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Rhiannon Whitaker

Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
RealmSweet Tea and Sunshine
Created by Ophelia Fraye
Realm2017 Summer Bloodies
Created by Cersei Lannister
Cole Ward 08/29/17 The skepticism soon vanished beneath the grave serious expression. "You should go in.." A hand lifts to stroke the light blond shubbery on his chin. "in..ah..Summer. Summer is best." The tone suggestive and he tries his best to seem friendly with a tight lipped smirk.

Cole wasn't used to people. Never had been before. Jameson had been right, he shot first and asked questions later. That was his cold black & white philosophy on the world. He turns to look back to the clerk just as she does. Though he was gauging the time for different reasons.

Live in the states? He scoffed at the thought, but quickly warped it into a soft chuckle. "No, looking for No. Old team." He nodded at the words thinking they meant what they did. "Be here for longer bit." Clearing his throat he extended a black gloved hand in her direction. "Jmenuji se Cole." Moving the hand that had been caressing his chin to finger gun point in his direction.
Lucius Dalca 07/23/17 A connection was made causing her hostility to subsided almost as much as the ego Lucius sometimes carried with him. He had met witches and warlocks but very few ever left real impressions. Her own curiosity poked at his and now it seemed they were going for lunch.

"We have a deal then." He grin as she released his arm and he pocketed the bills., "I heard of many restaurants in the Big Apple but I have been meaning to check out the Gramercy Tavern. It has a Michelin star, I think.. Shall we?" The smirk was replaced by a small but genuine smile. If there was a way to get to know people better it was certainly through their stomachs and he loved to eat. He figured it might help loosen her up as well.
Lucius Dalca 07/23/17 Lucius felt a hand on his arm and immediately knew she had caught him. He tried to contain the smirk coming across his lips from her question but it was all too fun. Truth be told, it wasn't the first time he had done a job on her. "You could say that..." He answered holding the bills on his hand.

"I am heading to an expensive lunch now.. Would to join me?" He asked while indirectly sensing her aura and recognizing it as one of his kind. At least similar in some aspects. "You are paying for it after all."
Mackenzie 07/16/17 She blinks, surprised by the woman's candid questioning. Mackenzie wonders briefly what her experience might be with the unknown. "Solomon might be a werewolf, but he is far more gentle than any individual I've met in my lifetime." Kenz knows too well what would happen should he ever catch wind of what happened that night. He'd leave her, never speak to her again, she would lose him forever.

A small frown appears upon her features as her arms fold before her, mimicking her discomfort at the thought of losing her best friend. "I love him. Deeply. And I am trying to do right by him. I'm sure you understand?"
Mackenzie 07/12/17 Mackenzie's stare is steady as she watches the girl before. Perhaps older in natural years, but so much younger than she. The girl considers what Ophelia has said, and the offer on the table. After a short, stoic silence, Mackenzie shakes her head minutely. "No... it doesn't feel right." Things are too fragile right now in their lives, their balance precariously delicate as a much younger life stands as a pillar of their morale. "That man is precious to me. He doesn't deserve anything but the best, and confusing his mind is not that."
Ellie Mae 07/10/17 Smiling brightly at her, Ellie gave a soft laugh as she nodded, making sure her phone slid into her pocket this time. "I definitely know that feeling. I feel like my phone is my life line most days," she grinned, giving another nod towards the woman's question. "Yeah. Just got here a few days ago. It seems pretty cool so far, not as scary as where I was before I got here. How about you? How long have you been around?"
Cole Ward 07/10/17 A worker with experience always had to test their skills and their worth. Cole Ward had been on a solitary mission to iron out the faults of his trade. Before he entered the convenience store, he had taken a ruffian like himself aside to pay him for a brief favor.

Back straightened and icy hues dusted over the residents in line. In his hand he cursed himself in his native tongue and chuckled. Here he stood holding a miniature can of OG Pringles, and a bent Slim Jim. Murica.

Once the clerk budgeted he consolidated his junk load to one hand. Taking the seconds needed to text a few commands in his phone. Until he heard the voice peep up from behind him. Cole pocketed his phone and turned a smidgen to his right.

"Děkuji.. It is from Czechia. You ever have been go to Prague?" He creased his brows with a small level of curiosity from being engaged. Even the tiny speck of wonder in his eyes was surrounded by a thick cloud of skepticism.
Mackenzie 07/09/17 Surprise crosses her features at the question, and Mackenzie takes a moment to consider everything. A fleeting period of panic comes over her before she gets a grip on reality once more, and sea meets land as she captures her gaze. "Please don't call him that," she speaks softly.

