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From many years ago, Elessar traveled many realms, providing for and protecting many people from random evil and stink of those who wish to defeat those who wish to push the balance of good and evil too far in either direction. And married to his beloved Nyx.
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Created by EtaineNightBreed
NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
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The Black Rose~The Crossroads - Entrance~
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LillyEmperium 01/05/18 Congrats on POD my friend
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Merry X-Mas and happy holidays!
W_Kat 12/16/17 Congrats on PotD!
LillyEmperium 12/16/17 Kudos on Pod
Nyx Photine 11/06/17 Nuzzling against him, she returned the kiss. “Wonderful now that you’re here.” She chuckled lightly. “I’ve been well, love.”
Nyx Photine 11/06/17 Tucking in close, she smiles happily. “I love you too. How have you been, beloved?”
Nyx Photine 11/06/17 Beaming a grin, Nyx pulled her husband close. “Hello my love.”
Nyx Photine 08/10/17 Nyx turned in his arms, snaking her arms up around his shoulders. Standing up on her toes, she kissed him softly. "This is my favorite place to be, after all."
Nyx Photine 08/08/17 Leaning back against him, Nyx smiled happily. "Better now with your arms around me. How about you?"
Nyx Photine 08/08/17 Grinning, Nyx leans back against him, savoring her love enveloping her. "I love you too." Angling her head back, she plants a kiss on his neck.
LillyEmperium 06/21/17 I'm alright.... Just relaxing
LillyEmperium 06/20/17 *laughing she smiled * how are you old friend
LillyEmperium 06/19/17 *walking up, Lilly poked him* howdy
Nyx Photine 06/12/17 Sneaks up behind her beloved, planting a kiss on his neck. "Hello my sweet."
Idris Mowbry 04/16/17 -Comes hopping by in a bunny suit with an orange tabby cat sidekick in his basket-
-hands the man a basket full of Cadbury eggs, chocolates, plastic eggs full of goodies and a stuffed rabbit-
"Happy Easter!"
-Hops away to his next victim-
Nyx Photine 03/11/17 Spins around and embraces her beloved. "And I love you!" She plants a sweet kiss on his nose and grins.
LillyEmperium 02/15/17 Congrats on POD
Nyx Photine 02/14/17 Happy Valentines, beloved!
Nyx Photine 12/27/16 Smiling blissfully, Nyx reaches behind to grab Elessar's hands, wrapping his arms around her. "Hello to you, handsome."
Nyx Photine 12/24/16 Merry Christmas to you!
Nyx Photine 12/08/16 She turns around and grins at Elessar. "And I love you!" Nyx pulls him close.
Nyx Photine 11/22/16
Nyx Photine 11/01/16 "Hmm, nasty? How so?" To say her curiosity was piqued was an understatement. Speaking quickly, she adds, "It's not like I have any enemies, so I don't really know what I'd use nasty things for. But I'm still curious." She laughs lightly, looking at the seemingly innocuous tinctures that could have negative effects if used correctly.
Nyx Photine 10/30/16 "Ohhhh" Nyx breathed out, her face lit up with realization at his statement. "Poisonings! How sinister!" Looking up at him, her grin matched his own. "You know, I wonder if your tinctures could work with any of my own skills. Do you think they might? Or does the magic only work with you?" Looking at him, she tried to concentrate on the topic of conversation, but his grin was quite charming. It made her heart feel as though it skipped a beat.
Nyx Photine 10/28/16 Nyx raises a brow as she leans close, intrigued. "Oh? This sounds interesting. What other uses?" Her tone is low, like she is asking secrets.
Nyx Photine 10/27/16 Enjoying their time together as always, Nyx smiles at his response. "Do you find you have to use these tinctures often? What I mean you need them within the modern, daily life?"
Nyx Photine 10/27/16 "Calming them? Interesting, and very useful. The healing tincture-does it heal just external wounds or internal ones as well? Illnesses?" She looked on, fascinated.
Nyx Photine 10/26/16 Raising her brows, Nyx looks on with interest. "Oh? I didn't realize you are a healer. Always surprising me." She smiles sweetly and leans over to look at the tinctures. "What've you got here?"
Nyx Photine 10/25/16 She gasped and put a hand to her chest in faux-shock. "Me too! I'm spending my day with someone special also!" Laughing lightly, "I spent the earlier portion of my day running errands- walking Gigi, picking up herbs and other bits at the alchemist. Now I'm here with you- highlight of my day." She smiled genuinely, meaning every word.
Nyx Photine 10/24/16 Nyx smiled and nodded, leaning against the counter. "Noted. I won't hesitate on my next visit." Watching him pour the steaming, very fragrant tea, she looked up at him. "How are you today? Keeping busy or enjoying a relaxing day?"
