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El Orlav
Killed: March 20, 2020 at 10:03 pm EDT
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Cross Bearer
Born: February 02, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 0
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 310
Home City: London Mail Sent: 58
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Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
A limited edition assortment of peanut butter Admin eggs - Easter 2017
2017 Summer Bloodies - Most Improved Writer
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Best Slayer
I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm
2019 Summer Bloodies - Best Slayer

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Viral Undead



Last five threads posted in:
Solomon King 11/08/19 *stares*
Yes. But I went by my middle name back then.
*serious face*
Daxx- 08/18/19 "Lady Orlav I would indeed love to join you for a drink who am I to turn you down for it." Daxx bows his head to the Leader and smiled.
Daxx- 07/23/19

Daxx walked up to the Leader and smiled. The Eternal Emdrace Pirate bowed his head to her. "I wanted to give you a gift and say Thank you for being a Leader I know it can be rough. So I thought some Rum could help."
John Doe 01/18/18 “Sounds like you have been in the wrong kind of marriage. I’m fortunate in that I am in the right kind, but I know for some they have to just take whatever they can get.”
John Doe 01/18/18 “Yes, that is the aroma of contentment, happiness and a great deal of sex. It’s intoxicating really.”
Miryam 12/24/17
Miryam 10/02/17 *Takes the jug back replacing her straw being careful not to infect the Frankenstein Doll*

"You're most welcome!"

*Laughs wickedly and wonders off to find more chaos.*
Miryam 10/02/17 *Stumbles by drunk on the Kool-Aid*

*Takes the large straw out of the jug and passes the gallon to Ella.*

"Your turn to rank lovely."
Mackenzie 09/01/17 Ella Donovan
Grand. Whichever is comfortable and convenient for you. Not sure stained teeth are quite necessary, though.
Mackenzie 08/31/17 Ms. Donovan,

Given our mutual interests, I would very much like to discuss the relationship of our Sanctuaries. I am in New Orleans should you like to chat. My number is attached.

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