"He hasn't mentioned it. We don't talk about those days." Nervous, she bites her lip, "Could he? Remember that?"
Mackenzie 07/09/17 It isn't often that Mackenzie feels unease, or even inferior, but this is one of those times. Like a child seeing an adult for the first time, or an errant teen facing the judge over some misdemeanor, she shies within herself. "I'll admit, it's hard even now..."

She could have done without the reminder of that night. "I've moved back to New York... with Solomon."
Mackenzie 07/09/17 At the sound of her name rolling off a Southern tongue, Mackenzie stops dead in her tracks. It's a voice she would remember always, for the last time she'd seen the woman, the circumstances had been grave. Turning, her cool eyes flicker over Ophelia before meeting hers.

She shifts her weight in slight discomfort, finding her voice. "In the flesh... it's been a while."
Ellie Mae 07/09/17 After sending a quick text to her friend from the library, Ellie had thought she had managed to slip the phone into her back pocket, preferring that than to holding it, just to keep her hands free. Not making the connection that the sound she had heard of something falling, had indeed been her phone, she merely continued to walk, wanting to get home to make some dinner. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, the woman tensed, until she turned to look at the other woman.

Glancing down at the woman's hand, a smile spread across her lips as she nodded, taking the surprisingly undamaged phone from the woman's hand. "Thank you. You're a life saver," she mused, giving her a warm smile. "I'm Ellie."
Gray Taylor 07/08/17 Ophelia
No need. You'll be there, and that is all it takes to make a great date.
Gray Taylor 07/08/17 Ophelia
My crystal ball didn't go into enough detail to answer that question. But I know it'll be good.
Gray Taylor 07/08/17 Ophelia
I can see a date in our future.
Lucius Dalca 07/04/17
Autumn Dalca 06/28/17 Ophelia
You'll be hearing from me. Cheers.
Autumn Dalca 06/28/17 Ophelia
Do you intend to remain there?
My schedule is a bit busy for the next few weeks.
May I contact you again when the excitement dies down?
Autumn Dalca 06/28/17 Ophelia
Guilty, though not entirely intentional.
I'd like to return it to you.
Autumn Dalca 06/28/17 Ophelia
It seems I nicked a bit more than money from you. Aren't you missing anything?
Autumn Dalca 06/28/17 Ophelia
Aye. You know me better as the redheaded pickpocket.
Autumn Dalca 06/28/17 Funny
Unless I've been lied to my entire life, in which case someone has some serious explaining to do, no.
My name is Autumn.
Autumn Dalca 06/28/17 Unknown Number
Is this the dark haired lass known as Ophelia?
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/25/17 Ophelia
God Bless you, woman.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/25/17 Ophelia
I am married to a woman who far prefers beer.
You can understand my dilemma.
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/25/17 Ophelia
Coffee, an entire bottle of wine...
Gray Taylor 06/23/17 Ophelia
So cruel.
Gray Taylor 06/23/17 Ophelia
That'd be nice. When do you suppose a surprise might happen?
Gray Taylor 06/23/17 Ophelia
But never the one I want to see.
Gray Taylor 06/23/17 Ophelia
I've been dreaming of a pretty girl showing up in my London office.
Gray Taylor 06/23/17 Ophelia
Dreaming of me, are you, beautiful?
Gray Taylor 05/28/17 Ophelia
Do you not like a man in a suit? What would you have me wear? Chaps and nothing else? I'm not that easy.
Gray Taylor 05/28/17 Gray reads her message from where he lays on the sofa in his room, lips twisting into a smirk as he reads her excitement between the lines. His gaze, usually stormy but rather quite the opposite, flickers between his phone and the screen of his formidable laptop.

