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NeighborhoodThe Bent Elbow
Created by Raven Star
NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
NeighborhoodAnakins Cafe
Created by Anakin Drake
LionaCaravaggio 05/10/19 Welcome to The Attic!
Anyssa 05/10/19 Welcome to the attic if you should need anything please come to me.
Gavin McGrath 05/10/19 The man's attention snapped away from the cookie back to Taylor at the mention of pie. A loud growl from his stomach seemed to speak for itself. How oculd he turn down pies AND milkshakes? "Well, I might run th'business in'teh the ground but I suppose I could leave a good tip." Gavin's leatherclad hand that was cookie-free grabbed onto Taylor's eagerly. "Lead th'way, m'lady!"
Raven Star 05/10/19 Raven smiled "sounds like a plan, but first I am going yo grab some sleep. I feeling wiped out"
Ashlyn Starling 05/09/19 "You'll find someone, Tay. I know you will and maybe he will. I'll talk to him about having a cookout. Layla's birthday is coming up so maybe we have one for that." She nudged her and laughed. "Good."
Ashlyn Starling 05/09/19 She giggled and smiled. "We should all get together and have a cookout one day. You're stuck with me." She stuck out her tongue.
Ashlyn Starling 05/09/19 She smiled and nudged her gently with a soft giggle. "You're like a sister to me as well. I'll always be here for you."
Ashlyn Starling 05/09/19 She frowned and hugged her. "I'm sorry to hear that.. She sounds like an amazing person."
Ashlyn Starling 05/09/19 "You're welcome. I'll fix some cookies and get some juices for them. I bet it is, I have trouble with Layla some nights. You can bring work with you and I'll watch them." She giggled and smiled as she tilted her head. "Skye?"
Ashlyn Starling 05/09/19 She smiled gently. "He's been really helpful with Layla. And you're always welcome to come over with the kids and put a movie on for them while we relax."
Ashlyn Starling 05/09/19 "I know the feeling. Lay-Lay always seems to always come up with more energy every hour and she's a little bit of a misfit when it comes to her stuff animal." She laughed softly.
Ashlyn Starling 05/09/19 "Alright Tay. I'll pack her bag and bring her over." She smiled and giggled. "We should get together one day and take the kids to the park for a play date? I'm sure Layla would love to play with other kids."
Ashlyn Starling 05/09/19 Ashlyn smiled at her. "You sure? I don't want to trouble you." She bit her bottom lip as she tilted her head slightly.
Ahmalie 05/09/19 "yes once before but now I'm thinking on getting a job this time around. Any recommendations?" I spoke looking at her
Ashlyn Starling 05/08/19 Ashlyn laughed softly as she watched Taylor and smiled. "I'm not sure yet, Tay. I haven't been to the doctors yet, been too busy with Layla and work." She said with a giggle.
Parisa Tournier 05/08/19 Thank you kindly!
Gavin McGrath 05/07/19 "Really? Is not a common name but far from rare." Once their hands parted he snatched yet another confectionery treat. "I 'aven't found a food I dislike yet. And these cookies are pretty firce." The Irishman chowed down on the cookie before smiling at the compliment. "Thanks, I grew it m'self. Tis the Irish Lumberjack aesthetic, y'know?"
Raven Star 05/07/19 Raven laughed as she sat back " oh the men who are annoying I cursed the parts they like to use, so that they can't gave fun"
Ahmalie 05/07/19 Looking at the woman I nodded my head. "A pleasure. I'm Ahmalie."
Alcide Shadows 05/07/19 He nods and smiles " Thank you very much."
Alexander Grimm 05/07/19 "I certainly would be worried, one never knows what someone else could have up there sleeve." He would arch his bro at the having back up. "So what like bodyguards? You are a CEO yes?" He thought he recalled the card she had handed him earlier correctly but he could always be wrong.

