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Born: November 02, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Last five threads posted in:
Lucien De Angelo 11/12/18 Lucien was floored by the request from Seraphina. "Are you sure about this? You are welcome. Mom picked the bears. Dad was floored that I made the lockets... He thought that was sissy like. I gave him a certain glare. He likes his angelwing bracelet though." Lucien babbled like any young man when he talked to a woman. " i am good with little ones too. "
Lucien De Angelo 11/12/18 Lucien jumped slightly at the ringing of the phone and he picked it up. "Lucifer Morningstar's number. May I help you?" It was a feminine voice and he swallowed hard. "Luci you have a phone call and it is your wife."
Cici Wraith 11/11/18 "Thank you. They are a handful. "
Josie Nathan 11/11/18 Skipping up to her favorite aunt, Josie gave a bright grin. "Look Aunt Sera! I've gotten bigger." Where the four year old had been, a now seemingly ten year old stood. Josie giggled and hugged her new friend, a teddy bear named Samael that her friend Lucien had given her. "I'm getting older! I think there was a secret ingredient in my halloween candy..."
Cici Wraith 11/07/18
Raphael Aingell 10/30/18 "Lucien made it home safely, Sera. The boys should be home soon. I am back for now." Raph smiled at Seraphina. "How are them babes behaving?"
Josie Nathan 10/28/18 Josie pursed her lips in thought, hugging her new toys to her chest. "Umm, I think mommy can. Do you know if she can?" she asked sweetly, smiling up at her. At her question about trick or treating she gave a twirl, smiling down at her costume. "Mommy let me be a fairy!"
Josie Nathan 10/28/18 Josie nodded to her Aunt Sera, petting Helix on the head as he stood and gave a mew, looping himself around her legs as she stood there with her aunt. "Maybe she's making lunch. Can you stay and have lunch with us?" she asked excitedly, looking up at the woman.
Eve Penrith 10/22/18 "She's been busy here and there. She wants to be sure that the guy knows she is around and Gabe can go about his duties. It was a treat to see Amen's reaction and I don't think Amen or his followers are after you or your babes." Eve smiled confidently at Sera. "You see with Lucifer Azazel and Lylith were kept busy with chasing me. The last of them been rounded up and the worst of them been sent to hell. Lucifer will have a full report from me. Once he gets past hiis injuries by my hand. Raph didn't want Lucifer involved or anywhere near Amen. The Big Guy agreed to that because of what Amen did to Raph. He knows how Raph feels about her brother Luci. Gabe did the job of dewinging Amen. You see Gab's protective of Raphael."
Eve Penrith 10/22/18 Eve saw the surprised expresion on the woman 's face and she nodded in the affirmative. "He thought females were to be submissive. I knocked him in his angelic crest. Let me say I wasn't impressed by what I felt with my knee. He may be clever and deceitful but it takes a pair of females working it together to bring a big egomaniac like him down. I got some witch but don't all females? I can't remember everything and wiser that I don't Raphael asked me to help. Female wiles so to say. I have been meeting with her. I got my head on straight now and Amen is singing a different tune now. She has to make a report and wants to be with Gabe for a short spell. So I am here to make sure everything goes alright with you. I have skills in healing and calming. I am good with a crosbow, swords and such."
Eve Penrith 10/22/18 "Raphel wanted it to be more natural with no Lucifer or Azazel. She said those two were worse than a pregnant female when cohorting together. Add another demon and it's a birdy chase. That slowed them down a bit so we could meet. Eve watched as Sera sat back in her chair. "Those two make me slightly nervous. With Amen trying to get a female to commit the act with him so he could father somthing . I suggest the Big Guy neutre that one." Eve arched an eyebrow and winked at Sera. "Well I am slightly amnesiac but I am not totally out of it. I figured Amen would blow it when he went after Gabriel's kid. The kid was used as bait. I saw the little guy. I was the drop off point for him. Amitiel and Gabriel converged on him. The kid got scooped up by the Man. Amen get it right then and there. He got his wings ripped off of his back by Gabriel. Something about putting his hands on his lady. He 's not gonna cause trouble for a long time. I got told to go after Amen's people any which it took and if I had to rough up a few feathers do it. SO it would appear to be aimed at Lucifer for awhile. The Big Guy loves that little kid. He can't do no wrong in his sight. But Gabe does the daddying real good and doesn't spoil him."
