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I found my life mate and we are very happy..So keep your drama at the door as we won't be listening to any BS
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 I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once

-Savannah-'s Biography
Name:Savannah Dubrinsky
Age: 23
Status: taken by Tenkai💘
Children: newborns Tenkai Jr💙
Raven💛 born on the 17/7/2020 at 9.18 pm
Place of birth: Carpathian Mountains
Siblings: Raoul, Goku and Julia
Niece: Midori
Mood: Hot and very Excitable
Gifts: Mistress of illusion, An Enchantress
Animals: White Wolf and owl
Hair: Brown wavy cascading in waves down my back to my slim
Eyes: Chocolate brown and heavily fringed with long lashes
Mouth: lush with perfect teeth and high classic cheekbones
Body: full breasts, molded my narrow rib cage, tucked in waist.
Showing glimpses of my shapely long legs.
My name is Savannah Dubrinsky. I am daughter to Mikhail and Raven Dubrinsky. I was raised knowing what my fate would be, even accepting it, a little. However, my mother was human before she was Carpathian. She raised me with human values. My life is mine, I can decide what I want to do with my life, and who my lifemate will be. I was sure that it wasn`t Gregori. On my eighteenth birthday, however, things changed. One kiss and it felt as if he`d stolen a piece of me. Scared, too young to understand all that was happening to me, I begged for more time.
Amazingly, as close as he was to turning, he let me have five years. I fled the Carpathian mountains, my home, for the new world. United States. For five years I held a magic show, touring the states, mesmerizing my audiances. Unfortunately, I also gained the attention of a secret society of human vampire hunters. They caught up to me in San Francisco, as did Gregori. I tried resisting him, but I could not deny the connection we had to each other.

That secret society is still out there, hunting vampires and Carpathians alike. Killing harmless humans as well. But I have every faith that Gregori and the other hunters will defeat them. Until then, I have Gregori, my lifemate, my love, along with my children who I love.

After recovering from her first death by the hands of brutal killers and being watched by someone she trusted and then got her revenge upon. She sat upon the cliff edge over looking the treetops of the Carpathian Mountains, Where I found piece and quiet from the watchful eye of my Brother Raoul and my father Mikhail. Little did I know, that day would be the start of a nightmare , a man obsessed with her took her captive and locked her in a steel room for the best part of Nine months, beating and raping her until she gave into his whims.
Returning home after a war on her home in the city, to heal deep within the earth. After a few months, Savannah heard a voice calling to her saying it was time to rise from someone who had came to her within dreams. Scared and confused she escaped and returned once more to the place called the realm. Where she bumped into her lifemate Tenkai and married in secret. Nine months down the line Sava gave birth to three healthy triplets in their home, naming them Tenkai Jr, Raven and Jasmine.

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NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
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Tenkai 08/13/20 Thank you my dear sweet girl.
Deirdriu Boudakyn 08/11/20 "Welcome to the coven."
EtaineNightBreed 08/11/20 Welcome to Carpe Noctem!
Midori Drake 08/11/20 "Welcome to Carpe Noctem!"
DylanJones 08/03/20 Kindly keep your hands out of my pockets or loose them. Dylan looked at the note shoved into his hands by a burly man with big hamlike hands. He crammed her curt note in his pocket. He withdraw small assortment of gift certificates and placed them in the man's hands. "Tell Milady Savannah she is most welcome to attack or steal from this most inept thief. I wish to keep my hands...I find them very useful in my various trades... Thank her most graciously and there is a gift card for you as well..." Dylan went on his merry way down the street.
Bastet 07/27/20 *Graciously accepting the bottle, the Angel closes her eyes and takes a whiff. Her eyes open a smile appears on her lips* That just might do it.
Bastet 07/27/20 I found Cancun to be okay for awhile. I needed to drink something stronger than a margarita.
Bastet 07/27/20 *She bowed her head in thanks* Thank you for the welcome. It has been quite some time.
Tenkai 07/23/20 "Well I dont make a big bottle, I make like half, just enough to hold them over until you wake up, and I haven't had to do that in I said, I only do it in dire emergencies, and I dont want to wake you." He said softly. Suddenly Jasmine let out a big burp for a baby, he snorted shaking his head.
Tenkai 07/23/20 He raised a brow to her comment and shook his head, "They aren't heavy, they are in perfect health." He sighed. He then walked over to the balcony, giving Jasmine a different scenery to look at.
