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Ivory Rose

Last five threads posted in:
Merce Ezra 01/31/19 Merce could feel she was being followed by the young man, and kept just far enough into the shadows that he wouldn't notice. It was rare that she took interest in newcomers, but for some reason both this one and the young woman she spoke to had reminded her...of home. Before he could see her move, she chucked two cell phones out into the dirt. Brand new, and shiny. Her voice echoed throughout the area as she whispered to him. " Give the other one to your friend. You'll both find them quite useful. My number is programmed into them already. You'll want to stick together, the two of you. If you need a place to rest your heads, you'll find me at my place of business." She again vanished into thin air, giving him time to find the phones she left behind.
Merce Ezra 01/30/19 Appearing from a cloud of black smoke, Merce spoke softly as she flashed a charming smile. " Welcome to the Realm. I've already gotten to your associate, however if you need come and find me. I'll be where the wild things roam." As she backed away, becoming naught but a shadow, she left the newcomer a single black feather, just at his feet.
EtaineNightBreed 01/29/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 As will I...
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 Well that depends on who comes out on top.
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 In the game of cat and mouse who will come out on top? Only time will tell...
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 Might be. Just remember that those who play with fire have a tendency to get burned.
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 *giggles* You don't know what I am yet...
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 Quite true darling. Quite true.
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 Depending on who asks being bad can pay a lot more.
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 But what is good anymore? Down here we are all pretty equal.
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 Pace yourself or the bounty office will have your head.
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 Can't get better without striking others down sugar. Causality, cause and effect.
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 Here in the Realm it is. Its a sweet little life too as long as you keep your nose semi clean.
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 That is quite the truth. In many things in life.
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 Well that depends on who you ask.
Ivory Rose 01/29/19 Well hi there sugar.
Uriel Emperium 01/29/19 "Welcome to the realm."
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