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Waylon Hughes


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What is beyond love?

I will meet you there.
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Born: June 26, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 1
Affiliation: Sine Metu Mail Replies Sent: 1
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 0
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08/01/19 at 9:16 pm

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Guillaume Duvalier

Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
RealmMy Kind's Your Kind
Created by Vienna OClair
Ahmalie 07/09/19 Lookingat the male i bowed my head. " i hope I'm not late, welcome tho the realm."
Guillaume Duvalier 07/08/19 Pish. You’re a mean ol’ drunk.
Guillaume Duvalier 07/08/19 "Sh-t, you smell worse 'n a rabid skunk, Waylon." Gui waved a hand in front of his face. "I thought you said you'd given up drinkin'?"
Melinoe 07/06/19 Mel grins widely, gap on full display. “Hiya, mister! Welcome to the family! Happy to have ya!”
Jewel 07/06/19 You're adorable.
Keep it up.
Athena_Maximus 07/06/19 She was making her way through the tunnels when she came upon the newest recruit. “Ah, you must be the fresh blood! Welcome to our cult... FAMILY!” She laughed before continuing on. She was the worst when it came to any human interaction literally ever. “It’s easy to get lost here, if you go down the hall to the left that’s the quickest way out.” She began to gently point to the 500 different directions she was referencing. “If you go down the opposite end of the hall and to the right, it’s my secret hidden bar. Just don’t tell anyone! Then right across from that is my room in case you have any questions or need help with anything.” She quickly realized she was rambling and finally stopped herself. “Sorry. I’m Athena!”
LillyEmperium 07/06/19 Welcome to the coven
Jewel 07/06/19 Mack's been busy.
I'm tired of talking kool-aid with you people. Just take all offered drugs.

Trust me..

Mackenzie 07/06/19 -throws tomato at-
Marah Whitmoore 07/02/19 I'm sorry I am late with the welcome. But welcome to the realm hope your stay is a long one. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me.
Kyla Brollachan 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm.
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