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Anark Emory


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Born: December 18, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Anark Emory's Biography
(Ooc: I am in the process of changing my race so please do not assume my race in any RP until it is changed. Thank you.)

Soon, he shall awaken from his nightmare to see the world with new eyes.

-Six feet beneath the cold frosted earth, held within an old wooden box, Anark's body lies among creatures that dine on his decaying flesh. However, his soul had moved to a far different place. It is a place many are aware of, but only those who have lost their lives, even if only for an instant, have had the misfortune to end up. For what felt like a lifetime he was nothing more than a plaything for creatures that make up the nightmares of anyone who draws breath. Slowly the torturous flames had broken him over and over again; tearing at the walls of his mind, and turning his soul into nothing more than a withered shadow.-
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Viral Undead


Amari Kohen


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LillyEmperium 12/18/17 *walking towards the wolf, the hood of her long black cloak shielded her face. Looking him over, she smiled softly before her unwavering voice came from beneath the hood.* Welcome back.... Anark. Come have a drink sometime at the brew....
Amari Kohen 12/18/17 Welcome to the Realm." Amari kept her distance from the new comer who seemed a bit different from the others that had passed by on the street. "I am Amari Kohen and if you have questions or need anything please ask." She wasn't too sure about this person but he stood out from the crowd. "If you need a friend contact me."
Soul Darklander 12/18/17 "Welcome to the Realm. I do hope you enjoy your stay."
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