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Born: February 05, 2021 Forum Topics Started: 2 (House only: 0)
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 16 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: Spitiyura Mail Replies Sent: 82
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 7
In Union With: Whitley Wyatt Last Login:
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04/03/21 at 2:46 am
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The Girl Who Cried Werewolf - Realm - with Kayla Holloway
What Happens in Mexico, Stays in Mexico - Realm - with Whitley Wyatt

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Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
RealmWhat Happens in Mexico, Stays in Mexico
Created by Caleb Guillory
RealmThe Girl Who Cried Werewolf
Created by Kayla Holloway
RealmA World So Cold
Created by Caleb Guillory
Mortal ThoughtsWhat is your favorite childhood cartoon theme song?(All is welcome)
Created by mist
Neva Guillory 02/25/21 *sends 50 pounds of cantalopes to Caleb and his uh goat*
Elizabeth Hawkins 02/15/21 Welcome to the crew.
Genesis 02/14/21 Welcome to the Crew!
Sienna Parker 02/14/21 The scent of the man let her know he was one of her kind. She hadn't met many in her years. "Well we all think we are some way or another." He was right there was an familiarity as if they had met before. "Possibly maybe in a time passed." It had came to her where they had seen each other but she would not speak of the day.
Kayla Holloway 02/14/21 " I didn't have the courage to tell Geneva. You're right." She glared at home. How could he just show up alive and make her relive all these memories. Kayla felt sick to her stomach. "What was I supposed to tell her? You're brother was shot, he's dead. I don't know how it happened though, I blacked out again! I am sure that would have went over so well!"

Inside she was screaming with glee, he was alive. How could she convey this when he was so angry with her? Maybe it was his right but she couldn't change what she'd done. She wanted to tell him how she'd struggled ever since that night, lost all control but she couldn't get the words to come out. "I understand Caleb but I won't beg for forgiveness. I made a mistake, all be it a huge one. I've been living with it ever since. I don't need this! Just go away!" She shook her head. In the past several months Kayla had begun to accept some things she couldn't change and she knew this was one of them.

Elizabeth Hawkins 02/13/21 Congrats on the unuion!
Whitley Wyatt 02/13/21 "I like goats..."She knew something was different, something not normal. It was never this easy. She really should have been concerned; but he was...

Drag him off? Check.
Enjoy rum? Double check.
A trip to Laos? Priceless.
Sienna Parker 02/12/21 Smiles curls on the corner of lips."That is the most ghastly line I have heard. I will give you an A for it. It did make me laugh." Her hues looked at the man with brighter color "I do thank you for the comment."
Whitley Wyatt 02/11/21 Did she know where they could get a drink? There were probably a half dozen bars littering their immediate area; however, this little development deserved something finer. Something aged. And no one could say no to a decent Jamaican rum. "I do believe I can help you with that thirst, but everyone always warns a girl to not let some strange man come home with her. Tell me, you don't have candy in those pockets do you?"

Laughter clung to the last syllable spoken as she peered out beneath heavy lashes and her hand held outward. "I have just the place and you'll love it. Though, honeymoon suite, it is not." What hung in the air, were the words not said...'if you dare...'
Whitley Wyatt 02/11/21 "A drink? A meal? A vacation home in Laos? A proposal? All this flattery may get you far more than you bargained for." The half smile easily blew into a wide, teeth-baring grin before leaning close to the male and letting her voice fall to a whisper. "Though we should probably start with that drink and maybe then you can tell me about all the things you desire..."
Whitley Wyatt 02/10/21 "Oh? Well, I would hate for someone like yourself to remain... parched." The petite woman eyed the male, slight smile curving at the corner of her mouth and that same humor flashing in her eyes; this day had just got interesting. "Did you know a body is made up of seventy percent water?"
Savannah McCarthy 02/08/21 *walks by*
*suddenly thirsty*
Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to have some water on you?
*clears throat*
Kayla Holloway 02/07/21 Kayla shifted her weight from one foot to the other, she wanted to speak but couldn't find any words. She'd known he was dead, she'd made sure. It wasn't that Kayla wanted him dead, if she weren't so distraught from this discovery she would have been over joined. "Kayla. Always Kayla now." Her voice was no more than a mumbled response. She couldn't deny it because it was all the truth.

Kayla ran and she hid, she couldn't deal with the demons of her past. The screams of the victims were never far from her mind. There was a thin veil keeping her from breaking down and in just two minutes Caleb close to make he come undone. He knew what buttons to push and he was good at it. "I won't run again. I've accepting what I am." Her voice waivered as she spoke but she put on a brave face. "Things are different now."

She didn't understand why he was so angry with her. Did he think she left him there intentionally? "Caleb, stop. I thought you were dead, you were shot... there was blood... everywhere." Kayla knew she that even if she could pass that off as a reasonable explaination how would she explain why she never told Neva. After years she'd lost time again, she didn't even know what happened. How could she have told his sister that? "You don't understand..."

Kayla Holloway 02/07/21 She froze. Kayla could feel her heart miss a beat in her chest - that voice. It wasn't possible. She wrenched herself away from his grasp and twisted around so she could see his face. Cerulean hues met with his and her mouth went dry. Kayla knew she must be losing her mind or she was dreaming. That had to be it. She closed her eyes. One...two...three. Opening her eyes she saw he was still there. She was speechless. "" It was the only word she could muster through the shock. Caleb was dead, she was sure of that. Yet here he was.
Merida Campbell 02/05/21 As Merida stepped out into the cool nights air, winter's soft kiss brushed along her cheek. A scent caught her attention as she glanced around while walking about. Fresh blood... a new soul had arrived into the realm. She had seen a few of her Sanctuary mates gathered around a new face. Slowly she approached, brushing a few loose strands of auburn colored hair from her face.

As she approached, her lips curved into a soft smile while she spoke. "Welcome. I see you have been approached and greeted. I'm Merida. If you need anything as in help or someone to talk with, feel free to search for me."
Aurora Dawn 02/05/21 "You are most welcome Sir, I'm Aurora. Rory for short if you like." she smiled again.
Mateo 02/05/21 "It's no problem at all! Nice to meet you." Giving him a good shake he let go of the Caleb hand.
Mateo 02/05/21 "Hey man welcome to the realm!" Mattie put out a hand in gesture "Names Mateo! If ya need any help feel free to ask!"
Aurora Dawn 02/05/21 Rory smiled at the newcomer and offered a kind wave. "Welcome to the realm."
Laila 02/05/21 "You are most welcome."
Laila 02/05/21 "Welcome to the realm, darling."
Santa Diabla 02/05/21 Welcome to the realm!
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