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Olivia Campbell
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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Born: January 22, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 1
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Home City: New York Mail Sent: 39
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Olivia Campbell's Biography
Having no pack, no home Olivia made a beeline for the unknown. Experiencing childhood in a suburb of Los Angeles she had everything. Cool friends, a wonderful family that had adopted her. She was fortunate being the single kid, things had been going great for her. But in truth her parents even though wealthy still made her work for everything that she had. They taught her that anything worth having was worth earing, Swimming was one of her favorite hobbies she even competed.
One night that all changed for her though, It was the night of her eighteenth birthday. Things began to change. It was odd, she could feel a pull towards the moon like it was doing things to her, making her more aggravated and quick to anger. She ignored all that even chalked it up to that time of the month.
It wasn't until recently that she discovered what she was, still not having changed but it was enough to make her run. Wanting to keep the people she loved and cared for safe. Dropping everything she hopped on a bus and landed here.
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Last five threads posted in:
Elessar 02/08/19 Nodding his head, Elessar smiles, blows a kiss in return, then says queitly, "Lead me then, my friend."
Elessar 02/08/19 "i a glad." Elessar says with a warm smile.
Elessar 02/08/19 Returning the hug, Elessar replies as he blushes slightly, "I am doing well. How about you?"
Elessar 02/08/19 Waling up beside his friend, Elessar says quietly, "God evening, my friend."
Beau Theroux 02/05/19 "Oh, you are on. I run a bar, cher. Poker Night is when I make the most money."
Beau Theroux 02/05/19 "A...what date? Date? Me? Winter? You?"
Beau Theroux 01/27/19 "Of course! I assume the whole Sanctuary will be our back up babysitters if I'm in New Orleans and Winter is off doing his business." As he spoke the man gave his pup scratches behind the ear, making the little creature groan happily.
Beau Theroux 01/24/19 "Snorlax can sleep anywhere. He's my sleepy little man." Kissing noises were made towards the pup causing it to stir a bit from it's slumber before falling back asleep. "His siblings are much more active. You will see them soon. If they aren't with me they are with Winter. We are co parenting."
Beau Theroux 01/24/19 Beau turned to the woman to reveal a very fluffy pup straddled to his front in a baby carrier, fast asleep. A bright grin flashed across his bearded visage when he saw it was the newest member of the Sanctuary. "Hello, Olivia," he replied in his Cajun brogue, "I'm Beaudoin, but you may call me Beau."
Beau Theroux 01/24/19 "Welcome to Elysium!"
Anyssa 01/22/19 ~Nessa walks up to the newcomer with a bright toothy smile extending her hand.~" Hello my name is Nessa and welcome to the realm. If you have any questions or need anything please by all mean look for me. I am here to help those who are new."
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