Monday morning, 10am sharp. I'll be the one in a suit.
Gray Taylor 05/27/17 Ophelia
It better not. I just booked a flight. There's a Southern girl with pretty eyes I'd like to see.
Gray Taylor 05/09/17 Ophelia
Tonight I am planning a trip over a questionable drink called a Mint Julep. Guesses on the destination?
Gray Taylor 05/09/17 Ophelia
Just as I suspected. You can't take your mind off of me. You, sweet Ophelia, have a crush.
Gray Taylor 05/09/17 Ophelia
Bet you were just thinking about me.
Gray Taylor 05/04/17 Ophelia
It's not the mushrooms talking.
When are you coming to London?
Gray Taylor 05/04/17 Ophelia
The World is just so much more beautiful, today. I don't know what it could be. I just adore it.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/04/17 I'm almost afraid to ask what you did. At least it's a good picture!
Autumn Dalca 05/04/17 Touché. Though chances are they'd have only gotten the top of my head, unless I stood on the tips of my toes.
Autumn Dalca 05/04/17 What a lovely picture of you in today's paper.
W_Kat 05/04/17 Congrats on PotD!
Autumn Dalca 05/02/17
Ella Donovan 05/01/17
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Ophelia
See you tomorrow, then.
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Ophelia
That should make the gesture all the more meaningful.
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Ophelia
Is that a challenge? You think I'm too prideful to drop down on one knee? Or to track down your father and have a terse conversation about hands and futures? Here I thought I had done a better job at impressing you.
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Ophelia
So I'll take that as a yes. I'll make sure to get you a modest ring. I know you hate to brag.
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Ophelia
She's very skilled.
I drink Manhattans.
Also not drinking.
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Ophelia
You asked for your money back?
Marry me.
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Gray lets out a sigh as he looks at the message, glancing sideways with an irritated glare before finally looking to his phone again.

Tiny redhead that isn't Russian, huh? Pro tip: Mind her temper.
Autumn Dalca 05/01/17 Autumn chuckled. The woman was probably dismal if and when she ever played poker. Her thoughts displayed on her lovely face, clear as day. Again, like yours truly.

"It absolutely can be. Some are far more difficult than others." The right corner of her lips twitched. "But please continue to assume that is all I do, based on just a shred of evidence. Cheers."

With a cheeky wink, the redhead spun on her heel and wandered away, not a care in the world.
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Ophelia
Do I need to tend to some angry Russian mobsters?
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Ophelia
I just left Moscow yesterday. What are you doing in Moscow? Please don't tell me you're friends with the Orlavs, too.
Autumn Dalca 05/01/17 Relieved of the one meager note, Autumn allowed her arms to hang relaxed at her sides. She didn't think the woman planned to make an attempt at wresting the rest of it back, futile as it might be, but best not to be caught unawares. Some people were bloody stubborn... like herself.

"Keep it out of your purse then." She arched a shapely brow, the sharpness gone from her expression. It read more thoughtful than anything. "You believe I don't work for mine?"
Gray Taylor 05/01/17 Ophelia
I hear the weather is far better in London than your corner of the world, today. Perfect time to take a trip.
Autumn Dalca 05/01/17 Slender shoulders lifted and fell in a shrug. The smile never left her lips. Quite the opposite, in fact. It broadened. People took petty theft so personally.

"Such is the way of things in the realm. If you don't like it, I suggest you be more vigilant. Or don't carry large sums of money with you."

If the woman thought Autumn would be physically intimidated by her, she was very much mistaken. Autumn stayed right where she was.

Tilting her head, the redhead appeared to consider, fingertip tapping her chin. "You know what... you're right." A dainty hand slipped into her pocket and reappeared, holding a one pound note, which she extended toward the woman. "Consider it a consolation prize."
Autumn Dalca 05/01/17 Busted.

And yet that fact, as well as the dark haired woman's obvious irritation, did not faze her in the slightest. If people were so concerned about being relieved of their money, they would do well not to carry such obscene amounts on their person, just begging to me nipped.

No, being caught only made things more interesting. It was the heinous accent which grated on her nerves. She preferred nails on a chalk board.

