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Zarith Bannister

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LondonAshes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Created by Willam Lovell
Zarith Bannister 03/26/17 -nuzzles- Love you Willam. You're great, you know that?
Zarith Bannister 03/22/17 -kisses cheek- It's time, Darling. -offers Willam her hand- Are you ready?
Taylor Ainsworth 03/12/17 Congratulations on profile of the day!!!!
Zarith Bannister 02/25/17 -gets lost in Willam's eyes, leans against-
-smiles, his laughter infectious-
-nods- I rather like the sound of it.. ' military trained, super strong, incredibly protective boyfriend'. Very dangerous.
-it's f*cking hot, to be honest.. like his suit-
-remembers puppy- Um, Willam.. Mr. Lovell.. the puppy. I think I may have crushed and or suffocated it.
-cheeky grin- Way to go bodyguard.. you let our first 'child' die.
-kisses nose as the puppy yips- You're fired.
Zarith Bannister 02/25/17 -was totally teasing-
-pouts slightly at Willam's response- I think boyfriend is too.. halfhearted?
-gives him puppy eyes.. like Elizabeth currently- Don't be such an arse.. you're the best bodyguard ever.
-coughs, mutters under her breath- When I don't sneak off and take baths.
-smiles cheekily- I'M KIDDING!
-winks- You known I love you.
Zarith Bannister 02/25/17 -lifts brow- She will be if she eats my cooking.
-bright smile- Are you trying to get me to rummage through your coat? She would make a lovely kebab. -licks her lips-
-cants head- You noticed hm? That we never had a family pet.
-scratches the puppy's head- She is cute.. I bet Nigel will fawn over her.
-smiles wryly- I've a lesson tomorrow.. so you're my flatmate if he asks, ok?
-doesn't let her teasing spoil the moment- Kidding! He knows you're my..
-thinks- What are you? Because you are an awful bodyguard.
-teases- Just awful.
Zarith Bannister 02/25/17 -nods, eyes drifting lazily over Willam's appearance- Yes.
And yes, she'll be running our lives in no time. We'll be her servants and be cleaning up after her every.waking.second.
-realises this is going to be a daunting task-
-stares at the puppy- No, I might break her. Or eat her.
-blinks- Is it wrong for us to have dogs as pets being um.. werewolves?
-narrows eyes- This isn't you trying to get me to settle down and be responsible is it? Like, in a family way..
Zarith Bannister 02/25/17 -grins- You need to wear that every waking moment..
-knows it's a puppy.. was trying to express her distraction in a humourous way-
-tilts head, stares at the puppy- I say we name her, Elizabeth.
Zarith Bannister 02/25/17 -stares at responsibility in the face.. literally-
-diverts gaze to Willam looking so professional in his suit-
-drools.. just a tiny bit- I'm not sure which is the present.
-smiles wickedly- I'm guessing you are.. by the gift wrap.
-kisses deeply-
-mumbles- Cute kitten.
Zarith Bannister 02/16/17 -blinks- Wut..
-would make it difficult to learn to cook if Willam killed the neighbour-
-doesn't need to learn to cook, no actually she does- Oh.. are we exclusive now? Really Willam, it was harmless. He just provided a very detailed lesson on how to.. stuff.. the fish.
-smiles wickedly, sips beer- I've another lesson tomorrow.
Zarith Bannister 02/15/17 -deep breath, will not fall for Willam's ploy-
-might give in a wee bit- I learned many things from the chef yesterday.
-smirks- He's not a good Samaritan Willam. Aren't you going to ask how I paid for the cooking lesson?
-lids heavy, small moan- He's a wonderful teacher.
-sips beer, waits for him to process-
Zarith Bannister 02/15/17 -tilts head- And what if I did cook it?
-crosses arms- You'd feel awful for insinuating that I didn't, wouldn't you.
-tries to look stern, fails-
-knows her cooking is awful- Our neighbour is a chef.. I asked that he teach me how to prepare a salmon.
-stands and fetches a beer herself- It was bloody disgusting. He made 'prep' it, which by the way, means clean it.
-shudders- F*cking **** reeked.
Zarith Bannister 02/15/17 -lifts a brow- You'll wait for what? Hell to freeze over? Good luck Willam.
-clears throat- You asked. I answered.
-sets teacup down-
-takes a piece of cheese-
-watches him grab a beer- You gave me that look.. you either thought I stole the fish or that I purchased it prepared from a local shoppe. I did neither.
-smiles matter of factly-
Zarith Bannister 02/14/17 -stops laughing, like yesterday-
-stares at- I purchased the uncooked fish at a local market yesterday, if you must know.
-sips tea, anger blossoms to rage-
-bites tongue, continues glaring-
-decides she won't tell Willam of their neighbour, the chef, and what she had to do to get the salmon cooked-
Zarith Bannister 02/14/17 -stares as he chokes- Wut.. you don't like it?
-narrows eyes-
-listens to-
-body shudders with laughter, again, all thoughts regarding her cooking dissipate- Oh darling, I've been waiting to say that since we left your mum's.