Nyx Photine 10/22/16 Blushing lightly, she nods. "Please do. I'd pour you cups myself, but I don't want to rummage in your cupboards." She laughs lightly.
Nyx Photine 10/22/16 A small smile lifted her lips. With an nod, she replied, "Of course. I made them to share with you. I specifically concocted them as highy fragrant because of your tastebuds. If taste is an issue, perhaps the aroma would make up for it." Her tinctures could sometimes be an acquired taste. Usually they had the added benefit of some enchantment. But these were simply tea.
Nyx Photine 10/21/16 Beaming a grin and returning the hug, Nyx kissed him softly in greeting. Entering, she held up the bag and said, "I didn't bring orange juice again. This time, I brought some tea. These aren't just any teas, but special ones." Going into the kitchen, she puts the bag on the table and pulls out the thermoses. "These are teas that I made in my workshop, just for you. Fret not- I haven't bewitched them at all. Simply mixed some very fragrant herbs and spices so that you may enjoy their bold aroma, in lieu of tasting them." She smiled sweetly at him. Pointing at each of the thermoses in succession, she introduced her tinctures to Elessar. "The first one is made with black currant sage and juniper. It is the one that smells a bit woodsy and astringent. It's quite good, especially if you like gin. The second is made with jasmine, rose, and Bay laurel, which gives it a warming nutmeg scent and flavor. It should smell like warm flowers. I added milk to it for body, and because I like the taste. The last is a fun one- at least I think so. It is made with mint, lemon balm, and a little plant called 'buzz buttons'. It will smell minty, obviously. The buzz buttons should tingle in your mouth!" She smiled proudly.
Nyx Photine 10/21/16 Carrying a neoprene bag with a few thermos' of hot tea, Nyx blushed slightly as she knocked on Elessar's door. It was like she thought he wasn't properly hydrated or something, she thought wryly. Looking down at her strappy Jimmy Choo heels, she bit her lower lip and smiled. No, that wasn't it at all. She knew she simply wanted to dote on him. It was completely natural, given she was totally smitten with the Fallen Angel. Oi, she did have a type, didn't she? With a dreamy sigh, the witch leaned against the door jam as she waited for him to answer. She knew that he was different. This was different. It was real. Her smile widened, eager to see his sweet and handsome face.
Nyx Photine 10/16/16 Giving his hand a squeeze, she smiled gratefully at him. "Thank you. I make mistakes when I rush, and I don't want to make mistakes with us, with this."
Nyx Photine 10/15/16 Kissing him deeper too, she broke it abruptly, sucking in a breath. Giving him a wobbly smile, she puts a hand to his face, keeping hers close to his despite pausing the kiss. Speaking quietly, "I have a tendency to get caught up in whirlwind emotions. I'm hoping we can...maybe unfold slowly. Is that okay?" Unable to resist, she leaned in for another kiss, which she realize likely contradicted her own request.
Nyx Photine 10/15/16 Very much liking the sounds of it, as it was a departure on how she'd tripped through life thus far, Nyx closed her eyes as he kissed her. Leaning forward, she returned the kiss with feeling.
Nyx Photine 10/15/16 Her smile matching his, she squeezed his hand. "Unfold it ourselves...I like that. Yes, I think we should."
Nyx Photine 10/15/16 She returns his smile and gives a single nod. "Fate has a funny way of working her magic. I very much look forward to seeing the path that unfolds before us, Elessar."
Nyx Photine 10/15/16 Cheeks tinting pink from his words, she bit back a grin. "Well, since I have a particular interest in seeing you find comfort, perhaps I will be around more."
Nyx Photine 10/15/16 Smiling softly, she reached over and rubbed his arm in sympathy. "It is said time heals all. I do hope you find relief from that pain sooner than later."
Nyx Photine 10/15/16 Nodding in understanding, she listened. At his question, she tilted her head to the side. "I've never had a spouse. It hasn't been something that I've set out to get. I've been just fine without a spouse thus far." Looking down at her glass, she smiled softly. "I'm not opposed to having one, however. I just figured I'd let fate work its magic, so to speak." Looking at him, she continued, "You've had a spouse before, right? Was it just the one who has since passed?"
Nyx Photine 10/15/16 Leaning against a counter, she relaxed as she drank her juice and enjoyed the company. Thinking for a moment, she finally answered. "People have been kind. Although I do admit to keeping to myself mostly. Or when I do interact, it is with other members of our coven, who I just adore. How about you?"