"What the f*ck is a fun fetti? And if this brother of yours enjoys the oatmeal flavor he is probably boring there aren't even those hellish things within them. Makes it worse."
Raven Star 05/07/19 "Well, I just opened my bar. The Bent Elbow. Come along and grab a free meal. " she turned to face her "don't say that, you are a somebody. Do you know, I always thought that about myself until I got kicked down and killed one to many times " Raven laughed. "I got up and pulled myself together. Then if a guy or girl put me down for being a witch, I cursed them until they learned not to judge others "
Kade Thorne 05/06/19 "Why would I befriend hot guys? They will steal my fiance." He chuckled before shaking his head. "You know, you could do this thing called going out, going to a fun place and meeting new people." He held the bag still to make it harder on her hits. "You focus too much on work and trust me you don't want to date any of us idiots."
Gavin McGrath 05/06/19 "I'll have y'know I'm an everythin' kind'o guy." A big bite of the cookie was taken with his behind doing a small jig as he chewed. Gavin truly enjoyed his munchies. "Why does anyone do anythin' around these parts? Fer the sick thrill'a it o'course." As fast as he had retrieved the cookie it had disappeared into his gullet; another took it's place in his hand.

Upon the offering of her hand he looked to his two busy ones. The new cookie was devoured, crumbs filling his beard with every bite before his now free hand was offered. "Greetin's, the name's Gavin. "
Raven Star 05/06/19 Raven posted an invite in the mail box. " your invited to the grand opening of the bent elbow. Food of all kinds"
LillyEmperium 05/06/19 Awesome
Johannesburg 05/06/19 It didn't take him long to arrive home and headed inside. Dropping the bag on the couch as he looked around for Taylor. "Tay!" He called out. "Where you at?"
Alexander Grimm 05/06/19 "Well you make them sound so marvelous I can't believe people don't like them more. I'm indifferent to children." He understood there purpose and he found there innocents refreshing but he would never create any himself. That simply was not his purpose for being up here.

"Is this your home? You drove almost a perfect stranger to your residence? Is that safe? I could very likely be putting up a front you know." Alex had no interest in doing anything sinister to the woman but still she was very trusting.

"What kind of cookies do you have?"
Raven Star 05/06/19 "You could say I'm nervous a little bit" Raven chuckled softly as she tilted her head slightly. " I will try to relax at least "
Alexander Grimm 05/05/19 "I wasn't but I don't think it's a bad thing to have children." He didn't exactly understand the desire to make children. Then again he didn't understand a lot about mortals just yet. "I have no quarrel with children, just haven't interacted with them. I find it odd people do not wish to be friends with you because you have one." Mortals were turning out to be rather confusing.

"I have no idea what you are talking about no one wishes to be kidnapped not even I." He really hoped this kidnapping ended with cookies he would be a little disappointed if it didn't.
Gavin McGrath 05/05/19 Having already stopped at a nearby fast food joint the Irishman was happily sipping on a double chocolate milkshake when the woman approached him. Hazel hues blinked at the woman's tin while he continued to enjoy his shake. Finally, after a prolonged drink, he spoke. "You know, most people would be suspicious of a lass offerin' cookies t'strangers."

With a shrug he snatched a cookie with a goofy grin on his bearded visage. "I'm not most people. And if ye try t'poison me, it won't work." A big bite was taken making the male's posterior wiggle in delight. "Thank ye."
Alexander Grimm 05/05/19 "Not at all actually, why are you?" He didn't have a problem with children he just truly never around them. "Die? Is it easy to die here? It's the friendly thing is it? The lure you in and then kill you? I should be worried shouldn't I?" He was attempting to joke but wasn't sure if it would come off as such.

"I love to brag so yes I am rather fun, I fear you might not be able to keep up with me." A small smirk could be seen on his face. "I am uncertain this is how kidnapping works. I thought it was more forceful but whatever."
Alexander Grimm 05/05/19 "Are they? I can't say I've ever had any made by children." There wasn't any kids back home. "What is the fun in that exactly? I mean if you enjoy it by all means carrying on living how you are sounds a tad boring to me." Who would want to be all by themselves when humans were so interesting especially the ones around these parts.

"Is that the males name? Is he famous? I fear I might have been disrespecting him a tad." Not that it mattered to him he was just trying to be helpful to the male. "Thank you for the compliment I take very good care of the beard." His eyes lingered on the car.

