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Born: September 21, 2011 Forum Topics Started: 6 (House only: 6)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 207 (House only: 78)
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 7151
Home City: Tokyo Mail Sent: 2609
In Union With: Killian _Doyle Last Login:
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11/28/20 at 8:26 pm
Current Mood: Mischievous 
"IM BACK !! And Sassy as ever!!"


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Siobhan Boru's Biography
Name:Siobhan Brigit Boru
Age:Looks 16 the age when she was turned to a hybrid
Birth Place: Northern Ireland
Eyes:Blue/Red when angered
Hair:Dirty Blond
Relationship Status: Widowed
Children:Daughter, Kelda Saga(9-4-14) ,Sons Liam Ragnar and Brendan Bjorn (12-18-15 @ 733 & 744pm)

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Raven D Morningstar 11/07/20 “I think she likes to garden…or that could have just been the ‘skinned like a fruit’ thing."
LillyEmperium 11/05/20 Hugging her back, Lilly whispered* It is not what I saw that is the scary part, but what I heard my dear. *taking a deep breath,Lilly looked at her* I heard a lot of muttering about noises, clearly this one lost her way when she hid the dismembered body, one could argue that the ethereal woman lost her way when she did the murdering, but I’m sure that’s normal. The only other thing I could really get from the rambling was something about going to kill some fairies
Ronan -R Boru 10/31/20 Oíche Shamhna Shona duit
Ciaran_M_Boru 10/30/20 "Yes well I am my father's son after all."
Ciaran_M_Boru 10/28/20 No it wasnt matt there wasnt a kaboom and the other guys deserved it. She will get over it. Not like she hasnt been on them.
Farren Seaver 10/28/20 Farren had been on the hunt for her seal skin when she had come across a murder so foul; it should have made her a little squemish about being out and about like this but when you have a Siren for a mother.... A little death doesn't mean much.

"So, I was out hunting down males, because who else would have taken my seal skin, right? And I thought I had found one that was very sketchy. Young male, maybe late teens. But I was WRONG. That was totally a woman. And wow, was she ever good. The man paid no mind to bleeding everywhere, but kept rambling on and on and on. It was like he was hypnotized. I wonder if she could help me find what I'm looking for. She seemed like she could. If you can find her, that would be helpful to me. And if you see anyone else looking strange with a seal skin..."

Probably keeps rambling as she walks off...
__Nyx__ 10/23/20

*While cleaning myself I was approached by a man, asking about what I had seen. My telepathic voice echoes in his head. Being a cat I am able to witness such a grisly act without punishment. No one ever suspects the cat.*

Indeed it was gruesome. She was petite and I’m pretty sure she was packing; you’d never think such a pretty little thing could do something like that, but then you never know about people. Her husband could easily be the neatest monster you meet.

*I stretch out and resume cleaning my paws.*

Jude Hawthorne 10/23/20 The day had started off normal by Jude's standards. Get up before sunset. Check her schedule. Do what needs done. Murder wasn't on the docket, but who was she to be picky. As a Hawthorne, she tried to stay well out of the spotlight, at least the one that the cops were always shinin. It was just her luck she was caught in the crosshairs so to speak. What she was doing out by the ocean at that time, who could say? That wasn't the important bit.

The important bit was now, thanks to seeing what she did and being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, everyone and their mother was comin to her. And not in the usual way. But to ask about what she'd seen. She wasn't too broken up about it and figured there wasn't a reason to withhold information. The cops hadn't asked her to after all.

So when they started approaching, she started chatting away like it was perfectly natural. “Well now, it was just getting dark, you see. I was out on an evening stroll in a manner of speaking. When I came across the damnedest thing. I've seen couples arguing before. That's normal enough. But it escalated so quick. Her pulling out that gun and all. Seemed liked the sort who could kill without prejudice. That sorta vibe.” Jude thought for a moment, tiltin her head to the side. “Had the most beautiful baby blues hidin the beast inside her. Like she was some sort of Goddess in another life.” The woman shrugged. “Shame about the beach being closed. At least it's easy to get blood outta sand.”
Mary Shelley 10/14/20 Mary could have tried to explain that she was only trying to find new subject material when she was tailing two men from a bar; but that would require too much time. People wanted the meat of it, the information on the killer.

“I’m pretty sure he was an American, the accent seems to lead that way and judging by the way he swung that ax, I’d say he was a sociopath. Or psychopath. I can never get those two right, maybe you’ll figure it out. Oh, you do have your work cut out for you. I do remember seeing an old book, it looked like a bible. Maybe it was a cult thing… regardless, I’m pretty sure this guy, with or without a pulpit, would demand blind devotion.”
Damian Veron 10/13/20 Another night. Another murder. The collector's quest continues.

"Excuse me, ma'am. Word is you've been an unfortunate witness to a murder?"
Shannon Taylor 10/13/20 Her jaw dropped as she watched the news ticker scroll across the screen. "OMG No - not another one!" Shannon has been turning in all her evidence to authorities, hoping it would help their investigations, but the violence has not ended. Grabbing her notebook, she headed back out - hoping to find more clues.

