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Virelai Tylwyth


Gray Taylor

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Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Virelai Tylwyth 02/08/20 Virelai was fond of Wen. Though they had not spent much time together, she could recognize that this woman was clever. Her spirit was wild, her emotions were worn openly, at least in the cases that Vir had seen, and her strength and abilities were ever growing. She was also one of the people, she was one of those who made up the core of Wahnsinn, representing the whole from a perspective Vir did not have.

And so Virelai listened with rapt attention, taking in those suggestions and ideas and mulling them over in her mind. She enjoyed a spirited fight and the idea of sparring together was a good one. Learning from one another, sharing strengths, assessing weaknesses. These were all parts of running a strong community and it would be a missed opportunity not to make the process more organized. After all, an army of scattered soldiers was useless against an enemy. Uniting the people of Wahnsinn and strengthening their alliances with those outside of their own coven was an important part of ensuring their survival. It would also, hopefully, bring them closer.

After a brief lull in the conversation, during which she contemplated the best course of action for this, Vir nodded her head and squeezed Wen's arm light. “It is a grand idea. A training ground would be an excellent addition.” The best way to learn what one's people were capable of was to throw oneself into the fray of them. It wouldn't do to simply watch over the coven and its members. Vir would need to get her hands dirty.

It was difficult for her to invest herself in the lives of so many. Old habits were hard to break and Virelai had spent too much time in solitude during her long life. It put her at a disadvantage and she knew it. However, she wasn't going to be deterred by such a thing, not after finding a place she might be able to belong. She couldn't help but laugh at such sentimentality. Half a year ago she would not have cared what happened to this place or the people in it. Vir was someone for whom time moved too slowly, so she was amazed at how quickly the heart could change. Perhaps her time living in a mortal body had effected her more than she had thought.

“This will be a good place to start. And of course we will be having a lovely party for Valentine's day. That at the very least, with luck, will bring people together. At least, that is the goal. I do hope you will join us for that as well. The last party we had was a mess due to the Legion. This one will be better, less tension without the life or death situation, at least that is the goal.” Her gaze slanted towards the woman and she smiled slowly. “And what about you, Wen. What are your goals?”
Virelai Tylwyth 01/22/20 Virelai waited, her lashes lowered to conceal the golden gleam rippling through her irises. Her senses extended, natural and preternatural, reaching to observe. The rapid breathing that had caused Wen's chest to rise and fall like the fluttering wings of a bird halted, caught in her throat as the information she had been given no doubt twisted like a knife through her mind. There was a strange stillness, the moment before a cliff-fall, and then the woman ripped her arm away from Vir who pivoted slightly to keep Wen in her sights.

Tears and rage followed, bubbling up, boiling over. A beastly, red hot emotion that twisted like a key within a lock, releasing rage and a thirst for violence. Virelai to taste the bloodlust in the air. It was not surprise nor fear that sent goosebumps skittering along her pale skin as this emotions was directed at her. But rather intrigue. Her few interactions with Wen had been civil at best, drunken or a bit crazed at worse. She had been gone a month and had come back with something more. Though it was possible Vir had just never had the opportunity to experience this particular side of Wen before now.

It reminded of her of Josie. Sweet, dark, Josie. It was a testament of the living how they chose to react to death, how they chose to honor the dead. Vir often had to remind herself that her ways, though she too now lived and breathed, were not theirs. If she were asked she would admit that even she mourned the woman of books and black magic, that she would have liked Josie to stay. But that was not her choice. Their bargain had been made and carried out and all she could do for her was fulfill that promise. Just as all she could do now was watch and wait silently as Wen's emotions decided which direction they would take her.

At last the moment passed and, as though nothing had transpired between them to interrupt their walk, Wen took hold of Vir's arm once more and steered her down the hall at a brisk pass – all the while peppering her with more questions, these ones pertaining to their current situation. And so she choose to answer them one by one. “We are still allied with Sine, though I would like to do more with them. And with the other covens. Legion left us all grasping at straws to hold on to what was ours. I do not wish to repeat the same mistakes.”

Vir had nimbly skipped over the bit about being Sine's first line of defense. She thought that over a bit longer in silence. Their shield, hmm? The icy cold fingers of her free hand reached out and brushed along the wall of the hallway as they walked. This building was symbolic of that. The place that would be taken first by an enemy before it was able to slither further below to the others. Vir wondered, earnestly, how she might strengthen those ties and how useful it would be to those of Wahnsinn to do so. She wondered too why it still felt as though she were an outsider even while standing in the center of this place. But that would be for another time.

