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Born: October 14, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 7
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 385
Home City: Tokyo Mail Sent: 34
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11/13/18 at 9:50 pm
Current Mood: Artistic 
The roads gleam towards you
The oceans beckon towards you
A beauty beyond the lapping wave
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Eve is not seeking Sanctuary at this time.
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Last five threads posted in:
Lyria Montoya 11/04/18 Thank you kindly!
Seraphina Morning Star 10/22/18 Ahh..siblings! They have a certain disgusting but still love each other. Arches are proof. Then with that being said I think I can manage the report with Luci. As for the others Az will be a grump about it but might get over it. I think we will get along quant.
Seraphina Morning Star 10/22/18 She smiled "Well she does deserve a break. Having a family to take and tend to. I'm sure she misses them." Laughing watching the old man getting kicked in the crest by Eve would have been a sight for good laugh. "Can you answer me one question before we continue. Are any of Amen followers after me or my children?"
Seraphina Morning Star 10/22/18 Sera nearly spit out her tea as she mentioned Amen trying to commit the act with a female. "That would be wise. As far as the birdie party they well sure slow down. I have seen Lucian only once. He is well behave for sure. So let me see if I got this right you have witch but are an angel. You pretended to work or follow Amen but truly don't. You and Raph have been meeting. And she sent you to find me why?" Sera was following all she said. But wanted to make sure she was getting it rigbt.
Seraphina Morning Star 10/22/18 Sera was in full attention listening to the woman. "Well you have found her. Or better I found you. Raph never told me that she was sending anyone." Giving a laugh at the two she was talking about. "The one that you shot in the foot was Azazel. Lucifer well yeah." Sitting back in her chair sipping on her tea she glanced at Eve. "So why does everyone assume that you are doing Amens work? Granted taking out Luci was one of his life goals. But in truth he can be. But he just trying to concur some part of the Realm. Not dethrone father."
Seraphina Morning Star 10/22/18 Sitting trying to wrap her head on her words. She took to understanding that she herself was a witch and can sense the aura of others like the babies. But as she spoke of Amen Sera face flushed. "You speak of Amen as you know him. He tried to get to me and my children to no avail." Sera knew this cause he was sitting in a cage up under Gabriel's watchful eye. "Aye but did Amen tell you that my husband was granted grace once again? Or did he fail to do as such? Sera voice was still as soft and passive as always. She never thought to raise it or sound as though she was being mean.
Seraphina Morning Star 10/22/18 Eyes widen and the woman turned thinking she was going to yell at Sera for the kick but gained a look of surprise when she began to speak. Total confusion filled her face as she was able to tell what the babies were. Sera gave the woman a smile as she said they were sleeping again. "Thank you! It can be a war zone in there with them." The feeling of ease feel over her as the woman invited her to join her. Till her last comment fell into her ears. Telling the wiatstaff what she wanted sshe waited just a few moments as her order was given. Turning on her heels and walked over to the ladies table she took a seat. With the last comment still playing with her thoughts "what do you mean poor Lucifer?"
Seraphina Morning Star 10/22/18 It has been a while since the angel had been out of the watchful eyes of her husbands friends. Taking her time since her disappearing act and to handle her own business she would spend her day out in the city shopping. In doing such she would break for some food and a snack. Heading into a near by coffee shop she made her way to the counter. In front of her was a woman which Sera with her bag and a belly of twins accidentally bumped into. "Oh do excuse me seems to be a bit crowded in here."
Jaxson_Cross 10/20/18 Thank you.
Lucifer Morning Star 10/17/18 He turned the corned just as he hear the shrill shot fired. Brown orbs glanced back when they likely shouldn't have. Just in time to feel the fiery burn then pain activate. A hand goes straight to his left cheek as he screams out. "SON OF A Bytch." Eyes fall on the women. "What the hell women, that was my a$$
HingleMcCringleberry 10/17/18 Kick A$$ Profile
Marcus Cain 10/16/18 "Thank you."
Elessar 10/15/18 Thank you.
Asher Noble 10/15/18 The white haired male gave the woman a slightly nervous wave, "Hi, I'm Asher, welcome to the realm."
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