_Aurora_ 10/22/18 How do you have them all fooled. Your just as evil as the man you married. *rolled eyes*
_Aurora_ 10/22/18 Just for that I am going to do it *stick tongue at you*
_Aurora_ 10/22/18 But you love my face!
_Aurora_ 10/22/18 Twinny
But why not?! It could work! And I hear there are still looking for you..
_Aurora_ 10/22/18 HappyOne
"I want to be like you. Show me wise one.😂 Kidding! But was thinking about going blonde. What you think..?
Eve Penrith 10/22/18 "I know the Amen. He caused me some trouble and he claimed he was my rescuer. You see I got away from some slayer who decided my hide was worth something. Then that creep shows up wanting more than rescuing. I went along and pretended to be 'crazy'. I learned two weapons. A crossbow from the first one. I am a natural with guns and rifles too... Seems a pair of idiots were trying to hunt me down. I nabbed them and yeah Amen is gone. Two angels took his ass. I got asked if I was expecting a bundle. I said hell NO! Amen told me Lucifer was evil as they come and that he was planning on de-throning the big guy. How can a guy I shot twice in the damn ass be planning that? Second time was a mistake. You see I am a little fussy and I have amnesia but I am not dumb. So I promised this female Raphael, weird name for a female angel. I 'd stop doing mischief. But this other demon comes hunting me and well I tripped up again. I shot him in the feet by accident. I thought they got told. Raphael told me to find a Seraphina Morning Star and talk to her about those babies. I am not a Witch but I got some healing skill. Eve looked at the woman with a little confusion in her eyes. "You understanding me. Those two idiots hunting me best be occupied elsewhere hunting Amen's friends. Oops sorry I am zoning again." Eve picked up her coffee cup and took a sip. "I am Eve Penrith. I used to be called Guinevere."
Eve Penrith 10/22/18 The widened eyes, the tried look on the woman's face and her slow movement had Eve feeling concern for her. It was the confused look that surprised Eve. The old memories of a life stirred in her mind but she brushed off the thoughts. "I just know sometimes. I have some healing gifts. But mostly I think my mother or father was a Witch." She looked around quick to key anyone else's reaction.

She sat waiting at the table waiting for the woman. She was hungry enough to eat the food and table beside the chairs. The woman finally took a seat and gave her a question. "In the case of twins who are angelics and depending on who the father is. Both can be the same or one angelic and the other tending toward the father. I have seen this before. Poor lucifer may have a young male contending for his place. But he's gonna have to learn to control his tendency to being like a demon... Amen was hunting angelics who married other races."
Eve Penrith 10/22/18 Eve had left her swords and pistols in a safe house near the local Espresso Coffee Shoppe. She was attempting to get her order to the waitstaff. "House blend coffee, large cup, black and two sugars. Two sausage biscuit and a big cinnamon bun, extra frosting. She jumped when something kicked her lower back.
She felt the aura of a young soul and one of the two babes in the woman's stomach was fighting with the other. The little soul was a girl who was fighting her little brother. The male aura was strong and slightly dark. She heard the woman talk to her as she turned around to face the woman. "It's okay. You are having twins right? The boy is trying to make his sister like him and she is trying to make him like her." She looked at the large stomach closely as a little hand connected with her hand. "You tell your brother to behave himself! Young man control your temper! Go to sleep both of you and stop hurting your mother...Don't you take his bullying either little sprite." Eve drew her hand away quickly. It seemed the woman's belly stopped moving. "They are asleep the little mites. The father's strong in the little boy but his sister has him half convinced to be like her...Who is the father? "
She paid quickly for her order when it was called. "I am sitting over there if you want to oin me. That little lucifer is a strong one..." A surprised look hit her face and she stopped talking to the woman. She went over to the table she had picked out and sat down with her order.
Josie Nathan 10/21/18 Tilting her head at the gift, Josie peeked in and her eyes widened at the sight of all the toys. "Oh! Thank you so much Miss Sera!" Smiling brightly she hugged the woman's legs before looking around at her question. "Mommy is here somewhere. I was out here coloring and Helix was watching over me," she motioned the lazy black cat familiar giving a small mew as he stretched on his back.