“I agree with you.” Her gaze turned back to Wen and she spoke honestly, thoughtfully. “We were all unprepared. Not only those here but the Realm as a whole. However, we should work with what we have to start with. Complacency will lead to contempt. What do you suggest? Should we bring others in to strengthen numbers? Or do we increase our alliances with those outside of Wahnsinn? How do we strengthen the bonds with those within? I am displeased with the quiet. I imagine I am not the only one. So how do we wake the dead, so to speak?” She would not make a hasty decision. It would be a mistake not to hear the opinions of others and simply decide everything on her own. She knew this. And she intended to work with the people here to everyone's benefit, not her own self interests.
Virelai Tylwyth 01/18/20 It was not death, but rather dormancy, that had taken root in Wahnsinn's halls. It had begun well before she had taken up the responsibility of the coven and Vir, despite her trying, had yet to find a solution to alleviate that quiet and stillness. The woman's free hand lifted and rested over top the arm that gripped her tightly, squeezing in as reassuring a manner as she could. Wen had been gone for a while and now she had questions upon her return. Virelai understood that and she wanted to answer those questions as thoroughly as she could.

They walked through the low lit halls together, the drafty old building had its own charms but it was not what Vir was used to. Her manor home seemed so far away now and the woods were nowhere to be found. Though she could reach them any time she wanted to, it was not the same for everyone else, and it was yet another thing on the list of many that Virelai wanted to change. However, rapid change would not do well now, might even cause an upset to the people she lead, and that was the last thing she wanted at this moment.

Drawing a deep breath, Vir spoke softly, her lilting voice carrying through the quiet. “Things have not been the same since the fall of Legion I think.” Virelai was almost certain, from what she could tell, that it was then that the decline began. “The holidays may be some of the cause of the quiet. It seems even here the Dark Season holds sway, bringing with the cold an accompanying silence.” Her smile was tight, strained. “It is unpleasant I imagine, for those not used to it.”

While she spoke, Vir contemplated how to answer the more important of the questions asked of her. What had happened to Josie, the woman who had been one of Wen's best friends as far as she could tell. Finally, she decided the best thing to do was to tell her the truth, at least as much of it as she knew. They kept walking, but Virelai tightened her grip on the woman, as if to lend her strength. “Though it is not true for the others of Wahnsinn, Josephine is not here any longer.” There was an uncomfortable pause, a brief one, before she continued.

“I am sorry, Wen. But Josie has left this world. I do not know the full details of why that was the choice that she made, but she came to me and asked me to see her off.” She did not know how Wen would react to this bit of information, how she would react to Vir who had ushered her friend to that final resting place at Josie's own request. Virelai had taken that life. It was not the first time someone had come to her in order to cross into the hereafter, but with Josie it had been the most difficult task. And the truth was that she missed the young witch very much. She couldn't even begin to fathom how Wen would take the news, and so she waited, and held on, and offered what comfort she could.
Virelai Tylwyth 01/13/20 It was strange, how fickle the human heart could be, how easily it could change. The heart was, perhaps, the one part of Virelai that tended to error on the side of human even after the return of her body. During her time with the living, with the coven specifically, Vir had grown used to the bustling activities and the fickle, flickering emotions that held sway over the inhabitants around her. She had come to enjoy the currents, the sounds, the shifts. Never a dull moment.

So when it happened that all of those things stopped, that quiet took root and spread around her once more, she was less than pleased. Timing was everything among the living. There was never enough time and it was never the right time until it was. Perhaps it was that she had taken over for the leaders who were familiar in Wahnsinn at the wrong time. But there was very little she could do about it now except work out what to do next. At first she had spent most of her own time locked away in her office, going over paperwork and sorting through what was required to accomplish her goal. But lately, lately she had taken to wandering through the coven halls. And it was, while doing this, that she met with Wen.

Wen and Josie had been special. A pair. Two people Vir had thought she could find a friend in at one time. But a lot had changed since then. Josie was no longer there – at the thought of that Vir glanced down at her own hands before returning her attention to the woman resting a hand on her shoulder – and Wen had only just returned from being away. Vir reached out at that familiar expression, that gentle touch and the mad babble of words. She wondered, maybe even worried, how Wen was doing now, if the change was creating a new layer of anxiety in her. That was the last thing she wanted. So when she replied, it was in agreement and with a gentle smile.

“We do. Would you like to walk and talk or drink and speak?” Shifting, Vir looped Wen's arm through hers while the woman decided.
Shadwyn Drake 10/04/19 Elowen Jocosta just failed at stealing money from you! Drake arched an eyebrow when someone's sleight of hand slid into his pocket. He turned around to see Elowen holding an empty wallet. He grinned at her as he looked at her. "Am I the coven ATM or is this a new way of telling me something I don't know."
Virelai Tylwyth 09/21/19 Elowen. No, just Wen.