"This isn't a kidnapping thing is it?"
Alexander Grimm 05/05/19 "Well then you are already doing better than I, I haven't even gotten one of those welcome cards. I'm starting to think you are lying to me." He would arch a brow at her. "So the people carrying the cookies to give me are five year olds? I don't think someone of that age should be near a stove. I could be wrong but who knows."

His hand finds it's way to his beard as he strokes it. "Yes a man did say the ladies love the beards. Not that I blame them I take very good care of mine." His brow would once again go up. "Trust you? You think I am easily lured by the offers of cookies?"
Alexander Grimm 05/05/19 "I mean I have seen fair worse looking people than you. Honestly it's all about confidence, I hear that will make you more attractive. Also if it makes you feel better really no one has given me any cookies. Perhaps I'm not as good looking as you seem to be letting me think."

A small chuckle would escape him. "You are correct tea is not something I enjoy. Coffee however is very good and well since you are the only one to offer me cookies I will have to take you up on it."
Alexander Grimm 05/05/19 "Is there pouncing them giving me cookies and welcome cards because that doesn't sound so bad. I mean f*ck if I know what I'll do with the cards but free food is never a bad thing no?" This one was a sassy little thing, not that it was bad he found it rather amusing.

He took the card she held out to him looking it over before nodding his head. "This would certainly make things easier for me. I thank you once again."
Alexander Grimm 05/05/19 Stares the smaller female down and amused smile on his face. "Is this what we call having people throw themselves at someone? Perhaps I had the wrong idea on that here I thought they were just being friendly." His arms crossed over his chest, the smile remaining on his face.