Tenkai 07/23/20 "Well that's fine, I barely sleep at night anyway, and plus when they wake up, hungry thr middle of the normally, i feed them the starters new born formula, since you are sleep. Nothing new there miss trying to be evil." He chuckled.
Tenkai 07/23/20 "Well,, from time to time, it might be a good idea to give you a break." He snorted at her little joke. He then put a burping towel over his shoulder, then he burped her a bit.
Tenkai 07/23/20 He nodded, seeing her smile up at him, he chuckled, as he rocked her. "If it comes to a point where she wont eat for you, we can just give her the new born a bottle." He said gently. "You my dear princess are adorable." He said rubbing noses with her.
Tenkai 07/23/20 Tenkai quickly got up, knowing Savannah had to feed the other babies, so he walked over, he held his arms out for her, as she started to calm down. "Let me take her, so you can feed the other little ones."
Tenkai 07/22/20 He saw the images, he gave a smirk, then sighed, "Savannah, for heavens sakes, stop prying, it's supposed to be a surprise for a reason." He tsked.
Tenkai 07/22/20 He hoped his eyes hearing Savannah through the bond, "And I love you." He said softly
Tenkai 07/22/20 He appeared in the garden under his favorite tree, he dozed off for a bit. He was annoyed, because he was saving that for her birthday and honeymoon, he wanted to surprise her. He slept for a bit.
Tenkai 07/22/20 "I see." Was all he said. He appeared before her in the hallway, giving her a weird look, he then leaned down kissing her neck, as he backed her up against the wall. He then grabbed both of her hands locking her wrists above her head. He the reached his other hand to grab the wallet, he the kissed her temple and let go. He pulled the money out and handed it to her and disappeared, feeling a bit annoyed.
Tenkai 07/22/20 "Adorable, but hand it over." He snorted.
Tenkai 07/22/20 He could feel her taking his wallet, he tried not laugh, hearing her shushing the babies. he appeared next to her in the without making a sound, or any movement. "What are you doing." He whispered in her ear behind her.
Geoffrey Drake 07/21/20 "NO harm done, Milady." Geo pulled some papers from his back pocket. He placed them in Sava's hands. "Merely a few tracts of land around your home. So you can have the much needed privacy around your lands. I must be about my duties," Geo walked on and disappeared into a crowd.
Geoffrey Drake 07/20/20 -Savannah- just failed at stealing money from you! Geo felt a tug on a large bag of gifts meant for Savannah to celebrate the birth of her triplets. The bag was wrenched from his grasp. The gifts lay on the ground. Gift certificates to Venus Day Spa, Gucci Baby Shoppe and the prized onesies he had specially made for the little ones. He whizzed around to face the thief. His midnight blue eyes went black as he grinned showing a bit of fang. He stopped instantly when he realized it was Savannah. "Milady, how the price of diapers gone up sao high that you must target your own babies's gifts?"
Midori Drake 07/20/20 Middy had always the treasured the orchids that her father goku had given her mother. Midori had raised these orchids from the original orchids. Middy had tended the gardens where the orchids grew profusely. She sent back a thank you gift to Sava. ~You would have birthed your babes with Tenkai alone. I merely rendered a little assistance.~ Middy only wanted to stay in the background and had no desire to be thanked or noticed by anyone. She smiled as she sent her gift off with a messenger.
Tenkai 07/19/20 He laughed at the image, "ah so that's why Lydia was acting pale. You are funny, and naughty." He kissed her forehead.
Tenkai 07/19/20 He blinked in confusion, he honestly hadn't noticed the waitress, "Uhm..I don't know I didn't notice." He said, shaking his head. He raised an eyebrow noticing jealousy really showing through, "You, My Sweet Girl, are so adorable when you are jealous." He said softly.
Tenkai 07/19/20 He wrinkled his nose, "I don't know how they are in their private life but they are our clients, and apart of the supernatural world, so as a leader I have to help out, I don't exactly go hiding useless sides that is all in our clientele's file, not in my home phone." He sighed at her jealousy.
Tenkai 07/19/20 "Oh I will help her but, I will be making it clear that I have laws and regulations as well..also come with me next time when I have to meet up with her, she wasn't exactly flirting but...its kinda weird when a female gets mind fucked and turns into a drooling airhead." He said softly, shaking his head at the memory.
