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01/19/18 at 2:04 pm
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Narcissism and self-deception are survival mechanisms without
which many of us might just jump off a bridge.
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Lloyd R Darrow
Black Beast

Caitlyn Darrow

Soul Darklander

Dovima Bastet

Camille Hammond
Master Slayer

Ella Donovan


Last five threads posted in:
Ella Donovan 01/19/18 ~Ella blinked and nodded to the other girlwith a grin.~
"Of course I know where the parties are, but they're in New Orleans. Drop any baggage you have and come over."
Lloyd R Darrow 01/18/18 Jane
Would you just give Caitlyn a chance?
She's lovely.

Don't make a crass retort.
Lloyd R Darrow 01/18/18 Jane
I already smell you in New Orleans, you cantankerous slag.
There may just be enough bars to handle two Darrows in the same place.

Don't tell Caitlyn, aye?
I don't need to explain my being here to her.
Lloyd R Darrow 01/18/18 Jane
Do you want to hit the bars and then harass the homeless community?
People never care when they turn up mauled and maimed.
Lloyd R Darrow 01/18/18 Jane
Stop harassing innocent people!
Derek Norse 01/18/18 Aw sh-t.
Lloyd R Darrow 01/17/18 "You left me here, Jane. When I finally admitted I needed you, you ran off to Barcelona." He grimaced, fists clenching and unclenching as he let them remain at his side. There was no mistaking the unbridled temper that flowed through both of them. Jane, having allowed the copious amount of drugs to dull her, was certainly further in control than her elder brother was. "I killed that little girl, and you.. You what, Janie? Couldn't handle that your big brother f*cked up and needed you for a change?" His eyes shut, scrunched as he sucked in deep, calming breaths. "It's too much in control, now. And I needed someone." Verdant eyes popped open to meet hers. "I needed you, Jane. I needed my sister."
Lloyd R Darrow 01/17/18 "Love matters to me because it's what keeps me from being like you and Freddie. Ruthless, insignificant monsters." He leaned in, a hand gripping her arm with enough force to cause discomfort - or bruise. "Play nice, or else. Don't play with fire, Janie.. You might just get burned."
He then released her arm, his throat clearing. "You can stay with the sanctuary, I don't care what you do. I'm smart enough to know there's no stopping a bulldozer.. But I'd better not hear you're harassing Caitlyn."
Lloyd R Darrow 01/17/18 "Freddie's not going to touch her. You're not going to touch her, either. Lest we forget what you did last time. She's my wife, Jane. No different from when you went and married that French cabana boy." It mattered little to Lloyd that Jean-Luc was as pure blood as the Darrow's, and that while Jane had perhaps loved him once when she was much younger, it was not without permission. "Love does matter to me. A great deal. And it did once to you, too."
Lloyd R Darrow 01/17/18 "Christ, Jane. No." He glowered, head shaking curtly from side to side. "She's pregnant." He let the declaration settle in the air, prepared for his sister to make more asinine comments regarding his wife. "Haven't told mother or father yet. Or Freddie, actually.. You know what I'd be in for." It was no secret what another Darrow in the world meant.
Elliot Weiss 01/17/18
"Forgive me if I respectfully decline."
Lloyd R Darrow 01/17/18 "No, never jealous of you." He paused, soaking in the fact that she was in front of him, alive and well. He wouldn't have been able to tell, of course, if she was in peril. The copious amount of amphetamines and opiates she used negated the connection they felt as a pack. It left him, often, feeling helpless. "I missed you." He let the three words linger, all the emotion he was capable of showing. "And you've missed so much. Caitlyn's..." He shook his head. "You missed a lot."
Lloyd R Darrow 01/17/18 A wicked grin splits his bearded face. "Janie." He offered a shrug, hands shoving themselves into his pockets casually. "It worked, didn't it? You're back." He let out a short huff, attempting frustration. "Where'd you go this time, mm?"
Lloyd R Darrow 01/13/18 Jane
If you don't come back soon I'm going to murder all of these people.
Lloyd R Darrow 10/03/17