Jaxson_Cross 10/21/18 thank you.
Cici Wraith 10/19/18 "Oh, we are expecting 3. Unsure of the sex asvof ywt."
Cici Wraith 10/19/18 She chuckles softly. "Not for a few weeks to a month from now. Then all hell will break loose."
Cici Wraith 10/19/18 "When are you going to pop, little darling?" Cici grins as she wraps her arms around her own stomach.
Josie Nathan 10/19/18 Josie hummed as she lay on the ground coloring in her new coloring book. She stuck her tongue out as she worked on Belle's hair, making sure to try her best to stay in the lines. Hearing a new voice had peaked her curiosity and she hopped up from the ground. Looking to the new woman she tilted her head to the side, giving a bright smile. "Hello! I'm Josie!"
Marcus Cain 10/18/18 "Thanks for the welcome."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "I look at it the way it was meant to be looked at. And now that both the bossman and my previous husband are birdies I have to learn to at least pretend to tolerate them."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "She adopted a child did she not? She sh*ts rainbows and unicorns as well now too. Adopted a child makes you all sorts of fuzzy inside. Or so they say."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "We can't all come back with upgrades and new fluffy wings. After all it would be quite sickening world if we were all nice and perky."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "I see you have noticed that Azazel has returned as well. Seems he has become a birdy like the rest of you."
_Aurora_ 10/17/18 Butterball
"I said we needed to talk! But she is the sweetest thing ever! So sue me :P"
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "Thanks."
_Aurora_ 10/17/18 HappyOne
"Did you pop yet or you look like you still carrying two beach balls? Will stop by soon enough need to talk!"
Lucifer Morning Star 10/16/18 After his letters to and from Mrs Wraith. He goes home to their house.
Cici Wraith 10/16/18 She kisses Sera's cheek softly. "Of course. I will let you catch up with your husband but then we must catch up as well."
Cici Wraith 10/16/18 "I am to inform you, that your lustrous husband has returned." The pixie witch rolls her eyes in sarcasm as she speaks. "He is awairong your return."
Lucifer Morning Star 10/15/18 Three dozen roses would arrive, with a note attached. "love you and miss you."
W_Kat 09/11/18 Congrats on PotD!
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 She nods. "You know me. It dims for a moment briefly before it shines again. Lunch soon. But go. Don't want you in trouble."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 Cici chewed on her lip briefly. She couldn't have been in a daze that long that she missed a lot of stuff could she. She nods softly. "Then lets do lunch."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 "You will let me know when it gets closer right? I am still the one you want there?" So much had changed in the time Sera had been gone that she wasn't sure of much of anything anymore.
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 "How much longer?" She asks before putting her hand on her friends belly. "Where have you been? You have been taking care of yourself right?"
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 Cici can't contain herself as a familiar face pops up. She runs and remembering her almost sister's condition throws her arms around Sera crushing her to her softly. Way not normal for Cici to do but things change. "Sera, oh my goodness. Look at you." She exclaims.
W_Kat 07/24/18 Congrats on PotD!
Camille 06/14/18
Lucifer Morning Star 02/14/18 He knows he's been gone a couple days. But Sera knew he would be gone for a couple days at a time here and there. It just came down to keeping demons of the worst in the only place suited for them. But he Always promised to make sure to come home to her. Laying the roses on the table and the bottle of wine on the counter. He then then found his wife. Slipping up behind her he wraps his arms around her waist, while whispering softly into her ear. "Happy valentines darlin."
Lucifer Morning Star 02/14/18 Sees the messages between her and her friend and snickers softly. He then steps up behind her and places a soft kiss to her neck then her lawline. "Yes... but this Keeper has promised that he would always come back." He whispers softly into her ear.
Lucifer Morning Star 02/06/18 Shots are fired, then the sound bodies hitting the floor. Keys jingle and foots steps can be heard along wit whistling. He tips the keys on the cell door and chuckles lightly. "You know love thats the second time today."

You managed to break out Seraphina Morning Star.
Lucifer Morning Star 02/06/18 Steps out of the cell and puts his hand out to his wife. "Quickly now, before they come back" (You managed to breakout Seraphina Morning Star!)
Lucifer Morning Star 02/03/18 Text: >:)
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