That was what the blood had said. This one liked to touch, to feel the contact of another's skin. Just like the one who's face the creature was borrowing. To touch another was to be alive, to feel that life in them. But the shadow had no real life, just fake skin modeled after one who did and molded over darkness. Though it could not appreciate this strange action, the creature reached out and placed a hand on the woman's shoulder.

“Wen.” The voice was soft, caressing, but still contained some of that rasp, as if Yule had smoked a whole pack of cigarettes before speaking, or had hardly spoken at all. That wasn't untrue, the creature knew that the one called Yule did not speak much. Not really, so perhaps it would not be too unusual. Misinformation and a bit of misdirection allowed Yule to remain in control of this situation for now. The shadow didn't really know what Yule was like. But the being who's attention it was supposed to draw in would just assume that humanity was infecting Yule at a greater pace. And that would bring upon it all of his scrutiny.

“I don't know what's happening anymore. Everything has gone crazy. What are we supposed to do?” Ah, yes. Comfort. Comfort was something humans shared. That was the reason for the touch, the bubbling bit of hysteria and worry. To seek comfort in others. Pathetic, the shadow thought. That was, after all, what was bringing about these insignificant creatures' destruction. They cared too much about one another. But the shadow figured it could use this to its advantage.
Jewel 09/16/19 Exactly.
-takes phone and quickly inserts her number & name-
Good code name. No one would guess that.
Mine will be red kool-aid.
-hands back phone-
-hands Wen her phone-
Jewel 09/16/19 Oh..
-heavily sighs-

You have a phone?
We have to have a plan..
We need to be able to contact one another and know that it's us.

Jewel 09/16/19 -clings to-
Yeah.. I, uh..
Where's Liam?!
Jewel 09/16/19 -blinkblinks-
I think so. I'm really not sure.. People have me questioning my sanity.
-touches Wen to be sure-
-exhales heavily with relief-
If this is what happens when you're sober.. I have to think it's overrated.
Sh^t is going down..
Jewel 09/16/19 Wen?
Is that you?
Virelai Tylwyth 09/14/19 Yule grinned and grasped Wen's hand briefly with both her own. "Congratulations on PotD. It suits you to be on the cover."
Virelai Tylwyth 09/12/19 Ah, bliss. Yule tilted her head ever so slightly into the woman's hand, feeling the chill of those fingers mimic the ice within her. How long had it been since she had felt the willing touch of another's skin upon her own cold flesh? True enough, she had touched quite a few others, but she didn't count them when they were merely food for her ravenous appetite and fodder for her rage.

The mask tied to the upper half of her face shadowed the moss green depths of her eyes behind mesh, disguising whatever it was she may have been feeling at any give time. And yet the softening of her smile gave way to the small joy she felt, the feeling wrapping around her spine to coil in her abdomen, satisfying a different kind of craving so unlike the one for flesh and blood she was usually consumed by. There was nothing quite like those moments of connection, a lesson in kinship that beasts and spirits could not share or understand.

That touch was coupled with words of advice that Yule was more than happy to have. She lacked the finer points of what was sociably acceptable and anything that could assist her in navigating the intricacies of interaction – as human as they were, even among those who were Other – was something she valued greatly.

“I cannot express my appreciation for your advice.” She laughed softly, the sound a low hum in the back of her throat, much different from the silvery hysteria her voice usually held. “And I hope to stick around too, for as long as I am able to do so. After all. I went through a lot of trouble to get this body. And I intend to keep it for a while at least.” Yule stripped the glove from her icy hand and lifted it to cup the one that touched her face, squeezing softly, feeling the shift of muscle and bone beneath.

The touch was cold, so perhaps this one was one of the Night Children, those who rose with darkness and drank the blood of others to sustain themselves. Vampire they were called, creatures difficult for Yule to deal with given her history, and yet. This one had offered something without asking anything in return, much to her surprise, given that her interactions with them in the past led her to believe they were more interested in taking than giving. And so she could not find an ounce of the hatred that usually came when she was near them. Instead, she decided she quite liked this woman. And if she was any indication of how the others would be, perhaps it would be less difficult to live among them than she had imagined.

One could hope, at least.
Virelai Tylwyth 09/12/19 There was a very peculiar, cat-catching-a-bird energy to the woman's touch as her hand settled on Yule's shoulder. She could almost hear the word “Gotcha.” ringing in her ears. Yule tilted her head to the side and returned the woman's grin, lips pulling back in a sharp and mischievous smile, already anticipating the insurmountable amount of fun she was going to have here.

The woman was very pretty. And there was something familiar about the air around her, that strange too perfect gleam to the eyes and skin, the shin to the hair. She wondered what sort of creature had come to greet her. But they were all friends here and so the answer to that question could not matter.