-hysterical laughter ensues-
Zarith Bannister 02/14/17 -knows she is an awful cook-
-raises a brow at his silence-
Zarith Bannister 02/14/17 -glances from across the table-
-sips tea- How's the salmon?
-doesn't wait for an answer, smiles wickedly- Your mum does have a fabulous ass by the way..
-tries not to laugh, fails-
Zarith Bannister 02/14/17 -leans against-
-tilts head to look up at- I can't tell you all my secrets..
-presses a kiss to his palm- The scones are perfect.. like you. And I wanted it to be a surprise!
-smiles softly- You saved my life Willam and I've been awful.
-wicked grin- You've got everything I need.
-presses a kiss to his cheek- Now.. sit. Eat. You're going to need your appetite.
Zarith Bannister 02/13/17 -is actually dressed nicely for once-
-contemplates changing into the maid uniform she owns-
-decides to just keep the vintage Delores sleeved swing dress on-
-hair pinned, exits the loo- Welcome back, Mister Lovell.
-directs his attention to the table- I thought I'd serve you high tea instead.. I'm glad you brought the scones. It'll go perfectly with the cream and jam.
-grins- I picked up all sorts of meats and cheeses for you to eat. Even Salmon. Not sure if you really like that or not. Oh and fresh bread.
-shifts uncomfortably- Happy Valentine's Day Willam.
Zarith Bannister 02/13/17 -was honestly trying to be thoughtful-
-turns to watch Willam dress-
-swats his bum, laughs- I would have gone to get you something!
-smiles innocently as he leaves, calls out- I'm just going to have a bath!
-inside joke, probably poor taste-
-jumps up to clean their flat quickly, including the laundry-
Zarith Bannister 02/13/17 -stares- I'm not up to anything! Am I not allowed to be thoughtful just once?!
-huffs, tries to roll away, cannot- Fine.. be a good boy and bring me a cup of coffee. And a scone.
Zarith Bannister 02/13/17 -view is interrupted by a much better view-
-smiles up at Willam-
-chuckles quiet at the nuzzling- Mm.. it is much more comfortable, isn't it?
-fingertips drift lazily up his spine- You hungry and or thirsty?
-presses a kiss to his cheek- I'll go fetch something if you'd like..
Zarith Bannister 02/12/17 -raises brows, amazed-
-always surprised at his reaction to tickling-
-contemplates tickling him again-
-devilish grin- Your tongue is absolutely wonderful luv.
-tries not to laugh, gazes at the ceiling- You think we should get out of bed?
Zarith Bannister 02/12/17 -glares- Oi!
-fingertips drift up his sides- Your tongue.. so sharp. You wound me Willam.
-devious smile-
-tickles relentlessly-
Zarith Bannister 02/12/17 -kisses nose- I'm just trying to be a better Zarith.. snowflake.
-flutters lashes-
Zarith Bannister 02/12/17 -grins- Precious Lil snowflake.
-cackles then rubs her face alllllllll over Willam's face- I thought sharing was caring?
Zarith Bannister 02/12/17 -coughs on-
Zarith Bannister 02/11/17 -bothers, relentlessly-
Zarith Bannister 02/10/17 -grins- No.. I think I got you where I want you finally.
-tilts head and appraises- Besides.. you would never have raised a 'snowflake'. An entitled b*tch maybe.. but never a snowflake.
Zarith Bannister 02/10/17 -raises a brow- Okay.. now.. I'm offended.
-attempts to kick him from the bed-
Zarith Bannister 02/10/17 -takes offense!-
Zarith Bannister 02/10/17 -harasses-
Zarith Bannister 02/03/17 -barks a laugh- It IS the highest of authorities, you know.
-grins- I know you know.. I'm just reminding the other girls wandering about.
Zarith Bannister 02/03/17 -cheeky grin-
-sticks a note to Willam's shirt-
Zarith Bannister 01/31/17 -looks at her clothing, her shoes-
-looks to Willam- Remind me to have you arrange my funeral next time I die. You're always so practical darling.
-scoffs- Of course, I'll just wander through the forest in platform pumps and a mini dress. Maybe the wildlife will follow and we can sing songs on our trek!
-daggers- Just call me mother f*cking Snow White.
Zarith Bannister 01/31/17 -stares- You serious?
-panics- Where the f*ck are we?! Where are my clothes and and..
-sits on a rock- We're going to die in here all over again!
-pushes the water away- I dunno! Ask the nearest flesh eating squirrel!
Zarith Bannister 01/31/17 -blinks- Lovingly placed? Admit it Willam, you put me in a cave hoping I'd be eaten by a bear or be locked away for an eternity.
-strokes cheek- Nevermind. I forgive you.
-looks around- Now then.. fetch me a coffee.
Katarina Valentine 01/31/17 Welcome to the realm
Zarith Bannister 01/31/17 -stares at- So you're saying my hair is a mess? That's f*cking brilliant Willam. You toss my body in a cave.. mind you.. I just stepped in bear sh*te.. Then you insult me. -grins-
Zarith Bannister 01/30/17 Oh look.. my bodyguard. -blows smoke in his face- Did such a lovely job of burying me. -sarcasm-
Caitlyn Darrow 01/30/17 Welcome back to the realm!
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