Tenkai 07/19/20 He shook his head, "You remember when the police and all the low enforcements gave me issues with taking cases that was not "human"? Well, finally broke down and came to me for help." He said feeling annoyed. "And apparently she has more cases that are apart of our world..and if she doesnt get them solved and closed...she will lose her job." He said softly as he shook his head.
Tenkai 07/19/20 He put his cool hands over her warm ones and moved her around to the front of him, he pulled her into his arms, "Hey, My Love."
Tenkai 07/18/20 "Still want to play innocent? Hmm, we shall see next time the guards are drooling over you went you walk to my office or to my other room, what were you wearing? oh right really short shorts and a flimsy half shirt." He whispered against her ear.
Tenkai 07/18/20 He laughed shaking her head, "go ahead, most of those maids are the girls who bullied me when I was younger, I allowed them to become maid for revenge." He licked his lips and appeared behind her. "Dont pretend i dont see those Male bodyguards staring wishing you would have their babies." He growled slowly and licked her ear.
Tenkai 07/18/20 He chuckled at her brow, "as long as you keep looking and drooling over me forever,,then I will gladly continue to you be a tease devil god." He winked as he set Jr down in the cradle next to his sister.
Tenkai 07/18/20 He laughed, as he set jr down in his little bouncer, he took off his shirt, showing his newest marking, and his muscles. He then grabbed another Simi loosely shirt and put it on. He then walked back k to the fussy Tenkai jr, and picked him. He gave him his pacifier and rocked him gently.
Tenkai 07/18/20 He chuckled as he took Jr and went to change him, "hey you, are you happy you are getting time with daddy" he said teasing Jr. Jr smiled, as he started to change him, it was a bit bad, he quick led cleaned it up, and took the diaper and threw it. He then put jr in a new diaper. Tenkai picked up Jr and put his him to his shoulder and burped him a bit.
Tenkai 07/18/20 "Well, I can't wait to give you more." He spoke softly. He then rocked her, seeing her settle down a little, he hummed her a small little tune that he made up. He noticed her eyes were getting tired. He then rocked her until she was fast asleep, he set her in the cradle. "So adorable." He whispered.
Tenkai 07/18/20 "Yes, just like my wife and other two babies." He said softly as he finished and threw the diaper away. He then picked up jasmine as she cooed for him, he chuckled as he leaned in and rubbed noses with her, she then cooed again.
Tenkai 07/18/20 "Alright, after I change her diaper I will heal you." He said gently. He then stood and walked over to Jasmine and picked her up, she cooed he smiled, he then rubbed noses with her, she cheered a bit. He then took her to the changing table and changed her diaper. "My my jazzy you need some air freshener." He said as she cooed again.
Tenkai 07/18/20 He snorted at her comment, he then cleared his throat , "Do you want me to relieve your pain and heal you? Or do you want to do that naturally?" He spoke softly.
Tenkai 07/18/20 "Savannah, how do you feel sweet girl?" He asked softly. He wasn't much for talking but for her he wanted to know everything, so it was necessary to talk.
Tenkai 07/18/20 He heard her singing to the little ones, he looked up from his desk work and smiled. Hearing her voice, made him feel happy, leaned back in his chair, folding his arms.
Raoul Silverblade 07/18/20 Brings as uncle the newborns some cute stuffed animals
LillyEmperium 07/17/20 On my way...let her know I'll be there
LillyEmperium 07/17/20 The boss passed out....*Lilly started laughing* well that don't surprise me..where is she at
LillyEmperium 07/17/20 *opens the door* Rhage .... Is everything ok
Midori Drake 07/17/20 Middy handed the bag to Rhage. The small bag looked even smaller in his large hands. "I am here at assist your queen." Middy followed him to Savas house.
Raoul Silverblade 07/17/20 "Oh I belief you and will soon be there to watch it for myself." He said laughing
Raoul Silverblade 07/17/20 "Got it, I will be on the husband sitting part of the deal." Raoul said laughing back at her
Raoul Silverblade 07/17/20 "I thought Middy would help you with the delivery? She at least knows what she must do. But I am on my way."
Midori Drake 07/17/20 A large burly man delivered a message to her home. She looked at the message and nodded to the man called Rhage. "I will come with you. I have been awaiting her call." Middy picked a small handstitched bag with a few items inside it. The arrival of Sava's babes was going to happen.
