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you're like an .A N G E L.
but with .B R O K E N. wings
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Giovanni DiGiorgio

Conner Kent

Dead Girl

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Realm2018 Summer Bloodies Results
Created by Cersei Lannister
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/21/18 After lost in thought, he soon heard words of confusion and then in the mix of emotions he felt. He would soon feel something else. A ball of hatred and fury flung itself between his temple as his head moved to the side from the force of the punch.

"Gah... What the hell...?"

He rubbed his temple as he looked back at the woman he was just fantasizing about could she read his mind, why did she ball up and hit him as if he was doing something wrong. Before she petted him like a pet now he was get thwarted like one.

Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/21/18 Hearing her words, he laughs at her statement. As L.A is where he was currently living, funny how the world has that twist of fate moment.

"I just bought a Penthouse in L.A, funny...?"

As she twirled her hair, he bit the corner of his left lip. He envisioned himself all over her somehow. Why was he feeling the need to keep conversation with this woman. Most women didn't really call to him in such ways.
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/21/18 Hearing her soft words touch his ears, melted him inside. So welcoming and homely.

"Sicily, I claim Sicily... Although it's been ages since I've been back."

Taking in the moment, he wondered what brought her to him in the first place. He gathered that she was just a welcoming person, and maybe his brawn appearance helped. But why drove her to him.

"What about yourself? Where you from?"
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/21/18 It wasn't that he didn't enjoy a womans touch, he actually hadn't the touch of a woman in quite some time.

Hearing her words he smiled, he had longed for her name since the moment he laid eyes on her. She was mystical and beautiful. He cleared this throat and closed his eyes. As his name rolled off his tongue.

"Giovanni.... And yours?"

He opened his eyes after he got the rest out something about her froze him in place like he had nowhere else in the world to be. Maybe it was an innocence about her, even though she seemed very open about her self and accepting of who she was. But something was missing.

Remus 07/21/18 -knits brows-
Landing on Jupiter?! How did they manage that? Is there footage of this?
-excitable about prospect-
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Hearing her words it made that damn smirk reappear, this time is brewed up a dimple from the far edge of his face. One that was not visible from before.


He said with a chuckle to finish. Hearing her remarks he couldn't help but feel like a cute pet in a shop window. Like a child asking a mother for permission to buy him. If compared to a dog, he'd see himself more a dire wolf than a mere pup.

"I'd rather just converse in conversation, maybe a drink or a bite to eat." "Never been quite the petting type, wasn't sure that was a thing?" "Must be a western thing."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Hearing her words, he saw the shattered past that may have once or still haunted her, he kept that to himself though. He took to her chin to give her a small boost.

"You shouldn't give up hope on this world, because then you wouldn't know when something great was right in front of you."

Hearing her last few muttered words leave her lips, the hungry male thought to himself 'damn' but the gentleman in front of her eyes ignored the urge.

"Yes, my shirt a whole twenty dollars worth, very cute... and umm....I'm sorry 'Hot' was it?"
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 He made a poor attempt of a laugh, timely loud one would say, slightly embarrassed at his bolstering voice. He tipped his head as to reset himself.

"I see compliments are hard to take in short..?" Or perhaps they came to often to her, either way he felt no different at the look of her, Hearing her questioning words he would enlighten her with assuring words.

"Don't all 'trails', end somewhere one way or another..?"

As she grabbed at his white V-Neck shirt he watched her eyes peer down and then back at him, he raised his chin up abit, along with his heartbeat, his chest throbbed softly.

He took up her wrist with his index finger and thumb as he broke her hold and lowered her grasp on his shirt, her hand making a few hard bumps on the way down.

"Rest assure, they do end.."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Hearing her words, her tone of voice made him intrigued, his head rose in awe, he gave his quaint smirk, and spoke boldly.

"Sounds like my 20's..." "By the looks of you I'd say the gods have blessed you, if I'd say so myself your an angel." Admiring her small frame, Petite was the size he liked on his plate unless it was food, his eyes sparked a gleam of interest his mascara that daunted his eyes that went great with his sun kissed skin. His eyes followed hers as she made the comment.

"Aye, but I'd imagine they end somewhere..."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Takes a moment to process the question at the sound of muscle he looks at his shoulder and down his arm, his tribal like tattoos that covered his skin like ink to paper.

The kiss of the sun toned his skin to perfection he did have a mythological appeal to himself.