Stop walking about in miniskirts in front of the boys. And me. No one wants to see that.
W_Kat 09/28/17 Congrats on PotD!
Lloyd R Darrow 09/27/17 Jane
Get your sh*t together. We're going hunting.
Lloyd R Darrow 09/22/17 Jane
Freddie is a fairy. He isn't going to do much damage.
You can stay if you give me the gun.
Lloyd R Darrow 09/21/17 Jane
Pack your bags.
Lloyd R Darrow 09/16/17 Janie
Did you hold a gun on my wife?
Lloyd R Darrow 09/15/17 "There's a difference from what I did to get away, and how you chose to do it." He replied with measured distaste. "You left your husband, abandoned your child, and for what, exactly?" He tilted his head, verdant eyes searching hers for the hint of a lie. She is so trained in fooling her elder brother, Lloyd is often at a loss when she runs off again.

"There are rules, Jane. You want to be around my family? My children? It can't be without standards." He took a step back, scrutinizing her appearance once again. "You will behave. You will be polite to Caitlyn, and you will stay away from our boys. Whatever nefarious things you get into, it had best not fall on my shoulders to fix. You know London puts me in a difficult position."

Jane, who had once been his sincerest of confidantes, knew of the circumstances surrounding his sudden department from public life, and the city they had once used as their youthful stomping grounds. And while she was often a contrary soul, he trusted she would never use it against him. "You can stay. You know that I would never turn away family."
Caitlyn Darrow 09/14/17 The blow hits her in the side of her head, but that only sent her further into a blind rage. Her fists swing to hit Jane in the face. The pain where the gun hits her feels like a pebble scuffed her scalp.

'Kill her. It will be easy. You're defending your children. Let me out. I'll eat her fvcking face.' The soothingly gruff voice whispers into her mind with a feral snarl.

The words Jane says seemingly don't hit anything other than the air around them. Lloyd. This is Lloyd's kin.

Either the beast relaxes at those words, or she finds a way to plead the beast aside. Caitlyn gives Jane a little bit of distance. Inches between the two.

The ginger pops her neck from one side to the other, and now she can feel the throbbing side of her skull. The voice that comes out is of the sister-in-law she knows, but huskier in volume.

"You have one shot. Then you better run."

Wolves love a chase. That makes the kill all the more pleasurable.
Camille Hammond 09/07/17 Welcome to the realm. Love the hair.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/07/17 At first her face lit up with pleasant glee. "Jane!" She exclaimed bubbly, but after the gun was lifted out that all changed. The feral part of her snapped the innocent Caitlyn's neck and possessed the body.

Just seeing the gun triggered it. The happiness drained from her being replaced with a hostile sneer. Without warning she rammed forward into her sister-in-law.

All along the small voice inside her pleaded for peace. Will the beast to go away. Just this once she could walk away, but her control was lost. Instead the monster inside her retorted, 'Snap her neck. End the threat.'

As she innerly begged for clemency, the monster inside her snapped her shoulder in and out of joint. Blue-green eyes void of humanity stared at Jane following a forewarning snarl.
Lloyd R Darrow 09/07/17 There was an disapproving on his face as he gave her a once over. "What did you expect? Did you want me to invite you inside?" He shook his head, his body language stand-offish as he circled around her, taking her current state in. "Are you high?" He marked an incredulous tone, in complete disbelief she would even consider showing up in such a state appropriate.

"Do you need money?" He stepped forward, hand reaching out to grasp her wrist, his other hand pulling her sleeve up. Apparently, he didn't find what he was looking for. "I haven't seen you since Christmas-time. Where the hell have you been?"
Lloyd R Darrow 09/07/17 Being back in London wasn't Lloyd's choice. However, the man was loyal, and to be with Caitlyn, location would always end up being inconsequential. However, Arcadia's territory meant a very simple fact: Lloyd Darrow was close to home. Putting an ocean between he and his kin was purposeful, intentional, and necessary. They represented a lifestyle he had long fought to escape. They are the totemic spirit of his inner-beast, and therefore, an inherent blame would forever be cast upon them. Even if the man did love them, he preferred it from a distance.

He hadn't told a single one of them he'd made a permanent move to London, but word traveled fast. Socialites had seen him about. And the leader of that pack of morons, was none other than his younger sister, Jane. The same sister he would come to find waiting for him out front of Arcadia's campus.

"Janie.. What are you doing here?"
Caitlyn Darrow 09/07/17 Jane
Do you have a spare pregnancy test?
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