Raoul Silverblade 07/17/20 "Hello?" Was Raoul who had been woken up by the call manages to bring out still sounding more asleep then anything else
Tenkai 07/16/20 "Alright, let's get you back in the bedroom..let's now have them out here." He said softly. He then gently picking her, he didnt want her to fall trying to walk in pain. He would be here and he didnt want her to endure it all by herself.
Tenkai 07/16/20 He jumped hearing Savannah scream, he didnt give it thought, he just disappeared from where he was at, dropping everything he was doing, and appeared at the balcony next to her. "What is the matter?"
Tenkai 07/16/20 He pulled her around and kissed her hands, as he pulled her into his lap. "Arent you supposed to be resting?"
Geoffrey Drake 07/15/20 "Dont worry fellas. There's an order waiting for you in the shop and plenty of drinks for you guys. Enjoy with my compliements. Fella, give the lady a little space when she needs it. There's a standing order for you courtesy of me." Geo nodded at Milady Savannah. "Good luck Milady and these guys will behave themselves for now." Geo walked off and disappeared into the crowd.
LillyEmperium 07/15/20 *Basket of extremely soft bears appear with a note attached* if you whisper soft soft they will dance before cuddling up to you. Lilly
Geoffrey Drake 07/14/20 She looked back and chuckles softly "Thank you kindly for putting a stop to those lazy brutes" placing her hand upon her stomach as she stepped into the bakery. The soft fragrance of fresh baked bread and other types of goodies made her stomach growl. "Uhmmm I must get the phone number for this place." Sava walked up to the counter and placed her order in for banana cake of all types. Along with a few types of bread and an iced cold drink. Geo waited until Sava had completed her order and he placed an order for a double amounts. He slipped out his credit card to pay for the orders and Sava's cold drink. "Something to sweeten those so called bodyguard's tempers." He carried the boxes out as the owner of the shop opened the door. "I believe your bodyguards are waiting for you. Give them my compliments and a warning from me. IF they so much as blame those slashed tires on you. They will get a royal thrashing from me. They won't care to meet me in the dark." Geo handed off the boxes to the guards with a devious but deadly smile to the guard who glanced him up and down. "Don't even think of it." Geo smiled again showing a glint of a fang.
Geoffrey Drake 07/14/20 "There is a small bakery/cafe that serves excellent banana bread. Six kinds actually. Cream cheese filled, Dark chocolate and raspberry and four other types. They also deliver as well. Excellent cold drink as well." Geo looked at the SUV following them. A small knife appeared and four tires were immediately slashed expertly. "That should render them with time to think of contacting AAA for new tires. Geo stepped aside as he opened the door to Banana Cabana Bakery/Cafe. "Let's get your order in quickly and a cool drink for you."
Geoffrey Drake 07/14/20 An angry look was seen on Geo's face as he looked at the woman. His anger burned coldly in his veins. "Those incompetents need a good lesson, Milady. That I will leave to your mate. I will escort you to your home." Geo was rarely around other Carpathians and he had no clan. His family was his clan and that was enough for him. "Does Milady Savannah Dubrinsky require anything before she returns home? "
LillyEmperium 07/13/20 *looks down and chuckles* they're on right. You ain't got long left
Geoffrey Drake 07/13/20 -Savannah- just failed at stealing money from you! Geo felt a bump from him as a hand dipped into his back pocket. He turned around grasping her hand very gently. He noticed her swollen stomach. He arched an eyebrow and spoke very gently to the woman. "If you have cash, blood money or any other assistance I would render it immediately. My name is Geoffrey Soren Drake. You should be at home resting. Where is your lifemate? He seems to be very remiss in his duties."
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "Yes and that is the sad truth nut don't think about it the less worry the better for you so just relax and have a great afternoon together." He said with a soft smile
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 He laughs "Banana-cake. Sure we have that for you, you sure got some stranger cravings there sis. Ah yes Goku is greatly missed, he is missing out a lot. Not just your pregnancy but as well his own daughters returning." He hands her her Banana-cake
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "She has ah wonderful of her. I am glad she is watching out over you." He said to her serving her tea and refreshments so she would have a wonderful afternoon without stress
LillyEmperium 07/13/20 Hey are you doing
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "No worries any fat ass jokes will remain between us." Raoul said to her laughing "And don't worry I will meet him but that is now the least of your worry. You are lucky our cousin Middy is back as she can help you with the delivery, she has trained within the temple for matters like this."
