had been a trial, and he was filled to the brim with a smouldering wrath that was suddenly choking him, asphyxiating his reason.

With a sudden spring in his step, he would sink his fingers into the collar of the offender's suit and attempt to jerk him back as forcibly as he could muster, snapping his own head forward to meet the hardest part of his skull with this sh!thead's brainpan.
Autumn Summers 02/13/18 Fine.

Autumn almost laughs. Almost.

Instead, the edges of her smile smooth out. She shifts, thumbs hooking onto the front pockets of her jeans. Oh, so casual. "All women lie, too. Nature of the beast, aye?"

One step back. "Not my Gray. Rather difficult when said person is dead. Pity, though. I'd started to m- ah, well, doesn't matter since you're not him. Apologies for wasting your time. Do tell my sister hello. Cheers."

Autumn offers another pleasant smile and off into the crowd she melts.
Autumn Summers 02/12/18 Liar.

Several different emotions flash through those green eyes, one all but indistinguishable from the next. An eternity in two seconds. Finally they settle on empty. Blank. Nothing. Walls up, doors closed.

Autumn smiles. If it can be called a smile. There's a sharp edge, a feral quality to it. More a baring of teeth, really.

"Perhaps you're right. The Gray I knew never lied outright." The jab is deliberate.
Autumn Summers 02/12/18 Everyone has a particular scent, unique to them, and them alone. Along with a few other of the supernatural persuasion, vampires possess an acute sense of smell. Unlike humans, they can pick out a familiar scent without having it shoved up their nose.

Such is the case with Autumn. Her head whips around fast enough to crack her neck. She ignores it and focuses on that familiar scent, carefully weaving her way around the bodies in her way. Really, she deserves a gold star for not mowing all of them over.

Reaching her goal, the tall man in a suit with that unmistakable posture, her hand will settle onto his elbow and tug him to a halt, if he allows.

Assuming he stops, Autumn will step around to face him, barely believing her eyes. "Gray..?"

Barely above a whisper, but he will hear her. He always does.
Victor Lockheed 02/11/18 Gray
I mean, if we're just going off sheer amount of balls, then yeah. She'd qualify as a macho-man sized he.
Probably not as big as Spring's, though.
Victor Lockheed 02/11/18 Gray
It's cool that you're back and everything, but I should probably tell you that I'm involved with someone right now.
So, you know. Don't get your hopes up.
Welcome back.
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