"Hmmm, haven't got that far I suppose." "You?"
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Greetings.
Abram Gusto 07/20/18 Thanks.
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "Nice people have agendas, in my experience."
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "We always push our luck in one way or another."
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "Because women are always up to something. Best not push your luck."
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "What's in it for me?"
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "I can't go giving away my plans, now."
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "I don't plan on it."
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "Thank you."
Audra Wolfden 07/20/18 Thanks!
Malcolm Masters 07/19/18 +laughs+
Well, thats some survival instinct youve got there.
Has no one ever mentioned the words stranger danger to ye?
Malcolm Masters 07/19/18 +squints at+
Do you stop to speak to every shady character you meet on the street, lass?
Amber Quinn 07/19/18 Amber smiles a little at her greeter. "Thank you, happy to be back."
Jameson Orlav 07/19/18 *pats his pocket*
It's right there for the taking. I'll even leave a few extra bills for you.. Assuming you're good enough.
*waggles brows*
Jameson Orlav 07/19/18 *titters*
No. I wouldn't count on that.
Jameson Orlav 07/19/18 *tuts*
If I asked permission, my sleight of hand wouldn't improve, would it?
Evil Emerson 07/19/18 "Let the games begin.."
Evil Emerson 07/18/18 "Thanks! Good to be back."
Remus 07/17/18 *nods*
Im just a kid lost in the future. No big deal.
Is the moon landing still a big deal? I saw that on the tele.
Remus 07/16/18 HEY. Im not that old. Im young!
*bites bottom lip*
Listen. There are expectations and Star Wars was released. Where are the space ships??
Remus 07/16/18 *clears throat*
Th-thank you kindly. Nineteenth Seventy Nine to be exact.
...Where are all the flying cars?
Remus 07/16/18 *chokes on saliva*
Did you say Twenty??!
Oh dear... the Nineteenth.
Remus 07/16/18 *scratches chin*
*looks side to side*
Groovy. What year is it?
Remus 07/16/18 Thanks... dear.
*knits brows*
Where am I?
Weston Norse 07/15/18 His eyes followed the woman as she took the seat across from him, a hint of an amused smile on his lips. They might. Leaning forward, he picked up his coffee once more. I think Ive earned a pass, though. When you work sixty-five hours a week average, you figure out how to loosen up real quick.
Weston Norse 07/15/18 Wes looked up from his coffee as the comment reached his ears, an expression of mild surprise lifting his dark brows. A blond woman stood nearby, eyes upon him. Clearly, the remark was meant for him. She wasn't wrong. He probably smelled like the last cigarette he smoked five minutes ago, and he'd gotten rip roaring drunk the night before.

With an amused chuckle, he set his coffee upon the small table in front of him, leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. "Damn, you're just gonna call me out like that? Not that you're wrong."
Inkblob 07/14/18 It raises the tiny grayish arms above its little head and move them from a side to another twice to the woman, hoping she would see this as a greeting. It was some kind of Divine punishment to end in such limited shape, but, it might serve well for the time being. Just a bit of patience until the half of things it can do with this strange figure is discovered.
Belle 07/14/18 "Thanks."
Jewel Saxton 07/13/18 Thank you.
Levi 07/12/18 "I dare say that that is an exemplary request. I will do my best to take it into consideration."
Levi 07/11/18 "Not physically, of course."
Levi 07/11/18 "Well, thank you."
Aleister Carlyle 07/10/18 "Well, I will give you a hint. it's not money, nor physical pleasures. Those are both so easy to come by. They bore me. Knowledge. Power. Secrets. Those are what I trade with."
Aleister Carlyle 07/10/18 -puts a hand to his chest in a mock look of offense-
"What ever do you mean someone like me? I am but a simple entrepreneur trying to make it in this savage world!"
"But I want many things. Make me an offer."
Aleister Carlyle 07/10/18 "Depends on what I get in return for such secrets. Give and take and whatnot."
Aleister Carlyle 07/10/18 "I'm positive my time will not be short."
-gives a knowing wink-
G3N3S1S 07/10/18 You could say that. I was alive for your birth.
G3N3S1S 07/10/18 Thank you, my child.
Aleister Carlyle 07/10/18 "Why, thank you. I appreciate it."
Dead Girl 06/26/18 If youve come to air out dirty laundry, well this is the place. Over by the Whitakers. xoxo
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