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "Ah yes now you running away from anyone is a mission impossible but just a few more weeks then you should be a mother once again. Your husband better be around you then as nothing is as important then being there when your children are born." Raoul said helping her inside so they could drink some tea and eat some snacks
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "Oh yes the amount of time I have been the one to lure the guards away just so you could escape your room are to numerous to count. But park your car and come in so you can at least for a moment escape your watch dogs." He said jokingly about the man watching and guarding Sava
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "I still would if he send them after me to babysit me." He said laughing "You know I don't like being followed or watched over."
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 He laughs "Ah so you are under close watch then. Well can't blame your husband to want you and your little ones safe. HE should just not leave it up to his minions" He said laughing
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 Hearing a familiar car horn I come out to investigate seeing my sister makes me smile and walk over to the car "Hey sis, what are you doing here? Thought you would be to busy getting the baby room in order."
Tenkai 07/11/20 He picked her up gently, taking her to their room, "bed or the couch? It's up to you sweet girl." He said as he kissed her temple.
Tenkai 07/11/20 "Alright good, then it's a deal." He said kissing her chin.
Tenkai 07/11/20 "Sounds like a reasonable request, I will try not leave ..but you Alexander is a pain in the ass..but how about this, I will keep in contact with you for how ever long I am if you are pregnant..and when you aren't..I will take you with's that?" He asked softly
Tenkai 07/11/20 "Well I cant be that boring if I keep you entertained." He teased, chuckling.
Tenkai 07/11/20 "Well you will always get your waistline back, because we are immortal, so you dont have to worry about that." He chuckled back. He kissed her lips feeling a happy that he was having kids, and it was with her, he growled feeling her bite his lip. "My Dear, save that for behind our chamber closed doors." He teased, kissing her cheek.
Tenkai 07/11/20 He gave a smile, he felt three little heart beats through his hand, he never felt so excited as he did right now. "Didnt I tell you with me, it's never one at a time? Because I never I pick them all." He said as he kissed her cheek.
Tenkai 07/11/20 He sighed as he put his hand over hand, he opened his eyes and looked at her instantly, he could tell something was up. "Yeah, true enough, otherwise I would be trying not to devour my woman in my chambers from time to time." He teased.
Tenkai 07/11/20 "Well you could have tracked me down?..pfft I have no clue...I didnt think that far..besides I did say I'm sorry..I was just so excited that I'm a father....ahem anyway I'm still not making sense..mmm besides I missed you more than as anything in the world. I'm just glad you two are safe." He said, feeling a bit exhausted.
Tenkai 07/11/20 He thought maybe she had the baby already, he rubbed his forehead and appeared before her stopping her, "Okay okay, I thought maybe you had the baby already and were with another..its my fault I am not good with a sense of time around me." He said as he moved her hair out of her face.
Tenkai 07/11/20 "Mmm..yeah he is always messing around too much." He said lightly. Then suddenly he had to back track, "Do tell me that you mean you are pregnant again." He gave a chuckle, as he kissed her lips
Tenkai 07/11/20 "I'm sorry I was gone so long, I just had some business to take care of, so you two are safe." He said against her lips with each kiss.
Tenkai 07/11/20 He walked in taking off his hood and walked up to her, kissed her lips, "it is good to be home sweet girl."
LillyEmperium 07/11/20 Oh boy....been there... cravings are nuts
LillyEmperium 07/11/20 Laughing she smiled* takes lil practice... we'll get you back in practice
LillyEmperium 07/11/20 *laughing Lilly walked in* Baking....what are we baking
LillyEmperium 07/11/20 *Lilly appeared outside her friends home* oh Sava...where are you
Midori Drake 07/10/20 Midori placed three baby bracelets in a small basket with some herbal teas to promote the health of the mother and her babies. Middy herself by celibate by choice and her arms would hold a child of her own. She smiled secretly she wondered if Sava knew her twins were protecting a third one. She would not say a word to the woman. It was not her place to do. She was very content with the vows she had taken at the temple before she left to find her father. IF she could not find him or contact him again. She would leave the realm and retire to a quiet life of prayer, meditation and teaching the young ones. A note attached to a small woven basket read for you and your babies. These are for their protection and well being.