"Thank you Taylor, I am Alexander. If any of those things happen I will be sure to look you up. Though if I do get lost I imagine it would be rather hard to find you."
LillyEmperium 05/05/19 Swing by the Brew sometime
Kade Thorne 05/05/19 "Can you really take care of yourself, Tay?" He tilted his head, grabbing her finger when she poked his nose before letting it go. They had always done little things like that to keep up with their reflexes. "Four kids? Wow. I'm so shocked. The Taylor I knew wasn't a kid person and damn sure was not a single mother." He laughed a little at the thought of bad-ass Taylor making cookies with four tiny humans. "Kira... Kira... Kira.." He smirked a little, his hands coming together before he crossed his arms. "She's everything. She's my everything. I can't even explain her. She's blonde but of course and she's funny, c0cky but in a good way, she's confident even when she seems like she's not she is, I can tell. The way she looks at me, I just.. I know no matter what happens it will be okay." He laughed a little before glancing at the ground. "Enough sappy sh*t. She lives with me, we are engaged and well... she kind of puts up with me but likes to call me out on every single bit of my sh*t like not doing laundry."
LillyEmperium 05/04/19 Let's split the difference and meet up at the Brew. Drink for free lol
Kade Thorne 05/03/19 Kade frowned deeply as he grabbed her arm, making her look at him. "Taylor. When were you going to tell me he died? I mean hell you got with him when I left but I didn't know you've been doing this alone. Where's Skye?" He frowned as she tried to make jokes. "Really cute." He rolled his eyes.
Johannesburg 05/03/19 (That's bad.) He replied as he now wanted to know what was going on. 'Guess these files are going home with me then.' he said to himself as he packed up and left.
Kade Thorne 05/03/19 "You little sh*t." He laughed. "Stop mocking me you little f*cker before I make you do pull-ups." He rolled his eyes. "I have to talk to Kira about it, also it's been a year but you are a fighting machine Tay, you wouldn't give it up and forget how to fight. Even now that you're a mom." He crossed his arms. "Come on, run through a course really quickly so I can see if you're rusty."
Johannesburg 05/03/19 He looked at his phone with a raised and confused brow. He wasn't up for anymore secrets but sighed as he texted back a response. (Depends on how bad the secret is.) Hitting send he went back over a file he had been looking through.
Raven Star 05/03/19 Raven chuckled "forgive my worse sense of humor when I am nervous"
Raven Star 05/03/19 "Kade said I was looking for new friend's. Just so like him to say " she laughed softly as she shook her head "I am going to kick his scrawny butt for him"
Kade Thorne 05/03/19 Kade tapped his finger on his chin, thinking. "Considering I know how you actually fight and this isn't it, very." He rolled his eyes before he sighed. "I don't know. Long nights, days away from this place. I would have to sit with Kira and talk about it. I don't know if that's something I want to put her through. Though I guess what I do now isn't much better."
Raven Star 05/03/19 Raven turned her head slightly as she sensed the unknown woman behind her " yes, I am Raven. How can I be of help you ?" Raising an eyebrow with curiosity.
Kade Thorne 05/03/19 "I like the new get up, looking pretty f*cking fabulous today." He rolled his eyes and gestured to the punching bag with a smirk. "Oh, I am always ready for training. Or did you forget on that little vacation you went on?" Kade smirked as he got his hands wrapped up and moved over to her. "Wow, you're so professional. I would hire you as a professional boxer."
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LillyEmperium 04/11/19 *gently hugging her, Lilly smiled* let's do lunch and catch up. You pick the place, I'll pay the tab
LillyEmperium 03/31/19 *walking up, Lilly chuckled* hey.....long time no ya doing
Johannesburg 01/29/19 "Just a coffee shop down the road." He said pointing. "You sure that's alright giving me your card?" He asked before scratching his head. "And what would that have me doing? Being her assistant I mean."
Johannesburg 01/29/19 "Of course I do. I have an interview in a few and was about to blow it off which was why I sighed." He said chuckling as he liked being around them. "But since it's a few months from now at least I can have some cash to take them out." He grinned.
Johannesburg 01/29/19 "A few months you say?" He said catching up with her. "Thought it was ASAP but with the heads up I can plan something nice." John grinned. "You don't mind that right?"
Johannesburg 01/29/19 He tapped his chin as he pondered hard about babysitting. It wasn't difficult seeing how they loved him. He sighed as he took the key and pocketed it. "Sure when do you leave?" He asked taking a sip of his beverage.
Ashlyn Starling 01/29/19 She smiled and nodded, laughing softly. "Sounds great! I can't wait for girl time." She grinned as she hummed lightly.
Johannesburg 01/29/19 He was leaning on a tree with a cup of coffee in his hand. Hearing her he raised an eyebrow at her. "And what would that be?" He asked curiously.
Ashlyn Starling 01/20/19 "I have and he's talked about you." Ashlyn smiled and hummed softly as she thought. "We can go to spa resort for a weekend? Would that work for you and Kat?"
Ashlyn Starling 01/20/19 "Alright. It will be ready for you then." She laughed softly and nodded as she smiled at Taylor. "A girl's night sounds amazing. The last time I had girl's night was when Layla was seven months."
Ashlyn Starling 01/20/19 Ashlyn smiled back as she wrote down on her notepad. "Alright. What time do you need the cake? I'm doing great. How about you? And we are good."
Ashlyn Starling 01/20/19 Ashlyn laughed softly and smiled as she nodded and grabbed a notepad. "Of course! What kind of cake would you like? Decoration?"
Esper Valari 01/13/19

Spencer McHale 01/12/19 If you give my ass a flower crown, I'll give your ass flames. I don't know how to edit that but will do my best.
Spencer McHale 01/12/19 I'm actually dying laughing, wtf.
Spencer McHale 01/11/19 "Well well well Ms. Taylor. The key to life is throwing all your worries out of the window and having fun with everything."

Spencer chuckled and looked around, thinking of something that the two could accomplish today, but not much came to mind.

"We could go sky diving. I've never been sky diving before but you look like a screamer and those are my favorite types."
Spencer McHale 01/10/19 Spencer let a soft chuckle roll from his mouth as he looked the female from head to toe, extending his rather muscular arm out to her.

"Well, Hello there Taylor, I'm Spencer and I would love nothing more than to listen to all the help you want to offer me."
Genesis 11/02/18 Welcome Back!
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