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Born: August 04, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 21 (House only: 20)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 598 (House only: 443)
Affiliation: Carpe Noctem Mail Replies Sent: 750
Home City: London Mail Sent: 161
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Cad atá naimhde agat? Go maith ansin ciallaíonn sé sin gur sheas tú suas ar son rud éigin i do shaol.
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Ronan -R Boru's Biography
((Do not attack me on line but feel free to steal or try to all your black hearts wish. Moods are IC only. All Info here is OOC information if you dont hear it from Ronan then you dont know it in RP ))
NAME: Ronan Robert Boru (Rónán Robert Bóruma)
DOB: 3 March
AGE: Classified
PLACE OF BIRTH: Crossmaglen, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland
RACE: Malkavian and Lhiannan kindred Vampire/witch
ANGRY: Deep Violet
HAIR COLOR: Red blond
High King of Ireland (Ard-Rí na hÉireann)
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married Lilly Emperium (2/4/16)
IN LAWS: Cephorus Emperium (father in law- Dead),Rafe C. Whitmoore(son in law), Amethyst ( daughter in law), Caitlin (Connors) Boru ( daughter in law) , Killian Doyle ( Brother in law)
POWERS (IF ANY): Time manipulation (rarely used), Pyrokenisis(fire control and manifestation), telekinisis, Shape shifting and telepathy
KINDRED GIFTS: Enhanced speed, hearing, sight and smell
ALSO KNOWN AS:"Wolf of Ireland"
TATTOOS/BIRTHMARKS: Triquetra on left wrist, Tribal markings on upper arms and shoulders
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English,Irish Gaelic, Elven,Latin,French, and Romanian
SIBLINGS: Liam, Brendan, Deirdre(Deer-dra), Siobhan, Cadhla (Ky-lah)
CHILDREN: Airmid (dec),Marah,Ciaran,Matt,Alexander,Tabitha,Arwen, Cira,Elessar,Grania and Orchid


I was born in Crossmaglen, Northern Ireland on 03 march My name ? Thats easy enough and a fair question. It's Ronan Robert Boru. My mother is Brigit, a fire goddess and a Tuatha De Dannan. My father, Murchad was seldom around when I was younger. He was too busy with doing Gods knows what and with who to care he had a family to start with. I wasnt always a vampire.I was a witch once and still retain m witch powers along now with vampiric gifts. I was saved by a Kindred friend of my mother's and my godfather, Gabriel McConnell.

My blood contains the blood of Witches, Kindred AKA Vampires (Malkavian) and the Celtic gods.I and my family are now back in Ireland and back in power. I don't much like the diplomatic role we have taken on at home but if I can help the lads and lasses better as their King then so be it for now. I was born in to a war zone so it wasn't like playing solider like other little lads did else where in the world with fake guns. I was trained to kill and to shoot since i was old enough to talk and walk. I got bloody damn good with a gun and in making things as I would later be told go KA-BOOM. So yeah when other lads were playing solider, my mates and I were doing it day in and day out for real.

I lost a daughter, Airmid who was 2 at the time, along with her mother, Marie . I spent 7 years in jail as a political prisoner til I was 25. The image of my daughter dead in my arms and her mother lying life less in the car was enough for me to go seek revenge on the ones responsible for their death. We were betrayed by one of our own a traitor named Peter O'Rourke. The image of that day is forever burned in my mind.

One of the only companions I have had is my black Dire wolf familar , Stargazer. I also have a screech owl named, Eros.

The Boru clan has grown now with the Ciaran and Ami twins being born.I have also decided that gold robes wont EVER be happening again. I have far to many other things going on to deal with gold or any leadership position again ever and the wars that go with them. Life is too short for all that drama and dealing with it .Let others deal that can. I am good with where I am at now. All I care about is my family, my people, few loyal friends and coven I am in. The rest of you in the world can do what ever you feel needed for your lives. Sometimes the past can be fixed if both of the sides wish it. Only time and the new year will tell how w ell it is mended.