LillyEmperium 07/06/20 They'll be spoiled
LillyEmperium 07/06/20 I just don't want you going it alone hun
LillyEmperium 07/06/20 Mark my words....he better return.*hugging her she smiled*
LillyEmperium 07/06/20 Ah.... well his arse better return soon..or I may have to hurt him. You know your not alone, call me, I'll be there be there to help you
LillyEmperium 07/06/20 *looking to her she smiled* hopefully they ease up seem lil confussed...rub your side, talk to them
LillyEmperium 07/06/20 *raising a brow she looked* pair? *Gently Lilly rubbed her friends side as she whispered* Shhh acum iubește ..... nu poți să-ți faci rău mamei tale ...(shhh now can't be hurting your mother...)
LillyEmperium 07/06/20 *feeling something was off, Lilly went to find her friend. Appearing near her she spoke gently* it's ok Sava... sometimes they like to show their strength
Julia Silverblade 06/13/20 "Oh he is very pleased. It was the first thing I did was find him."
Julia Silverblade 06/12/20 She smiled "Yes it is me"
LillyEmperium 05/14/20 That don't mean I can't start getting some of it together dear.
LillyEmperium 05/12/20 *laughs* can't say I don't care ...oooohh I will have to go buy bunch things for the baby
LillyEmperium 05/12/20 He best never hurt you....I'll remove his entrails....* Hugging her, Lilly smiled* congrats
LillyEmperium 05/12/20 *blinking Lilly looked to her friend* morning... *Appearing beside her Lilly placed her hand on her friends stomach* you two moved fast....
LillyEmperium 05/12/20 *walking out Lilly saw her* hey Sava....ya ok hun
Tenkai 05/11/20 "Mhm, besides as old as we are, we should show off our prowess and people that can defeat any enemy and and become important people to others hmm?" He said as he let the background music play softly in the background.
Tenkai 05/11/20 "Yes..why shouldn't I?..besides it would be good for you to get stronger and get some actual fighting experience..we have enemies might as well get some honed skills while you are at it." He said as he slowly rocked her a bit.
Tenkai 05/11/20 He chuckled as he appeared behind her, letting her have his apple. He wrapped his arms around her, oh how he had missed her. "A if I would let you get away..besides, I will take you with me next does that sound My Little Empress?" He stated as he kissed her cheek.
Tenkai 05/11/20 Tenkai felt a somewhat familiar presence watching him, he raised a brow. But instead of giving a heads up. He just let the moon shine down on him. He then reached up and picked an apple from the tree.
Tenkai 05/11/20 Thank you My Sweet Empress.
Tenkai 05/05/20 "Alright, well since she means alot to you, then I will meet her." He said giving her a smile.
Tenkai 05/05/20 "Maybe when a certain someone stops running off everywhere and stays put then I wouldn't have much work to do." He teased.
Tenkai 05/04/20 "I have been around in the shadows, I have just been in hiding working." He said against her lips.
Tenkai 04/27/20 "I promise Savannah I won't leave you..My sweet Girl." He said as he spun her out and let the moonlight reflect down on her. He took a deep breath, steadying himself, she was his whole world and he wanted to take it slowly.
LillyEmperium 04/26/20 Just some dumb bs my friend
Tenkai 04/25/20 "Yes those are the words I kept saying to you all those years ago." He whispered in her ear as he felt her hand lay against his chest. He then heard a fast song come on, he then guided her into the dance, like it was natural for him. Easy as breathing.
Tenkai 04/25/20 "Oh my sweet I would love to dance with you letting our lips touch once more..but if only you would remember." He repeated the words to her th as t he had spoken to her all those years ago. "What do you think." He whispered into her ear as s he pulled back and spun. Letting her spin into her as he caught her just right.
Tenkai 04/25/20 "Hmm, let's see, here and there, in the shadows, you know how it goes..just waiting." He whisepred. He then raised a hand as he made a speaker system appear with a soft song playing. He spun her again, and let them sway to the best again. "You look beautiful tonight." He spoke softly
Tenkai 04/25/20 "In glad you like it..there is more..I hadn't been to this garden in so long..if you go around you can see everything is lit up by the moon light and actual and small moonlight lamps..its one of my hiding spots." He spoke softly. He then kissed the back of heard, before her head leaned against his chest. He then pulled her gently, as he spun her around just as music came on. "Dance with me sweet girl." He spoke softly.
Tenkai 04/25/20 Seeing breathtakingly beautiful in the moonlight, even with her scars, his breath hitched on the back of his throat. He then appeared behind her, as he let the flower appear of his hand and in front of her. "For you my Dearest sweet girl." He whispered, it as his words sounded like lyrics to a love song.
