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"And they had a king over them, which is the Angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon" (Rev.9:11)
Apollyon's Biography
The bus stank. It was stuffed full of humans, and every human reeked of worry, of fear, of sex, of the stale sweat of hours shedding cells within their clothes, of the last thing they ate. The seats smelled of humans, of sweat and vomit, the tiny toilet in the back that they had been warned not to use (and three people had ignored the warning while Paul sat there) stank. Even the scent of the peanut butter crackers the woman across the aisle had opened transferred itself to the stew and became utterly unappetizing.

Paul pressed his forehead to the cool glass of the bus window. This was alright. Being disgusted was alright. It distracted him from the rich, meaty aroma of the fresh flesh beneath the humans' clothes, of the iron-salt delectable blood in their veins. He was hungry. His hands, clothed in thick leather gloves to hide the marks on them, to keep an accidental touch from causing any harm, slowly closed to fists in his lap. He concentrated on how much it stank, on the sway of the bus, the jolts of bad cushions up his spine, and on checking his watch.

Not long now.

Three seats ahead of him, a mother and daughter began speaking rapidly in Arabic, voices hushed in fear of the judgment of those around them. Paul's eyes drifted closed as he picked out the dialect, then took in the simple discussions that every mother and every daughter had since the dawn of time, worry and love and resentment tied up into something so sacred that it almost made him smile. Or wince.

He lifted his heel out of his shoe and rubbed the aching arch on the back of it, long strokes nearly tickling his walking-worn feet. And it was like this, when the bus stopped so suddenly that everyone was thrown forward-- Paul's shoe snapped under the seats before him and possibly further still.

Everyone was asking what had happened. Paul looked out the bus window, and could see nothing but a thick, white fog. Static seemed to leap in the fog, blue and sharp. He bit his lip.

"Everyone, stay in your seats!" called the bus driver. Most obeyed him. Others fell back into place, or into others' laps, when the bus began to rock back and forth on its wheels, as if it were being played with by the world's largest cat.

Paul hissed between his teeth.

He toed off his other shoe, stood up, and swept his faded blue duffel bag on to his shoulder. He ignored the bus driver's shouts, and when the door wasn't open, ripped it clear himself, stepping out into the blinding fog.

"I left willingly," he said softly. "You will regret not allowing me to leave."

And then the claws came out.
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