Nyx Photine 10/14/16 With a warm smile, she gives a single nod. "I can toast to that." She clinked her glass with his lightly before bringing it to her lips for another sip.
Nyx Photine 10/14/16 Graciously taking the glass, she smiles. "Thank you." Taking a sip, the tangy juice makes the sides of her neck tingle in a good way. "Hmm. Tastes a little different, but not too much. I like it."
Nyx Photine 10/14/16 She gives a small shrug and smiles. "Whenever is fine. It doesn't need to be preserved for a special occasion. If you're craving some now, seems a good a time as any. Besides, if we drink it all, it gives me an excuse to bring more over." She bit her lower lip as she grinned.
Nyx Photine 10/14/16 "Fair point. It's always good to have a variety on hand- of which you do, I have no doubt." She slid her arm around his waist casually.
Nyx Photine 10/14/16 Blushing, she grins at his words. "You must be doing mighty fine then." Laughing lightly, her eyes twinkle. "Thank you for the kind words. Compliments are always especially sweet coming from a man as charming as yourself." Giving a look at the bottle, she asks, "Have you had blood orange juice before?"
Nyx Photine 10/14/16 Smiling widely at his greeting, she stepped inside, kissing his cheek sweetly in greeting. "You're most welcome for the juice. I saw it in a specialty store and just new you had to have it." Looking at him, her smile softened. "I trust you've been well?"
Nyx Photine 10/14/16 Approaching his door quietly, Nyx set a small glass bottle of Blood Orange juice on the steps by the door. The bottle had a small blue ribbon tied around the neck, a lovely contrast with the orangey-red hue of the juice. She wasn't sure if he'd ever had the juice of blood oranges. But given his love of the tart beverage, Nyx simply new he had to try it. Giving a knock on the door with her knuckles, she started to walk away. She figured if he were home, she'd say hello. If not, it'd be a delightful surprise when he returned.
Nyx Photine 10/09/16 ::You managed to break out Elessar.:: She grins at her charming friend sweetly. "It took me a while, but I finally got those chains loose."
Nyx Photine 09/30/16 Nodding again, she takes another sip, as though tasting it for the first time with this new piece of information. "I quite like it with just a hint of sweetness."
Nyx Photine 09/30/16 Listening to him recant the tale of how his 'addiction' to the orange stuff came to me, what started out as a small smile spread wide. Nodding as she listened, she finished what was in her glass. Noticing it was now empty, she held the glass out to Elessar. "And this juice specifically- is it a mixture of yours? Or just a standard single variety?"
Nyx Photine 09/28/16 "Well I do declare, it seems I've met an actual Orange Juice Aficionado." She smiled widely at him, then asked, "How did you come to learn so much about orange juice? Was it something you shared with the person you Fell for?" Taking another sip, she moved her tongue around, capturing the aroma and the taste. Very similar to wine tasting. "This one tastes sweet, but not overly so. Perhaps just the natural fruit sweetness."
Nyx Photine 09/27/16 Nodding, the understanding clicked at his comparison to a wine cellar. That level of collection and display sounded far more reasonable. "Kind of like making an orange juice ****tail, only with other orange juices instead of booze? Is there really that much variation between brands? More importantly, how did I not know of this vast world of orange juice?" Not one to normally consider herself sheltered, Nyx was starting to wonder if she possibly was!
Nyx Photine 09/26/16 Laughing lightly, Nyx imagines a home with shelves full of orange bottles, closets full, bottles tucked into every nook and crany. "That is something I might have to see for myself sometime." She narrows her eyes and asks teasingly, "Elessar, are you an orange juice hoarder? You can tell me, I won't judge." Her lips twitch in amusement.
Nyx Photine 09/25/16 Laughing lightly, she holds the glass up and swirls the liquid around, as though she were examining a fine wine. "Quite wise, Elessar. I should be sure to stock my own shelf with a bottle. I suppose time will tell if I too become addicted to its tart sweetness.'' Taking another sip, she nods. ''Yes, I suspect I will.''
Nyx Photine 09/25/16 Chuckling lightly, she nods and takes another sip. "Seriously, how have I never had this on its own? It's quite good! Do you...always have a bottle of it on hand?" Her voice was tinged with curiosity and disbelief.
Nyx Photine 09/24/16 Nyx smiles warmly. She looks down in her glass as she swirls the orange liquid around. Taking a moment to choose her words, she takes a sip. Not bad; she's never had it without vodka. Smacking her lips, she realizes she could get used to it straight. Tart, making the back of her neck tingle. Looking back to him, she smiles again. "I'm glad we're coven-mates. And even more glad we're now friends. I hope to be one of those who can help." She shakes her head softly. "Not that I have much experience in the realm of grieving, not at that level. I always took it to be a very human experience, Fallen Angel. Perhaps it was my own type of avoidance." She frowns as she looks in her glass. "Well, this juice is quite good, and gets me talking!" She chuckles, knowing it isn't the juice.