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Tenkai 01/18/21 Thank you, will do, I see a good future ahead.
Tenkai 01/18/21 Well thank you... I don't plan on dying.. I will keep focused.
Tenkai 01/18/21 I'm, working on it sir, thank you for taking care of her as much as you could while I was away.
-Savannah- 01/13/21 "Oh hell two grumpy sods to contend with. How does lilly deal with that" she laughs
-Savannah- 01/13/21 She shook her head as a shiver ran down her spine "hell he must be one ugly twin then Ro, with a huge scar on his cheek and a mole on his nose" she smirked
-Jayde Ana- 01/13/21 *She blinked as Ronan just disappeared still just as confused as she had been previously. Shaking her head with a sigh she headed back the way she had come*
-Savannah- 01/13/21 "What did you do Ro to be wanted so badly" she chuckled
-Jayde Ana- 01/13/21 *Jayde handed him the picture the man had handed her* I think he said her name was Savannah and she was friends with your missus. I have no idea who she is or even the name of the man asking it of me.
Sebastian 01/13/21 A fog appeared from nowhere and out of the darkness a voice appeared "You really think that hiding that little bitch from me, will stop me getting her" his voice a deep richness of the old creole. As he disappeared into the night.
LillyEmperium 01/13/21 *shaking her head, Lilly chuckled*
__Nyx__ 01/13/21 Sure, I am Kung Pao chicken.
__Nyx__ 01/13/21 Congrats on being most wanted.
-Jayde Ana- 01/13/21 Hello, Ro. Just some weird man I tried welcoming wanting me to keep my eye out for someone and let them know if I see them.
LillyEmperium 01/13/21 Dare I ask what happened that landed you face on the poster love? *Congrats on pod*
LillyEmperium 01/10/21 I'm innocent .... Yea...
Angel Salvatore 01/09/21 "No not the Mikaelson's but that of her mother Katherine Pierce. She turned my father. And she is Katherine's daughter."
Angel Salvatore 01/09/21 "Thank you. Oh does this mean we are some how family related by marriage?" * She smiles*
Angel Salvatore 01/09/21 *She smiled at the man and with a nod she spoke to him in a calm Virgina voice * " Nice to meet you sir. I'm Angel, Angel Salvatore. I'm looking for my aunt/ cousin Amethyst. Boru I believe her last name is now. My father is her brother sorta through a blood transfer. Her mom turned my father. "
Mya Kravenoff 01/02/21 %Mya shook her head bit.% "Well lead the way grandfather and I will come and speak show everyone it is me the true me."
Mya Kravenoff 01/02/21 "Well she needs to back off that's for sure she is not me so she needs to stop trying to be me. Besides I am sure she is ugly on the outside just as much as she is on the inside. Nope I am home it is really me."
Mya Kravenoff 01/02/21 %Mya chuckled about that shaking her head.% "Boy she has some loose screws don't she. Really grandfather do you think I would really do such awful things especially to family. Besides what would I have against my stepfather and his family when I haven't even really met any of them just yet. Family is important is it not? Besides I would never come here with that last name in the first place I am a Kravenoff. Another this is like I told uncle Matt she must be jealous or maybe she wasn't just loved enough."
Mya Kravenoff 01/02/21 "Well of course not there can only be one Mya Kravenoff. Whoever is trying to be me cause go suck it they doing a crappy ass job let me just say. Can no one be original anymore? It is just sad to say the lease. So what have I missed grandfather?"
Mya Kravenoff 01/02/21 "Hello grandfather hope you are well."
Helaina 01/01/21 A slight bow of her head "Thank you kind, Sir."
LillyEmperium 12/31/20 Happy New Year my beloved
Hope S Mikaelson 12/31/20 Happy New Year Grand dad
-Savannah- 12/25/20 Merry Christmas my friend
Hope S Mikaelson 12/25/20 Nollaig Shona grand dad ( Happy Christmas)
LillyEmperium 12/25/20 Nollaig Shona Mo Gra
Marah Whitmoore 12/25/20 Nollaig Shona ( Happy Christmas
Hope S Mikaelson 12/09/20 She looks at everyone and gasps.
" Im going see these boots are walking. Why us everyone ganging up on me. Ok maybe I'm giving my real dad a bad go. Im sorry but why can't he come to me and talk to me. Spend time with me and see who I really am."
Hope S Mikaelson 12/08/20 "Well what they font know wont hurt them right. As gor him i hardly know him ladt i saw him i was what 9 years old."
Rafe C Whitmoore 11/03/20 Oíche Shamhna Shona duit ( Happy Halloween sir)
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