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Kai Tsuzuki
Killed: August 14, 2019 at 10:25 am EDT
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Briahne Christiann
Death Wolf

Beau Theroux


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Beau Theroux 08/02/19 "Not much," he replied cheerily. He shrugged his broad shoulders. "There's plenty reason to be. At a young age I started looking to the brighter side of things to help distract from the dark. Seems it carried over into adulthood."

A soft chuckle escaped the man. "Near death experiences make for exciting adventures."
-Skadedyr- 07/29/19 Skadedyr tilted his head curiously at the man's words. What ever could he be talking about? "Feeling... up? This one was looking for shiny. You have shiny?"
Beau Theroux 07/27/19 "Not good doesn't necessarily mean bad though, yeah?" The optimist in Beau had a way of turning even the dreariest of situations into ones of hope. Both had clearly seen their fair share of darkness in their times but maybe that wasn't so bad?

"I think it just spells out adventure. And I am always up for adventure."
Beau Theroux 07/18/19 "Nah, they never meant any harm. We lived off the bayou so stray critters were common." A frown threatened his features at the talk of a deceased animal companion. Beau had plenty of those but, given his abilities, he knew they were always around. Nature spirits didn't just appear. "I am sorry for your loss."

At the sign of laughter his features lit up once more, a bright smile lighting up his visage. Beau continued to follow. After his words there was a moment of silence. "I suppose we have that in common, then. Eyes focused on the concrete before him as they continued on. "Trouble seems to follow me."
Bishop 07/17/19 -clicks tongue-
"Doubtful, but good luck."
Jameson Orlav 07/17/19 Oi, I ain't got to money. The minions pick me clean daily. You wont find anything in there.

Kai Tsuzuki just failed at stealing money from you!
Beau Theroux 07/16/19 "I think so, but I have always had a connection with nature. I used to have stray pups follow me home when I was younger, and birds would sneak in through the hole in the attic. I'd wake up with a zoo on my bed." Beau glanced down at his pocket and gave a shrug. "I don't mind. I'm sure you have a clean mouth." Okay, that was awkward.

He cleared his throat loudly before continuing. "I am a brave man. I'm sure I can deal with whatever you dish out."His hands slid into the pockets of his jeans. "And I volunteer as taste tester."
Beau Theroux 07/16/19 The odd look was not lost on Beau. A soft chuckle escaped his lip. "I don't like litter. I have a weird thing with nature." A hand waved around as if to shoo away what he had just said."Anyways, what I meant was your side. You are giving me a workout and free baked goods. Why, I think this just might be a friendship I can get behind."
Beau Theroux 07/16/19 The man's eyes followed the cigarette as it's end was met by the bottom of the other male's shoe. Instinctively, he picked up the butt between his index finger and thumb, his gaze seeking out any nearby receptacle. Without one he opted to put it into his pocket for now.

Eyes grew wide at the man's proposal. "All my favorites? I'm tellin' ya now, you might have an issue making me leave once it's all done. Hopefully it doesn't effect my figure too much." A few pats were placed on his firm abdomen followed by a rumble of laughter.
Merida Campbell 07/10/19 You managed to break out Kai Tsuzuki..... Merida jingles the keys "Run free!"
Merida Campbell 07/10/19 You managed to break out Kai Tsuzuki...."Run!"
Beau Theroux 07/09/19 Excitement filled the large man's features. Free baked goods AND workout? This must have been his lucky day. Quickly he caught up to Kai maintaining his excitement with every step. "I'm more of a snickerdoodle kinda guy. Gingerbread reminds me of how the Christians *******ized Yule-tide into some celebration of a sandal wearing hobo who was born in Spring."

After realizing what he said a nervous laughter left him. He pushed the brown locks from his green hues as he spoke. "Sorry. I started to ramble."
Averly Amoret 07/09/19 A pleased smile pursed her pink pout as Averly squinted her eyes at the dangerous stranger. "Really?"

A sound escaped her that bordered on the line between a soft laugh and a purr as she said, "Well, if I ever find myself cornered in a dark alley I suppose I'd want my doom bringer to be beautiful."

Turning her back to the stranger despite him admitting to being dangerous, she threw a hand over her shoulder and wiggled her fingers in lieu farewell. She was rather looking forward to seeing what kind of dastardly deeds and wrong doings the newcomer might bring upon the Realm.
Geoffrey Drake 07/09/19 Welcome to the realm!
Averly Amoret 07/09/19 -sniffs at-
You smell weird.
You must be new.
Handsome too.
Is ye dangerous?
Beau Theroux 07/08/19 The male contemplates this but shrugs. "I can try but they tend to do as they please." Despite the man's attempts at being less than polite, Beau's demeanor did not waiver. Maybe it was simply how he communicated?

As the man walked away Beau called out. "If you need help, I have experience. Livin' in New Orleans we have had out fair share of wreckages. Especially in the ghetto." Hands dug into his own pockets while he waited for a reply. "I take payment in the form of baked goods. Got a bit of a sweet tooth."
Beau Theroux 07/08/19 Beau pushed his hair back from his face, the kindness never leaving his features. "Nah, I don't think I've ever had the pleasure. I just have a bit of a sixth sense for these kinda things." His hands made swirls in the air. "Spirits and whatnot like to whisper to me."

A tattooed hand was offered to the male with the brightest of smiles. "The name's Beau."
Beau Theroux 07/02/19 "Better late than never but welcome to the Realm. Or back. It's welcome back, isn't it?"
Ahmalie 06/23/19 "No just take the welcome and go." I spoke walking away from the guy.
LionaCaravaggio 06/23/19 Welcome!
Gavin McGrath 06/23/19 "Welcome t'the Realm!"
Ahmalie 06/23/19 Looking at the new comer i smile softly. "Welcome to the realm. I am Ahmalie."
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