Tenkai 04/25/20 He chuckled into the night as he followed her out into the woods chasing her. It reminded him of a dream he had, as he saw the moonlight light up the white flowers as they glowed in the moonlight. He could hear her laughing, he could slightly see her. Seeing her hair move like flowing water, her eyes dazzled him in such away. He saw a white rose and plucked it from his roots.
Tenkai 04/25/20 "You are definitely coming with me..otherwise I will stay here and let myself get caught again." He winked thinking of a vampire version of bonnie and clyde.
LillyEmperium 04/24/20 *laughing Lilly nodded* I know what you mean
Tenkai 04/23/20 He just shook his head at it basically never mind at that, his eyes went back to normal, as he put his hands up to her cheek. He let his now moonlight silver eyes watch her every reaction.
Tenkai 04/23/20 He stopped, widening his eyes as he turned to look at her, she actually recognized him? He then nodded, as he turned to face her. "Are you sure this is what you want?" He asked, as he stood there directly in front of her.
Tenkai 04/23/20 "For your protection." He said softly. He then put a finger to her right temple and slowly unlocked her memories of him. Since the seal was off, he left her a secret thought, telling her to come find him when she wanted. But for now he would give her time to sort through everything. He then started to leave, after he kissed her forehead.
Tenkai 04/23/20 "Do you want them back?" He asked her sincerely and gently. He stepped out from the shadows, she w as correct, but he had almost forgotten about taken her memory. He sighed, he had more like locked those memories away. As he slowly walked out of the shadows, he gave a small smile.
Tenkai 04/23/20 He felt something weird through the mental bond, he set the pen down as he quickly finished, he then used his powers over the shadows, using them, as he disappeared, and appeared in the shadows of her room. There he saw her, on her balcony, he sighed as he revealed himself slightly from the shadows. "Its not that I dont remember you, it's more like you dont remember what i look like." He spoke his thoughts allowed.
Tenkai 04/23/20 After having opened his presents and such, he had been there for an hour, watching everyone else party and such, he was bored. He then had one of the people there deliver his presents to his home. As that was being taken care of he left, he felt bad for how he responded to Savannah, without saying good bye, he disappeared out into the night. He then walked around again looking for her. He could smell her anger, he sighed. He really should have explained how he was still alive. Or how he lived through all that, yeah he owed her an explaination. He then saw her manor, there was a light one, he disappeared, and appeared 9nto her second floor balcony. He did so quietly. He saw the doors were cracked open, he quietly entered. The room looked to be empty, it looked nice, but it looked like no one had been in there he had been here all those years ago. As he looked around, he saw everything exactly as it had been. He walked over to his desk and saw his writing and his diaries. He shook his head. He looked over at the bed and almost wanted to chuckle a bit. He sat down st the desk and quietly wrote something it in it.
LillyEmperium 04/23/20 Oh hush..... your not much younger
LillyEmperium 04/23/20 *hugging her friend, she chuckled* not that old yetb
Tenkai 04/23/20 He watched her mildly amused, but kinda annoyed, the fact that she didn't recognize him was hilarious, even though she could feel him, one would think that it would be obvious because of that. "I didn't come for you, I came because it's my birthday, and the house behind you is holding a party for me apparently..although I told selina I dont like celebrating it..." he said, his voice flat and cold. He then went to turn, but Selina came out from behind Savannah, "Hey you...I almost didn't recognize changed so changed your appearance again didn't babe." She said, only she called him that stupid name. "Pftt..yeah..I'm going home, I hate being here." He said as selina hugged him and kissed each side of his cheek. "No you promised you would stay for five minutes." She said, he groaned and followed as she pulled. "See you around I guesss... Mrs. Savannah." He said coldly but respectfully.
Tenkai 04/23/20 "Pfft, that was an accident, besides if anything you seem to be following me, you just want me to follow you." He leaned towards her ear as he whispered.
Tenkai 04/23/20 "Following you?..I was put for a nightly walk and I happened to see you is all." Speaking in a soft tone
Tenkai 04/23/20 He appeared from the shadows, he wore a hooded duster, the moon shining brightly, as he jumped from the highest building, crouching down as he landed. He then stood up and and nodded to her acknowledging her presence.
LillyEmperium 04/21/20 *hugging her tightly* welcome back Sava
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