Autumn turned to face the woman, amusement sparkling in her own green eyes. At least the face made up for the accent. A vague memory from New Orleans, or was it New York, popped into her mind. She'd nipped a sizeable amount there, too. "I can't help myself. My curiosity gets the better of me from time to time," she grinned.
Gray Taylor 04/28/17 Ophelia
You give me too much credit. You'd merely take one look at me and never want to leave. Easy.
Gray Taylor 04/28/17 Ophelia
So you'll be coming to pick me up in London, then?
Gray Taylor 04/28/17 Dear Ophelia
The number one reason why London is better:
Lucius Dalca 04/25/17 Lucius was minding his own business as usual but it wasn't until a particular person caught his attention that he felt the need to get a closer look. He went by the woman like nothing and boom! He got more red lobster money. You were successful in stealing $333.00 from Ophelia Fraye.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/02/17 To: Ophelia
I have realized I never sent you an 'SMS'.
We should grab coffee soon. I can regale you with my tale of inadvertently marrying a woman.
Gray Taylor 03/17/17 Ophelia
Today is the one day a year where it feels cliché to have a drink.
Gray Taylor 03/05/17 Ophelia
Could always rent a space ahead of time and up a breakfast picnic upon heated blanket.
Gray Taylor 03/05/17 Ophelia
Well, I suppose you have now.
Gray Taylor 03/05/17 Coy Koi
...get arrested? After breakfast?
Gray Taylor 03/05/17 Silent Sally
Is that a no?
Gray Taylor 02/25/17 Baconator
Careful what you wish for, Ophelia. 😎
Gray Taylor 02/25/17 Charmer
So you admit it. You want a second date.
Gray Taylor 02/25/17 Good Cop
Next date, then. could meet me in the boardroom. The windows are much sturdier here.
Gray Taylor 02/25/17 Definitely Jailbait
Maybe not, but we both know you're why we spent the night on our first date. 👌
Gray Taylor 02/25/17 Flower Child
I'm sat in the boardroom at my office, and you're not here. Disappointing me already, Jailbait.
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/24/17 The brunette squints, her brain not yet fully wired to keep up with the growing theoretical complexities the drawling woman put forth. So many memories of so many lifetimes condensed and expanded like an accordion. At times, it was hard to take stock, and in the present moment, Rhiannon felt overwhelmed.

She pauses for more than might seem socially appropriate before caramel eyes blink, registering the note being offered. “I’ll be sure to reach out.” Squinting once more, she analyzes the number. Phone. She’d need to get one of those. “Thank you, Ophelia. If it is an consolation, I found your namesake to be rather underrated. Hamlet was a whiny man-child.” She waves the note briefly before thrusting it into her pocket.

“I’ll be in touch.” Without another word, the angel gives a nod, feet beginning to teeter away before the rest of her body seems ready. It would take some time for her to grow accustom to these mortal coils, it seemed.
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/24/17 It was true. There was something to the woman's accent that carried an inherent warmth to each word. If she could trace the origin, Rhiannon would surround herself with this inflection for the rest of her days.

'That seems a bit farfetched,' she scolds herself. Still, it had a unique charm. A tone of voice she was until now unfamiliar with. In any mortal vessel, Rhiannon had not yet been sequestered to any region of the world that spoke the way this Ophelia did. But if friendship meant continuing this conversation, and future ones, she was charmed enough to do so. "I believe it means 'great queen'. Perhaps my father thought it was an amusing anecdote. Ophelia... As in the Shakespearean tragedy?" Her brow knits as she considers the latter question. "New? Not quite. It has been some years since my last time here, but not much has changed."
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/23/17 Rhiannon's head tilts to the side, brown locks of hair cascading over her shoulder with the movement. Sincerity. It was a difficult emotion to gauge, at times. She wasn't so sure this woman was 'one of the good ones', but, she had come out of her way to say hello.

With the way mortals interacted in this day and age, face-to-face communication was rare enough to be classified as a virtue. "Skepticism is the name of the game, then. If this is the case, how should I take you? Friend, or foe?" The candid amusement of her expression seems to remain, and as she straightems herself back up and offers a manicured hand, it appears her words are meant only in good fun. "Friends may call me Rhiannon."
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/23/17 The angel analyzes the woman with caramel hues, meticulously managed eyebrows linking together as she was spoken to. An idle hand reaches up to brush back some of her brunette mane, lips simultaneously pursing in amusement.

'New. Only in a manner of speaking,' Rhiannon mused. However, she knew better than to act peculiar, or out of turn. Many lives in mortal vessels had taught her as much. "Yes, new. Thank you for the warm welcome." She pauses, her hand departing her hair to make a general, sweeping gesture. "The residents seem friendly enough, I'll include you among them."
Gray Taylor 02/22/17 Black Magic Woman
How are those meetings going?
Gray Taylor 02/16/17 Bonnie
That bad, huh?
Gray Taylor 02/16/17 Jailbait
Try to sing along, and I promise to make sure we have psych evaluations for our third date. 😉
Gray Taylor 02/16/17 Brains and Beauty
I had to wait a bit before texting you. Didn't want to seem too desperate.
Gray Taylor 02/11/17 Is it just me, or do you only ever get more beautiful?

-holds out wine glass-
Autumn Dalca 01/16/17 Certainly. My pleasure.
Autumn Dalca 01/16/17 Slightly belated welcome back.
Gray Taylor 01/13/17
Gray Taylor 01/13/17 Mm. I knew you'd miss me.
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