Nyx Photine 09/24/16 She accepts the glass, head still tilted as she listens. "It's been a while since I've mourned the passing of anyone. But I do remember it taking quite some time. And that wasn't even mourning the loss of someone nearly as important as she clearly was." Holding the glass out, she offers, "To lives remembered and cherished."
Nyx Photine 09/24/16 Nyx smiled, relieved he didn't find her inquiry intrusive. Her head tilted to the side at his next comment. Nodding slowly in understanding, she remarked, "To Fall for someone- they must have been quite special. I am sorry to hear of their passing."
Nyx Photine 09/23/16 She regarded him and his warm smile, trying to make heads or tails of what he was saying. Nyx didn't have the knack for sniffing out extra details on a person. Clearing her throat as she watched him pour, she asked in a mild voice, "You were once...but are no longer? Are you a fallen angel perhaps?" She wrinkled her nose and looked to the ceiling, then chuckled and shook her head. "Forgive me, it's hard to determine proper etiquette with matters such as that. If it's too personal, you don't have to answer!" Nyz returned his warm smile, hoping- if she had offended- she'd smooth it over.
Nyx Photine 09/22/16 Her smile faded to an expression of curiosity, peering at the bottle of orange liquid. Taking a step closer, her eyes remained transfixed on the bottle. "You were once an angel?" Her voice is a low murmur, as she is somewhat distracted by the contents of the bottle. "I think I would like to try some, please."
Nyx Photine 09/21/16 Continuing down the hall, Nyx made a point to greet another new addition to the coven. Having sleep-walked through the end of summer (typical end of summer Ennui...she'd shake it, no problem), she had neglected to say hello to new coven members! "Hello Elessar! Welcome to Requiem! I hope you like the coven so far. I apologize for such a late greeting...I've had my head in the clouds for the past few months it seems. Anyhow. Glad to have you...oh, and if you hear any barking, it's just my cat Gigi. She's harmless. Really."
Cassandra Carnivale 05/28/16  photo pizap.com14643709954581_zpsphyopfvj.jpg
Caitlyn Darrow 03/15/16 "That's good! Hmm how big of an office were you needing? Lune's old compound is still vacant as far as I know. "
Caitlyn Darrow 03/14/16 "Life is going. Noah's getting larger each passing day. How is life treating you?"
Caitlyn Darrow 03/13/16 Caitlyn took the orange juice with a broad grin. "I'm doing quite well, how are you? Er, sorry I don't have any tea to offer."
Caitlyn Darrow 02/22/16 Thank you!♥
Caitlyn Darrow 02/06/16 Caitlyn grinned and ran towards Elessar, "It's been too long old friend!"
MysticRose 04/23/15  photo funny45.jpg
Caitlyn Darrow 02/12/15 She turned toward the voice, and though her features were sunken they lifted at the sight of him and orange juice. Her hand reached up to take the glass, "Thanks Elessar. I'm here. Just letting each day pass, and what about you? I'm sorry I don't have any tea to give you. I could make some tea though."
Caitlyn Darrow 01/03/15 Thanks!
Caitlyn Darrow 06/03/14 Giggles left her lips, "You startled me! Let's get you some tea."
Caitlyn Darrow 12/24/13
Caitlyn Darrow 04/17/13 Elessar! Caitlyn called and rocked the infant in her arms while she wandered with the angel's scent locked in. Any minute she should stumble into him or so she hoped. She had decided to pay her angel a visit, and maybe talk with him over some orange juice accompanied with tea.
Caitlyn Darrow 04/01/13 Caitlyn spun around on her heels and pulled Elessar into a hug. "Elessar! I've been meanign to pay you a visit!" She held out her arm in front of her and gestured tot he sleeping baby a few feet from her. "This is Noah."
Caitlyn Darrow 02/23/13 Oh you do have some at your house??!?!?!. Let's go visit there! I am fine just waiting for the baby to come out. However, at the same time I'm not ready for a baby I have no idea what to do with it.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/17/13 Elessar!!!!Want some OJ??! I'm good. My sister is visiting.. so that's interesting. She hides my oranges.. but HA! I figured out a way to have a secret stash. How are you dear friend?
Caitlyn Darrow 12/24/12
Briahne Dancescu 08/10/12 GRATS on the POTD!!!!
cao cao 11/15/11 t On behalf of children, Welcome to He Fei....I mean the realm. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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