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Darius Rayne


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Born: May 02, 2012 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 69
Affiliation: Azhi Dahaka Mail Replies Sent: 7843
Home City: London Mail Sent: 494
In Union With: Not in Union Last Login:
Currently Online:
12/17/18 at 9:58 am
Current Mood: Drunk 
Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians
Special Items:
 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
Limited Edition Nicci Trading Card for 6 Year Anniversary
I visited the Realm Haunted House on Halloween 2012 and an Elder took all my candy!
Realm-a-thon (2012 Realm-a-thon Donator)
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
I made Santa puke a little so I am on the Naughty list
Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
White chocolate Otter Pops - Easter 2017

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Livia Vlcek
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Eden Kennedy
Moon Fyre

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Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Genesis 12/10/18 The new rank looks good on ya! Congrats!
Livia Vlcek 12/10/18 *tackles* YOU DID IT!
*hugs* I knew you would..
*presses a kiss to his cheek* Hunter.. You wear it well.
W_Kat 12/05/18 Congrats on PotD!
Will Summers 12/05/18 A plume of off-white smoke exhaled from parted cupid's bow as fingers held rolled and twisted goodness between dainty fingertips. Blue eyes saught those equally as blue even as his face shot across various platforms of the Realm's famous, or infamous, Profile of the Day award.

"Well, well, well. Looks like D's gone an' made himself all pretty for the tabloids. This calls for a celebration!" The darkly crowned woman uttered, taking another drag from the slip of rolled up leaf she held, holding her breath for a few moments before exhaling once more.

Time for rum and mischief.
Will Summers 11/28/18 The blue eyed beauty merely stood there, bottle of rum in hand and a smirk spreading across cupid's bow as she regarded the taller man in amusement.

"So who do I gotta thank for yer presence here, eh D? Either way, happy birthday." A casual utterance and she offers the bottle to him.
Livia Vlcek 09/11/18 *eyes brighten* on words Mister Rayne. Touché!
*leans against the wall* So how's my favorite Dragoon today, hm? You doing ok? You've been awfully quiet. You never call anymore. You never visit. I feel like...I feel like we're growing apart.
*dramatic sigh* I wasn't a good enough arsonist streaker, was I. I know, I know. I really need to learn to let loose. *rambles*
You want some McDonnnnnnald's?
Livia Vlcek 09/09/18 *wanders by*
*pokes his eye*
*arches a brow* You've been too quiet. I don't like it.
Miryam 12/24/17
Elisa Stratten 06/03/17 Dare-bear

Where the hell have you been? I miss the fxck out of your drunken as$! Meet me at the bar tonight. Let's start some fights. I could use a good jail break.
Elisa Stratten 05/29/17 You managed to break out Darius Rayne.

"Fancy finding you here, stranger."
W_Kat 12/29/16 Congrats on PotD!
Livia Vlcek 12/13/16 *laughs and tosses a Newcastle at Darius* There...have a delicious beer. *shifty eyes* Don't tell Sprew...
Livia Vlcek 12/13/16 *stops*
*cants head left*
*cants head right* I'm broke as fvck...wai u keep checking mai pockets?
Livia Vlcek 11/23/16 *sees Darius in the same purple jammies*
*waves as she passes him on her way to the kitchen*
Livia Vlcek 10/15/16 Stealthy fingers dipped into the male's pocket, small smile touching scarred lips. Livia was almost broke after her long absence and needed a few extra Euros for a pack of amazingly overpriced cigarettes. The nerve to charge so much for tobacco. So when her fingers withdrew absolutely nothing, she was mildly shocked if not offended. " really need to stop drinking your money away." A loud laugh barked from the young woman's lips. "How the hell am I supposed to buy cigarettes with this...what is this?" Pale eyes dropped to the lump of lint and hair? "I don't want to know, um, one word...Manscaping."

You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Darius Rayne.
Adrian Jaye Michaels 07/03/16 Happy POTD!!!!
MysticRose 07/03/16 Congrats on POTD :)
W_Kat 07/03/16 Congrats on POTD!
Lenny Shultz 02/28/16 My grin stretches past usual limits. "Then you should have come said hi, stuck up." I nudge him with my elbow.

"How have you been?" I shake my head. "Don't-," I hold up a finger. "Say drunk. That's a given."
Lenny Shultz 02/24/16 "Well if it isn't my favorite slayer!" My voice is loud, only slightly touched by the alcohol floating in my bloodstream. "What gutter did you crawl out of?"

I pass my brown-bagged bottle of booze to Darius, a wonderful drinking buddy if ever there was one. "Don't worry. I splurged. Stoli."
Lenny Shultz 08/11/15 I spot my drinking buddy. Not friend, not acquaintance. Drinking buddy. It was pretty big for me. Well. I wouldn't tell him THAT. Instead of hollering at him, getting his attention, I rob him. Easy as that. My fingers slip into a pocket and slip back out.

"What a lucky day," I murmur to myself, a neat little sum in hand. "YO! Darius!" I wave the few bills like a fan. These late summer nights sure are warm.

You were successful in stealing $80.00 from Darius Rayne.
Livia Vlcek 04/01/15 *points to the billboard* Looks like it's your turn now...*hiccups and grins* Such a pretty face. *peenches cheekies*
Livia Vlcek 03/27/15 *hands him the bottle of Jack she's been drinking from* Thanks friend... *hiccups*
Adrian Jaye Michaels 10/06/14 Congrats on POTD.
Livia Vlcek 06/13/14 *throws nails at* Congratulations on Cross Bearer!
*jumps up and down wildly* YAY!
*sniffles* You're getting so big...
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