Yule reached out, taking the casual touch as an invitation, and touched the woman's hair, feeling the silk slide through her fingers as her smile widened in turn. “Hello, Wen. My name is Yule.” She released the lock of hair and inhaled deeply. “I'm happy to be here. It's a pleasure to meet you.” The scent of blood was subtle, but she wasn't sure if that scent was coming from the woman before her or from herself. And again, it didn't matter. “What a lovely place this is. I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the group.”
Jewel 09/09/19 It would seem that when you feel as if you've fell too far that perhaps you were the only one there. There, alone. It was frightening, saddening, and completely depressing. It even creates this bubble from which you become so self-centered to believe that you are the only to feel as such. It was a very selfish look into one self. Seemingly impossible for another to completely understand but there are. There are others out there dealing with the same feelings and sometimes for even worse reasons than your own but when you get so deep into yourself, it's hard to see anyone else.

Though, Wen's words rang true. It had connected to her more than the girl could possibly imagine. It was helpful and even warming. It would all be okay -- eventually. Sinking into her, their small forms almost became one beneath the weight of the blankets that surrounded them. Like a little fort they would dwell beneath. She sighed, for the first time in awhile, with content.

"You're right. I thank you." By the morning, she'd be gone. Leaving Liam and Wen to their usual days. Jewel would leave with a new outlook and friend. Hopefully with sometime and new perspective that her mindset would soon change. Perhaps she'd grow from the experience. No matter, she'd always be grateful to the beautiful Elowen for her words, her care, and her ability to relate.

Jewel 09/06/19 Already was enjoying Wen, immensely. More than she could know. She stood her ground and knew what she wanted and what was already hers. Jewel wasn't in the market to steal anyone from another, or taking over any spot on any furniture. Liam and Elowen were perfect for her -- a perfect friend duo. This might be her last night on Liam's bed but was hoping it wouldn't be her last interaction with Wen.

"It's nice to snuggle with you, Wen."

With a heavy sigh, she would slowly exhale out all of her reservations of exposing herself to someone she had just met but Wen brought on a comfort that none other had from her compound. Had honestly been avoiding most. Didn't have much connection with many of them, just a small handful. "I'm feeling.. lost. Fallen. Floating out there with no net."

Jewel 09/05/19 The truth was, Camille was dead. Her husband, Esper, was dead. Everyone was dead. It was a lot. They shared a spot together at Sine Metu headquarters and all she saw there was her past. Looking beyond had gotten harder and harder as time continued on. Needed a new view and under Liam's blankets seemed just about perfect for her. Jewel lifted the blankets as the girl slipped in beside her, she'd help drape them over her. Allowed the unknown woman to hold her. Needed a stranger's sympathy.

"One night. I promise."

Snugged up to the girl before offering up an introduction. "My name is Jewel, by the way. Yours?" Tossed the bagged treats aside. It was as if Liam was no longer in the room. Just the two of them. Liked it.

Jewel 09/05/19 Peers out from beneath the pile of blankets she has become. "I'm sorry, really.." Was, honestly. "I'm not here to take any spots, as if I could if I tried. I just.. --" Sighs. "..I need to look at something unfamiliar. From one person with a past to the next. Could you understand?" Pleaded with her.

"I have gummies." Pulls out two bags of bears. One bag was weed gummies.. the others were made with molly. "Camille had them before she.. left."

Gray Taylor 08/28/19 He remembered her. The touchy woman with wild assumptions. Well, at least she is making progress. Not a word would be said by Gray, who instead opts for an icy greeting of silence.
EtaineNightBreed 08/08/19 Well done on your new rank!
Shadwyn Drake 08/08/19 Congrats on ranking!
Gray Taylor 08/06/19 Gray couldn’t quite believe his ears. Staring down at the woman, he quirks a brow as she ambles on. “Quite the opposite,” he mutters, equal parts amused and concerned. Concerned for his own safety, at least. And Bodhi’s. He’d heard the man could be found here, and now he rather wonders at the information. “Do many murderers you know make themselves so known?”
Gray Taylor 08/06/19 “Hm,” he would let out a quiet hum of dissatisfaction. A stormy, perhaps even disappointed, gaze would glance about before looking at the woman once more. “If you do, let him know Gray is looking for him.”
Gray Taylor 08/06/19 Gray stares. He stares in an unsettling way. A hand touches to his chest, and the man noticeably stiffens before lifting his own to pluck it from him. Without missing a beat, an obnoxiously charming smile quirks at his lips. “Have you seen Mr. Jones, recently?”
Shadwyn Drake 06/30/19 Welcome to the coven!
LillyEmperium 06/19/19 Welcome to the realm
Jewel 06/19/19 Welcome to the Realm. Enjoy your stay.
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