"Excuse me, Miss Boru? My name is Shannon and I've been working with authorities on on the recent deaths that are plaguing our realm. Sources say you may have witnessed the latest heinous crime, and I hope you can share what you know?"

Marah Whitmoore 10/12/20 +Marah was munching on some popcorn while she was watching her favorite show Cobra Kai when her son David came in and told her of the newest murder. But what made her turn off her laptop and get her attention from her show was the name of the witness.+

" OH MY GOD. Your kidding me right?"

+ Gathering her purse and keys she drove to her Aunt's house. Once there she saw Siobhan out side and went to her.+

"Aunt Shiv you actually saw this how frightening and blood curdling. What happened? What did you see?"
Amethyst 10/12/20 Amethyst was driving her kids to school when she heard the news and a familiar name. 'no it can't be she thought.' Once the kids where out of the suv she drove to her Aunt in law's house." Shiv what the hell? Are you alright what did you see? Tell me everything lass."
__Nyx__ 10/12/20

*A telepathic voices in your head it links back to a family friend, a black cat.*

Forgive the intrustion but I believe something heinous had happened close by. I was wondering if you can help me.

Josie Janson 10/12/20 Raising her fists to the heavens as a silent scream rolled across her lips, Josie watched the end of the newscast. Another city, another murder, and another witness to talk to. At least she had been given a slight advantage this time. Instead of having to travel, Josie looked up one Siobahn Boru in the crew directory and fired off a quick mail.

"Mrs Boru thank the universe for small mercies that I did not have to actually travel this time. I just saw the latest news report, and they said you were a witness to the latest round of shenanigans. Please, is there anything you can tell me that they did not already spread through the airwaves?"
Silviana Balkan 10/12/20 Another death of the realm. murder shot victim. murderer shot by same gun.. Boring . Where’s the pizzazz. maybe I’m Missing the gushy details. Silviana search the realm for a witness. Anyone who could tell her more. Spotting the one who saw it all.. Silviana smiled, then asked “ so she shot her brother? Or she shot someone wanting ransom? To keep quite? “ puzzles look to her face. “Kinda boring isn’t it. Do you see anything ?”
Silviana Balkan 10/10/20 The buckles on her straight jacket were starting to pinch her back... trying to wiggle to get them comfortable... form afar probably looked like she was being possessed... adding more to her crazy then intended... Silviana was enjoying the murders as of late.. . running around the realm trying to solve them, catching a murderer... someone cruel enough ... someone to her liking... she never thought she would be a witness to one so soon close... only glass window between her and the warm blood. And thick skull plastered around the room… standing outside the window Silviana could barely make anything out other than blonde hair bits ... not really sure there was much a head left… she couldn’t tell if she was falling in love... or falling off the wagon.. .. damn he was pretty... Silviana’s brain was mush... by the time the cops came to get information out of her... she was frozen ... they thought shock... but really she was lost in her own mind... replaying the glorious murder on repeat .. A voice approached her… pulling her back out of the loop... She stopped her wiggling... her devilish grin on her face…. She responded “He’s so pretty, that smile could drive anyone wild; however, I really think he’s got issues with blondes. Or he just really, really, really likes them.” A chuckle came out as she spoke seeing the creature ... the crazy was practically written on Silviana... “good thing im not blonde ha”
Kayla Holloway 10/10/20 For someone to be so joyous about death was alarming. She scarcely believed it when she saw it with her own eyes. This was a different sort of killer. Cerulean hues shot to Marah as she approached. And she nodded. "Yes. I'm not sure what to make of it. I was headed home after a walk. She was singing as she worked this guy over the cliff; it's pretty clear that this woman has embraced her abilities." She shrugged, she didn't know much else. "I have to wonder if she was a professional... singer, that is."
EtaineNightBreed 08/29/20 Welcome to the crew!
Katherine Murray 08/29/20
Ronan -R Boru 08/27/20 What did you do? * Laughs* Congrats on POTD
Ciaran_M_Boru 08/27/20 What did you do? Congrats On POTD
LillyEmperium 07/17/20 That's supposed to be your alibi? We are talking about Doyle.....well at least you didn't say what you're brother does...
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/15/20
LillyEmperium 06/20/20 *Tosses Siobhan a wanted poster" let me didn't do it
Killian _Doyle 06/04/20 "I am sorry Little dove . I will tell you what I can. I am back now so we can go from there."
Matt Boru 05/27/20 -Appears behind his Aunt and flicks her left ear and vanishes laughing-
LillyEmperium 05/12/20 *laughing Lilly looked to her* I always said To was the only one crazy enough to stop me
LillyEmperium 05/11/20 I'm glad he can put up with me. *Chuckling she smiled* you needed that time Shiv..
LillyEmperium 05/11/20 Oh I fully understand Shiv. If I lost your brother, I don't think I'd be sane...ever again..I'm glad you were able to spend time with your mother. Sometimes time is what is needed...
LillyEmperium 05/11/20 *laughs* how are you doing
LillyEmperium 05/10/20 Oh you know me, still kicking Shiv.
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