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"I kill monsters THAT'S who the hell I am."

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Samantha Winchester's Biography

Name: Samantha Josephine Winchester
Born : April 13,1869
Parents : Hannah Jane Winchester and Thomas Gray Bennett
nicknames: Sammie, Sammie Jo, Sam
Siblings : Deanna Jane Bennett Winchester
Eyes : Blue
Hair: Blonde
Race: Vampire & Hunter
Status: Married to Andy Codin
Offspring's: Elizabeth Anne(Lizzie)

My name is Sammie Jo Winchester the grand daughter of Oliver and Rebecca Winchester . My grandfather is best known for the making of the infamous Winchester Rifle. I have a sister Deanna who is 5 years older then me. When my parents died we went to live with my uncle William and aunt Sarah in San Jose California. I was not yet 8 years of age , my sister was 13. We stayed there till the death of my uncle in 1881.

Deanna went to college to become a doctor I was 12 and my aunt Sarah sent me off to a girls school in New York believing that our family was cursed she sent me off . There I met a girl named Valerie Vanderbilt. We became close friends , sisters some would say. Since my aunt never let me come home I went to her families estate on holidays and vacations. There I knew what a close nit family was like.

Summer vacation just before graduation I met a dark haired young man who seemed to be in his mid 20's. He bought the house next to the Vanderbilt's. His name was Daniel Javier Vachon. He told me he was from Spain. I have to admit he had a strange but charming Ora about him. It was like he could see through me and know my every thought. Before going back to School he gave me a old Silver necklace with a blood stone like vial on it. He told me never to take it off. That it was a way he could watch over me. I found it strange and odd but I did as he told me too.

During the school I felt safe maybe it was the necklace Daniel gave me or just my mind telling me so. But I felt like he was watching over me. As our senior year came to an end Both Valerie and I graduated with the highest honors and returned to her families home in Manhattan . I was excited to see that Daniel still lived next door. As Summer pasted Daniel and I grew close. So close that one night unknowing to me he bit me and fed me some of his blood. I woke up in my room and was blinded by the suns rays . Waiting till the sun went down I went to see Daniel and ask him what he did to me. Entering I found out that the house was empty no trace of anyone ever being there.

I left Valerie's home on my search for the man who made me and ever making me to be 18. Never knowing what it would be like to grow old fall in love and have a family of my own. As my search continued I did not find him but it was the other way around. He found me. Years pasted and I became apart of a family of the Queen mother of us all. Years pasted and she brought in a boy who she turned. He was under my care He took the name Hannibal King. We became close and remained close for years to come. One night we returned from hunting to find the coven slaughtered hunters. Months pasted and the hunters found us and took us instead of killing us. We became apart of Blades crew for 5 years then Hannibal and I went on our own. I helped him to try to find his way back to his reality to his family. After years of trying we finally did it. That was when Han told me that we should just be friends more like family like sister and brother. This hurt me but I reluctantly agreed to this.I was taking him to my families home when we saw the yellowed eyed demon who was behind all this. We tried to catch him but failed. Taking Han to my home I watched as he stepped through the black and gray swirling vortex and vanished. When I returned home I went to our friend Jessie's room only to see him on the ceiling engulfed in flames. I screamed out Jessie's names I dont know how many times the horror still haunts me. Gathering a few weapons and belongings I went back to the house and steeped though the Vortex that brought me here to Hannibal's world.

Now I am in love with the man for all of Hannibal pain. How do I tell him I love the man he wants killed. Things have changed Hannibal is no longer that he is known here as Abigor and Rorix is his half brother. Some how they have managed to get past from what happened and now we are all working together as a team. I am engaged to his brother which I dont think he knows. He does have a hard time getting past that I love Rorix. I know soon I will have to tell him about Jess but right now with all this new weapons that come with this team I am in my hunt for ole yellow eyes is still very much on the top of my list. Rorix is now dead and I am to raise our child on my own.
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Cersei Lannister 02/22/18
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